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Rosalina & Luma FAQ

by cyclone2

Guide to Rosalina & Luma in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Version 0.9.2
by cyclone2, a.k.a. Sleepycoaster, NinID: SleepycoasterU

=====Table of Contents=========================================================

[0] Version History
[1] Brief Introduction and Basic Terminology
[2] Moveset � What They Look Like, What They Do
[3] Luma�s Movement � Explained
[4] Custom Moves
[5] Very Basic Competitive Strategies � For or Against Rosalina and Luma
[6] Noncompetitive Strategies � Multi-Man, Master Core, and more.
[7] Closing, Credits, and Contact

=====[0] Version History=======================================================

0.9.0 � Finished first version. - May 14th, 2015

0.9.1 - May 23rd, 2015
-Made some changes to stress the beginner-oriented skill level of this guide.
-Included the Forward Smash's ability to go down through edges as part of
   Rosalina's strategies.
-Added introduction to Moveset section.
-Expanded list of what Gravitational Pull doesn't affect.
-Added Luma Shot case: Rosalina falls, Luma lands on platform.
-Changed the heading of guide to have version number and my NinID.
-Added Lunar Landing to strategies.
-Added Neoseeker to authorized websites.

0.9.2 - June 13th, 2015
-Added a Home-Run Contest section to Noncompetitive Strategies.
-Discussed Back Aerials against Master Hands.
-Added more items to the Gravitational Pull affects/doesn't affect lists.
-Added note on Up Air's priority.
-Added the fact that Luma can attack during Rosalina's Launch Star.
-Updated Luma's Movement on what an idle Luma on the ground in "apart" mode
   will do, and the effect of Rosalina turning around. Cordoned off an
   unimportant detail.
-Added "Other Details" section to Competitive Strategies.
-Added Short Hop Back Air to Competitive Strategies.
-Added Supercheats to list of authorized websites.

=====[1] Brief Introduction and Basic Terminology==============================

Welcome to my first guide!

The information in this guide is both for players who intend to fight against
Rosalina and those who want to get better with her. Either way, this guide is
designed to get players -acquainted- with Rosalina and Luma�s mysterious
attack style. It probably won't help you if you're already adequate with her.

First off, I allow this guide to be posted on,, and only. If it is posted on another website, then it is posted
there without permission. Please let me know if you found this guide through a
different website.
[email protected]

Anyways, onto the actual guide:

-----Basic Terminology---------------------------------------------------------

�Standard� attacks or �A� attacks are mostly done using the A button on most
controllers, although if you�re playing with a Wii Remote without the Nunchuck,
these are done with the 2 button.

Similarly, �Special� attacks or �B� attacks are mostly done using the B button,
but on a Wii Remote are done with the 1 button.

"Smash� attacks are done by pressing the Standard button and a direction on the
control stick simultaneously, but on some controllers you could do Smash
attacks by tilting another stick:
-	Wii U Gamepad � Right Stick
-	Wii Remote and Nunchuck � Hold C and use Nunchuck�s Stick
-	Wii Remote only � none
-	Gamecube controller � C-stick

Holding the stick or holding the Standard button will �charge� the smash for
more damage.

=====[2] Moveset===============================================================

In general, Rosalina's moves do more damage while Luma's moves knock foes back
further. For ground, smash, and aerial attacks, Luma will attack with Rosalina,
no matter where Luma is, as long as Luma isn't flailing or KO'd.

-----Ground Standard-----------------------------------------------------------

Rosalina hits foes in front of her with her wand, up to three times. Luma will
throw punches up to three times.

-A (repeatedly)-
Rosalina twirls her wand in front of her, and Luma spins, doing quick jabs to
anyone close to either of the two. If Luma is with Rosalina, Luma will start
moving forward.

-Dash attack (Press �A� or 2 while dashing)-
Rosalina glides head-first along a distance and float to a stop, doing up to
two hits and knocking back foes. Luma does the same thing in the same
direction, wherever it is.

-Forward Tilt A-
Rosalina spins herself around and bash foes with the foot of her dress.  Luma
does a similar kick.

-Up Tilt A-
Rosalina sends a slow-moving ring of energy straight up, which disappears. 
This does more damage the closer the foe is to Rosalina. Luma does an uppercut.

-Down Tilt A-
Rosalina drops to the floor and do a very fast kick. Luma dives forward at a
downward angle.


-Forward Smash-
Rosalina creates a small galaxy right in front of her that deals damage to
nearby foes. Luma goes forward with a punch.
NOTE: This attack can be angled upward and downward if the control stick is
tilted up or down upon release.

-Up Smash-
Rosalina swings her wand upward for a single strong hit. Luma dives upward and
does an uppercut.

-Down Smash-
Rosalina does a low kick in front of her and then behind her. Luma kicks behind
itself and then in front of itself (thus, wherever Rosalina is not hitting.)

-----Aerial Standard-----------------------------------------------------------

-A (Neutral)-
Rosalina will do a forward flip, trailing stars out of her dress. This hits
behind her first. Luma attacks in front and behind itself (thus, wherever
Rosalina is not hitting.) The end of the move does 10% damage.

-Forward A-
Rosalina goes forward and does a backflip, trailing stars out of her dress.
This could hit multiple times. Luma goes forward to attack.

-Back A-
Rosalina quickly holds her feet behind her, damaging anyone coming into contact
with the galaxy appearing at the end of her feet. Luma goes backwards to

-Up A-
Rosalina sends a slow-moving ring of energy straight up, which disappears. This
does more damage the closer the foe is to Rosalina. Luma does an uppercut.
Note: This attack has priority over Link and Yoshi's Down Aerials. This means
that if this attack makes contact with either of those attacks, this attack
will be the only one doing damage.

-Down A-
Rosalina sends a ring of energy straight down from her dress. This does more
damage the closer the foe is to Rosalina. Luma dives down to attack.


�Luma Shot� � If Rosalina and Luma are together, Rosalina shoots Luma straight
forward so that Luma rockets forth, spinning like a bullet, eventually slowing
down to a stop a distance away. This particular attack can be charged to do
more damage and shoot Luma further.
If Rosalina and Luma are apart, this calls back Luma. If Luma is not present or
stunned, this will do nothing. See section [3] for details.

-Forward Special-
�Star Bits� - Rosalina commands Luma to shoot a shower of star bits into the
space immediately in front of it (or behind, depending on control stick
direction), wherever Luma is. Rosalina is occupied for this move, and can't do
anything else at the same time.

-Up Special-
�Launch Star� � Rosalina creates a rainbow-colored star to catapult her
upwards, forwards, backwards, and any direction in between. Her direction
depends on how the player moves the control stick immediately after executing
the Up Special.
Note: Luma can still do its aerial attacks the whole time Rosalina is flying.

-Down Special-
�Gravitational Pull� � Bouncing blue lights circle Rosalina as she pulls
projectiles and sitting items toward herself. These items will spiral into her,
possibly damaging foes they come into contact with. It also slows her falling
speed down a bit.

 Gravitational Pull affects:
 -All pick-up-able items, including food and bomb-ombs.
 -Fireballs, medicine, Turnips, F.L.U.D.D's water.
 -Link's arrows, bombs, and boomerang.
 -Samus's rockets and charge beam.
 -Fox and Falco's lasers.
 -PK Thunder (Try it on a Ness trying to get back onto the stage from off the
 -Villager's Lloyd rocket.
 -Bowser Jr.'s exploding toy koopa.
 -Diddy Kong's banana peel.
 -Robin's Thoron (The charged-up thunder attack).
 -R.O.B.'s spinning top and all projectile lasers.
 -Duck Hunt's cans, frisbees, and hunters' bullets.
 -Master Core's sword form's projectiles.
 -And many others.

 Gravitational Pull does not affect:
 -The Smash Ball
 -Anything launched from a Final Smash.
 -Lumas and Pikmin.
 -Zelda's Din's Fire (her moving magic bomb).
 -PK Flash
 -Projectiles that are currently being charged, like Lucario's Aura Sphere
   before it is released.
 -Some of Master Hand/Crazy Hand/Master Core�s attacks (see section [6] for

-----Final Smash---------------------------------------------------------------

�Power Star� � Rosalina summons a star above her head that will stay in place
for the duration of the final smash, shooting smaller damaging stars randomly
about and growing bigger, before exploding. Foes that are near or �in� the star
will likely be trapped by the random smaller stars, and thus get caught in the

===[3]Luma�s Movement � Explained==============================================

In Super Mario Galaxy, Lumas are a species of stardust creatures born out of
the death of galaxies. They hope to one day transform into stars, galaxies,
planets, and other space objects. Until then, Rosalina takes care of them, and
as a result Lumas hold her in high regard, and will do anything to protect her.

-Luma will attack whenever Rosalina uses standard attacks, no matter where it
is relative to Rosalina.
-Luma tends to do less damage than Rosalina, but its ability to knock foes back
outmatches that of Rosalina.
-Luma can be in one of two modes, �together� and �apart� from Rosalina. 
-When �together�, Rosalina can use Luma Shot, which puts Luma into �apart�
mode. When it is �apart�, Tapping B or the Special button has Luma return
straight to Rosalina, into �together� mode.
-Rosalina can recall Luma no matter where Luma is, although if there is an
obstacle between the two, Luma will have to go around it and might even get
-Rosalina can recall Luma in midair, as long as she has the ability to perform
an action, and Luma is not flailing.
-Luma can attack as it is being recalled straight back to Rosalina.
-If �apart�, Luma will not rejoin Rosalina if Rosalina is nearby. Likewise, if
Rosalina and Luma are knocked apart, Luma will return to Rosalina as soon as
Luma has stopped flailing AND Rosalina has landed or has used her second jump.
-When �together�, Luma will float in front of Rosalina. It will take certain
projectiles without flinching, protecting Rosalina.
-When Luma is hit by a direct attack or certain projectiles, it will begin
flailing and falling. It will fall straight down until it touches solid ground,
then stop flailing. If it is knocked into hitstun over a bottomless pit, it
will be KO�d.
-As of the April 2015 patch, Luma can take up to 48% damage before crying out
and disappearing.
-Luma will respawn in approximately 13 seconds. It will respawn in �together�
-Color does not matter. Luma�s color only affects how it looks. Luma can be
yellow, silvery apricot, red, green, blue, and black.
-Luma cannot attack if Rosalina is grabbed. However, if Rosalina is buried,
asleep, dizzy or stunned Luma can still do standard attacks.
-If �apart�, Luma will move on its own towards a set distance in front of
Rosalina in the direction she is facing. It will then slowly drift to behind
her a set distance, and repeat. Luma will only move when it isn�t attacking.
Movement can be prevented by having Luma attack constantly.
-If Rosalina turns but does not move, Luma will not change the direction
it faces.
-Luma prefers to float above solid ground. If left in midair, it will start
bouncing when it isn�t attacking.
-Luma does not like floating on thin platforms, and will bounce on those too
when it isn�t attacking.
-If Luma is floating off the edge of the stage in �apart� mode, it will bounce
towards the stage three times before falling. Luma can be recalled while
falling under these circumstances. Additionally, Luma can stay in midair
indefinitely if it keeps attacking.
-If Rosalina is charging a Luma shot and Luma is hit by any attack or
projectile, Rosalina will still be charging, but releasing the button will now
do nothing.

A strange and not-too-useful note:
-If Rosalina is falling while charging a Luma Shot (holding B in mid-air) and
Luma lands on a platform while Rosalina doesn't, Luma Shot can still be
executed, with Luma shooting forth from wherever it landed.

Finally, do not worry about being rough with the Luma. After all, it is going
to become a mighty star or planet someday.

=====[4] Custom Moves==========================================================


Luma Warp: You now can�t charge the Luma shot. Instead, it zips forward a set
distance, normally doing 1% damage to whoever is at that distance.

Power Luma Shot: Luma goes forward slower than in a normal Luma Shot, but does
approximately 1.5x as much damage for the same amount of charging, and can even
hit the same target more than once if they are knocked back the right distance.
Like Luma Shot, this move doesn�t lose power if the target is further away.

-----Forward B-----------------------------------------------------------------

Floating Star Bit: Sends one large, slow star bit forward, which usually hits
an enemy multiple times for around 3% damage for each of 2-3 hits. It does not
break if hit.

Shooting Star Bit: Sends a star bit straight forward a long range until it hits
something. A pretty textbook projectile attack. Star bits do 5% or 7% damage,
but sometimes do 17% or 21% randomly.

-----Up B----------------------------------------------------------------------

Launch Star Plus: You zoom up at 80 degrees at a greater speed than before, but
you can only control whether you go to the left or to the right. Perfect for
those who don�t want to learn how to do Rosalina�s default recovery without
dying. However, it�s slightly more predictable and keeps you from flying to the
other side of the stage if you want to.

Launch Star Attack: Rosalina shoots up at 80 degrees and catches any opponents
in her way, repeatedly hitting them for a short range upward. She then finishes
with the kick she normally does for her Forward Aerial.

-----Down B--------------------------------------------------------------------

Catch & Release: Pulls in nearby opponents to do 8% or 25% damage, depending on
how close they are. Very short range. Does not pull in items.

Guardian Luma: Luma will grow big and shield Rosalina from weak attacks and
even do 4% damage. Luma will shrink back to normal size instantaneously.

=====[5] Very Basic Competitive Strategies � For or Against Rosalina and Luma==

-----The Cosmic Travellers � Playing as Rosalina & Luma------------------------

When playing online or offline, against players or CPU�s, against one or
against a team of seven, here are some tips.

Learn to use Launch Star properly - Rosalina's Up B move can be very tricky if
you're used to playing a character with a different type of Up B move. Go into
training mode, jump off the edge, and practice shooting yourself so that you
don't fall.

Launch Star to the edge - When performing Launch Star to get back onto a
platform, aim for the edge. If you fly above the edge onto the stage, you�re
vulnerable until you land. If you grab onto the edge, you're mostly safe.

Watch out for Luma - Luma is important to Rosalina�s competency. Luma offers
extra damage, protection, is an extension of Rosalina�s presence, and is
responsible for two of her special attacks. If Luma is KO�d, it would do
Rosalina well to sit out of the fight a bit, or play defensively, until Luma

Steer clear of the edges - Rosalina players should probably avoid doing close
combat on the edge of a stage, since Luma can easily be KO�d when knocked off.

Use the Aerial Up A with Luma - Luma�s Up A Aerial has stronger knockback than
Rosalina�s. If a foe you want to KO is falling from the air with high damage,
follow that foe up and Up-Air with Luma right underneath that foe for best

Getting back onto the stage from the edge � If you�re on the edge and a foe is
standing too close, try dropping from the edge (by pressing Down) and
immediately jumping and performing a Forward Aerial. If done right, not only
does it let you back onto the stage safely, but it looks awesome too. (Thanks
to Dexter Manning for this one!)

Launch opponents hanging from the edge - If you release a Forward Smash while
tilting downward, Luma will angle slightly down with its punch. This move can
hit a foe while they are hanging from the edge. The attack can still be avoided
if they climb up from the edge.

Fire Luma Shot into a crowd - Luma Shot does a lot of damage and is very fast.
If Rosalina is facing two or more players locked in a brawl, she could fire a
Luma torpedo at it and probably launch one of the brawlers.

Short Hop Back Air - Run to a foe, turn around, do a short jump, and Back Air
in the original direction you were running. The nice thing about this attack
is that Rosalina is probably above the range of a foe's attack, while both
Rosalina and Luma are attacking (Luma below Rosalina) so that a "wall of hits"
is produced.

---Advanced Technique---

Lunar Landing (named by AceStarthe3rd) - Do a neutral (non-directional) aerial
attack RIGHT before landing on the ground when Luma is "together" with
Rosalina. This will make Luma do a forward and backward hit, just like in
Rosalina's Aerial A, but if done correctly Rosalina is free to move right after
landing. Powerful, yet fast and costs little time. The downside is that it's
difficult to do. You'll know you've done it right when Luma hits forward then
backward while Rosalina does absolutely nothing but land on her feet.

-----Who Needs Tiers?�Playing AGAINST Rosalina & Luma--------------------------

Go for Luma - Rosalina�s power becomes limited when Luma is KO�d. If Luma is
close to the edge of the stage, one can easily knock it off in one hit, since
Luma cannot get out of hitstun until it hits solid ground.

Luma Shot - Attack from above or behind if Rosalina is charging a Luma Shot. It
is very easy to double jump over her.

Dash attack � Dash attacks leave her vulnerable, so if you dodge both hits you
can often get an uncharged smash attack in.

Launch Star � When Rosalina performs Launch Star, it is very easy to predict
where she will land. She travels through the air slowly enough that you can
even follow her on the ground. Good players have done this to me, and there�s
very little Rosalina can do about it.

Keep taking advantage of Rosalina�s light weight and low speed and she�s not
all that dangerous.

-----Keep Luma Along vs. Keep Them Apart?--------------------------------------

If you keep Rosalina and Luma �together�, then you miss out on a chance to
fight foes from far away with no risk of taking damage. On the other hand, if
you never recall Luma, your attention stays divided, Luma probably gets KO�d
more often, and you constantly play as a Luma-less Rosalina, which isn�t great.
I think that keeping Luma with you is safe and effective. However, if you want
to get better, you should risk a few instances of playing as Rosalina and Luma
apart. Additionally, since Luma doesn�t have much range doing standard attacks,
I think it�s a good idea to use the Forward Special �Star Bits� often. Make
sure to recall Luma as soon as foes take too much notice of it (which won�t be

-----Other details-------------------------------------------------------------

Rosalina's Neutral Aerial is a stronger attack if it hits at the end of
Rosalina's frontflip. It is also easier to make contact with a foe on the
ground using the end of the attack.

Rosalina's Down Smash is stronger on its second hit. 8%, then 10%.

A fully charged Luma Shot does 16% while Power Luma Shot does 22% the
first hit, and 16% for subsequent hits.

=====[6] Noncompetitive Strategies:============================================
Multi-Man, Master Hand, Master Core, and All-Star

This section covers techniques for using Rosalina and Luma in single-player

-----Home-Run Contest----------------------------------------------------------

There are many ways to rack up distance with Rosalina and Luma. Players have
gone up to 3.5 thousand with her, but their methods can be tricky to replicate.

Here's a relatively easy (with practice) method that will hit the sandbag about
3000 ft, guaranteeing above 2.5k if done correctly.

-Charge a Forward Smash. It should be charged just long enough so that it hits
with both Rosalina and Luma's attacks and does 22-23%

-Charge a Forward Smash. It should also hit with both attacks and get the bag
to 43-45%.

-Charge a third Forward Smash. Hit with both, around 60s% in damage.
Note: For this third hit you should be hitting the sandbag just after it
bounces once towards you.

-Charge a fourth Forward Smash. Hit with both, around 77% damage would be
Note: For this fourth hit you should be hitting the sandbag as it falls from
above into the space in front of you. Hit it before it hits the ground.

-Run back and grab the bat. Try not to accidentally do a dash attack. The
sandbag should land.

-Run to the sandbag and stand RIGHT over it, then do an uncharged Down Smash.
Rosalina's dress should be clipping the sandbag before you attack. It is
crucial that this attack hit twice. As in, you actually hair the "hit" sound
distinctly twice.

-Run to where the sandbag lands (to the mid-right) and do the exact same thing.

-Move a little to the left, turn right, and swing the bat.

That's it, six smash attacks and a baseball bat. In order to do this all in ten
seconds, you must start charging the first attack immediately, and charge the
next Forward Smash as soon as you are able to. It is very important that the
last two Down Smashes hit twice. It will take a few tries, but at least your
timing doesn't have to be exact after these four smashes, just your

(Thanks to Gym Leader Geo for the procedure! Although in his version you have
to hit the sandbag with the first Down Smash before it lands AND hit it twice.
I think it's okay to let it land though.)

-----Multi-Man Smash-----------------------------------------------------------

Because both Rosalina and Luma alone can take out these lightweight Miis with
an Up Smash, I keep them apart and spam uncharged Up Smashes for the majority
of the battle.

Otherwise, and for the other 25% of the time, focus on crowd control by using
these attacks.

-Down Smash
-Dash attack

These usually aren�t enough to KO a Mii in one hit, but they scatter them so
that you can focus on a few at a time. Then you can use killing moves such as
the Up Smash, Forward Smash, and Luma Shot.

-----Master Hand and Crazy Hand------------------------------------------------

Since Master Hand and Crazy Hand usually stay in one place when they�re open to
attack, it�s a good idea to keep Rosalina and Luma together to deal the most

It�s important to know that some projectile attacks by the two hands are not
affected by Gravitational Pull, Rosalina�s Down Special. For example, fireballs
and finger bullets can be pulled harmlessly from the air, but lasers, bombs
from its fingers, and the bouncing green juggling balls cannot be pulled.

Although Luma helps Rosalina deal damage quicker, there�s nothing a player can
really do but learn to dodge the hands� attacks and deal damage when they�ve
stopped. An uncharged Up Smash on the ground below one of the hands is one
strategy, since Rosalina and Luma can deal 22% damage for every uncharged Up
Smash. However, Rosalina and Luma do some powerful aerials too. Although Back
Aerials do the most damage (11% + 4%), jumping high enough is time consuming
and puts Rosalina in a dangerous position relative to the hands. Each Up Aerial
does 14% damage and each Down Aerial does about the same amount, and both can
be executed quicker if you�re good enough. Sometimes, being airborne makes it
easier to dodge the hands� attacks, since Rosalina is a very floaty character.
I like to alternate Up and Down Aerials against the hands.

Rosalina�s Forward Aerial won�t help you here. It�s more for disrupting foes
than doing damage (7% if all hits connect) and it takes a while, two things
that you really don�t want when fighting a hand that attacks frequently and
isn�t disrupted by your own attacks.

-----Master Core (The Humanoid, The Lizard, The Swords, and the Fortress)------

Please don�t keep Luma separated from Rosalina unless you�re fighting the
Rosalina Clone. Again, there�s usually only one target on the screen at a time
and they don�t really get knocked back. Plus, there�s always damaging stuff
going everywhere, so having Luma somewhere else will only lead to Luma falling
into the abyss in no time.

Gravitational Pull will affect The Swords� small and large dark energy balls,
but nothing else here.
Luma will probably get KO�d pretty often, since it cannot shield.

-----Master Giant--------------------------------------------------------------

Remember that the head can be attacked from the ground, so smash attacks are a
good option.

To avoid the hands that suck you in, you can jump off the stage and then Launch
Star back onto the ledge.

You can roll dodge to avoid the huge swipe, but it will KO Luma, and you lose
that extra bit of damage for a few seconds. Try jumping and dodging in the air,
because there is a chance the swipe will miss completely then.

-----Master Beast--------------------------------------------------------------

You really can�t stay in one place for long in this match, so go for smash
attacks. I don�t recommend dash attacks or Luma Shots, since Luma can be KO�d
easily before you recall it and dash attacks leave you vulnerable for too long.
I hope you�ve mastered shielding and rolling.

-----Master Edges--------------------------------------------------------------

Remember that both the small orbs and the large orbs created by Master Edges
can be pulled using Gravitational Pull, and can damage Master Edges. I
recommend taking advantage of Rosalina�s great recovery: If Master Edges holds
up its sword for a multi-slash attack, briefly fall off the stage and rocket
yourself up to the ledge when it has executed its attack. 

-----Master Clone--------------------------------------------------------------

See competitive play section. Recall that this clone will have all your custom

-----Master Fortress-----------------------------------------------------------

Uncharged smash attacks are your friend against the laser flowers. Make sure to
grab the soldier guys and throw them.

It�s possible to die after you destroy the second and fourth cores while you�re
falling in slow motion. Make sure to jump or do a Launch Star (Up + B).

-----Master Core---------------------------------------------------------------

The core will not attack as long as you knock it off the stage within 45
seconds, so use whatever attacks you want, snap a photo, and go wild.

If you wait 45 seconds, roll dodge downwards to avoid the five waves that come
from Master Core.

-----Customs On----------------------------------------------------------------

If you want to tackle Classic with customs on, some items in general may work
better than others. I find both the Critical Hitter Brawn Badge and the
Unharmed Attacker Agility Badge to be useful and most often recommended for
Classic. Of course, there are probably plenty of better setups if you care to
try them out.

This is a setup I find works well when I play as Rosalina and Luma on 9.0

-Rosalina and Luma, all Default Specials
--Critical Hitter Brawn Badge: Attacks get a 20% chance of extra damage.
--Exquisite Dress
--Unharmed Attacker Agility Badge: 1.5x attack power while damage is at 0%.
(The stats will end up close to: Attack -15, Defense +34, Speed -8)


Crowd control is the name of the game. These are the most effective moves for
hitting multiple foes:

-Down Smash
-Dash attack
-Repeatedly tapping A

Luma Shot works well here too, because these CPUs aren�t very advanced and a
Luma Shot will hit at least one foe if you fire it into a crowd of three.

Watch for the CPU who has about 100% or more damage and do a Forward Smash
to take them out of the game.

-----Credits Mini-Game---------------------------------------------------------

Luma will be pretty helpful here. Separate the two for the first half so that
you hit as many credits as possible. Then, take advantage of the extra range
that Luma provides when they�re together to finish off any holes.

For style points, hit the final four logos by keeping Rosalina on one side of
the stage and Luma on the other and alternate hits.

=====[7] Closing, Credits, Contact=============================================

So that�s it for my first gaming guide. I hope it helps players understand
Rosalina and Luma a bit more, whether that understanding leads to proving that
she�s overpowered or proving that she has just as many flaws as other
characters. But mostly, I hope it helps people have more fun when playing as or
against her.

See a typo? Want to make suggestions? Wondering how Rosalina and Luma does this
or that or fights this character? Did this guide help and you want to tell me
so? Please email that stuff to:
[email protected]

I�ll read all email within a month, and I�ll try to respond if common courtesy
dictates I should.


-Nintendo and the many artists, designers, systems designers, supervisors, and
directors who worked on this stunning game.
-CJayC and GameFAQs for hosting.
-Mario & Sonic Guy from Smash Boards for writing a guide on Rosalina and Luma
that is much more thorough than this one. Not only did his forum posts help me
become a better Rosalina player, but I used his guide as a reference for some
of the more specific details in mine. His guide is titled, �Rosalina�s Complete
Coverage Thread�.
-Dexter Manning for his videos and tips on Rosalina. He was pretty helpful for
making me a better Rosalina player.
-Same goes for AceStarthe3rd.
-All the people online who beat me up when I played as Rosalina.
-And you, for wanting to learn more about this wonderful addition to the Smash

Thank you. I will watch over you from beyond the stars.