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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Items,10TH Weapons,Other Characters hint for Dynasty Warriors 4

Items,10TH Weapons,Other Characters



Art of War (*)
Effect: Increases the duration of power up items.
Stage Found: Campaign against Sun Jian
Requirements: Enter the north castle before enemy reinforcements arrive.
Defeat at least four of the following generals: Sun Quan, Sun Shang Xiang,
Zhou Tai, Lu Meng, and Gan Ning. A supply team will appear from the entry
point at the north castle and move towards the southern castle entry point.
Defeat the supply team for the item.
Comments: Not very useful.

Survival Guide (*)
Effect: When life is critical, Attack x2 when knocked down.
Stage Found: The Two Qiaos
Requirements: Rescue in order Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao for the item to appear
later when you approach the escape point.
Comments: Not very useful.

Bodyguard Manual (***)
Effect: Bodyguards become stronger.
Stage Found: Guan Yu's Escape (Liu Bei's forces)
Requirements: When Xiahou Dun arrives do not backtrack to him. Defeat the
fourth gate general when Xiahou Dun is near the bridge in front of the fourth
gate. Fight Xiahou Dun on the other side of the final gate and the item
should appear. Thanks to NyteWalkyr for the clarifications.
Comments: This is a great item for bodyguards in training, as it will
significantly extend their life expectancy. For elite bodyguards it makes
them practically godlike.

Way of Musou (***)
Effect: Can use True Musou attacks regardless of life.
Stage Found: Guan Yu's Escape (Cao Cao's forces)
Requirements: After you pass the 5th gate a supply team will appear east of
the bridge in front of the fourth gate and head eastward. Defeat the supply
team for the item.
Comments: In conjunction with the Elixir this can be useful. For some reason
True Musou attacks don't seem to be as effective this time around.

Power Scroll (*)
Effect: Won't lose weapon deadlocks.
Stage Found: The Yellow Turban Fortress (Yellow Turban forces)
Requirements: Defeat Guan Yu and Zhao Yun. A supply team will appear to the
northwest and move to the northeast entry point. Defeat the supply team for
the item.
Comments: Limited usefulness.

Wind Scroll (****)
Effect: Increases attack reach.
Stage Found: Battle of Xu Chang (Shu forces)
Requirements: Protect Yue Ying until she sets up the ramp vehicle, and defeat
Xu Zhu when he ambushes the supply camp in the southwest. When Sima Yi
remarks on the two plans failing the item will appear in the northwest.
Comments: This significantly increases the range of your weapon. It's
extremely useful for characters that have very little range. For characters
with an already long-range weapon it makes them into absolute monsters.

Fire Arrows (*/**** with Huang Zhong or Xiahou Yuan)
Effect: Arrows become fire arrows.
Stage Found: Unification of Jing (Wu forces)
Requirements: Before the enemy generals join forces, defeat Wang Lang's sub
general Zhou Xin for the supply team to appear at the west castle. Defeat the
supply team for the item.
Comments: Fun to play with but ultimately not very useful, unless you're
playing as Huang Zhong or Xiahou Yuan. This item upgrades their Charge
attacks to fire arrows.

Charge Bracer (***)
Effect: Charge attacks cannot be stopped by normal attacks.
Stage Found: Campaign against Sun Jian (Yuan Shao's forces)
Requirements: Enter the north castle before enemy reinforcements arrive. A
supply team will appear south of the castle and move towards the entry point
southwest of the castle.
Comments: If you use Charge Attacks frequently this is an excellent item.

Shu Characters

Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei: Initially available.
Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang, Pang Tong: Clear Shu - Act II.
Huang Zhong, Wei Yan, Yue Ying: Clear Shu - Act IV.
Ma Chao: In the Battle of Cheng Du defeat Ma Chao when he arrives as
reinforcements. Ma Chao will surrender in a cut scene. Finish the battle and
Ma Chao will be unlocked.
Jiang Wei: In the Battle of Tian Shui defeat all the generals outside of the
fortresses. When Jiang Wei comes out of his fortress defeat both of his sub
generals. When Zhuge Liang reaches Jiang Wei move near them. Jiang Wei will
surrender in a cut scene. After the battle Jiang Wei will be unlocked.

Wei Characters

Cao Cao, Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan: Initially available.
Xu Huang, Dian Wei: Clear Wei - Act I.
Xu Zhu: Clear Wei - Act II.
Cao Ren, Zhen Ji: Clear Wei - Act III.
Zhang Liao: Either defeat him at the Battle of Si Shui Gate (Shu - Act II) or
clear the Battle of Xia Pi (Wei - Act III).
Sima Yi: Clear Wei - Act IV.
Zhang He: Clear 11 Wei stages in Musou Mode.

Wu Characters

Sun Jian, Huang Gai, Sun Shang Xiang: Initially available.
Lu Meng: Clear Wu - Act I.
Sun Ce, Zhou Yu: Clear Wu - Act II.
Sun Quan, Zhou Tai: Clear Wu - Act III.
Lu Xun: Clear Wu - Act IV.
Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao: Clear Wu - Tales: The Two Qiaos.
Taishi Ci: In the Campaign for the Wu Territory, defeat Taishi Ci. Taishi Ci
will withdraw after a cut scene. A few minutes later another cut scene will
play showing Taishi Ci rejoining the battle.
Gan Ning: In the Battle of Xia Kou, defeat Gan Ning. He will be unlocked when
you clear Act IV.

Other Characters

Lu Bu: Clear any Musou Mode once.
Diao Chan: Clear Act I in Lu Bu's Musou Mode.
Dong Zhuo: Clear Lu Bu's Musou Mode.
Yuan Shao: Clear Wei's Musou Mode.
Zhang Jiao: Clear the Musou Modes for Shu, Wei, Wu, Lu Bu, Yuan Shao, and
Meng Huo: In Musou Mode during The Nanman Campaign defeat Meng Huo in a duel.
Zhu Rong: In Musou Mode during The Nanman Campaign defeat Zhu Rong in a duel.
Note that this must happen after defeating Meng Huo in a duel and Zhu Rong
announces her attack.

10th Weapons


[Liu Bei]
Weapon: Gold Moon Dragon
Power: +52
Stage: Battle of Ru Nan
Requirements: After Zhao Yun arrives defeat Li Dian. Defeat Xiahou Yuan when
he appears and before Guan Yu arrives. Defeat Yu Jin, Xu Zhu, Xiahou Dun, and
Zhange He.
Tip: Li Dan must be defeated after meeting Zhao Yun. Xiahou Yuan must be
defeated before Guan Yu appears. The other generals can be defeated in any

[Guan Yu]
Weapon: Blue Moon Dragon
Power: +57
Stage: Battle of Fan Castle
Requirements: When the Wu reinforcements arrive, defeat Zhou Tai, Lu Xun, and
Lu Meng. According to RamzaBeoulve259 you will need to defeat them after Guan
Yu says "Curses! We've been surrounded!".
[Zhang Fei]
Weapon: Viper Blade
Power: +58
Stage: Battle of Chang Ban
Requirements: Zhao Yun must remain alive to obtain the weapon. Defeat Xiahou
Dun, Xiahou En, and Xiahou De. Accompany Liu Bei to the bridge, crossing
after him. Wait on the bridge until enemies approach and the Zhang Fei cut
scene should occur. Liu Chan should appear in the fortress. While riding a
horse rescue Liu Chan. Another cut scene should occur where Liu Chan is
rescued. Defeat Xiahou Yuan.

[Zhao Yun]
Weapon: Fierce Dragon
Power: +55
Stage: Battle of Bo Wan Po
Requirements: Lead Xiahou Dun to the ambush location on the middle path
indicated (fire attack), then defeat him. Lure Han Hao to the ambush location
on the top path indicated (Guan Ping ambush), and then defeat him. Lead Yu
Jin to the ambush location on the upper bridge indicated (Guan Yu ambush),
and then defeat him. Zhang Fei should raid the supply depot in an event. When
Zhuge Liang meets Cao Cao a cut scene should occur.
Tip: If Zhuge Liang does not enter the castle you can use a horse to push him
inside by moving sideways. Alternately, you can lead Cao Cao to Zhuge Liang.

[Zhuge Liang]
Weapon: Peacock Feather
Power: +50
Stage: Battle of Wu Zhang Plains (Musou Mode only)
Requirements: Select Battle of Jie Ting first, then Battle of Wu Zhang
Plains. Go to Zhang He and an event should occur. Defeat Zhang He and
approach the Wei fortress until the taunt event occurs. When the supply troop
appears defeat Xiahou Dun. The supply troop should reach the Shu camp.
Tip: If the Battle of Jie Ting is not selected first, there will be no supply
troop at Wu Zhang Plains.

[Pang Tong]
Weapon: Tornado Staff
Power: +51
Stage: Battle of Luo Castle
Requirements: Defeat all generals east of the castle. When Zhang Ren attacks
lead him across the bridge south of the castle and fight him until the bridge
event. When the bridge is destroyed defeat Zhang Ren.

[Huang Zhong]
Weapon: Oracle Sword
Power: +54
Stage: Battle of Jian Ye
Requirements: Before defeating the real Sun Jian, defeat Huang Gai, Taishi
Ci, or Zhou Tai. Then defeat in order Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun
Shang Xiang.

[Wei Yan]
Weapon: Comet Strike
Power: +57
Stage: The Campaign for Jing
Requirements: Defeat Xing Rong, Liu Du, Liu Xian and Yang Ling. Do not defeat
Jin Xuang. Huang Zhong will exit the castle. Defeat Huang Zhong.
Tip: Huang Zhong must be defeated before the reinforcements arrive. If you
defeat Jin Xuang the reinforcements will arrive, which is why you need to
avoid defeating him.

[Yue Ying]
Weapon: Oblivion
Power: +53
Stage: The Nanman Campaign
Requirements: Defeat all enemy generals except Wu Tugu. Defeat Zhu Rong in a
duel, defeat Meng Huo six times (once in a duel). When Meng Huo arrives at
his base approach Wu Tugu. Zhuge Liang will say he has a plan to deal with
the rattan armor troops. Fight Wu Tugu until the fire arrows event occurs.
Tip: Zhuge Liang will be in danger throughout the stage. Leaving your elite
bodyguards near him (using the wait command) will improve his chances for
survival. Increasing his morale by defeating enemies will also help. Having
Ahui Nan and Dong Tu Ne defect may be another requirement for this weapon.

[Ma Chao]
Weapon: Stallion Fury
Power: +57
Stage: Campaign for Cheng Du
Requirements: Move to the west side of the map to trigger enemy
reinforcements. Defeat Pang De and Ma Dai.

[Jiang Wei]
Weapon: Blink
Power: +55
Stage: Battle of Tian Shui (Musou Mode only)
Requirements: Defeat Cao Ren and Wang Lang in the north castle. Defeat the
remaining generals outside, then defeat Yin Shang and Liang Xu in the east
Tip: Enter all four gates of the two castles from the outside. You will need
to trigger all the ambushes. Leave your bodyguards with Zhuge Liang to
increase his odds of survival.

10th Weapons


[Cao Cao]
Weapon: Wrath of Heaven
Power: +56
Stage: Battle of Chi Bi
Requirements: Reveal Pang Tong's plot (?). Defeat Gan Ning and Lu Meng before
Huang Gai arrives. Then defeat Huang Gai before he starts the fire attack.

[Xiahou Dun]
Weapon: Kirin Fang
Power: +56
Stage: Battle of Xia Pi
Requirements: Defeat Diao Chan after the Xiahou Dun arrow event.

[Xiahou Yuan]
Weapon: Enforcer Rod
Power: +55
Stage: Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
Requirements: Immediately defeat Chen Shi during the hostage exchange. Head
directly for Huang Zhong and defeat him.

[Xu Huang]
Weapon: Marauder
Power: +57
Stage: Battle of Guan Du
Requirements: Defeat Yan Liang and Wen Chou. After Yuan Shao's troops appear
and Guan Yu meets Liu Bei, let the northern two forts fall. Cao Cao will
retreat to Guan Du castle and battering rams will appear. Cao Cao will attack
the Wu Chao supply compound. Enter the supply compound after Cao Cao and
defeat Chun Yu Quiong. Enemy reinforcements will appear near the supply
compound. After the southern castle walls fall defeat the reinforcements.

[Dian Wei]
Weapon: Mad Bull
Power: +58
Stage: Battle of Wan Castle
Requirements: Defeat all enemies you come across. When Zhang Xiu retreats
meet Cao Cao. After the cut scene clear a path for Cao Cao until the firewall
is reached and the cut scene of Dian Wei breaking through plays.

[Xu Zhu]
Weapon: Stone Crusher
Power: +59
Stage: Battle of Tong Gate
Requirements: Defeat in order Pang De and Ma Dai, then wait for Han Sui to
defect and the Shu troops to attack.
Tips: Han Sui will defect if his morale is low. Defeat the four enemy
generals in the southeast area, defeat Pang De then Ma Dai, defeat Chen Yi,
then defeat Han Sui's sub generals.

[Cao Ren]
Weapon: Roc
Power: +56
Stage: The Siege of Fan Castle
Requirements: Defeat all four siege vehicles around the castle. When Lu Meng
appears defeat him.

[Zhen Ji]
Weapon: Dark Moon Flute
Power: +51
Stage: Battle of Chang Ban
Requirements: Defeat Zhao Yun. After the Zhang Fei bridge event defeat Zhang
Fei. When Ma Su's ambush troop appears defeat Ma Su. When Liu Qi's navy
arrives defeat Liu Qi. Defeat Guan Yu to prevent Liu Bei from escaping, then
defeat Zhuge Liang.

[Zhang Liao]
Weapon: Gold Wyvern
Power: +56
Stage: Battle of Hu Lao Gate (Lu Bu's forces) (Musou Mode only)
Requirements: Select first the Battle of Si Shui Gate. Defeat Liu Bei, Cao
Cao, and Sun Jian. At the Battle of Hu Lao Gate do not kill any generals
until after the fire attack event. Head towards Liu Bei, Cao Cao, or Sun
Jian. After the fire attack event defeat Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian in
any order.

[Sima Yi]
Weapon: Dark Feather
Power: +50
Stage: Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
Requirements: Defeat Zhang Yi and Wei Yan, then defeat Ma Su. After Zhuge
Liang's "death" scene defeat Guan Xing and Ma Chao.

[Zhang He]
Weapon: Phoenix Talon
Power: +52
Stage: Battle of Jie Ting
Requirements: Surround Ma Su by defeating all his sub generals. Defeat all
enemy generals and sub generals.


[Sun Jian]
Weapon: Savage Tiger
Power: +54
Stage: The Imperial Seal
Requirements: Defeat Li Jue, Zhang Liao, Diao Chan, Lu Bu, and Dong Zhuo.

[Huang Gai]
Weapon: Dark Shadow
Power: +56
Stage: Battle of Chi Bi
Requirements: Eliminate all gate captains before the fire attack, then defeat
Cao Ren, Cao Hong, and Cao Pi.

[Sun Shang Xiang]
Weapon: Sol Chakram
Power: +51
Stage: Race for the Nan Territory
Requirements: Defeat Wang Lang. After the Zhou Yu event defeat Cao Ren.

[Lu Meng]
Weapon: White Tiger
Power: +54
Stage: Battle of Mai Castle
Requirements: Without letting Guan Yu retreat and escape, defeat all generals
and sub generals, including ambush and reinforcement troops.

[Sun Ce]
Weapon: Overlord
Power: +54
Stage: Unification of Jiang Dong
Requirements: Wait for the north food supply depot to fall and Zhou Yu to
retreat (around 10 minutes). Defeat Liang Gang and his sub generals. Liu Xun
will retreat. Follow him and when Liu Xun meets Ji Ling he will swear
revenge. Liu Xun will move back towards the supply depot. Enter the depot
before Liu Xun.

[Zhou Yu]
Weapon: Ancients Sword
Power: +54
Stage: The Siege of Fan Castle
Requirements: About 10 minutes into the battle a supply team will appear in
the northeast and move to the castle's east entrance. Defeat the supply team
before it reaches the entrance.

[Sun Quan]
Weapon: Master Wolf
Power: +53
Stage: Battle of He Fei
Requirements: After Zhang Liao retreats, Sun Jian leaves his base, the bridge
is destroyed and Sun Jian isolated, defeat Li Dian when he appears. After Sun
Jian jumps across the bridge defeat Zhang Liao when he appears. Then defeat
Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan.

[Zhou Tai]
Weapon: Dusk
Power: +55
Stage: The Nanman Campaign
Requirements: Defeat Wu Tugu and enter the Nanman base before Dong Tu Ne and
Ahui Nan defect.

[Lu Xun]
Weapon: Falcon
Power: +52
Stage: Battle of Yi Ling
Requirements: Keep Zhu Ran alive until the fire attack is successful. Enter
and pass through the stone maze.

[Da Qiao]
Weapon: Qiao Beauty
Power: +50
Stage: Battle of Xu Chang
Requirements: Prevent both the siege ramp and supply depot from being
destroyed. Defeat Dian Wei and his sub generals.

[Xiao Qiao]
Weapon: Qiao Grace
Power: +50
Stage: Battle of Chen Du (Musou Mode only?)
Requirements: Before Ma Chao appears as reinforcements, defeat Guan Ping and
Guan Yu (both will be ambush parties in the forest).

[Taishi Ci]
Weapon: Tiger Slayer
Power: +56
Stage: Campaign for the Wu Territory
Requirements: When Yu Mi retreats catch up to him and defeat him before the
fort gate closes behind him (a horse harness is required for this). Defeat Yu
Mi and Zhang Ying before they retreat.

[Gan Ning]
Weapon: Sea Master
Power: +56
Stage: Battle of Xia Kou
Requirements: Defeat Su Fei and Chen Shen. When the gunpowder is discovered
on the northern ship destroy it to set the ship on fire. Defeat Chen Jiu,
Deng Long, and Zhang Hu. About three minutes after the north ship moves it
will crash into the south ship. Defeat Cai Mao.
Note: In Free Mode Gan Ning will replace Chen Shen. Defeat Gan Ning in place
of Chen Shen.
10th Weapons


[Lu Bu]
Weapon: Sky Scorcher
Power: +60
Stage: Lu Bu's Revolt
Requirements: Clear the entire stage of enemies, including generals and sub
generals, as well as ambush troops. Diao Chan must be alive.

[Diao Chan]
Weapon: Diva
Power: +51
Stage: Battle of Si Shui Gate
Requirements: Do not defeat any enemy generals until the enemy messenger
delivers the message and Hua Xiong is defeated. Then defeat in order Sun Jian
and Cao Cao.

[Dong Zhuo]
Weapon: Horror
Power: +57
Stage: Lu Bu's Revolt
Requirements: Defeat all enemies except for Lu Bu.

[Yuan Shao]
Weapon: Sword of Kings
Power: +53
Stage: Battle of Guan Du
Requirements: Head for the southern castle (Guan Du Castle). When the
battering ram appears protect it until the castle wall falls.

[Zhang Jiao]
Weapon: Volcano Staff
Power: +52
Stage: The Yellow Turban Rebellion
Requirements: Defeat all generals and sub generals, saving He Jin for last.
When Dong Zhuo's troops appear defeat Hua Xiong. Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang
must be alive.

[Meng Huo]
Weapon: King of Beasts
Power: +58
Stage: Battle of Chen Du
Requirements: Let Zhu Bao defect by defeating his two sub generals(?). Defeat
all enemy generals, including ambush troop generals. Then defeat Zhuge Liang.

[Zhu Rong]
Weapon: Inferno
Power: +53
Stage: Battle of Xu Chang
Requirements: Defeat Cao Xiu and Cao Zhen. The siege ramp must be saved. Then
defeat Cao Hong, Xiahou Dun, Hu Zhi, Man Chong, Sima Zhao, and Cao Zhang.
Wait for the explosion in the castle and cut scene with Cao Cao.


Red Hare Saddle (****)
Effect: Begin the battle mounted on Red Hare. The fastest horse in the game.
Stage Found: Battle of Xia Pi (Lu Bu's forces)
Requirements: Do not defeat any enemy generals until the cut scene where Guan
Yu meets Red Hare. Defeat Guan Yu for the item to appear. Be sure not to
defeat any other generals or sub generals until Guan Yu is defeated, as this
may prevent the item from appearing.
Comments: Since having a Harness does not take up an item slot, there's no
excuse why you shouldn't bring Red Hare along for the ride. The fastest horse
in the game is also the best horse in the game.

Hex Mark Saddle (**)
Effect: Begin the battle mounted on Hex Mark. Luck increases.
Comments: Not a bad horse, but Red Hare is so much better.
Stage Found: Campaign against Liu Bei (Yellow Turban forces - Musou Mode
Requirements: In Act I, select The Yellow Turban Fortress first. Then select
the Campaign against Liu Bei. Defeat Zhao Yun and Guan Yu before the
reinforcements arrive. Get Liu Bei's life to about half for the item to

Storm Saddle (**)
Effect: Begin the battle mounted on Storm Runner. Mounted Attack increases.
Comments: Ma Chao + Horned Helm + Storm Runner = Good Stuff.
Stage Found: Campaign against Cao Cao (Lu Bu's forces)
Requirements: See through either Xu Huang's or Yue Jin's ambushes. To see
through Xu Huang's ambush approach the east circular path from the south. To
see through Yue Jin's ambushes approach the west fort from the south. When
Xiahou Dun appears as reinforcements defeat him for the item to appear.

Shadow Saddle (***/**** with Ma Chao)
Effect: Begin the battle mounted on Shadow Runner. Cannot be dismounted by
Stage Found: Battle of Tong Gate
Requirements: Defeat the four enemy generals in the southeast area. After the
cut scene with Han Sui and Cao Cao and the Ice Fortress appears, defeat Yu
Jin and Xu Huang. Defeat Cao Cao's sub generals and defeat enemies until his
morale drops to one star. After the cut scene where the horses are discovered
and the message that Han Sui refuses to defect appears, the item will appear
in the southeast area.
Comments: A good horse to use, especially with Ma Chao and his Charge Attack.
Note that you may need to get the message that Han Sui is surveying Cao Cao's
unit in order to get the item to appear.
Kurnia Yusuf writes in to mention that equipping this Harness prevents you
from being knocked off of _any_ horse.

Elephant Saddle (*)
Effect: Begin the stage mounted on an elephant.
Stage Found: The Nanman Campaign (Nanman forces)
Requirements: While riding an elephant enter the enemy base.
Tip: Huang Gai's bomb attack can knock allies of their mounts.
Comments: I guess riding an elephant around in some levels might be fun, but
you'll probably want to ride something a bit faster.

Xiahou Dun level 10 weapon

Has to be on hard. Pick level of Xia Pi with Xiahou Dun. Wait until the cut
scene were he's hit in the eye with an arrow. Run to Diao Chan and kill her.
Get Lu Bu

To get Lu Bu you have to beat all three kingdoms on mousou mode
Info submitted by Dynastymaster on Tuesday, April 22, 2003 at 09:06:23
Unlimited Musou On Elephant

If you're on a Nanman level that has elephant troops running around, you can get
Unlimited Musou. First charge up your Musou Gauge until it's full. Then, get an
elephant. And finally, when you're on the elephant, TAP the circle button and
once the Musou attack is done, you're gauge will still be full. Note: This will
only work if you TAP the circle button.
Info submitted by Nathan on Sunday, May 4, 2003 at 16:52:06
Charge Bracer

Do Caimpaign against Sun Jian level with yuan shouo forces and all you do is get
into the top castle before back up arrives (red hare really helps!! so you can
get there)then in front of the castle a supply captain will appear just kill him
to get it. If you want the art of war thing do the same thing except be dong
zhuo's force and go into the castle then just kill alot of generals except sun
jian but make sure you check history every time you kill a guy to make sure the
supply team is there

Defeat Jian Ye (wei side)

When playing the last level for Wei, you must kill Sun Jian first. Afterwards
Sun Ce will declare he is ruler, go kill him. Then Sun Quan, go kill him.
Finally Sun Shang Xiang will declare she is ruler kill her and you win. P.S. to
make things easier, kill the officers that are not aforementioned in the

Get Zhao yun's tenth level weapon

Put the game on hard mode and go to free mode and go to the level Bo wan po on
the shu side and have your ninth level weapon pick Zhao yun and follow
directions from second command general lead the first general you see when you
go straight and lead him to the spot and when you do there should be an ambush
party and kill the general and lead Han ho or some thing like his name and lead
him to the other spot and another ambush party comes out and kill the guy who
followed you then get the other guy to the spot and another ambush party kill
the guy and go at front of the castle and kill the rest of the generals except
Cao cao and then maybe a general may come out kill him if he comes out wait
until an event happens it should say Zhao yun has gotten fierce dragon kill Cao
cao and there you go NOTE if you have trouble getting the generals to a spot
just hit them if they don't follow you


When dealing with magical obstacles; i.e.: boulders, floods, wind storms kill
the magician that made it to deactivate the obstacle.
When it's military; i.e.: catapults, fire juggernauts, free-standing forts.
Destroy it with you're character attack.

Rede Hare Saddle at Hu Lao Gate

Red Hare Saddle at Hu Lao Gate: At Hu Lao Gate Ther will appear a message
sometime in the time of the level that says guard captain has arrived go to him
and kill him and he will drop a Red Hare Saddle enabeling you to start out on a
horse every time you begin a level.

Added by: cheatman_01
Jan 18th 2004, ID#1162


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