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Conker: Live & Reloaded Cheats and Tips

We have 13 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Conker: Live & Reloaded please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Conker: Live & Reloaded Questions & Answers page.

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Conker: Live and Reloaded cheats

Only Veterans can handle this kind of language All 6 class Medals

Bonus Avatar Pack:

500 mobile unit kills

Avatar Pack 2:

50 Kills Total

Avatar Pack 3:

500 Kills Total

+1 Primary grenade slot:

500 Marshalls Assasinated

+1 secondary grenade slot:

500 Generals Assasinated

Enhanced Healing Speed:

2000 Healing Points (Specalist)

Steadier Aim, Nimbler Reload:

1000 Kills (Long Ranger Class)

Snoopa - Improved cloaking:

1000 Kills (Sneeker Class)

Quicker Targeting, Quicker Breech:

1000 Kills (Sky Jockey Class)

Increased Strayfur clip, Guided Rocket Boost:

1000 Kills (Demolisher class)

Recharger Boost - Thermo weapons:..

DO you think they will ever put cheats on conker..

DO you think they will ever put cheats on conker because on N64 they made cheat where you can unlock the grim reaper and marshals ect... Because I don't know how to do x box live very well and I don't know all the stuff one more qustion once you beat the game how do you get all the other chapters it still looks like I did not do all the things and I have a million bucks and I know I beat the game I beat it on N64 and Xbox so I know I beat it so please tell me all the things I need to do for Xbox live and the chapters Smile

+10 Tails

Okay go to the cheese farm and jump on the middle part you should be able to hit B and then there is a Tail worth +10!


Ok well this isnt really a cheat or a glitch, it's just something fun and kinda challenging to do in the game. Not many people know this but ok check it out, in the Spooky level and Greg chapter, after opening the giant Cemetery doors, enter the cool creepy place. As you know after killing 12 zombies Greg appears and if you talk to him youve pleased him and he lets you proceed. However if you don't talk to him the zombies KEEP coming and coming. And the more you kill the more and more they rise out of the ground. If you get cornered jump on top of a grave stone and they can't get you. But to see how long you or a friend can last without jumping on top of a grave stone, can be pretty fun. Try it people it's fun.

Faster Reloads

When your a grunt to reload faster switch your gun to dum dums and reload. The reload will go much faster than the burst or atomatic.

The plunge

When you reach the top of the ladders and you're on top of the barn area when you jump off the lightbulb will appear between the first and second chocolates in the air so keep your finger ready to press B

Thousand sword glitch

Get a grenade with a sneeker fall of a litlle height will youve got a magnova pulled in youre hand will youve still got it pulled on the but will youre on the floor hold the are button in and push and hold the Y button in so the pictures show up and move the control stick to sabre if youve done it corectly on youre screen youre sword should be swinging madly without you thouching the R trigger to everyone else it will not look like your sword is moving at all. When you die you will have to do it again.

Easy Points In Fortress Deux

An easy way to get easy points in Fortress Deux in multiplayer is to set Gatemakers next to the enemy flag and the point where you capture that flag. It's real easy with two player. Both players must be a Sneeker. Now use the Special Ordinance terminal and get a Gatemaker for both players. Have one player set one point next to the enemy flag and the other next to the return point. Now just switch spots by placing the second piece next to each other's Gatemaker. Just wait by the enemy flag base for the flag to appear, grab it, go through the portal and return it.

Walking On Lava

On The Level With the towers and lava on the sides and in caves pick the sowrds men or the sniper then jump off and right befor you hit the ground switch to you're grenades and you will be able to stand on lava and stupied cumputers will walk in the lava to try to get but kill them selfs and you can snipe them and have fun and show your friends

Storming the Beach

When you land on the beach and are being fired on by the Tediz, crouch behind the hedgehogs (the big metal spikey things) untill the gunning stops, on the first break, there will be a tiny video showing two Tediz in a machine gun bunker. When they aren't firing at you, run to the next hedgehog and repeat.

Easy kills

Become anyone who can obtain an earthguard and take it to the enemies starting point and the next enemy who appears there will be shot to death.

Can anyone tell me how to kill the last baddie o..

Can anyone tell me how to kill the last baddie on conker.

Sneekers Banshe Streek

Go in to any level that has mobil units and be a sneeker. Go to the mbil units thing and then when you get to the screen of what you want start swinging your sword and at the same time hit A to get the r-hoge. Start to ride around if you did it right you should have the streek you get from a banshe when you do tricks on the left side of the r-hoge.

Note: if you get off you will lose the streek and have to do the glich all over.

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