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Burnout 3: Takedown Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Burnout 3: Takedown


We have 16 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Burnout 3: Takedown please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2

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Takedown Trophies

Earn the following trophies by completing the indicated task in Race, Elimination and Road Rage modes.
Easy Takedown Trophy:
Complete ALL Easy Takedown Targets.
Euro Circuit Racer Trophy:
Collect ALL Takedown Trophies.
Expert Takedown Trophy:
Complete ALL Expert Takedown Targets.
Advanced Takedown Trophy:
Complete ALL Advanced Takedown Targets.
Champion Takedown Trophy:
Complete ALL Champion Takedown Targets.


While we believe there are no tap in cheat codes for this game, you may find the following list of unlocks useful...
Unlocking cars
Choose your favorite track in world tour mode and race it repeatedly (do not retry). Continue, then repeat.
Assassin Compact Car
Get 15 Takedowns to unlock the Assassin Compact Car.
Assassin Muscle Car
Get 30 Takedowns to unlock the Assassin Muscle Car.
Assassin Coupe Car
Get 60 Takedowns to unlock the Assassin Coupe Car.
Assassin Sports Car
Get 100 Takedowns to unlock the Assassin Sports Car.
Assassin Super Car
Get 150 Takedowns to unlock the Assassin Super Car.
Classic Hotrod
Get a "Gold Medal" rank in all special events to unlock the Class..

Get big crash dollars

On the crash level Jack Knife City, pic the delivery truck as your car. The pathway down has a ramp. Do not jump it. When you go down get the boost and go to the right side of the ramp. When your down, there is a red van that is parked. Do not hit it. Drive to the right side of it.
After that there is a tanker truck driving straight in front of you. Go to the right just a little bit, then hit the right of the truck (your right). when you crash you should stay were you crashed but another tanker will come and when it hits you. You will be in between the two tankers.
Then some cars will come and crash into the tankers, that will let you then use your crash breaker. When thats done there is a multiplying that is green. When you use crash breaker and steer your wreck to..

Custom trcks

If you don't have any custom soundtracks on your game, then I would recommend that you put some of your favorite music on it because, personally, I think that if you listen to your favorite kind of music, you'll do better. For example, I like rock (not soft) so I put a few bands that I like on it, like Korn and Disturbed and Rammstein, and I listen to that while I play and I think I seem to do better that way.
If you do, just put a cd of your favorite band in the xbox and load the music onto it (does not take burned cd's) and when it's done, take the cd out, put this game in, go to driver details, EA trax, select the music you want by pressing x, choose to play it by pressing a, and go back to racing

Lot of crash $

In "CRASHED OUT" don't go onto a ramp instead go between the cars with a longnose cab and snag the crashbreaker. Then steer the wreck towards the 4x multiplier and destroy the tankers. After that try to steer the wreck into the other lane and destry those tankers and you should get a total of $1,000,000 at least.

Signature Takedowns

For each individual area (Silver Lake, Waterfront, etc.), there are two different possibilities for a Signature Takedown. Performing a unique Signature Takedown will yield a photograph for your album. Performing all 20 Signature Takedowns will unlock the Oval Circuit Racer. You may do this in any World Tour or Single event.
Gone Fishin': Send an opponent off the cliff near the Silver Lake trailer park.
Home Wrecker: Force an opponent into a motorhome.
Pillar Driller: Force an opponent into a Downtown elevated railway support.
Hit the Split: Force an opponent into the median at the Downtown tunnel entrance.
Tram Ram: Force an opponent into a Waterfront trolley.
Truck Torpedo: Force an opponent into a truck carry..

Easy Takeouts

To take out cars easy all you have to do is rub them against the side of a wall and if you keep it up they should go flying into the air!!!


A good way to take peoplem out is to use your turbo then shunt them as hard as you can up the back. If you don't take them out you can always push them into an object like a pillar.

Phase through a wall/more air on jumps

In europe, at the snowy area with the two tunnels right next to eachother that are right after the twin bridges, before the tunnel starts there is a divider in between them, (there are like 2 of these spots I think and I don't know which one it is if not both).
Don't be affraid to hit it becase should pass right through it, my friend said that he and his cousin were playing and his cousin went strait into it and just kept falling ( guess he got 7.5 seconds of air occording to my friend.....
Get more air on jumps: this worcks best if you know exactly when you will hit a jump, make sure you have A LOT of boost, use boost until right when you REACH the jump, THIS IS CRUCIAL, as soon as you touch it, stop the boost, then right when your front tires are off the jump, sta..

Want to get more takedowns in road rage? (not in career mode)

If you play road rage in the quick race menu, there are ways to get large amounts of takedowns in a single session. First of all choose a car that weighs alot (muscle cars). It will be easier to push opponents around and it will be harder for opponents to push you around. When you are actually racing with them, slow down considerably, even below 100 mph. Your opponents will automatically slow down with you. Then start crashing them while going at slow speeds. You will be able to stay out of harm's way very easily while taking out your opponents. The only time you will have to speed up is when you take out all three of your opponents. Speed up until you meet up with them again (they respawn ahead of you out of your line of sight). Repeat the process over again.
This tactic is k..

Hint: Faster take downs

While in a race or whatever involves takedowns, ge on a cars tail and hit nitro. This will allow you to hit the car is the back and it will emediatly lose contral.

Go under barriers

This isn't much of a hint but more of a glitch.1.Go to the Single Event menu.2.Go onto TIME ATTACK.3.Choose America:Silver lake.(Northbound or Southbound)4.When the game goes into Car select choose the US Curcuit Racer.5.Happy glitching!!
P.S.I've only checked America, not Europe or Asia.


A good way to take people down is to slam them side ways on into a wall.
If done correctly the opponent should be sent 20 feet into the air

Going through cars after takedown!!

When you're racing,takedown an opponent making them crash into traffic.If you're going fast this'll work, boost into the crashed traffic and you'll go through the car(s).(can't be more than 2 cars)

Unlimited nitro

Just get 4x tank of nitro and then drive in oncoming traffic and the tank will never drain down
Compass out!

Nearly unlimmited boost

This is a way to get almost unlimited boost (depending on how good you are at this game).
When you’re in the Far East, go into oncoming and wait for your boost to start going up. When it does, use it, it will keep going up instead of down (as long as you stay in oncoming).

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