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Burnout 3: Takedown

Game Reviews for Burnout 3: Takedown


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Cross Stinger25th May 2005, ID #19
The third installment of the Burnout series is a definite improvement of the last two, making use of race collisions to score big. The first was restricted to conventional racing with the inclusion ..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review

Quick Reviews

Added 28 Jun 2005, ID #15771
Burnout 3 had unexpected greatness after being sold to EA.

Graphics: There are epic crashes and wonderful jungles. 10/10
Sound : Way too many boring songs good engines though.8/10
Gameplay: Arcade handling makes it fun It\'s fuuun to crash!!!9/10
Lifespan: Quite hard to complete multiplayer is fun. 10/10
Overall: Damn near perfect but because of the music it\'s a 9/10 game.
Fasted Game Ever Added 15 Jun 2005, ID #15484
Hey all of you people who look at this review if you dont have this game you have to get this its a must have game.Awesome game better then any other racing game.

Plenty of races,face-off,race,eliminator,etc.And of course the crash levels where you have to blow up everything by driving your car into other cars.The boost bar can make you go 10 times faster then the fastest normal racing car.

This was my favourite game for such a long time I have to give it an amazing 10/10
This game is really cool Added 20 Feb 2005, ID #13122
I think Burnout 3 is an absolutely a brilliant game beacause the graphics are good, clear, sharp and precise.The gameplay is briiliant and it has
got good clear pictures.

This game has got lots of laughs and it is a fun game to play.

This game is good because you can play it on your own but this game is also good because it has got Multi-player and you can then enjoy it with a friend. This game is also good because has got lots of different challenges to try and achieve.

This game is also good becuse is a very enjoyable to play is also good because it is game which has got lots of satisfaction.

This game is also good because you have to complete different challenges and when you have completed them you have a chance to unlock rewards like challenges in new and exciting continents which you will get a chance to view the continent.

You wil also have a chance to unlock new cars and when you have done that you will get a chance to unlock more continents when you have done that.

This game is also good because you have got a selection of music to chose from whilst you are driving around.

Lastly this game isn't like other games it is more fun and it is also more challenging and compared to other games it is more enjoyable to play.

Altogether Burnout 3 has got a 10 out 10 for everything!

I think that if you haven't already bought this game already then
I recommend that you go out and buy it!

I hope that you will enjoy this game as much as I do!

I hope that if you will enjoy this game I know that I do!

I hope that you have fun and happy gaming!
This game is really cool Added 19 Feb 2005, ID #13105
I thnk that Burnout 3 is an absoulutely brilliant game becuase First of all the graphics are sharp good quality and very precise. This game which you can
enjoy with a friend because it is a Multiplayer game.

It is a funny game which has got lots off laughs. You can enjoy playing it on your own or with a friend. You have different challenges which you have to do and then afterwards if you complete them then you will unlock new continents and new areas for new challenges and new cars.

Burnout 3 also has good music to cruise around to while you are driving and a good selection of music to listen to. And lastly Burnout 3 isn't like other games it is much more fun and enjoyable!

Altogether I think that Burnout 3 is 10 out of 10 for everything!

I like this game and hope that you will like to!

This is a game with a lot of satisfaction!

If you haven't already got in in your game collection then I recommend that
you go out and buy it!

I hope that you will enjoy this game as much as I do.

I hope that you have fun and happy gaming
Watch out Gran Turismo! Added 17 Dec 2004, ID #12087
For years gran turismo(which does no longer deserves big letters) was the greatest racing game on the face of the planet.

But now, out of the mist comes an all new(not really) racing game that is determined to put the once great game into the pitstop.

Graphics: you really can't buy a game with sharper an faster graphics these days (sob) Gaphics =100%

Music: A wide range of funky music and after you get bored with them, why not learn the words?! Music=94%

Gameplay: A good game to play for a while then you just turn around and say "This is he same thing i just did a second ago...hang on, I've been doing the same flipping thing for nine months running!!!" Gameplay=90%

BURNOUT 3: TAKEDOWN Added 30 Oct 2004, ID #11356
First of all the takedown feature was a nice addition to Burnout because it gave you the chance to beat the opposition more satisfyingly. I was a bit hard at the start but okay, once you got the hang of it it got easier.

It is still not a complete game but it's nearing the mark. It gets boring after a while because you are just doing the same stuff over and over again. The graphics look awesome especially when you are top speed with the World Circuit Racer and the blur of the screen is a great effect.

The gameplay is okay, I guess. Overall I would say this game deserves a 9/10 but it's like a woman, after a while it gets tiring. Although a very good game. Well done EA.
Thumbs up! Added 19 Sep 2004, ID #10842
Burnout 3 is the best! is has tons of unlockables, smooth graphics and brilliant slow motion. It has over a 100 crash courses to smash and crush your cars on as well as loads of cool music tracks.

I definately recommend buying this won't regret it!
Played it Added 19 Aug 2004, ID #10505
I played burnout 3 on my demo with ops2 uk when I fist played it, I thought it was the best driving I ever played and I can't wait for the full verson with more cars and more race tricks and I give it 9/10.
Burnout 3 Added 10 Sep 2004, ID #2408

Richard Petty:

Successfully complete all Heat challenges with a bronze or higher rating.

Hardcore realism mode:

Get a 100 point rating on a track to unlock the hardcore realism mode option for that track.

Hint on the Pace car:

After coming out of the pits, press Brake. Reverse back into the pits and hit the pace car at about 100 mph. If you hit it hard enough, it will move. Steer it into any oncoming traffic.

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