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Destroy All Humans! 2 Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Destroy All Humans! 2

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Have a look at our cheats to find out how to unlock B-movies, floating cars and Arkvoodle Cult missions. We'll also tell you how to bury humans in the ground abd unlock the Salad Days video.

More Destroy All Humans! 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 7 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Destroy All Humans! 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2

You can also ask your question on our Destroy All Humans! 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Salad days video

Enter the vode A,X,Y,B,X,B,Y,A,A.

Long range abduction beam

Let me get to the point, this is a mrga cheat for this game, and you will love it. First, pick a weapon using your Saucer, I recommend the heat ray, because it is the most accurate, anyway, point the cursor on a target (anything that you can abduct)and hold down the left trigger and press B or A to use transmog or drain and the target should fly behind you very fast. This cheat can be used at ant range and should not be used with the normal abduct beam.
Thank you for looking!

Beating the last boss

The easy way to defeat that mutant guy. First before the mission stock up all your ammo and have the blisk harming upgrade for your meteor wepon and the zap-o-matic or desinigrator ray. Then when facing him use your zap-o-matic / desinigrator ray on his armour (if not he will recharge his health). Then when you posetive all of his armour is gone go near him and use your meteor gun (if you are far away he will be able to run from the meteors)then peg it with your jet pack. Then repeat, if you run out of ammo then use the Ion detonator then he will be swiss cheese!

Bury Humans in the ground

This is a very simplistic and funny looking cheat first pick who you want to bury next use pk on a vehichle.(One that is not destroyed will make this a lot easier.) you can throw the human you chose on the floor so they don't run away. Now all you have to do is hit the person with a flat side of a vehichle with nrmal cars you should probably just use the bottom. After a hit or two part of the human will be stuck in the ground and the human will be wiggling around like crazy now do whatever you want if you use the dislocator somtimes they will be pulled around but underground. Humans may also dissapear underground

Floating cars

Ok you can make cars float heres how.Ok start off by using pk on a car,next rapidly press x,then when you release the car it should be floating
P.S. It doesnt work on police cars,army trucks,or tanks

Unlock B-Movies

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding movie under the 'Archives' menu.
Unlock Closing:
Successfully complete the game.
Unlock Destroy All Humans Wrap Party:
Collect 10 Alien Artifacts.
Unlock Opening Movie Animatic:
Collect 20 Alien Artifacts.
Unlock Intro Movie Happy Mix:
Collect 30 Alien Artifacts.
Unlock Salad Days With Pox And Crypto:
Collect 40 Alien Artifacts.
Unlock Closing Animatic:
Collect 50 Alien Artifacts and successfully complete the game.


Arkvoodle Cult Unlockables
Successfully complete the following Arkvoodle Cult missions to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Final Arkvoodle Cult Mission (Takashima):
Collect 30 Alien Artifacts.
Unlock Last Bay City Arkvoodle Cult Mission:
Start the last Arkvoodle Cult.
Unlock Furotech Cell Detector:
Complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission.

Unlock Burrow Beast (Super Weapon):
Complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission.
Unlock Alien Artifact Detector:
Complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission in Albion.

Unlock Salad Days with Pox and Crypto Video:
During gameplay pause the game and go to 'Archives' and press and hold the Left thumbstick down and enter A, X, Y, B, X, B, Y, A, A.

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