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FAQ/Move List

by Soylent_Robot


                     SUPER SMASH BROS. FOR WII U AND 3DS
                        SMASH 64 VETERANS MOVE LISTS
                              By Soylent Robot



This FAQ aims to be an in-depth look at the move lists for the twelve original
Smashers from way back in 1999! Just because they've been in the series the
longest is no excuse to not learn their moves!

Each character will have all of their moves, including custom moves, covered
in this guide. Since the 3DS and Wii U versions are (hopefully) identical
in this regard, this guide will be good for both games. If there are any
version differences, I'll be sure to note them.

I probably won't catch everything for every character, if I've missed 
something or you have a tip to share, feel free to contact me via GameFAQs 
and I'll credit your addition.

                              Table of Contents [ToC]

1.   Table of Contents              [ToC]
2.   Guide Version                  [G-V]
3.   General Information            [GEN]
4.   Mario                          [MAR]
5.   Luigi                          [LUI]
6.   Donkey Kong                    [DOK]
7.   Link                           [LNK]
8.   Samus                          [SAM]
9.   Yoshi                          [YOS]
10.  Kirby                          [KBY]
11.  Fox                            [FOX]
12.  Pikachu                        [PKU]
13.  Jigglypuff                     [JGL]
14.  Captain Falcon                 [CFN]
15.  Ness                           [NES]
16.  The Boring Legal Stuff         [BLS]

                              Guide Version [G-V]

Release 1.0 - First version

                           General Information [GEN]

This section will cover things that are common to all the characters. This
guide assumes you are using the default control scheme, and that your
character is facing to the right. Note that percentage damage might not be
100% accurate right from the off. All damage and knockback was tested against

Every character entry will follow this format:

Name: Obviously, the character's name
Introduction: A short description of the character's origin

Attributes: A look at the character's general abilities, like how fast or slow
they are, how well they jump, and if they stand out in any particular area (for
better or for worse). This part will note any special qualities like multiple
air jumps or tether recoveries.

Unlock: If the character has to be unlocked, here's how you do it.

Colour Schemes: A list of the character's available pallet swaps

Standard Moves: The moves available to the character while on the ground,
performed with the A button.

Neutral A - You stand still and press A to do this, the easiest attack in the
game. With some characters, you can hold A to go into a pummel, with a stronger
blow upon releasing A. Good for building up damage early in a fight.

Side A, Up A, Down A - These moves are done by tilting the control pad to the
side, upwards, or downwards, and pressing A.

Side Smash, Up Smash, Down Smash - These moves are done by flicking the control 
pad to the side, upwards, or downwards, and pressing A. They are usually a
character's most powerful attack. They can be charged by holding the A button
to increase their power and knockback. Some characters can angle their Side
Smash by holding diagonal up or diagonal down when performing the move - this
changes the properties of the move a little.

Dash Attack - Press the A button while running to dash attack.

Taunts - The most important part of a fighting game is mocking your opponent
when they lose. Learn your taunts well, for they are surely the most
important and powerful part of your arsenal.

Air Moves: The moves available to the character while in the air,
performed with the A button.

Neutral Air - You perform this move by just pressing A while in the air.

Side Air, Back Air, Up Air, Down Air - These moves are done by holding a
direction in the air and pressing A. Unlike on the ground, holding the control
pad in the opposite direction to where your character is facing gets you a
different move.

Air Grab - Only a few characters have an Air Grab, which are actually tether
recoveries and not grabs. They're just called Air Grabs because you press the
grab button in the air to use them.

Grabs: You can grab an opponent by pressing L. With a few exceptions, you 
have to be very close to grab them. Grabs are very useful because they cannot 
be blocked or countered.

Pummel - Press A while grabbing an opponent to pummel them. Can build up damage
but generally not worth it.

Side Throw, Back Throw, Up Throw, Down Throw - While grabbing someone, flick a 
direction to throw them that way.

Specials: All characters have four specials that are unique to them. You press 
the B button to use them. 
They have all kinds of effects that are too specific to give a general 
description here, though each type does follow a pattern. The custom versions 
are usually variations on the standard, except for Palutena and the 
Mii Fighters.

Neutral B - Press B while not moving the control pad to use this move. 
Usually a projectile or charge attack.

Side B - Hold the control pad to the side while pressing B to use this move. 
Often, a character's Side B is a useful recovery move.

Up B - Hold the control pad upwards while pressing B to use this move. With 
two exceptions, this move will send your character upwards in some manner, 
being their main recovery option.

Down B - Hold the control pad downwards while pressing B to use this move. 
Often a useful utility move.

Final Smash: All characters can use their Final Smash after breaking a 
Smash Ball. Press B while not moving the control pad to use a Final Smash.

  Mr. Videogame Himself

Introduction: Who doesn't know Mario? First appearing in the Donkey Kong
arcade machine in 1981, Mario has gone on to appear in over 200 games, and
is arguably the most famous videogame character in the world.

Attributes: Mario has always been the ultimate in average stats in every
game he's appeared in, and it is no different here. Mario has average speed,
jumps well, and isn't too light or too heavy. He has a good spread of moves
for all situations and good recovery options. Unfortunately, this can lead
to Mario being predictable and easy to beat by a more specialised character.

Colour Schemes:
Red & Blue, his classic colours
White & Red, based on Fire Flower Mario
Pink & Cyan, based on Mario Bros Japanese cover
Yellow & Purple, Wario's overall colours
White & Dark Grey, based on Foreman Spike from Wrecking Crew '98
Green & Brown
ALL AMERICAN, based on his NES Open Tournament Golf costume
Purple & Dark Purple, Waluigi's colours

Standard Moves: Mario's standard moves are pretty basic and are quick enough
to rack up damage, but their knockback is average.

Neutral A - A quick punch-punch-kick combo. Deals a total of 8%. The kick does
some slight knockback.

Side A - A roundhouse kick for 7%. Has less knockback than the pummel.

Up A - An uppercut for 6%. Knocks the opponent straight up, good for 
getting early damage since you can use it multiple times in a row to juggle
light & medium opponents.

Down A - A spin kick for 6%. Like the Up A, can be used multiple times to
quickly rack up damage before the opponent is knocked out of range.

Side Smash - Mario shoots fire out of his palm, for 14%, sending the
opponent flying back a short distance. Has a deceptively large hitbox thanks 
to the fireball. Deals 19% when fully charged, and it can be angled up or
down to change the knockback angle slightly. Can KO at about 100%

Up Smash - A headbutt that knocks the opponent skyward, for 14% damage.
A good move to use after a bunch of Up A attacks. Fully charged, it deals
19% damage and can KO at around 90%

Down Smash - A breakdance sweep that hits on both sides of Mario. Deals 10% to 
the front and 12% to the back, and when fully charged, 14% to the front and
16% to the back. Not Mario's best attack since the knockback isn't too great
until the opponent is in the 90% range.

Dash Attack - A sliding kick for 8% damage, sending the opponent flying up
and backwards.

Taunt 1 - Mario gets huge like he's grabbed a Super Mushroom. Lasts a while
and makes his hitbox huge, not the best taunt.

Taunt 2 - Spins around and removes his cap, then puts it back on.

Taunt 3 - Hops up and spins around, before falling down. Based on his death
animation from the Donkey Kong arcade game.

Air Moves: Most of Mario's air moves do little damage and have hardly any
knockback, except for his Side Air.

Neutral Air - A kick that stays out a while. Deals 10% on the immediate
attack, quickly dropping to 8% and then 6% very quickly.

Side Air - A huge downward punch for 12%. If you hit perfectly, it deals 14%
and is a meteor smash. Learning to hit with this meteor smash is a good idea
since it is one of Mario's best killers.

Back Air - A dropkick for 10%. Barely has knockback.

Up Air - A flip kick for 7%, also with hardly any knockback.

Down Air - The old Mario Tornado attack. Mario spins around, dealing up to 10%
if all the attacks hit. The first spins can trap the opponent into taking all
of the attack.

Grabs: Again, Mario's throws have average damage and knockback

Pummel - A headbutt for 3% damage, a slow pummel.

Side Throw - A quick spin and toss, dealing 8%. Doesn't throw very far until
high percents.

Back Throw - Mario spins twice before throwing, dealing 11%. Has more knockback
than the Side Throw.

Up Throw - Throws the opponent straight up for 7%, pretty simple, but Mario
can use his Up A and Up Smash for better vertical damage.

Down Throw - Slams the opponent into the ground for 5%, while keeping them
close for more attacks. The best throw for dealing damage since it cuts through
shields like all grabs, but keeps your target close for extra attacks.


Neutral B - Fireball
A bouncing ball of fire that bounces three times before disappearing. The angle
of the ground will affect the angle of the bounce. Deals 5% before the first
bounce, and 4% afterwards. Good for spamming opponents as they try to approach.

Custom Neutral B 1 - Fast Fireball
A very fast moving fireball that doesn't bounce, and doesn't cause any 
knockback. It deals 3% at the start of the move, quickly dropping to 1%.
This move functions a lot like Fox's Blaster, but has a slower firing speed.

Custom Neutral B 2 - Fire Orb
A huge, slow moving fireball that travels a little more distance than a
bounce from the regular Fireball. Hits opponents multiple times as they
stay in the Fire Orb, dealing 2% per hit, but they can easily escape

Side B - Cape
A quick swipe with Mario's yellow cape. Deals 7% damage, but more importantly,
reflects projectiles and spins opponents around. This is one of Mario's most
important moves since it allows him to stop projectile spammers and can
foul up an opponent's recovery if you spin them around as they try to get
back onto the stage. It also stalls Mario in the air a little.

Custom Side B 1 - Shocking Cape
An offensive version of the Cape that deals 11%, and has an electrical effect.
The Shocking Cape destroys projectiles instead of reflecting them, and cannot
flip opponents around.

Custom Side B 2 - Gust Cape
The Gust Cape causes a big gust of wind, which drastically increases the size
of the effect that reflects projectiles. Deals 5% when you hit with the cape,
the gust deals no damage but pushes the opponent back a distance.

Up B - Super Jump Punch
A rising uppercut that hits multiple times, for 12% damage. The trajectory is
fixed, so its very easy to predict where Mario is going to end up after using 
it, but it's also his only recovery move.

Custom Up B 1 - Super Jump
A rising uppercut that deals no damage at all, but has a much higher recovery
than the regular Super Jump Punch.

Custom Up B 2 - Explosive Punch
A rising uppercut that hits twice, once at the start of the move and again
at the end, for a total of 21%. The first hit has fixed knockback, meaning
it will always send opponents into the right place to get hit by the second
explosion. Looks awesome and deals great damage, but has less recovery height
than normal.

Down B - F.L.U.D.D.
I hate typing this out so it's Fludd now. Mario quickly charges Fludd up over
a second, then you can use the move again to fire a torrent of water. It deals
no damage, but pushes the opponent back quite a bit. You can angle it up or
down too. Combined with Cape, it can keep an opponent off the stage as they
try to recover.

Custom Down B 1 - Scalding F.L.U.D.D.
Scalding Fludd has noticably less range than normal and it cannot push
opponents back, but it deals damage, up to 8% of all the hits connect.

Custom Down B 2 - High-Pressure F.L.U.D.D.
Has a much stronger pushing effect than normal, but it takes an extra second
to charge up, and it also pushes Mario back when used.

Final Smash: Mario Finale
A pair of huge swirling fireballs that trap opponents in them, dealing roughly
40% damage over the course of the attack. This attack travels quite far, so
it can easily push opponents off the stage with no chance of recovery. Only 
hits to one side of Mario, so you have to make sure nobody can get behind you 
before you use it.

  Green Mario

Introduction: Luigi made his debut alongside his brother Mario in Mario Bros,
1983. Nintendo would have you believe that Luigi has spent that time in his
brother's shadow, but we all know that Luigi is cooler.

Attributes: Luigi is initially similar to Mario, if a little taller, but
his differences quickly become apparent. Uniquely, he has low traction, meaning
he skids along when moving around, and his first jump is very high and floaty. 
Most of his attacks are a lot quicker than Mario's, but they generally have 
smaller or awkward hitboxes. Luigi can be a fun character to use once you 
cotton onto his tricks.
Luigi can crawl in a funny shuffling animation.

Colour Schemes:
Green & Blue, his classic ensamble
Orange & Blue
Pink & Red, Luigi's outfit in Wrecking Crew
Cyan & Blue
White & Green, based on Fire Flower Luigi
Purple & Dark Purple, Waluigi's outfit
Olive Green & Blue
Mustard Yellow & Teal

Standard Moves: Luigi's standard moves are similar to Mario's in terms of
damage and knockback, but they have much goofier animations.

Neutral A - A punch-punch-butt attack. Deals 10% damage in total, which is
weird since the butt is much softer than the booted foot. Anyway, good for
racking damage.

Side A - A roundhouse kick for 8%. Pretty much identical to Mario's Side A

Up A - A cat-like swipe for 6%. Like Mario's Up A, it can easily juggle
an opponent.

Down A - Luigi swipes low with his heel. Causes 8%, and has a much shorter
range than Mario's.

Side Smash - A very fast poke with a flat hand. Deals 14%, and 19% fully 
charged. Can be angled for different knockback, but angling it up or
down will reduce the damage very slightly. KOs at 90%.

Up Smash - An upward headbutt for 14%, and 16% fully charged. Has a lot less
knockback than Mario's Up Smash. KOs at 110%.

Down Smash - A breakdance sweep. Has a slightly longer range than Mario's, and
deals 14% on both sides. Fully charged, it deals 19% on both sides. Like
Mario, it has poor knockback.

Dash Attack - Luigi starts flailing with his eye closed, hitting the opponent
multiple times. Deals 8% if all the hits connect. Doesn't have much knockback.

Taunt 1 - Adopts a bunch of poses quickly while making weird noises.

Taunt 2 - Flops over and back up again in a sort of weird bow.

Taunt 3 - Sheepishly kicks the ground. Deals 2% damage. If you use it on
an opponent hanging on a stage edge, it spikes them straight down for a KO.

Air Moves: Since Luigi's first jump is pretty high, he gets good use out of
his air moves. They're also very quick so they require precise timing.

Neutral Air - A flying kick like Mario, dealing 12% at the start of the move,
quickly dropping to 6%

Side Air - A very quick karate chop for 9%, with good knockback. Cannot meteor
smash like Mario's Side Air.

Back Air - A dropkick for 8%, pretty basic with average knockback.

Up Air - A flip kick for 11%, with poor knockback.

Down Air - A drill kick for 8% damage, hits only once with average knockback.

Grabs: Luigi's grabs are almost identical to Mario's attacks.

Pummel - A headbutt for 3%, a little faster than Mario's but still not
great for racking damage up.

Side Throw - A quick spin toss for 9% and low knockback

Back Throw - A double spin toss for 10%, with good knockback

Up Throw - A throw into the air for 8%, still not as good at using Up A and
Up Smash

Down Throw - Luigi throws his opponent down then sits on them, for 6%. Like
Mario's good for breaking through shields and counters while keeping the
opponent close for more attacks.

Specials: Luigi's special attacks are a lot more specialised than Mario's, and
give him a lot of tricks.

Neutral B - Fireball
A green ball of fire that doesn't bounce, but doesn't travel as far as
Mario's fireball. Always deals 6%, regardless of how far it travels before 

Custom Neutral B 1 - Bouncing Fireball
Makes Luigi's fireball behave like Mario's, with three bounces that reduce
in damage from 6% to 4%. The bounce is a little more vertical than Mario's
fireball however.

Custom Neutral B 2 - Iceball
A ball of ice that travels the same distance, but much slower. Deals 4% damage
regardless of distance, and at 50% it starts freezing opponents like the 
Freezie item. The higher their damage, the longer they are frozen for.

Side B - Green Missile
Luigi shoots forward like a missile. Uncharged, he goes about half the distance
of Final Destination, and two thirds of the distance fully charged. Deals 9%
damage uncharged, 21% fully charged, and takes about a second and a half
to charge up. If you hold the charge, Luigi will eventuall give up, allowing
you to cancel the move. After using it in the air, you can still use his Up B,
giving you two recovery options. If you use it right after jumping, you go
up a little during the move, instead of directly horizontal.
There is a 1 in 10 chance of a misfire that sends Luigi quite far and deals 
25%, but it could cause you to self destruct if it sends you off the stage.

Custom Side B 1 - Floating Missile
This version of the Green Missile does not arc, instead travelling in a true
straight line, making it much more accurate. It also charges much faster,
making it good for recovery. However, it only deals 5% uncharged, 18% fully
charged and 23% on a misfire.

Custom Side B 2 - Quick Missile
A very fast moving version of the Green Missile that also travels further.
Deals 5% uncharge, and 20% fully charge, and you can still cancel the charge
as normal. It can still misfire, but only does 20%.
When Luigi lands after using this move, he skids along the ground, which
can send him off the edge of a stage if you're not careful.

Up B - Super Jump Punch
Luigi's version of this move sends him directly up in a straight line, and 
Luigi takes a while to get up after landing. Deals 1% damage if it brushes
an opponent, but if you hit perfectly by using the move so Luigi's fist punches
the opponent at the start of the move, it deals 25% with very high vertical
knockback. This is much easier to do against big characters like Bowser and
Donkey Kong. It's a powerful move, getting a KO at about 80% against certain
characters, but easily punished if you miss.

Custom Up B 1 - Fiery Jump Punch
This version is much easier to do the powerful hit with, but it doesn't go
anywhere near as high, and only deals 15% on a sweet spot. You also miss out
on the awesome noise.

Custom Up B 2 - Burial Header
A faster, higher jumping attack that deals 1% on the ascent, and 8% when
Luigi is coming down. Does not have the super powerful sweet spot, instead
burying opponents if he lands on them

Down B - Luigi Cyclone
A quick spin attack that hits multiple times, for a total of 10%, with the
last hit having good knockback. You can move from side to side while using it,
and if you mash B while using it, Luigi rises up in the air. Luigi can use
this in combination with his second jump, Green Missile and Super Jump Punch
to have quite a long recovery.

Custom Down B 1 - Mach Cyclone
A quick spin that pushes opponents away, and makes Luigi leap up on the final
hit. Only the final hit deals damage, 6% at that, and it's hard to hit with
since the move pushes opponents away.

Custom Down B 2 - Clothesline Cyclone
This spin does only one hit, causing 8% damage with good knockback, but you
can barely get any air time by mashing.

Final Smash: Poltergust 5000
Luigi gets his trusty ghost catching vacuum cleaner and starts sucking stuff 
up. The gales from the Poltergust can cover the entire Battlefield stage when
used in the middle, and its very hard to escape once caught. Caught opponents
take damage while inside the vacuum and again when fired off, for a total of 
40% damage, which good knockback.

  The Leader of the Bunch. You Know Him Well.

Introduction: Appearing alongside Mario in 1981, Donkey Kong has gone on
to star in a successful platforming series, named after himself. He has a
very nice tie and a freakish extended family of various primates.

Attributes: Donkey Kong is a hulking powerhouse, but surprisingly fast 
for his size and weight. His attacks have large reach and hit hard, meaning 
he can KO his opponents very quickly. He has a unique ability to carry an 
opponent around using his Side Throw, and his speed is not reduced when 
carrying large items like the Crate or Barrel. Donkey Kong's weaknesses are his 
limited jumping and very predicable recovery; which is also very poor for 
ascending, his total lack of projectiles; which causes him to struggle to
keep up with faster characters, and his large frame; making him easy to hit.

Colour Schemes:
Brown & Red, it really is a nice tie
Black & Yellow, the real fur colour of real gorillas
Red & Blue, his original fur colour from the 1981 arcade machine
Lilac & Pink, fabulous!
Green & Red, maybe he hasn't had a bath in a while
White & Red, the fearsome yeti
Yellow & Light Blue, DK really loves bananas
Pink & Yellow, even more fabulous!

Standard Moves: Donkey Kong's standard moves are powerful but a little slow,
though not in any standout way.

Neutral A - Two quick punches, for 10%. There's a bit of ending lag on the
second punch that makes this attack a little awkward for starting a combo.

Side A - A wide arm sweep dealing 10%. Has good reach but isn't quick.

Up A - An overhead arm sweep for 9%. The sweep goes all the way around DK,
making it good for juggling and guarding against aerial assaults.

Down A - A low slap for 6%. Pretty slow for a basic attack, and shorter reach
than DK's Side A.

Side Smash - DK does a big clap after a short wind up. Deals 20% uncharged,
28% uncharged, with big knockback. One of the stronger smash attacks, it can
KO at 80%.

Up Smash - A clap above DK's head, dealing 18% uncharged and 25% fully charged.
It cannot hit opponents next to DK, only those above him, so it's a little 
difficult to hit with. KOs at 100%

Down Smash - DK slams his fists down on both sides of him, dealing 17% with
each fist. Fully charged, it deals 23%, and the knockback sends the opponent
up into the air. KOs at 130%

Dash Attack - Dk performs a forward roll, dealing 10% at the start of the
roll and 8% near the end. There is a short delay between finishing the roll
and being able to attack again.

Taunt 1 - DK drums his chest like a, well, a gorilla

Taunt 2 - DK shakes his shoulders and makes a weird noise

Taunt 3 - DK faces the camera and shrugs, with a confused look on his face

Air Moves: DK has access to two different meteor smashes, making him a 
dangerous foe in the air, even with his average jumps and recovery.

Neutral Air - DK spins around, dealing 11% regardless of what he hits
the opponent with. Due to his size, it's easy to hit with this attack.

Side Air - A big two-fisted, downward swing for 16%. Deals nice damage,
and if you hit near the end of the move, it is a meteor smash. It has a short
wind up.

Back Air - A back kick for 13%. Does nice damage, but DK's stubby leg makes
this a short range attack.

Up Air - An upper headbutt, for 13%. Like his Back Air, this has a small hitbox
and not much knockback.

Down Air - A very fast downward punch, dealing 16%. This attack only hits
opponents that are directly below DK, but it is always a meteor smash.

Grabs: DK's throws all have great knockback, but the most interesting thing
here is his Side Throw. With it, he picks his opponent up and can carry them
around to throw later, giving him six different throws.

Pummel - A quick chop. This is a pretty fast pummel, good for racking up damage
before a throw or carry.

Side Throw - DK picks his foe up and carrys them around on his back. Deals no
immediate damage, but DK can hold a direction and press A to throw after 
carrying his victim to a stage edge. The more damage DK's victim has, the 
longer he can carry them for. If DK does not throw his victim, they'll 
eventually break free, suffering 6% as they do so.

Carry Side Throw - A simple toss for 8% damage. Small knockback, but remember
you carry your foe to where you want to toss them to mitigate this. DK does
the same throw if you try to throw your carried opponent behind him, he just
turns around before the toss.

Carry Up Throw - DK throws his victim up into the air with both hands, for
7%. Throws the opponent quite high.

Carry Down Throw - Dk slams his victim into the ground for 6%. Much faster
than his regular Down Throw.

Back Throw - DK throws his opponent behind him with a single hand, for 11%.
Slow, but with good knockback.

Up Throw - Flings his opponent upwards for 9%. Doesn't have as much knockback
as his Carry Up Throw.

Down Throw - DK pounds his opponent into the floor for 7%. Pretty slow for a 

Specials: DK's specials are his killer moves, they do good damage and have
great knockback, and can be combined well. However, he only has one recovery
option, and a poor one at that.

Neutral B - Giant Punch
DK starts winding up a punch while staying in place. Pressing B again will make
him punch, dealing 14% to start with, and adding another 2% for each full arm
spin he does before punching. A fully charged punch deals 28%, and can KO at
70%. When the punch is fully charged, DK will stop swinging and store the
punch to use later. During charging, you can move to the side to dodge roll,
or use the shield. This will stop the charge for now, but you can press B
again to resume charging the punch. DK's punch will be fully charged in 3 and a
half seconds, after eleven arm spins.

Custom Neutral B 1 - Lightning Punch
DK charges his punch incredibly quickly, in just two seconds, with a cool
electrical effect. A fully charged Lightning Punch only deals 15% and
has much less knockback.

Custom Neutral B 2 - Storm Punch
This punch charges up after six swings instead of eleven, and when used, 
generates a big gust of wind that pushes foes back. Fully charged, the punch
deals 18%, which a much bigger gust.

Side B - Headbutt
DK performs a big headbutt to the side, for 10%. This attack will bury any
opponent it hits while they are on the ground, which allows you a clean shot
at hitting with a fully charged Giant Punch. In the air, it deals 8% damage,
but is a meteor smash if you time the hit so that DK's face hits the 
opponent at the very end of the move.

Custom Side B 1 - Jumping Headbutt
DK jumps up a short distance before headbutting. Deals 5% to foes in the air
and 10% to those on the ground. It can still bury opponents, but they can
break out much faster. This move functions like Kirby's Final Cutter - once
DK is going down, you can't stop him, so using this over a pit is suicide

Custom Side B 2 - Stubborn Headbutt
Takes a lot longer to wind this headbutt up, but it is stronger, dealing 13%
When winding the headbutt up, DK has a sizable amount of super armour, stopping
opponents from knocking him out of the attack (unless they grab him of course)

Up B - Spinning Kong
DK spins around like Zangief. Hits multiple times, if all hits connect, it can
deal up to 17%, but it's tricky to land them all. DK spins slightly differently
on the ground; he will not leave the ground and skids along left to right.
If done in the air, it deals 5% per hit and is very difficult to hit with more
than one, but the move's primary use in air is recovery. It lifts DK a short
way up but lets him move a long distance horizontally, going the full
distance of Final Destination. It doesn't help much if he is already below
the stage, but DK can use it to recovery easily if he is off to the side or
above. After using this move in the air, DK falls slowly, leaving him
very vulnerable.

Custom Up B 1 - Chopper Kong
This version of Spinning Kong lifts DK into the air much higher than normal,
but it deals no damage.

Custom Up B 2 - Kong Cyclone
This version has a wind effect that pulls nearby opponents in. It deals only
two hits, the first 4% and the second 15% if DK is on the ground, and 3%
followed by 12% when aerial

Down B - Hand Slap
DK slaps continuously on the ground, causing a small earthquake roughly
a quarter of the length of Final Destination. You can keep mashing the B
button to keep up the quake, but DK can be stopped by being hit by a 
projectile or air attack; Hand Slap's quake will only hit foes who are
touching the ground. The quake deals 14%
If used in the air, DK makes two downward slaps, for a total of 11%. The 
second slap is a very weak meteor smash, but this move is very laggy to
use in the air.

Custom Down B 1 - Focused Slap
The quake effect of this Hand Slap is much smaller, and it deals 14% per hit.
However, opponents hit by the quake are stunned for a short moment before being
flung away powerfully.

Custom Down B 2 - Hot Slap
Each slap causes a pillar of flames to erupt around DK, sacrificing horizontal
range for vertical. The flames deal 12%

Final Smash: Konga Beat
DK pulls out a set of bongos and starts a little rhythm action game; he is
totally invincible during this. A small scale with sliding buttons appears
above him; press A (not B!) when the button lines up with the circle on the
left to bongo correctly; on a good or great hit, a shockwave is sent out
in a random direction, and your combo goes up by 1. The damage of the waves
appears to be 7% plus your combo, and after twenty bongo beats have passed,
DK finishes the beat with a powerful shockwave that hits all around him, with
damage equal to 20% plus your combo. Dont miss a beat, it'll wipe your combo!

  Link [LNK]
  Green Screaming Maniac

Introduction: First appearing in The Legend of Zelda, 1986, Link has saved
the kingdom of Hyrule many times over. Or to be more precise, several
different Links, over the generations, have performed this duty. This Link is
a composite of the Links from Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward
Sword. Never speaks, only shrieks in a frankly worrying manner. Hyaaa!

Attributes: Link is one of the slower, heavier characters, because he is
carrying quite a lot of adventuring gear. His jumping and recovery can suffer
somewhat because of this. However, his attacks are strong and have great reach
thanks to his Master Sword. His shield can block weak projectiles if he is 
standing still or walking.

Colour Schemes:
Green, his standard Kokiri tunic
Red, his Goron tunic
Blue, his Zora tunic
Purple, from the fourth Link copy in Four Swords
Yellow, from Twilight Princess when Link powers up with the Great Fairy's Tears
Black, based on Dark Link
White, based on his country bumpkin clothes from Twilight Princess
Grey, based on Fierce Deity Link from Majora's Mask

Standard Moves: Link's standard moves are quite powerful and long reaching
thanks to his Master Sword, and they aren't that slow either.

Neutral A - Two sword swipes, then a stab, for a total of 10%. Link used
to have a rapid slash pummel, but it appears to have been removed, since
the usual methods of starting a pummel aren't working for me.

Side A - A downward chop for 13%. Deals good damage and has a nice reach.

Up A - A quick overhead swipe for 9%. Nothing really to note here.

Down A - A crouching slice for 12%. Good damage, and knocks the opponent
vertically with quite powerful knockback.

Side Smash - A strong chop for 7%, press A again quickly for a two-handed
strike that deals a total of 19%. The first hit has no real knockback except
jsut enough to keep the opponent in place to be hit by the second. Fully
charged, both hits deal a total of 26%, with good knockback. There isn't really
a reason to not use the second hit.

Up Smash - Three upward slashes, dealing a total of 18%, and 25% fully charged.
The first two hits can be easily escaped from however.

Down Smash - A low slice to the front, and then to the back. The front hit
deals 14%, with the back dealing 12%. When fully charged, they deal 22% and
16% respectively. The front hits have a similar knockback to the Down A,
while the back hits knock the opponent on a much more horizontal trajectory.

Dash Attack - A jumping slash attack that deals 14%, quite a lot for a dash
attack. Link has an odd hitbox during this attack, allowing him to hop over
small projectiles. That, or he gains super armour during the move.

Taunt 1 - Twirls his sword then sheaths it, then takes it back out. Might
be a good idea to keep the sword out in a fight, Link.

Taunt 2 - Puts his shield away and watches a fairy flit about. It could be
Navi, or Tatl, or the nameless cursor fair from Twilight Princess.

Taunt 3 - Does the 'cool' one legged Karate Kid pose, his taunt from Smash 64

Air Moves: 

Neutral Air - A flying kick, dealing 11% at the start, then 6% later. Doesn't
have much knockback.

Side Air - Link spins around with his sword for two attacks, the first dealing
8% and the second dealing 10%. The first hit always knocks the opponent away,
so its pretty hard to hit with the second.

Back Air - Two back kicks, dealing a total of 8%. Weak, but easy to land.

Up Air - Link pokes his sword up, for 15%. Looks pretty awkward to do, Link
sticks his legs out like a dumbass.

Down Air - Link points his sword downwards. This move lasts a little while,
so Link can bounce off an opponent instead of falling. Deals 15% at the start
of the move, 8% later on. Is a meteor smash if you hit with the point of the
sword, right at the start of the move.

Air Grab - Link fires his clawshot out. The chain deals 2%, and the claw deals
4%, but the move isn't for attacking, but recovery. If you hit a stage edge 
with the claw, Link can zip up and grab onto the ledge for a tether recovery.
This is the longest tether recovery in the game.

Grabs: Link fires his clawshot to grab an opponent. Can grab from quite a
distance, but if Link misses, he is vulnerable for a short moment. Apart
from the long range of his grab, all of Link's throws are mediocre.

Pummel - Smacks his opponent with the pommel of his sword, for 2%. Attacks
pretty quickly.

Side Throw - Link kicks his opponent away for 4%. Not the best throw ever.

Back Throw - Pretty much identical to his Side Throw, with a different 
animation. Deals 4%, with poor knockback.

Up Throw - Hits his opponent into the air with his sword, for 7%. Poor 

Down Throw - Link slams his opponent onto the floor with his elbow. Deals 4%,
again with poor knockback.

Specials: Three of Link's specials are different kinds of projectiles, giving
Link a good bunch of tools for attacking over distance. Theyre fast enough
to use in conjunction, covering the stage with attacks.

Neutral B - Hero's Bow
A quick travelling bow. Deals 4% and doesn't go very far when used, but you
can hold B down to charge the shot up. Fully charged, the arrow deals 12% and
travels in a mostly straight line, at least the full length of Final
Destination and then some. Causes the target to flinch but has no real

Custom Neutral B 1 - Power Bow
You'd think a powerful bow would send the arrow further, but I guess not.
Travels the same speed and trajectory as the regular Hero's Bow, but only
deals 1% to 3% unless it is fully charged, in which case it deals a mighty

Custom Neutral B 2 - Quickfire Bow
A very quickly charging arrow attack that deals 2%, or 8% fully charged.
The arrows do not arc, and disappear shortly after firing. When charged,
it only goes two thirds of the distance of Final Destination.

Side B - Gale Boomerang
Link throws his boomerang out, which returns shortly. He can angle it up or
down, and it travels two thirds of the distance of Final Destination before
returning. It deals 5% when it hits someone. When it returns, it turns
into a small whirlwind, which can pull items and opponents towards Link.

Custom Side B 1 - Boomerang
Travels a little faster than the Gale Boomerang, but doesn't have the 
tornado effect. If it hits just as it starts to return, it deals 7% instead of

Custom Side B 2 - Ripping Boomerang
A very slowly moving boomerang that hits multiple times. Each hit deals
1%, and an opponent caught in the attack can suffer about 10%.

Up B - Spin Attack
Link spins around quickly with his sword. On the ground, this is a single
hit move dealing 12%, and it can be charged for a second, dealing 19% 
fully charged. If used in the air, Link rises quickly, but not much of a 
distance. In the air, it is a multiple hit attack, dealing a total of 14%
if all the hits connect. Link's clawshot tether gives him more horitzonal
recovery if he is close to a stage edge, if he's not, he might have a hard
time getting back into the fight.

Custom Up B 1 - Shocking Spin
Link spins quickly, dealing electric damage. On the ground, it deals 14%, while
it deals 13% if all its air hits connect. When fully charged on the ground, it
deals 22%, but in return it doesn't go as high in the air.

Custom Up B 2 - Whirling Leap
Another custom Up B that swaps damage for better recovery. Goes quite high,
and can move to the side pretty well too.

Down B - Bomb
Link pulls a bomb out of his pack, which he can later throw like a throwing
item. The bomb explodes when it hits someone, dealing 5%. If the bomb hits
an opponent when it explodes, it won't damage Link, but if Link holds it
for to long, it explodes after about three seconds, dealing 5% to him.
Even though the damage is small, the bomb is a good zoning attack.

Custom Down B 1 - Giant Bomb
Link pulls out a huge bomb (where is he keeping these?) that deals 8% with
a massive, hard to avoid explosion. It doesn't explode on contact with an
opponent, instead counting down on the usual three second timer before

Custom Down B 2 - Meteor Bomb
These bombs deal 5% just like the normal ones, but their knockback is much 
weaker. Instead, they meteor smash opponents hit in the air, and stun those
on the ground. Very useful for setting up more attacks. If they explode while
Link is carrying them, he'll suffer the meteor smash, so be careful!

Final Smash: Triforce Slash
Link sends out a thin beam, trapping anyone touched by it into a spinning
Triforce. Link then zooms up and slashes at his trapped opponents before
sending them flying with a big slash. The attack deals a total of 59%.
It can be a little difficult to trap more than one opponent with Triforce 
Slash; the beam will stop at the first thing it hits.

  First Lady of Videogames

Introduction: Videogame's first playable female character, surprising players
around the world when Samus was revealed as a woman at the end of Metroid, 
1986, where she takes on an entire planet of deadly aliens with her suit
of Chozo power armour, and highly modular arm cannon.

Attributes: Like Link, Samus can be a sluggish character, especially in the
air, where her jumps are slow and floaty. Even though she is covered in 
armour, Samus is lighter than she appears. Samus has a huge array of powerful,
if slow attacks, including some good projectiles, but she suffers due to 
her general slow speed compared to other characters.

Colour Schemes:
Orange, her Varia Suit colours
Light Blue, her Fusion Suit from Metroid Fusion
Pink, her Missile Suit colours from the original Metroid
Brown, her Dark Suit from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Purple, her Gravity Suit colours
Green, because she needed a green colour to be on the Green Team
White, her Light Suit from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Black, based on Dark Samus, her Phazon-based clone

Standard Moves: Samu's standard moves are a little slow, but have good
power and knockback, with most of them being good at keeping opponents away

Neutral A - A straight punch, then a smack with the cannon, for a total of 11%
The first punch has a bit of ending lag, so always go for the second attack
if you use it.

Side A - A roundhouse kick for 6%. A fast attack with nice range.

Up A - An axe kick for 13%. A little slow, but has good knockback. Hits 
grounded opponents into the air, and aerial opponents sideways. If you catch
someone with Samus' heel just as the move ends, and they are in the air,
it is a meteor smash, great for edge guarding.

Down A - Samus shoots a small explosion at the ground in front of her. Deals
12%, and is Samus' fastest move.

Side Smash - Samus thrusts her arm cannon forwards, and fires a blast. Hitting
with the cannon deals 12%, but the blast deals 14%. Try to hit with the blast
if you can, as it has good range. Fully charge, the move deals 16% with the
cannon and 19% with the blast, and KOs at 100%

Up Smash - Samus fires a series of blasts in an overhead arc, for a total
of 18% if all the blasts hit. If the opponent has low damage and is hit by
the first blast, they'll be dragged into the rest. Fully charged, it deals
25% with good knockback. This is a good move for defending against attacks
from the air

Down Smash - Samus spins on the ground, hitting with her leg. The front attack
deals 10% and the attack behind deals 12%. Fully charged, the attacks deal
14% and 16% respectively. The knockback sends opponents flying off horizontally
but it doesn't manage to KO until 180%

Dash Attack - A shoulder tackle that deals 10%, and sends the foe straight
up and over Samus so they land behind her.

Taunt 1 - Samus chops her hand down and fires her jets.

Taunt 2 - Samus faces the camera and shows off her cannon

Taunt 3 - Samus aims behind herself, then to the front, with little flashes

Air Moves: Samus has a nice group of air attacks, with an easy to use meteor
smash. Given her floaty jumping, 

Neutral Air - A spin kick that hits in front, then behind. The front kick deals
8%, the back deals 6%, and there isn't much knockback from either.

Side Air - Samus fires four blasts from her cannon. Each blast deals between
1% and 6%, for a total of 8%. Difficult to hit with all of them, but each
blast causes the opponent to flinch and stop attacking. A good approaching

Back Air - A spinning back kick that deals 12%, with good knockback.

Up Air - An upward drill kick that hits multiple times, for a total of 11%
Easy to trap opponents in the air with this.

Down Air - A downward swipe with the arm cannon, dealing 14%. This is an
easy to perform meteor smash.

Air Grab - Samus fires the grapple beam while in the air. The beam deals 1%
and the spark on the end deals 4%, and it's just a little shorter than Link's
clawshot. A good recovery option alongside Samus' Screw Attack. Her grabs
deal average damage but have poor knockback.

Grabs: Samus uses her grapple beam to grab her opponent from a short distance
away. Has a good range, but leaves her vulnerable if it misses.

Pummel - This pummel only deals 1%, but it is very fast, allowing you to
rack up the damage.

Side Throw - Samus whips her opponent away, dealing 9%. Doesn't have much

Back Throw - Samus whips her opponent behind, dealing 8%. Has the same
knockback as her Side Throw.

Up Throw - Samus uses the grapple beam to push her opponent up into the air
Hits multiple times, dealing 9%, but doesn't have much knockback.

Down Throw - Samus slams her foe into the floor, dealing 6%. Again, with
poor knockback.

Specials: Like Link, Samus has a handful of good projectiles with a multiple
hitting recovery move, giving her good options for zoning and keep away.

Neutral B - Charge Shot
Samus charges up her arm cannon, reaching full charge in two seconds. You can
tap B twice or fire in the air for the weakest shot, dealing 3%, and the full
charge deals 25% with great knockback, KOing at about 90%.
Samus can store the charge for later, and can cancel the charge by rolling or
shielding to resume the charge later. This is one of Samus' main moves
for dealing damage, and its great for attacking foes attempting to recover.

Custom Neutral B 1 - Dense Charge Shot
Charges up a second slower than the regular Charge Shot, and moves very slowly,
disappearing after travelling a short distance. Uncharged, it deals 4%, and
27% fully charged. It sounds bad on paper, but you are able to leave a huge
ball of 27% damage covering a platform for a short time, making this a good
move to control the stage with.

Custom Neutral B 2 - Melee Charge Shot
This makes the arm cannon fire a burst of energy instead of a projectile.
Uncharged, the burst is tiny and deals only 5%, while fully charged the
burst is quite large and deals 18%. I don't understand the point of this
custom move, the Side Smash deals similar damage and is much faster, and 
taking this custom loses you a great projectile.

Side B - Missile
There are two versions of the Missile. The first is used by tilting the control
pad and pressing B, firing a homing missile that tracks slightly, and
deals 5%. If you use the move like a Side Smash, Samus fires a super missile
that speeds up, with good range, and it deals 10% on hit.
Samus can fire both types of missiles quickly enough to cause a lot of problems
for someone approaching on the ground, and the homing type can easily mess
up someone's recovery.

Custom Side B 1 - Relentless Missile
This version of the homing missile is very persistant when chasing opponents,
but it only deals 3%. The super missile is slow but powerful, dealing 12%

Custom Side B 2 - Turbo Missile
When this missile is used, it pauses for a moment after being shot, then speeds
off very quickly. The homing version deals 4%, and the super version deals 9%
It's speed makes it a little diffcult to avoid. When you use the homing
version, it turns to face the nearest opponent before firing towards them,
but it doesn't track after it starts moving.

Up B - Screw Attack
Samus leaps up, spinning around, covered in energy. This is a multiple hitting
attack that deals 12% if all the hits connect. Samus goes up much higher
when she uses this move on the ground compared to using it in the air, which
is a little awkward for recovery.

Custom Up B 1 - Screw Rush
This screw attack deals less hits, for a total of 7%, but lets Samus move
much more horizontally than normal, at the cost of less vertical movement.

Custom Up B 2 - Shinespark
This version moves entirely vertically, and only hits at the start and end of
the movement. The first hit deals 2%, and the second deals 7%

Down B - Bomb
Samus curls up into her morph ball and sets a bomb that deals 5%. You can
spam this move to lay down a carpet of bombs, and using it in the air can
protect you against opponents attacking from below. Explosions from the bomb
don't damage Samus, but they make her curl up into the morph ball and bounce
into the air a little. When using this move, Samus' hitbox is tiny, helping
her avoid some attacks.

Custom Down B 1 - Slip Bomb
These bombs are much weaker, dealing only 3%, but opponents who are hit by them
will trip over, granting Samus valuable time to hit them with a powerful attack

Custom Down B 2 - Mega Bomb
Samus sets a huge bomb that takes a moment to explode. While it's set, she 
can't set another one until it explodes, but using the move still makes her
curl up into the morph ball. The explosion is large and deals up to 13%,
depending on how close an opponent is to the bomb when it explodes.

Final Smash: Zero Laser
samus charges up and fires a thick laser beam from her arm cannon, trapping 
opponents and dealing continuous damage, and then shooting trapped
opponents away with a powerful burst. Deals about 40% damage in total.

  Basically a Pokemon

Introduction: Did you know that Yoshi's full name is T. Yoshisaur Muchakoopas?
Yoshi first appeared in Super Mario World, 1990, on the SNES, where he 
served as a powerup for Mario, giving a higher jump and the ability to eat
enemies. Later on he got his own series of games, where he could throw eggs
at stuff. Yoshi can only say his own name, which is also the name of his

Attributes: Yoshi changed a lot from the previous Smash games, getting a
less hunched over stance. He's also very fast and his moves combo well into
each other. He has no true recovery move outside of custom moves, so to
compensate, his second jump makes him go very high, and during this jump, he
has super armour. He can also finally jump out of shielding.

Colour Schemes:
All of Yoshi's alternate colours are based on other Yoshi colours
Green Yoshi
Red Yoshi
Blue Yoshi
Yellow Yoshi
Pink Yoshi
Light Blue Yoshi
Purple Yoshi
Black Yoshi

Standard Moves: Yoshi's standard moves are very fast but still quite strong,
and they often have vertical knockback that lifts the opponent into a good
position to throw an egg at them, or chase them with some air attacks.

Neutral A - Two quick kicks, for 7%, with average knockback. There is a little
delay after the second kick that stops Yoshi from acting, so be wary of that.

Side A - A quick tail whip for 7%. A fast attack with good range.

Up A - Yoshi flicks his tail up, dealing 8%. Good for juggling opponents, and
its pretty fast.

Down A - Yoshi crouches for a tail swipe, dealing 5%. Very fast, with long
reach low to the ground.

Side Smash - A powerful headbutt, dealing 14% uncharged and 19% fully charged.
Has great knockback, able to KO at 80%, and sends opponents horizontally.

Up Smash - A backflip kick, dealing 12%, or 19% fully charged. Also has
good knockback, and after two Up A attacks you can easily hit with this.

Down Smash - A low tail swipe in front, and then behind. Both swipes deal
12%, but it is Yoshi's slowest standard move. Fully charged, the hits deal

Dash Attack - Yoshi performs a quick jump kick for 9%, sending the opponent
up into the air. A good move to chain into some air attacks after building
the damage up.

Taunt 1 - Yoshi dances around cutely

Taunt 2 - Yoshi chases his tail in a circle

Taunt 3 - Yoshi waves at the camera

Air Moves: Yoshi has a pretty basic set of air moves, but that doesn't mean
they're bad. He has good maneuverability in the air, letting you continue
the assault after knocking your opponent into the air.

Neutral Air - Yoshi kicks out and holds the pose. Deals 10% when the kick
comes out, and 5% afterwards. Pretty standard.

Side Air - A downward swiping headbutt. Deals 15%, but if you hit halfway
through the move, with Yoshi's head just starting to go down, it deals 14% but
is a meteor smash.

Back Air - Three quick tail swipes, hitting for a total of 10%. If you hit 
with the first, the other two will connect easily, but the move doesn't
have much knockback.

Up Air - An aerial backflip, dealing 12%, fast, but with poor knockback.

Down Air - A series of rapid flutter kicks. A multiple hitting move that can
deal a total of 19% if all hits connect, but that can be difficult with a
heavily damaged foe. With short hops, this is a good move to rack up the 
early damage, and the last hit deals good horizontal knockback.

Grabs: Yoshi's grab range is longer than usual thanks to his tongue, and since
he holds his opponent inside his mouth, it leads to some odd hitbox stuff
because the opponent becomes a tiny hitbox the size of Yoshi's head. Aside
from the extra range on the grab, Yoshi's grabs are pretty average.

Pummel - Yoshi chews his opponent for 2%, but it's a pretty fast pummel.

Side Throw - Yoshi spits his opponent away, dealing 7%, with average knockback
for a throw

Back Throw - Yoshi spits his foe backwards, for 7%, with the same knockback
as his Side Throw

Up Throw - Yoshi spits his opponent up, for 5%, but it's a fast throw and
a good way to get a Counter-happy opponent into the air for some air attacks

Down Throw - Yoshi jumps up and spits his opponent down, dealing 4%. Keeps
the opponent close for follow ups.

Specials: Yoshi has a good selection of specials that all do very different
things, from an enemy trap to one of the most controllable projectiles in
the game. They're a big part of using Yoshi well because of the amount
of tricks they give him.

Neutral B - Egg Lay
Yoshi flicks his tongue out, the same range as his grab, but a little faster.
If it catches an opponent, it deals 7% and traps them in an egg for a short 
time. The more damage they have, the longer they are trapped for. This lets
you wail on them freely for a little bit. When the opponent gets free from
the egg, they hop up into the air, perfect for a quick Side Air meteor smash.
Or you can use it near an edge and let the enemy fall off the stage while
trapped in an egg.

Custom Neutral B 1 - Lick
Yoshi just hits the opponent with his tongue, dealing 10%. The damage is nice,
and its fast with good range, but losing the egg trap is just too much of a 

Custom Neutral B 2 - Egg Launch
The egg Yoshi lays is fired away from him, dealing 10% to whoever is inside,
but the egg is easier to break out of.

Side B - Egg Roll
Yoshi curls up into an egg and speeds off to the side, moving very quickly.
If he rolls into an opponent, he deals 9% and speeds through them. You can
control the direction or jump while in the egg, and press B to exit the move
early. Yoshi will not roll off an edge if he comes up to one while speeding
along, letting you just sit on a stage edge while rolling in place.

Custom Side B 1 - Heavy Egg Roll
This version of the Egg Roll deals 15%, but it starts off slow and speeds up.
It's still abysmally slow and easy to avoid.

Custom Side B 2 - Light Egg Roll
When Yoshi curls up into an egg, he leaps across the stage after touching
the ground. Getting hit by the egg deals 10%, but the arc for the leaping
egg is so long, it's longer than Final Destination. It's very easy to self
destruct with this move.

Up B - Egg Throw
Yoshi throws an egg into the air. The eggs do 6%, and cause the opponent to
flinch without much knockback, but the key ability with this move is
how well you can aim the egg projectile. After inputting Up and B, quickly
shift your control pad to aim the egg in that direction, and holding it
in the opposite direction that Yoshi is facing makes him throw the egg
straight up. Egg Throw can hit an opponent from almost any position if you
can aim well enough, and is great for hitting opponents who are trying to
recover. When Yoshi uses this move in the air, he hops up a little, but
not enough to be any good for recovery.

Custom Up B 1 - High Jump
Another custom Up B that trades damage for extra recovery. Yoshi doesn't throw
an egg, but leaps up the same distance as his impressive second jump. While
the boosted recovery is nice, the utility of Egg Throw is far better most
of the time.

Custom Up B 2 - Timed Egg Throw
The egg thrown by this move explodes after a second, instead of when it
hits an opponent. It goes through opponents, dealing no damage, and deals
9% when it explodes.

Down B - Yoshi Bomb
Yoshi hops up and then does a classic ground pound. The pound deals 15%, and 
when Yoshi lands, a star shoots out on either side, which deal 4% each.
If Yoshi catches someone while hopping up, he deals 4%, with fixed knockback
that drags the opponent in the perfect position to get hit by the pound.
If this move is used while in the air, Yoshi goes straight down, for the same
damage, but if used over a pit, Yoshi will self destruct. Be careful using this
move on scrolling stages!

Custom Down B 1 - Star Bomb
When Yoshi uses this move, he deals less damage (only 4%, with 3% on the leap
hit that pulls opponents up) but the starts created are huge and deal 8%
The stars are big enough to block most projectiles.

Custom Down B 2 - Crushing Bomb
Yoshi takes a little longer to prepare this attack, but he jumps a little 
higher and causes a lot more damage, 5% on the leap and 18% on the pound.
No stars are created with this pound.

Final Smash: Super Dragon
Yoshi grows wings and starts to fly around the stage, which you can control
pretty precisely. If you just fly around, Yoshi starts breathing flames,
which deal 4%. He breaths them fast enough to build up damage pretty quickly.
When you press A or B Yoshi will shoot a powerful, fast moving fireball
that deals 18%, with huge knockback. You can easily juggle someone off the
stage with this fireball. The transformation lasts for 15 seconds.

  Angrier in the West

Introduction: The cute little puffball Kirby appeared in Kirby's Dream Land, 
1992, on the Game Boy. While small and cute, Kirby is actually quite
powerful, able to suck up anything and copy the powers of any creature he 
swallows. His simple mind, eternal hunger and bottomless stomach are pretty
horrifying if you think about it...

Attributes: Kirby is one of the smallest and lightess characters in the game,
easy to send flying off the stage with a strong hit. However, he has five 
mid-air jumps to recover with, can become momentarily invincible with his
Stone move, and has his signature power of being able to copy other fighter's
moves by swallowing them. Apart from these abilities, Kirby has average speed
and attack power

Colour Schemes:
Yellow, Kirby's original design before Sakurai made him pink
Light Blue, resembling Ice Kirby
Red, resembling Fire Kirby
Green, resembling Plasma Kirby
White, based on his monochrome appearance on the original Game Boy
Black, resembles an unmasked Meta Knight

Standard Moves: Kirby's standard moves are slightly faster than average, but
deal average damage.

Neutral A - Kirby starts punching rapidly, dealing 1% per hit. This move
can be held for a pummel, and ends with a small uppercut that deals 2%

Side A - A fast roundhouse kick for 8%. Fast and with good damage.

Up A - Kirby flips his foot up behind him. Hits behind Kirby before in front,
and is generally a better move when it hits someone that is behind him. Deals
5% with good knockback to opponent behind Kirby, and 4% with less knockback
to those in front.

Down A - A low foot sweep. Deals 6%, and it has a sweetpot at the tip of
Kirby's foot that causes the opponent to fall over.

Side Smash - A lunging kick that deals 15%, or 21% fully charged. Can KO at
about 90%, and is a quick Side Smash.

Up Smash - A backflip kick that deals 15%, or 21% fully charged. Hits the 
opponent into the air, with more knockback if the opponent is directly above
Kirby when it hits. Can KO at 100%

Down Smash - A spin kick that hits on both sides of Kirby, dealing 14% on
either side, and 19% fully charged. Has negligible knockback unless fully 
charged, sending the opponent up into the air.

Dash Attack - Kirby does a handstand and spins along. This is a multiple
hitting attack, dealing a total of 9%, with not much knockback.

Taunt 1 - Kirby does a dance and tosses a star, the dance is his "level
finished" dance in his own games.

Taunt 2 - Kirby spins around and strikes a pose.

Taunt 3 - Kirby waves at the camera and says hi. His fastest taunt, useful
for getting rid of copied powers.

Air Moves: Kirby's air moves have average damage and knockback, but can be used 
easily thanks to his multiple jumps.

Neutral Air - Kirby spins around in the air, dealing 10% at the start of
the move, and 8% afterwards, until he stops spinning.

Side Air - Kirby kicks three times, dealing a total of 12%. It's somewhat
difficult to hit with all three kicks, but the attack is fast and can trap
opponents near Kirby.

Back Air - A back kick for 13% at the start of the move, and 8% later, with
okay knockback.

Up Air - A flip kick for 9%, with poor knockback. A pretty basic air attack.

Down Air - A multiple hitting drill kick, dealing a total of 7% if they all
connect. If the final hit connects, it is a weak meteor smash.

Grabs: Kirby shows off his wrestling skills with some nice grabs that tumble
the opponent about.

Pummel - Kirby slaps his opponent for 1% or 2%, it appears to be slightly
random. It's a very fast pummel nonetheless

Side Throw - Kirby performs a powerbomb for 7%, knocking his opponent backwards.
Unlike previos Smash games, Kirby can't simply grab his opponent next to an
edge and jump off with this throw.

Back Throw - Kirby does a suplex with his unlucky opponent, dealing 8%. Like
his Side Throw, Kirby can't just jump off the stage with this throw.

Up Throw - Kirby leaps up off the screen, before crashing back down in an 
explosion, dealing 10% with good knockback. If there is a platform above
Kirby, he will land on that instead of where he started the grab from.

Down Throw - Kirby stomps on his opponent a bunch of times, dealing 6% in 
total. Though it looks funny, Kirby has better throws to use.

Specials: Kirby has some powerful and interesting specials, with his Inhale
making him a very versatile character depending on who he is fighting.

Neutral B - Inhale
Hold B to start sucking! The nearest opponent in the vortex is sucked into
Kirby's impossible mouth. From there, you can either spit the victim out
as a star with A, dealing 6% to the victim and 15% to anyone the star hits, or
you can hold Down to copy the victim's Neutral B, also dealing 10% to the 
victim. You can get rid of the copied power by taunting. Kirby always copies
their standard Neutral B, regardless of if the victim has a custom special.
Check out that fighter's section for info on the power you can copy.

Custom Neutral B 1 - Ice Breath
Kirby breaths a cone of ice instead of trying to inhale the opponent. Hits
multiple times; dealing 2% per hit. If it hits four or more times, it freezes
the opponent. The opponent stays frozen longer depending on how much damage
they have.

Custom Neutral B 2 - Jumping Inhale
Kirby jumps up when sucking, letting him catch opponents in the air easier.
This move deals 5% if the opponent is spit out, or 8% if they are damaged.
The star that Kirby shoots when spitting the opponent out doesn't deal any
damage with this move.

Side B - Hammer Flip
Kirby takes his hammer out and swings it, for 19%, or 15% in the air. You can
charge the move by holding B, but unlike other charge moves, you can't store
the charge. You can move around and jump while charging, but if Kirby charges
for too long, after about three seconds, he starts taking damage. When fully
charged, the hammer deals 35%, or 27% in the air, and it can KO at just 40%
when fully charged.

Custom Side B 1 - Hammer Bash
This mvoe uppercuts opponents into the air, dealing 21% if you hit with the
hammer head (or 21% for both hits in the air) but it cannot be charged up.

Custom Side B 2 - Giant Hammer
Kirby takes longer to wind up for the swing on this hammer, but it deals 22%
uncharged and 40% fully charged, with even more knockback than normal. It
takes longer to charge up, and damages Kirby much faster.

Up B - Final Cutter
Kirby takes a sword out from somewhere, then leaps up into the air, comes back
down, and fires a beam out on landing. If the chop at the start of the move 
hits, the opponent will be hit into positions where they will be hit on
the descent and beam, unless they have too much damage. If all hits connect,
the attack deals 12%. Once Kirby starts descending, he cant stop, so using
this move over a pit is suicide. At least Kirby has five mid-air jumps to
recover with before he has to rely on this move.

Custom Up B 1 - Wave Cutter
Deals no damage on the way up, but it deals 15% on the way down. Instead of a
beam, it sends out a long range shockwave that deals 10% to anyone it touches.
The shockwave isn't a true projectile, so it can't be reflected or absorbed.

Custom Up B 2 - Upper Cutter
Kirby leaps up much higher than usual, but does not slash on the way down, or
shoot a beam when he lands. On the way up, he deals 10%, but this is more
of a recovery boosting move.

Down B - Stone
Kirby quickly transforms into an invincible object and falls quickly. This
is a double-edged sword; while transformed, Kirby cannot take any damage, 
but he can still be grabbed easily since he is immobile. You can turn back
to normal by pressing B, or Kirby turns back on his own after two seconds.
If Kirby hits an opponent while falling, he deals 18%. Like Final Cutter,
if you use this move over a pit, you can self-destruct, but if you're quick
you can turn back to normal in time to recover.
Kirby is not protected from Final Smashes by this move.

Custom Down B 1 - Grounding Stone
Kirby takes longer to transform, but if he hits a grounded opponent when 
falling, they take 16% and are buried for a short time.

Custom Down B 2 - Meteor Stone
Kirby automatically leaps up if you use this movwe on the ground. When falling,
he deals 12%, and airborne enemies are meteor smashed by this move. However,
Kirby takes much longer to return to normal after transforming, and you can 
still self-destruct if used over a pit, so meteor smashing someone for a KO
can be difficult.

Final Smash: Ultra Sword
Kirby puts on his Link hat and gets a huge sword out, slashing it around,
dealing a total of 40% with good knockback. Kind of average for a Final

  Weird Space Animal

Introduction: Fox McCloud is the leader of the Star Fox Team, a group of
ace pilot mercenaries operating in the Corneria system. Alongside his 
teammates Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad, he fights the evil
genius Andross and their rivals the Star Wolf Team.

Attributes: Fox is one of the fastest characters in the game, able to easily
run rings around his opponents with his speed and quick attacks. However,
he is a light character, easy to knock flying with stong attacks, and his
short jumps and fast falling speed make recovery a little difficult.

Colour Schemes:
White, his default outfit in Star Fox Command
Green, sort of looks like his Star Fox Assault outfit
Yellow, resembles Slippy Toad's outfit in Star Fox Assault
Purple, looks like Wolf's Super Smash Bros Brawl design

Standard Moves: Fox's standard moves are pretty fast, to go with his fast
movement speed. They deal average damage and knockback.

Neutral A - Fox starts off a pummel with some punches, going into a series
of lightning fast kicks. Each hit deals 2%, and it can be held for a 
continuous pummel, with the release kick also dealing 2%. However, Fox's
kicks have enough knockback to push the opponent out of his pummel early
in the move.

Side A - A fast kick for 6%. Has slight knockback that sends the opponent
skidding away.

Up A - A flip kick similar to Kirby's Up A. Deals 9% to opponents behind, and
6% to those in front or above. Deals minimum vertical knockback, allowing you
to hit someone with it multiple times before they fly out of range.

Down A - Fox spins and hits low with his tail, dealing 8%. A fast move, but
it knocks the opponent out of range.

Side Smash - Fox performs a roundhouse kick for 14%, or 19% fully charged.
Has average knockback, and it's one of the faster Side Smashes. KOs at 100%

Up Smash - A backflip kick that deals 16% with powerful vertical knockback, or
22% fully charged. It can KO at about 90%. If it hits an opponent behind Fox,
it deals much less damage, only 11%, or 15% fully charged.

Down Smash - Fox does the splits. Deals 14% on both sides, and 19% fully 
charged. It's fast, but it has very small range with low knockback. KOs at
about 120%

Dash Attack - A jump kick for 6%, with minor knockback.

Taunt 1 - Fox flexes and generates fire around his body. Doesn't actually
deal any damage.

Taunt 2 - Fox does a trick with his blaster.

Taunt 3 - Fox gestures at the opponent and says "Come on!"

Air Moves: Fox's air moves are fast, but his short jump height and fast falling
speed combined with their small hitboxes means they're somewhat difficult to 
connect with.

Neutral Air - A kick that deals 9% at the start of the move, then 6% later on.

Side Air - Fox spins in the air and kicks five times. A fast attack that
traps an opponent, dealing up to 7% if all the attacks hit.

Back Air - A back kick that deals 13%. Has good knockback.

Up Air - Fox flips over and hits twice with his tail and feet. Deals a total
of 16% and has good vertical knockback. It's easy to hit with both hits.

Down Air - A drill kick that hits multiple times, for a total of 9%. The final
hit deals 3%, and has good knockback.

Grabs: Fox has average grab range and throws, but for some grabs he will fire
his blaster as part of the throw. The blaster shots are projectiles, and can 
hit any other fighters that are close enough.

Pummel - A swift knee to the gut that deals 1%, but it a fast pummel.

Side Throw - Fox punches his opponent away, dealing 7%. Doesn't have much 

Back Throw - Fox throws his opponent away, then shoots them with his blaster,
for a total of 8%.

Up Throw - Fox tosses his foe upwards, then fires his blaster at them, dealing

Down Throw - Fox jumps over his opponent and fires his blaster down, dealing

Specials: Fox has a good group of specials, with a useful projectile, two
long-reaching moves that can be used for recovery, and a very handy reflector.

Neutral B - Blaster
Fox fires his blaster, the beam dealing 2%. Fox can fire it very rapidly if
you mash B, but it doesn't cause the opponent to flinch at all. Good for
racking up the damage as the opponent approaches.

Custom Neutral B 1 - Impact Blaster
This laser fires slower but deals 3%, and makes opponents flinch when hit. It's
very similar to Falco's Neutral B

Custom Neutral B 2 - Charge Blaster
This laser takes a moment to charge, but it deals 11% and has good hitstun
and knockback. It's a lot like Wolf's Neutral B.

Side B - Fox Illusion
Fox zips sideways, almost too fast to see. He travels half the distance of
Final Destination, and deals 3% to any opponent he passes through during
the movement. It's good for horizontal movement as Fox will pass through 
anything that could get in his way (he'll still take damage from attacks as
he moves through them however).

Custom Side B 1 - Fox Burst
The range of this move is a little shorter than the Fox Illusion, and it only
deals damage at the end of the move, when Fox explodes. The explosion deals
13%. You need to judge the distance well to catch opponents in the explosion.

Custom Side B 2 - Wolf Flash
This is Wolf's Side B from Smash Bros Brawl. Fox moves in a slightly diagonal
path when using this move, dealing 3% to opponents he moves through. If Fox
hits someone at the end of the move, it deals 9%, and is a spike on airborne

Up B - Fire Fox
Fox charges for a moment, gathering fire, before shooting upwards. You can
control the direction he moves by holding the control pad in that direction
while charging. The flames at the start of the move deal some damage, and if
the opponent is hit by these flames and Fox as he charges, they suffer 28%.
Getting hit by just the charge deals 8%.

Custom Up B 1 - Flying Fox
Fox goes further with this move, but it deals no damage. Exciting.

Custom Up B 2 - Twisting Fox
This move hits multiple times and drags opponents along with Fox. It can deal
up to 12% if all the hits connect, including the flames when Fox is charging

Down B - Reflector
Fox surrounds himself with a blue shield. It deals 2% and causes flinching
if an opponent is nearby when Fox uses the move, but more importantly, it
reflects any projectile that hits it. Fox can't move while using this move,
making it risky to use on scrolling stages, but if you have good reactions
you can protect yourself from any projectile. This move won't reflect
Final Smashes however.

Custom Down B 1 - Big Reflector
This reflector is big! Reflected projectiles don't deal as much damage as when
they are reflected with the normal Reflector. It also doesnt deal any damage
to those next to Fox when it activates, but it still pushes them away.

Custom Down B 2 - Amplifying Reflector
This reflector takes longer to start up, and it doesnt deal damage or knock
foes away, but the damage that reflected projectiles deal is doubled.

Final Smash: Landmaster
Fox summons the Landmaster Battle Tank and takes it for a spin. You can move
it around and hold Up to make it hover, and A or B to fire laser blasts.
Landing it on an opponent deals 13%, running them over deals up to 17%, 
depending on how fast the Landmaster is moving, and the laser blast deals 
15%. Opponents can stand on the Landmaster, and will be hit by the energy
that appears on the tank when firing the laser blast, but you can also
use the hover to just lift them off the top of the screen for an easy KO.
The Landmaster lasts for 15 seconds before disappearing.

  Will Send You Blasting Off Again

Introduction: Easily the most well known of all 700(ish) Pokemon, Pikachu
took the world by storm with the release of Pokemon Red & Blue in 1998. He's
a cute, yellow little mouse who can shoot electricity from his cheek pouches.
Pikachu is the mascot for the Pokemon series and anime, and his smug face
appears plastered all over the place when it comes to Pokemon.

Attributes: Pikachu is another fast, small and light character, but not to 
Fox's extent. He is one of the smallest characters, but his weight and speed
are somewhere between those of Mario and Fox's. His electricity-spewing attacks
give him deceptive range, with many powerful or multi-hitting moves. He comes
equipped with great specials; two good recovery moves and two projectiles
with unusual trajectories. Pikachu has an average jump height, the same
as Mario's jump height, and he can crawl pretty quickly.

Colour Schemes:
Pikachu is a chronic hat thief, as shown by his alternate colours
Red's Hat, from Pokemon Red/Blue
Brendan's Headband from Pokemon Emerald
Pichu's Goggles from Super Smash Bros Melee
Ethan's Hat from Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver
The Choice Band item. Pikachu's fur goes slightly red, which are his shiny 
Calem's Hat from Pokemon X/Y

Standard Moves: Pikachu's standard attacks are average in power, but they
have a longer range than you'd think from such a small character.

Neutral A - A lightning quick headbutt that deals 1%. You can hold A to just
hammer into the opponent, quickly racking up the damage. Unlike most Neutral
A attacks that can be held, Pikachu does not have a finisher on releasing the

Side A - A kick with both feet for 9%. A very fast Side A. 

Up A - Pikachu flips his tail over his head, dealing 5%. The knockback flicks
the opponent above Pikachu, allowing him to keep using this move to increase
the damage, or combo into an Up Smash or a Thunder.

Down A - Pikachu spins low, swiping his tail, for 6%. Causes the opponent
to trip and fall over.

Side Smash - Pikachu generates a large bolt in front of it. Has quite a lot
of range, with a sweet spot in the centre of the bolt. It deals 15%, or 18%
with the sweet spot, and when fully charged, deals 21% and 25% with the
sweet spot. It has good knockback, KOing at 80% when sweet spotted.

Up Smash - A backflip, hitting opponents with Pikachu's tail. Hits all around
Pikachu, dealing 14%, or 19% fully charged. Has average vertical knockback,
KOing at 100%

Down Smash - Pikachu spins around, sending out sparks. Hits multiple times,
for a total of 13%, or 18% fully charged. Doesn't have much knockback, with
average range for a Down Smash.

Dash Attack - Tackle! For 10%. Sends the opponent up and away, like most
dash attacks, but it has good damage for a dash.

Taunt 1 - Pikachu crouches and generates some electricity.

Taunt 2 - Pika Pika! Pikachu waves at the camera

Taunt 3 - Pikachu rolls around on its back.

Air Moves: Pikachu has some of the faster air attacks in the game, but they're
somewhat difficult to hit with since Pikachu himself is pretty small.

Neutral Air - Pikachu spins round a few times. Hitting someone with the first
spin deals 8%, while later spins deal 5%

Side Air - Pikachu drills forward, covered in electricity. Hits multiple times,
for a total of 6%. Hitting with Pikachu's head will trap the opponent for
all the hits, but touching with any other part of his body will knock them
away and only deal 1%.

Back Air - Pikachu throws itself backwards, spin around like a propeller.
Hits multiple times, dealing 8%. It's easier to trap opponents in this move
compared to Pikachu's Side Air since the size of the attack is larger and
has no sour spot that knocks the opponent out of the move.

Up Air - Pikachu does a backflip, hitting with his tail for 5%. A fast move,
but doesn't have much knockback.

Down Air - Pikachu drills down, covered in electricity. Hits once, for 12%,
with good knockback.


Pummel - Pikachu shocks his opponent, for 1% to 2%

Side Throw - Pikachu electrocutes his opponent, blasting them away, for a total
of 10%. Has average knockback.

Back Throw - Pikachu rolls backwards, before kicking his opponent away, for 9%

Up Throw - Pikachu headbutts his opponent up into the air, dealing only 3%,
and it has poor knockback.

Down Throw - Pikachu body slams his opponent, for 5% and high vertical 

Specials: Pikachu has a good bunch of specials, two of them are projectiles
that have unique trajectories, and two are long-reaching recovery moves.

Neutral B - Thunder Jolt
Pikachu fires a small spark that, when it hits the ground, starts bouncing
along in short, fast arcs. It's fairly slow for a projectile, but covers
a large area. When used in the air, it quickly falls diagonally, deal 4%, or
it deals 5% when bouncing. It bounces five times before disappearing.
The bouncing spark won't stop when it reaches an edge or wall, but will 
continue bouncing, going up the wall or down the edge, making it good for
edge guarding.

Custom Neutral B 1 - Thunder Wave
The jumping bolt only travels two bounces, half the length of the normal
Thunder Jolt, and deals on 2%, but when it hits an opponent, they are
paralysed for a second. Easily enough time for Pikachu to run up and shock them

Custom Neutral B 2 - Thunder Shock
The ball of electricity Pikachu fires travels almost horizontally and explodes
when it touches something instead of bouncing along. The ball deals 3% and
the explosion deals 10%

Side B - Skull Bash
Pikachu charges up, then flies forward through the air. Very similar to Luigi's
Green Missile. Pikachu travels half the distance of Final Destination, and
deals 9% with good knockback when uncharged. When fully charged, Pikachu
travels almost the full distance of Final Destination, dealing 21% with
powerful knockback. Unlike Luigi, Pikachu will automatically use the move when
fully charged, and it appears that you are unable to cancel the move once it's
started. Skull Bash can be very good for long horizontal recovery.

Custom Side B 1 - Shocking Skull Bash
This version of Skull Bash doesn't travel as fast, but it hits multiple times,
dragging trapped opponents with Pikachu. Uncharged, it deals 12%, or 19%
when fully charged.

Custom Side B 2 - Heavy Skull Bash
This move doesnt travel as far, and it deals more damage the closer the foe
is to Pikachu when the move is used. When used close to an opponent, it deals
15% uncharged or 32% fully charged.
If you suffer huge knockback and use this move uncharged, Pikachu will fly the
normal distance, which is good for fast recovery.

Up B - Quick Attack
Pikachu zips up in a direction determined by which way you point the control
pad, then can zip away in another direction if you quickly change direction
on the control pad. Pikachu passes through opponents when using this move,
dealing 2% with the first zip, and 3% with the second. The long distance
of both zips and the ability to control their directions gives Pikachu
great vertical or horizontal recovery.

Custom Up B 1 - Meteor Quick Attack
This move travels less distance than normal, but hitting the opponent at the
start, the middle point between the zips, and the end of the move causes a 
meteor smash effect.

Custom Up B 2 - Quick Feet
Pikachu moves much further with Quick Feet, and deals 5% when passing through
an opponent, but cannot make a second movement after the first.

Down B - Thunder
Pikachu yells out, and a moment later, a bolt of lightning shoots down from 
a cloud above him, hitting him and making a bolt of electricity around
Pikachu. If the bolt hits an opponent, it deals 8%, and an opponent hit by the
sparks around Pikachu takes 15%. The bolt aims for where Pikachu was when the
move was used, which can cause it to miss Pikachu if he's on a moving platform

Custom Down B 1 - Thunder Burst
Instead of calling a bolt of thunder, Pikachu generates a large area of
electricity around itself. It hits multiple times, dealing a total of 12%,
or 15% if the opponent is right next to Pikachu, with high knockback.

Custom Down B 2 - Distant Thunder
Pikachu calls a bolt of thunder that takes a little longer to arrive, and it
deals 11% when near Pikachu. However, the bolt deals 13% when the opponent
is near the cloud that generated it.

Final Smash: Volt Tackle
Pikachu transforms into a huge ball of lightning, and can be moved around the
stage quickly. Each time the ball hits an opponent, they take 6% and are 
knocked back, allowing you to chase them off the stage for an easy KO.
When using Volt Tackle, you're not actually controlling the huge ball, but
the small white one that moves in front of the ball. The ball of lightning
follows the white spark pretty exactly. The move ends after 15 seconds.

  Every Game Needs a Dan Hibiki

Introduction: First appearing with Pikachu in Pokemon Red/Blue, Jigglypuff is 
one of the odder additions to Smash Bros, since its cute appearance and 
strange abilities would lead one to think that it wouldn't be that good
in a fighting game. Jigglypuff appears to be a joke character, but her
specific set of attacks and attributes give her an odd, yet powerful, air

Attributes: Jigglypuff is somewhat similar to Kirby in size, weight and 
jumping ability, except that she is even lighter. She has five mid-air jumps,
and her fast air movement allows her to cover extreme distances when jumping.
Added to this is her floaty falling speed, somewhat like Samus, and Jigglypuff
can remain in the air for a very long time, letting her juggle opponents 
easily. Tapping the jump button while moving left or right to perform short
hops is actually faster movement than dashing with Jigglypuff.
Another important thing to note about Jigglypuff is her shield; if it breaks,
she will fly up instantly and be immediately KOed, unless there is solid
terrain above her. This, combined with being the slowest moving character 
when on the ground, contributes to Jigglypuff's status as a joke character.
However, with some skill and practise, she can fight with the best.

Colour Schemes:
A cute red flower
Leaf's hat from Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen
The Bug Catcher's straw hat
Kirby's sleeping cap
A pink ribbon
Nurse Joy's Hat from the Pokemon Anime
Serena's Hat from Pokemon X/Y

3DS - Collect 30 different equipment items, or play 120 Vs. Matches

Standard Moves: Jigglypuff's stubby limbs mean her standard attacks have 
poor range, but they pack some power.

Neutral A - Two quick slaps, for a total of 6%. Pretty slow and short

Side A - A quick spin kick for 10%. Good damage and knockback for a Side A

Up A - Jigglypuff flips her foot over the back of her head, dealing 9%.
Flicks the opponent above Jigglypuff if it hits someone standing behind her,
it can be spammed for quick damage.

Down A - A poke with a toe, dealing 10%. Good damage, but slow for a Down A

Side Smash - Jigglypuff lunges forward, foot first. Her longest-ranged standard
attack, dealing 15%, and 21% fully charged. KOs at 90%.

Up Smash - A headbutt (which is awkward for Jigglybuff since she is 90% head)
dealing 12%, or 16% fully charged. Has bad knockback, KOing at 160%, and is
very short ranged.

Down Smash - Jigglypuff does the splits, despite lacking legs, dealing 11%
on either side. Fully charged, it deals 15%. It has short range, and its
knockback sends the opponent horizontally.

Dash Attack - A tackle that deals 12%. Since Jigglypuff's dash is so slow,
its not a great attack.

Taunt 1 - Jigglypuff spins and says her name

Taunt 2 - Jigglypuff spins and strikes a pose.The Jigglypuff in the Pokemon
anime did this pose a lot.

Taunt 3 - Jigglypuff deflates like a balloon, before popping back up.

Air Moves: Jigglypuff's air moves would be average on any other character, but
her excellent manoeuvrability in the air, and total of six jumps and Side B, 
mean that she can juggle an opponent skillfully with her group of air attacks.

Neutral Air - A short ranged kick, Jigglypuff holds the pose for a moment.
Deals 11% on attacking, and 6% later on.

Side Air - A double kick, with a little more reach than her Neutral Air.
Deals 9% on attack, and is held out for a moment, dealing 6% later.

Back Air - A spinning back kick, dealing 13% with good knockback.

Up Air - Jigglypuff swipes above her body, dealing 9%. Hits the opponent
straight up, good for juggling.

Down Air - A long-lasting drill kick, dealing a total of 14%. Sends the
opponent horizontally instead of downward, but not far enough that they
get out of reach for more attacks.

Grabs: Jigglypuff's throws have average damage, but most of them toss the
opponent up into the air, setting them up for an air assault.

Pummel - A slap for 3%

Side Throw - Jigglypuff puffs up, pushing the opponent up and away for 10%

Back Throw - A suplex for 10%. Sends the opponent to the side.

Up Throw - Jigglypuff spins and sends the opponent straight up a good
distance and 10%. Her primary "get the opponent into the air" throw.

Down Throw - Jigglypuff rolls on top of the opponent for 10%, knocking the
opponent upwards, but not as much as her Up Throw.

Specials: Jigglypuff's specials are odd, but useful for their strange

Neutral B - Rollout
Jigglypuff starts spinning to charge up a powerful ramming attack. If you just
press B, she just spins along the ground uselessly, dealing no damage. Fully
charged, Jigglypuff moves very quickly, dealing 14% with good knockback. The
move charges up very quickly, and when used in the air, Jigglypuff goes a 
great horizontal distance.
However, Jigglypuff cannot jump until the move ends, and she can fly off
edges instead of coming to a stop on them. She can turn around as long as she
is in contact with the ground, but the fully charged Rollout is so fast it's
easy to self-destruct.

Custom Neutral B 1 - Relentless Rollout
With this version of Rollout, Jigglypuff will pass through opponents instead
of bouncing off them. Opponents that touch Jigglypuff suffer 4%, but they
won't be trapped in the move.

Custom Neutral B 2 - Raging Rollout
When using this Rollout, Jigglypuff cannot turn around, but deals 23% fully
charged. It takes roughly four times as long to charge the move up.

Side B - Pound
A strong punch for 11%, with good vertical knockback. When used in the air,
Jigglypuff moves forward a very short distance, and hangs in the air a little.
Good for extending her jumping and recovery distance. Another useful property
of Pound is that it does a large amount of shield damage. Use it on an
opponent who shields a lot to break their shield and leave them open for a 
nice Rest.

Custom Side B 1 - Sideways Pound
This Pound deals 7%, and has strong horizontal knockback instead of vertical.
That's all really.

Custom Side B 2 - Pound Blitz
Each Pound Blitz hits four times, for a total of 9% and a ton of shield
damage, but it is slower to recover from.

Up B - Sing
Jigglypuff sings, the song lasting for three seconds. Has no recovery ability,
but opponents next to Jigglypuff will fall asleep. The more damage they have,
the longer they sleep for. Great for setting up heavily damaged opponents 
for a KO with Side Smash or Rest, but using it in the wrong place leaves you
extremely vulnerable.

Custom Up B 1 - Hyper Voice
Instead of putting opponents to sleep, the soundwaves of Hyper Voice deal 
damage. The first two waves each deal 3%, and the last one deals 5%. This is a
very slow way to deal only a bit of damage, the sleep effect is far more 

Custom Up B 2 - Spinphony
Jigglypuff sings for a much longer time than normal, with the three soundwaves
dealing a tiny bit of damage (1% to 2%) but this time they spin opponents
around. This move lasts so long it is highly impractical.

Down B - Rest
Jigglypuff falls asleep for 4 seconds, and is unable to act until she wakes up
or is damaged. Useless? Well, the moment Jigglypuff falls asleep (as in, the
very moment her eyes close), opponents that are very close to her will take
20% and suffer extremely powerful vertical knockback, enough to KO at 60%.
The move will also put a flower on the victim's head, which works exactly
like the flower caused by the Lip's Stick weapon.
It's very easy to miss with, since the opponent has to be inside Jigglypuff's
hitbox to be damaged, and missing will leave you vulnerable like Sing will.
It's a great kill move if the opponent has been disabled by Sing, or Pound's
shield breaker ability.

Custom Down B 1 - Leaping Rest
Turns Rest into a recovery move. Jigglypuff leaps extremely high in a straight
line, dealing 10% to anyone in the way. Unfortunately, Jigglypuff cannot
control her horizontal movement at all when using this move.

Custom Down B 2 - Wakie Wakie
This move loses the powerful hitbox when Jigglypuff falls asleep, dealing 5%,
but Jigglypuff sleeps for less time and explodes when waking up, dealing 15%

Final Smash: Puff Up
A bizarre Final Smash that causes Jigglypuff to grow to gigantic sizes. At
full size, she will cover the entirety of Final Destination, and opponents 
that touch her will be pushed away. At the limit of the move, Jigglypuff
quickly deflates, which deals 17% to nearby opponents, with powerful 
knockback. Opponents will struggle to stay on the stage when you use this move.

  Show Me Your Moves!

Introduction: The good Captain originates from the high speed racing series
F-Zero, first appearing on the SNES in 1990. Before his appearance in Smash
Bros, he was rather generic, but his boistrous antics and loud-mouth taunts
and moves quickly made him a favourite. A bit of trivia for you: when Smash
Bros 64 was in early development, it did not use Nintendo characters, and had
a generic martial artist instead. Since Captain Falcon had no fighting moves
from his background as a racing game character, he was given the moves of this
faceless combatant. And the rest is history!

Attributes: C. Falcon combines a ludicrous dash speed with hard hitting melee
attacks. His speed puts him near the top of the list, with only Sonic the 
Hedgehog being able to outrun him in a straight race. His moves are powerful
and long reaching, but require a bit of a wind-up, meaning you must use his
speed to get into the right place at the right time. Many of his moves have
extra-powerful sweet spots, rewarding accuracy. Falcon has slightly above
average jumping ability, and falls quickly. Like Donkey Kong, he has a complete
lack of projectiles, making him a close range precision fighter who is difficult
to escape from.

Colour Schemes:
Blue, his standard appearance from F-Zero GX
Purple, based on Blood Falcon, an evil clone of Falcon. Alters the logo on 
his back to Blood Falcon's logo.
Blue, his original F-Zero appearance on the SNES
White, resembling Jody Summer's F-Zero GX outfit
Light Blue, appears to be based on Rick Wheeler's outfit from F-Zero GP Legend

Standard Moves: Falcon's standard moves are powerful, and have great knockback

Neutral A - Falcon's Neutral behaves a little differently than other character's
Neutral attacks. If A is rapidly pressed three times, Falcon will do two punches
followed by a swift knee. If A is held, Falcon will skip the knee and do into
a series of jabs, with an uppercut finisher when you let go of A.
The two punches and knee deal a total of 9%, with good knockback for a Neutral
The pummel deals 4% for the two initial punches, then 1% for each jab, finished
with a 2% from the uppercut. The uppercut also has good knockback.

Side A - A roundhouse kick. It can be tilted up or down to aim the roundhouse,
dealing 9% forwards, and 10% up or down. They all have the same knockback.

Up A - An overhead axe kick, similar to Samus' Up A. Deals 11%. If the attack
hits an airborne enemy as Falcon's foot starts to come down, this move is a
meteor smash.

Down A - A sweeping low kick, for 10%. A pretty average Down A.

Side Smash - Falcon thrusts his elbow forwards a good distance, dealing 19%.
Has good range and excellent knockback, KOing at 80% uncharged. Fully charged,
it deals 26%. This move can be angled up or down, changing the knockback
direction a little. When angled either up or down, the attack deals 20%, or 28%
fully charged.

Up Smash - Falcon spins and kicks upwards into the air, dealing a total of 19%
Fully charged, it deals 26%, and can KO at about 90%. A very fast Up Smash, with
great knockback.

Down Smash - Falcon kicks forward, then behind. The front kick deals 14%, with
the back kick dealing 18%. Both kicks have the same knockback. Fully charged,
the front kick deals 19% and the back kick deals 25%.

Dash Attack - A shoulder tackle, dealing 10%, with slightly vertical knockback.

Taunt 1 - Falcon flexes and generates flame around himself.

Taunt 2 - Falcon beckons and shouts "Come on!" to challenge his opponent.

Taunt 3 - Falcon salutes and demands that you show him your moves. The pose is
different depending on which way Falcon is facing when the taunt it used.

Air Moves: Like his standard moves, Falcon's air moves do good damage, with
good range and knockback.

Neutral Air - Falcon kicks twice, dealing a total of 10% and with average

Side Air - Falcon thrusts his knee forwards, for just 3%. However, if the small
hitbox at the tip of his knee hits, the move deals 19%, with great knockback
and a lightning effect. A good finisher, it can KO at 80% when sweet spotted.

Back Air - A swift backhand, dealing 14%. Has a small hitbox, but has good

Up Air - An overhead flip kick, dealing 13%. Doesn't have much knockback.

Down Air - Falcon stomps downward with both feet, dealing 14%. Is a meteor
smash if timed correctly.

Grabs: Falcon's grabs are strictly average, not having any notable damage or

Pummel - Falcon knees his victim, dealing 2%. It's a rather fast pummel.

Side Throw - Falcon uppercuts his opponent, dealing 9%.

Back Throw - Falcon kicks his opponent away, dealing 9%

Up Throw - An uppercut, dealing 7%, tossing the opponent straight up.

Down Throw - Falcon slams his opponent down, dealing 6%

Specials: Falcon's specials highlight his high speed, power and reach, giving
him good recovery and damage dealing abilities.

Neutral B - Falcon Punch
Falcon charges up the famous punch for a second, before unleashing a powerful
strike wreathed in flames. Deals 25%, and KOs at 75%. If you flick in the 
opposite direction to where Falcon is facing as you input the move, Falcon
will spin around while charging. This reverse punch deals 28% and has even
more knockback than normal.

Custom Neutral B 1 - Falcon Dash Punch
Falcon moves forwards during this version of the Falcon Punch. It deals only
20%, or 22% when reversed punched. It takes a little longer to charge.

Custom Neutral B 2 - Mighty Falcon Punch
A Falcon Punch that takes twice as long to charge, but its hitbox is much 
larger. It deals 22%, and 25% when reverse punched.

Side B - Raptor Boost
Falcon dashes forwards, performing a flaming uppercut if he meets an opponent
during the dash. The uppercut deals 9%, and has high vertical knockback. If 
performed in the air, Falcon will fall helplessly at the end of the move, and
when he meets an opponent in the air, he knocks them down for a meteor smash
and 8%, instead of punching them up into the air.

Custom Side B 1 - Heavy Raptor Boost
Falcon winds up for longer with this move, but during it he has super armour,
and the move deals 12%.

Custom Side B 2 - Wind-up Raptor Boost
Falcon jumps back a short distance before zooming forwards. The move deals 8%,
and its knockback is much greater.

Up B - Falcon Dive
Falcon leaps up, the height of his normal jump, with a flip at the end. Good
for recovery. If Falcon hits an opponent during this jump, he grabs them
before blasting them away with an explosion that deals 12%. If he hits someone
with this move, Falcon can use the move again in the air.

Custom Up B 1 - Falcon Strike
Falcon leaps much higher than normal, dealing 8% to those in the way, but he
cannot grab opponents with this move.

Custom Up B 2 - Explosive Falcon Dive
Falcon charges up this jump before using it, and he doesn't jump as high, but
the explosion deals 15% and has very powerful knockback.

Down B - Falcon Kick
Falcon shoots forwards, like his Raptor Boost, except with his foot. Instead
of stopping when he meets an opponent, he knocks them up and away, and carries
on. Near the start of the move, the kick deals 13%, and 7% later on. If done
in the air, Falcon shoots diagonally down, dealing 15%. This move is dangerous
to use over a pit.

Custom Down B 1 - Falcon Kick Fury
This move hits multiple times instead of once, for a total of 15%, but the 
final hit has much less knockback than normal.

Custom Down B 2 - Lightning Falcon Kick
A very fast Falcon Kick, behaving more like Fox's Fox Illusion. Falcon passes
through opponents, making them flinch instead of knocking them away, and deals
12% near the start of the move, and 6% later on. Falcon travels two thirds of
the distance of Final Destination. 

Final Smash: Blue Falcon
Falcon summons his racing machine, the Blue Falcon, and anyone hit by it is 
knocked onto a racetrack. Falcon then drives over them, dealing a total of 40%
with great knockback. The range of the move is just under half the length
of Final Destination.

  No Import For You

Introduction: Ness is a brave young boy from the town of Onett. First appearing
in Earthbound in 1994, he uses his psychic powers to battle horrifying alien
monstrosities that are beyond comprehension. And you thought Link was brave
for fighting a tall green guy who turns into a big pig.
The Earthbound series is notorious for being one of Nintendo's more obscure
series, hardly ever getting proper releases outside of Japan. Suffice to say,
Ness's appearance in Smash Bros 64 was a total surprise to Western players.

Attributes: Ness fights with his toys and psychic powers, giving him a wide
array of attacks with odd hitboxes and abilities. Ness is a small character,
and his speed is slightly faster than Mario's. His jumps, however, are above 
average thanks to his levitation powers.

Colour Schemes:
Red with Blue & Yellow Stripes, his original Earthbound outfit
White, based on Fuel from Mother 3
Black & Yellow Stripes. BEES
Green with Brown & Yellow Stripes
Blue with White & Purple Stripes, based on the young Ness seen in Magicant
Purple & Black, has a Mr. Saturn logo on his t-shirt
Light Blue Spots
Lilac with Blue Checkers, based on the Earthbound menu scheme

3DS - Beat Classic Mode on any difficulty, or play 1 Vs. Matches

Standard Moves: Ness has a powerful Side Smash, and his other Smashes have
defensive properties. His other standard moves lack for range but are pretty

Neutral A - A fast punch-punch-kick combo, for a total of 8%. Fast, but Ness's
short arms and legs make it a short ranged attack.

Side A - A roundhouse kick for 9%. Like his Neutral A, it has short range.

Up A - Ness raises his hands up, generating a small spark. Deals 7% and is
good for juggling, but Ness has to be very close to hit opponents who are on the

Down A - A toe poke for 4%. This is Ness's fastest standard attack, and it has
better range than his Neutral or Side A, making it the best move for building
up damage.

Side Smash - Ness takes a swing with his baseball bat. Deals more damage if you
hit the opponent with the tip; dealing 22%, or 18% when Ness is right next to
the opponent. Fully charged, it deals 25% close up or 28% with the tip. Can KO
at 70% when sweet spotted with the tip of the bat.

Up Smash - Ness swings his yo-yo above and around his head. Very fast compared
to other Up Smashes, but only deals 9%. Fully charged, it deals 12%. The yo-yo
is a separate hitbox from Ness, so it can block projectiles, making the move
better for defence than offence.

Down Smash - Ness walks the dog with his yo-yo. This hits multiple times, 
dealing a total of 12% if they all hit. Fully charged, it deals 16%. Like his
Up Smash, Ness's Down Smash can block projectiles.

Dash Attack - Ness shoots a small spark from his hands, which hits multiple 
times for a total of 10%. The spark travels quite far away from Ness and has
good vertical knockback. While the spark appears to be a projectile, it cannot
block other projectiles like Ness's yo-yo.

Taunt 1 - Ness faces the camera, nods, and says "Okay!"

Taunt 2 - Ness swings his baseball bat out and strikes a pose.

Taunt 3 - Ness waves his finger around in a figure-8 pattern, making a small

Air Moves: Ness has good air moves, with some sweet spots that increase his
damage and knockback. His high, floaty jumps help him juggle foes in the air.

Neutral Air - Ness spins, with his arms outstretched, dealing 11%

Side Air - Ness generates a spark from his palms, hitting multiple times for
a total of 7%.

Back Air - A back kick with both legs, for 15%. Has a sweet spot where it deals
huge knockback, but it's difficult to hit with.

Up Air - A powerful headbutt for 13%, with good vertical knockback. Can KO at
110%, unusual for an Up Air to hit this hard.

Down Air - Ness stomps down with one foot, dealing 12%. It has a tiny sweet
spot that is capable of meteor smashing, but it requires good timing to use.

Grabs: Ness uses his psychic powers to throw, giving his grabs very good

Pummel - A headbutt for 1%. Fast, but not worth it.

Side Throw - Ness twirls his opponent around before throwing them away, dealing
11%. Good knockback for a throw.

Back Throw - Ness tosses his opponent overhead, dealing 11%, with similar
knockback to his Side Throw.

Up Throw - Ness spins his opponent above his head, dealing 10% and shooting them
up into the air.

Down Throw - Ness electrocutes his opponent on the ground, dealing a total of
9%, before knocking them a small distance away.

Specials: All of Ness's Specials, bar his Down B, are projectiles with different
hitboxes and uses. Ness can hit almost anywhere around him with his Specials,
allowing him to control the fight if the opponent is at a distance.

Neutral B - PK Flash
Ness generate a small green spark that travels slowly up from him. You can 
control the direction left and right, but if it hits terrain it will disappear,
wasting the move. Ness cannot move while controlling the spark, making him
somewhat vulnerable. The spark explodes when you release B, the explosion size
and power relative to how long the move is charged for. When fully charged,
PK Flash deals 37% and can KO at 70%, but it is very hard to hit with.

Custom Neutral B 1 - Rising PK Flash
This version of PK Flash goes straight up, and you can't control it as well,
but it has a much larger explosion. It deals 9% uncharged and 24% fully charged

Custom Neutral B 2 - PK Freeze
Moves in the same way as the normal PK Flash, but it deals less damage, 10%
uncharged and 19% fully charged. However, it freezes those hit. Opponents stay
frozen longer the more damage they have. Stolen from some kid called Lucas,
whoever that is.

Side B - PK Fire
Ness shoots a small bolt to the side, which travels a short distance. On hitting
an opponent, it bursts into a column of fire, trapping the opponent and dealing
continuous damage, potentially 20%. It can wall off a portion of the arena for
a short time. If used in the air, Ness shoots the bolt diagonally downwards.

Custom Side B 1 - PK Bonfire
The bolt doesnt go as far, but the fire it makes is larger and lasts longer.
The fire is also stronger, dealing potentially 30%

Custom Side B 2 - PK Fire Burst
Another move stolen from that Lucas guy. Instead of leaving a column of fire,
the bolt creates a burst of flame that deals 8% with good knockback.

Up B - PK Thunder
Ness shoots a thin ball of lightning with a trailing tail, that he can control.
While controlling the ball, Ness cannot move, and the ball remains for about
3 seconds before disappearing or when it hits something. The ball deals 8%,
while the tail deals 2%. You can control the ball pretty accurately, making it
great for interrupting opponents who are trying to recover.
PK Thunder has a second use. If you hit Ness with the ball, he shoots off
in that direction for quite a distance, almost two thirds of the distance
of Final Destination. If Ness hits an opponent while in this state, he deals 
25%, and can KO at just 40%, but it's hard to do. This two-staged recovery is
rather fun to use, but is easily interrupted.

Custom Up B 1 - Lasting PK Thunder
Is this taken from Lucas too? That kid has all the luck, huh?
Both the lightning and Ness go through enemies with this move, making it far
easier to recover with, but it deals slightly less damage: 7% with the ball,
1% with the tail, and 10% when Ness hits somebody.

Custom Up B 2 - Rolling PK Thunder
The lightning ball is much larger, but it moves slower. Ness also moves a
shorter distance. However, the ball deals 12%, and Ness deals 30%, making this
version even more powerful.

Down B - PSI Magnet
By holding the B button, Ness maintains a large blue force field around himself
and cannot move while holding the shield up. When an enemy projectile hits this
shield, Ness absorbs the projectile and recovers damage equal to the damage
the projectile would have caused. A very useful move against certain characters,
ironically very useful against Ness himself. When used in the air, Ness falls
much slower than he usually does.
PSI Magnet does not protect against all projectiles, only the "energy based"
ones such as Mario's Fireball. For example, it will absorb Samus's Charge Shot,
but not her Missiles.

Custom Down B 1 - PSI Vacuum
This moves sucks opponents in instead of pushing them away, and it deals 10%
when the move is ended. However, it cannot absorb projectiles.

Custom Down B 2 - Forward PSI Magnet
Ness holds the force field in front of him instead of around him. Makes it 
easier to catch projectiles, but Ness is not protected from ones that hit him 
in the back. When you release the B button, any opponent inside the force field
will take 9% damage and be knocked back slightly.

Final Smash: PK Starstorm
Ness summons a meteor shower in the middle of the stage. It will appear in the
middle no matter where he uses the move, and it can be angled to the left or
right. Opponents hit by a meteor will take 8% and be knocked away from it,
but the length of the meteor shower can trap them on one side of the screen.
Anyone caught by the meteors as you angle it to one direction is pretty much
going to be knocked off screen.

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