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Destroy All Humans! 2 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Destroy All Humans! 2

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Lots of cheats for you to check out including unlocking B movies and gallery unlockables. Well also tell you about several glitches including how to get full health in the saucer.

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We have 43 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Destroy All Humans! 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox

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Arkvoodle Cult Unlockables
Successfully complete the following Arkvoodle Cult missions to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Final Arkvoodle Cult Mission (Takashima):
Collect 30 Alien Artifacts.
Unlock Last Bay City Arkvoodle Cult Mission:
Start the last Arkvoodle Cult.
Unlock Furotech Cell Detector:
Complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission.

Unlock Burrow Beast (Super Weapon):
Complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission.
Unlock Alien Artifact Detector:
Complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission in Albion.

Unlock Salad Days with Pox and Crypto Video:
During gameplay pause the game and go to 'Archives' and press and hold the Left thumbstick down and enter X, Square, Triangle, Circ..

Gallery Unlockables

Unlock Furons A Go Go!
Complete Gene Blend - Furons A Go Go!
Unlock Oh the Humanity!:
Complete Gene Blend - Oh the Humanity!
Unlock Crypto's Back!:
Complete Gene Blend - Crypto's Back
Unlock Popular Mechanics:
Complete Gene Blend - Popular Mechanics
Unlock The Martians...Err, Blisk are Coming!:
Complete Gene Blend - The Blisk Files
Unlock It's the Sixties:
Complete Gene Blend - The Swinging Sixties
Unlock Desperately Seeking Natalya:
Complete Gene Blend - Natalya's Secrets

The Swingin' Jukebox
Unlock She Changes Like the Weather:
Complete Mission 3
Unlock Back In That Room:
Complete Mission 4
Unlock Bay City Disguised:

Unlock B-Movies

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding movie under the 'Archives' menu:
Unlock Closing:
Successfully complete the game.
Unlock Destroy All Humans Wrap Party:
Collect 10 Alien Artifacts.
Unlock Opening Movie Animatic:
Collect 20 Alien Artifacts.
Unlock Intro Movie Happy Mix:
Collect 30 Alien Artifacts.
Unlock Salad Days With Pox And Crypto:
Collect 40 Alien Artifacts.
Unlock Closing Animatic:
Collect 50 Alien Artifacts and successfully complete the game.

Full Health In Saucer

This can be very helpful if your saucer is about to explode. All you have to do is land and then get back on your saucer. It's very quick and you will have full health.

Mass Pain

Abduct A Human Right After You Click Triangle(Store)Let Go Of L1.

Alien Artifact Detector- Complete the final Arkv..

Alien Artifact Detector- Complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission in Albion. Burrow Beast- Complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission. Furotech Cell Detector- Complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission.
Happy gaming =p

Tree glitch

When you're using your jetpack try jumping on the middle of a tree you will then be able to walk anywhere on he tree or jump higher with your jetpack.

Bodysnatch Glitch [CLONE]

Go to 2 player mode and bodysnatch the same person at the same time ind he will be cloned.

On the Bay City oddjob mission where you make th..

On the Bay City oddjob mission where you make the giant transmitter on the tower 'contacting home' I think it's called, instead of destroying the tanks, just pick them up with the abducto beam as they spawn and drop them upside down, they can't shoot the tower and no more spawn. Whatever you do, DONT DESTROY THE FLIPPED TANKS!! Or throw them in the water, or else they will respawn. Then just sit back and avoid getting shot down yourself.

How to defeat the giant dragon in Takoshima

The giant dragon is hard to beat.But, I know her weak spots:
Head Areas:Her eyes and her mouth.
Upper Body:Centre of Stomach,arms,back of neck and waist area.
Lower Body:Knees and her achilles(Back of Foot).

Makes zap gun a little bit more powerful

Ok this is a little hint it mite not work for you but it does for me.with the zap gun when you got it out press circle IF your mind blassed has gone this makes the zap gun a bit more powerful I dno if it will work for you BUT just try it and see ok.
Hope it works for you


I am not sure if it only works at solaris,but, kill a blisk,then use pk on it once to make sure it is not in the ground. Blast it with your good old zap a matic around the head and torso, it should fly up in the air. Keep shooting it while it's in the air it will fly.
this only works with blisk I don't know why. If you don't pk first it wont work all the time. It is fun to watch!

super flingy person

On 2 playr have a player hold a guy up in the air with mind control. While still holdin the person, have the other playr shoot the person whith the disk gun. Then the person wil go friggin crazy getting tossed around. NOTE: this may take a few tries.Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

saucer glitch

You will need full jetpack power for this
When you call your saucer count to five seconds then use your jetpack and keep hovering so the saucer will come and hit you on the head and go straight thruogh you and you wont receive any damage!

Almost Infinite height!

You will need two players. Blow up two vehicles, preferably the same weight. Each player will get on a different vehicle, then PK each other. Lift each other until it doesn't let you any higher, then jet pack. You can get onto the bridge in Dublin using this, and the tower in Bay City. Have fun!


go to 2players have one guy go into a body and the other have the meteor gun.Make sure the guy in the body goes to where u are aiming.If it worked second player will still be alive but in alien form.

saucer glitch

Okay,i don't know if this is a one-time thing or not.First you have to be plaing 2 player.Then you both get directly under the saucer(at least where you can get in)and press triangle.You should both control the same part of the saucer. Happy gamingSmile

Contacting home planet odd job

When you finish building the satelite don't shoot it or it will blow up and you will have to start all over

Salad Days with Pox & Crypto

Pause the game and select Archives. Hold "L3" and press "X, Square, Triangle, O, Square, O, Triangle, X, X".

Ok, so if your stuck on the mission try doing t..

Ok, so if your stuck on the mission try doing the odd jobs or the culture task to get these green things which then you can upgrade your weapons to make he mission easier.

How to defeat the monster easiest

I destroyed all the buildings in the city first because thats where he stays and roams....I destroyed the buildings because they regenerate his life......after that I got out of the saucer and found out that ground attacks are more effective against it but also it also hurts you more......and don't worry about the army and the others they will attack you occasionly but they'll be more involved on hitting the monster

100% clean body snatch

Before you go to body snatch someone try go to a corner so you can see everyone in that area then use your free love on someone in the middle of the all then body snatch you will always get a clean snatch.


Hey me and my sister kill people with the Zap-o-matic then pick up their bodies with L1 and TRIANGLE We call it dollies. The we move them on a rooftop and play with them (Albion has good rooftops for houses)

how to find the mole in the clut

He's in the 2nd crowd at front of the tree read his mind then the goes will say to put him in the river when you done that there be more. good luck :-)

Hovering person glitch

Ok so first you must have the disk launcher wepon then hit some body with it neer a rubish bin if they land on it dead then shoot it with any wepon and the person will hover but not be alive

Destroy Milincove

First: you need your disinagrator gun fully leveled up(bought all the upgrades) I am not sure if you have to but mine was.
Seccond:knock his armor off his stomach,knees and leggs.
Third:transmog things(and doge his attacks)untill you have 250 ammo.
Fourth: BLAST THE CRAP OUT OF HIM!!!!!!!! TRY to aim were he dosent have any armor. And yes he still regenerates health,but if your gun is leveled up it will depleat his health before it can reganorate.

Bandits VS Smokies

This works best in 2 player, but you can do it with one person.If you have 2 people one person is the bandit and the other is a smokey(a cop). If your the bandit start slaughtering every pathetic human in sight.If your the cop body snatch a cop or army. Then after the alert level is red(or at least so army people come)jump onto the roof of a building(it needs to have a flat roof and it helps if it has a bilbord)and take a cop or army up using your P.K. Shoot him untill he only has a little health left then use pk to hold him over the side, then yell to the cop "I have a hostage".then the cop gets out of his desguise and tries shoot you.Note this will only work with the ion denator and the meteor strike.
If you don't like the "i have a hostage" thing upgrade the ion denator so it h..


Are you looking for the datacores and stuff finish the game and then look for them don't look on the cheats or it will spoil it.when you finished the game go and search for them and be a artifact hunter,i am searching for them too it's good fun.


how to have a flying race with your friend

This only works with 2 player mode so you will need 2 controllers, when you aren't busy or your bored well heres something to do, in bay city there are the big bins, when you and your friend find 2 of them you can have races by both of you hoping on seperate bins then you PK each others bin at the same time and you will be flying or having race to see who can get the highest. Note: you can't go side to side otherwise you will fall.

Gene blend heaven.

When you always need to go to other maps for certain people in the gene blend.(anoying).when ever your flying to a location, on the way pick up every one you cant. Keep doing this on each map, when ever you are in you ship, just keep grabin and by the time you far through the game you will have almosed everyone you need. Fast simple and useful. Enjoy!

Burrow Beast Vs Blisk

A good and easy way to defeat the Blisk Warriors is to use the "Zap-O-Matic" weapon when there is one or two of them. When there is more than that, use the "Burrow Beast" because it will also eat Blisk aswell as Humans and Mutated Humans. The "Burrow Beast" is extremely helpful in the last "Oddjob" mission on "Project Solaris" (Moon) which is available to do when you complete the last story mission.

The Final Battle

In the final battle you have to fight a blisk(weird alien enemy of the furons)version of your main enemy.All you got to do is run when he attacks you.He is wearing armor,so when he stops attacking pick up a couple of rocks to throw at him.His armor will eventually fall off,and when it doed shoot him with your disinegration gun and shoot him untill he is dead.
(your saucer is unavailable during this mission)

Road side bombings!!!!!!

The best place for this is at Bay city.I have put the instructions bellow.
1)shoot cars untill they only have a little bit of helath left and put them parralel to the this untill both sides of the road has cars lined up.
2)bring the threat level down and let cars pass through your death trap.
3) (optional) instead of letting cars through seal of your rows of cars and place cars so you can not walk into or out of your trap.then with your pk start chucking people in untill it is full.
4)shoot a car and the whole thing will go up in flames.

Total Glitch

Ok first go to Bay City, then if you have a wireless controller, turn off the controller. After that leave it there for half an hour (30 minutes). After look at the screen. It should be black and white with elevator music playing. (DO NOT PAUSE IT).

Yeti Distraction

Ever Wanted Yetis To Leave You Alone?
Well Run Into A Highly Populated Area,
Where There Are Sacrifices A Plenty.
Sit Back And Own!

hovering cops!!!

ok how this works is that when a cop comes in a car then when they hop out of the car kill them then with ur mind powers pick up the car and flip it then put the dead cops on the car then with ur mind powers quickly push the car away .... WALA YOU HAVE FLOATING COPS

The Swingin' Jukebox

Albion Disguised Complete Mission: 10
Albion Hunted Complete Mission: 10
Albion Undisguised Complete Mission: 10
Back In That Room Complete Mission: 4
Bay City Disguised Complete Mission: 5
Bay City Hunted Complete Mission: 5
Bay City Undisguised Complete Mission: 5
DAH2 Theme Complete Mission: 19
Dirty Red Complete Mission: 21
Down In the Valley Complete Mission: 9
Help You Ann Complete Mission: 12
Long Road Complete Mission: 9
Moon Base Solaris Disguised Complete Mission: 28
Moon Base Solaris Hunted Complete Mission: 28
Moon Base Solaris Undisguised Complete Mission: 28
Pattern Skies Complete Rage of Aquarius side mission
Pier 13 Complete Mission: 18
She Changes Like the Weather Comple..

Unlock Movies

Rap party video 10 Artifacts
Opening movie animatic 20 Artifacts
Happy mix intro movie 30 Artifacts
Salad day with Crypto and Pox 40 Artifacts
Closing movie animatic 50 Artifacts
Finishing movie Defeat the game to unlock

Don't get 100%!

Ok I know that alot of you people out there want to get 100% in your games, but in this it's a bad thing. If you try to get 100% you'll come across a odd-job in Tacashima (Thats the best I could spell it) And it it tells you to kill "Shama-Lama" don't for the love of Arkvoodle do it you get attacked by soo many white ninja and shama-lama get the same amout of lives you have died! Plus once you finish it the game saves and all the "floating eye's of Arkvoodle" are gone, the white ninja attack you again and it's pernament because the game has saved so don't do it!


KK, I'm not sure if it's just becoz I'm gumby, but I found the mision where the army is destroying Coit Tower on the first Island, I think it's Bay City, or sumtin like that.
>>Yeah well, when you go over, kill a few tanks so some stronger ones arrive, Then fly over to a large group of them and.... Sit still!
You will die and regenerate over at a saucer landing zone. Just wait there. The Coit Tower health bar will be full for some readon, and the tanks wont kill the tower. Just wait it out. Its fair borin, but it works!

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