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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Cheats for Wii U

Cheats and Tips for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Super Smash Bros. WiiU Walkthrough

We have 9 cheats and tips on Wii U. You can also ask your question on our Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Custom Moves (Challenges)
As you progress through the game you will be able to unlock various custom moves as in-game rewards that can be used to create customised fighters. The following is a list of the moves that require specific requirements to unlock.

Charizard - Rock Hurl:
Play as Charizard and get a score of 328 ft. Or more in Solo Home-Run Contest without using the bat.

Diddy Kong - Exploding Popgun:
Score at least 150,000 points in a single game of Target Blast on Stage 1.

Falco - Accele-Reflector:
Get a chain of at least 150 in Trophy Rush while playing alone as Falco.

Marth - Dashing Assault:
Clear 'The Falchion's Seal' event on Normal or higher difficulty setting.

Mega Man - Tornado Hold: ..

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding Pokemon will become unlocked

Complete Solo All-Star mode under the Normal difficulty or higher difficulty as Lucario.

Complete All-Star mode.

Play alone and as Pikachu and destroy 200 blocks in a single game of Trophy Rush.

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding Masterpiece will become unlocked.

Dr. Mario:
Complete Solo 10-Man Smash mode without taking any damage as Dr. Mario.

Hit the sandbag at least 1,968 ft. In Home-Run Contest.

Kirby's Adventure:
Complete Solo Classic mode under Intensity 5.5 or higher as Kirby.

Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream:
Complete the 'No Mere Sparring Match' event under the normal or higher difficulty.

Complete Solo Classic mode as Yoshi.

Golden Hammers
When you complete the following tasks the corresponding Golden Hammer will become unlocked.

Golden Hammer #1:
Complete ALL Solo Events.

Golden Hammer #2:
Complete 100-Man Smash.

Golden Hammer #3:
Complete Classic mode under Intensity 2.0 or higher with at least 5 characters.

Golden Hammer #4:
Complete Crazy Orders as Villager.

Golden Hammer #5:
Complete All-Star mode.

Gain 2,000,000 G
You will be rewarded with 2,000,000 G when you clear ALL 140 challenges on the challenge board located in 'Challenges'.

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding stage will become unlocked.

Duck Hunt:
Unlock the Duck Hunt character.

Kongo Jungle 64:
Complete the first event in Event mode.

Play ALL 3 map sizes in Smash Tour mode.

Pokemon Stadium 2:
Complete the 'When Lightning Strikes' event.

Complete the 'Playing Tricks' event.

Unlock Characters
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character. Some characers have an alternate way that they can be unlocked. Note: You must defeat the character when they appear to unlock them in Smash matches.

Dark Pit
Complete All-Star mode on Intensity 4 or higher or play 40 Smash matches.

Dr. Mario
Defeat one Master Order under the Hard difficulty or play 50 Smash matches.

Duck Hunt
Get a KO in Cruel Smash mode.

Complete Classic mode.
Play 10 Smash matches.

Complete Classic Mode on Intensity 5.5 or higher play 30 Smash matches.

Mr. Game & Watch
Complete Classic mode with 5 characters.


Unlockable Stages
These are all the unlockable stages in the game, & how to unlock them:

Pokemon Stadium 2 - Clear the 'When Lightning Strikes' event.

Smashville - Clear the 'Playing Tricks' event.

Kongo Jungle 64 - Clear 'The Original Heavyweights' event.

Duck Hunt Stage - Defeat minimum 1 fighter in Cruel Smash.

PAC-LAND - Play on all maps in Smash Tour.

Flat Zone X - Break 100 blocks in a single Trophy Rush game as Mr. Game & Watch.

Unlockable Characters
This is the unlocking criteria for hidden characters in Super Smash Bros Wii you:

Falco - Play 10 matches in Smash Mode or complete Classic Mode on any difficulty.

Wario - Play 20 matches in Smash Mode or beat 100-Man Smash.

Lucina - Play 30 matches in Smash Mode or beat Classic Mode on level 5.5 or higher.

Dark Pit - Play 40 matches in Smash Mode or beat All-Star Mode on normal difficulty.

Dr. Mario - Play 50 matches in Smash Mode or complete a hard level ticket in Master Orders.

R.O.B - Play 60 matches in Smash Mode or complete minimum 10 turns of Crazy Orders.

Mr. Game & Watch - Play 80 matches in Smash Mode or complete Classic Mode with 5 characters.

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