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Wii Sports Resort Cheats and Tips

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A huge collection of cheats for you to look through including how to put backspin on the Golf ball, unlock alternate modes, changing bowling ball colours and unlocking 11 point Table Tennis game.

More Wii Sports Resort Wii Cheats and Tips

We have 46 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Wii Sports Resort please send them in here. For more Codes for Wii Sports Resort go to:
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Stars Bowling Ball

In Bowling when you reach Pro level (1,000 points) you will be given a bowling ball with stars on it. This new ball can only be used in events that you have achieved Pro level in.

Secret Strike in Bowling

During a '100-Pin Game' use the D-Pad to move your character ALL the way to the left or right. Then roll a ball ALL the way down the gutter guard without it falling off and if you do this correctly there will be a muted explosion sound and ALL the pins will suddenly topple over. After completing the match you will receive the 'Secret Strike' stamp.

Unlock Alternate Modes

The following hidden feature become available if you press/hold the corresponding key at the loading screen.

Unlock Advance Golf:

Hold 2 at loading screen.

Unlock Advance Frisbee Golf:

Hold 2 at loading screen.

Unlock Advanced Archery:

Press 2 at loading screen.

Unlock Shoe/Slipper Paddle:

Press 1 at loading screen.

Play Basketball at Night:

Hold 2 on the loading screen.

Play Swordplay during the Evening:

Hold 2 on the loading screen.

Unlock New features in Island Flyover

When you have collected the indicated amount of points the corresponding new features will become available in Island Flyover.

Balloons appear across Wuhu Island:

Collect 10 points

Evening Mode for Island Flyover:

Collect 20 points

Double Popper (plane shoots 2 balls instead of 1):

Collect 30 points

Night Mode for Island Flyover:

Collect 40 points

Night-Time Lighting:

Collect 50 points

Two-Seater Plane:

Collect 60 points

New Whale Shark Design:

Collect 70 points

Secret Colour Code in Swordsplay

Regardless of the stage, being able to tell the colour of a Mii's armour will help you identify their strategy of attack.


Does not block, only swings sword.


Almost always blocks.


Use an equal amount of blocking and swinging, almost immediately counters attacks made.


Uses defence more often. They alway change their direction of defence in attempts to trick you.


Have faster reflexes. Acts almost like a boss.

Unlock 11 Point Table Tennis Game

This hidden feature will become available if you hold 2 at the loading screen.

Change Bowling Ball Colours

If you want to change the colour of the Bowling Balls hold the indicated direction on the D-pad at the loading screen. The default colour is Blue.

Green Bowling Ball:

Hold Down.

Red Bowling Ball:

Hold Left.

Gold Bowling Ball:

Hold Right.

Pro Level

When you reach a rating of 1,000 in a sport a silver seal will appear next to your name when you play that sport. When you do well in a sport your rating will improve but when you perform badly you will lose rating.

Unlock Bonus Power Cruising Courses

Play the indicated amount of times to unlock the corresponding Power Cruising course. These courses have to be unlocked separately in Shalom and Versus mode.

Unlock Marina:

Play 5 times.

Unlock Cavern:

Play 10 times.

Unlock Shoals:

Play 15 times.

Sworrdfight dragon sword

Finish 300 swordfight battles for the dragon sword so the opponent only has 5.1 chance to dodge it and you have 95.9 chance to defeat him.

Unlock Purple Sword

When you defeat the champion(Matt)you can play with the purple sword just hold 1 when you press OK when you select the miis.

Hope This Helps

Backspin On The Golf Ball

When you swing and the club contacts the ball stop and do not finish the swing and hold down the bottom arrow.

Time of Day

On swordplay hold 2 and press A to change the time of day

80 i points =

Hey it's me WorkCodes360!

I looked on the cheat page and it never got to 80.

So,If you get 80 I points look on private island.

You have a vacation house and it has a flag with your mii face on it.


Make all i points disappear on island flyover.

Choose your mii and then press 2 and choose the time of day and let go when you get the main screen. All I points dissappear and ballons too!!

P.S Look at all the I points you found when your time ends and you see your record. The I points don't have names!

It WORKS!!!! Always trust me! WorkCodes360

Backspin On The Golf Ball

When you swing and the club contacts the ball stop and do not finish the swing and hold down the bottom arrow.

How to unlock Golf Club with fiery design

Go to the golf screen chose your mode an when you chose ur mii hold down plus

Basket ball 3 on 3 score tricking

When you are going to shoot press b and wait for your opponent to jump and then you jump shortly afterwards.

Superstar Rank

Most of you know that you will achieve Pro status in a game when your level reaches 1000. But after that, when your level reaches 2000, you will achieve Superstar Rank. Superstar Rank gives you a gold medal symbol next to your name in the game you achieved it on. Also, when it sends the notice to your Wii Message Board, the title will say "Amazing Achievement!" There also might be some other special "unlockables" that come with the Superstar Rank, but I have not seen anything yet...

The art of swordplay showdown.................

Majorgamer introduces:


Are you stuck on a level on swordplay showdown? Well, once you read this, you won't be anymore!

1. What you do is when you are shielding, make sure the strike of your opponent hits the side of your sword. Even if it's not striking, when their sword is not shielding, or maybe even sheilding, follow their sword with your sword in the way that any time they strike, it will hit the side of your sword and not you. It can easily be done.

2. Keep your sheild up at nearly all times. when you strike, do it wuth lightning speed and immediatly go back to sheild. And if you hit their sword instead of them, take a quick glance at the way their sword is positioned, and put you shield in the p..

Spin in Table Tennis (right hand only)

To make the ball spin quickly for your forehand twist your hand to the left, to make the ball spin slowly twist your hand right. For you backhand to make the ball spin quickly twist your hand to the right, to make the ball spin slowly twist your hand to the left. To re-center your racquet press any of the d-pad buttons.

Thunder strike

Go to bowling at 100 pin game.if you look closely on your left you will see a red bitton. Line up your bowling so it moves on the wall. Throw the ball. Move your wrist so it will stay on. If you do it correctly, in a few secconds, you will hear a click then a loud thunder clap. You can do this also in wii sports when you go to training, bowling power throws. Note: in wii sports do this task on the right. Bye. Ps.this will help you become pro in wii sports.

Bowling spin

If you are a spin pro at bowling on wii sports then you should get used to it and should ignore this. For those of you who are new to this then watch out for spin as it will confuse you. If you bowl NORMALLY attempting not to spin the ball, then move to the left more than usual and then bowl as it will spin in from the left trying to move to the right.

More coming soon

Super Mario Bros. Death Sound

In the Island Flyover game, (I think it was somewhere close to Hillside Cabins) you might hear the super mario bros. Death sound!

Just some tips

In basketball to make the shot every time just do a small jump and as you shoot put the wii remote out in front of you, it should be facing you and about 2-3 inches above your eye brows. This method works for me every time. One last thing about basketball is if you pass the ball 2 times before trying to shoot you make the shot easier.

In swordfighting if your opponent get's anoying by always blocking juct slice in the same direction there sword is pointing. Also in showdown sometimes your enemies can crowd around you and make you feel in danger. Remember, you fight 1 at a time and make sure you don't get to carried away swinging you might hit someone that is blocking and they'll hit you.(a way to stop this is if you hit a block you can block as you are losing your balance.)

The slam

In basketball (the one you unlock)if you can get in the paint(or the blue part of the court)you can do a slam dunk.

Easier Basketball Scoring

To score points easier do a slam dunk. To do a slam dunk dribble in place farthest away from the oponanat and when the reach for the ball keep dribbling and press B under the hoop when your Mii gets to the top of the jump, bring your arm down fast and hard.

Cycling Wheelies

In, the cycling sport when you need to sprint to the line bring your remote and nunchuck towards you to get a little speed boost but just make sure you don't run into the finishing post because I was in 1st then I was 3rd.

Co-operative cycling

To make you go quicker you should pedal in synchronisation to make you go quicker. This makes a difference when going up some hills.

Ninja Flying!

Go Way Up In To The Sky And Turn The Engine Off And Just Point The Wii Remote Forward And You Will Be Ninja Flying I Call It That Because You Don't Make Any Noise!

List of Ipoints areas (island flyover)

Barnacle Arch

Basketball Court

Beginner's Wakeboarding Area

Bowling Alley

Broken Clock Tower

Cabana Lagoon

Camel Rock

Candle (lighthouse)

Cedar-Tree Tunnel

Cliffside Ruins

Cocoba Hotel

Crab Rock

Dead-End Point

Deserted Island

Diving Spot

Duckling Lake

Entrance to the Mysterious Ruins

Evergreen Grove

Extreme Canoeist

Firework Launch Zone 1

Firework Launch Zone 2


Forest Monument

Frisbee Dog Park

Gateway to Wuhu

Golf Area A

Golf Area B

Golf Area C

Heartbreak Peak

Hillside Cabins

Hilltop Overlook

Island Loop Tunnel #1

Island Loop Tunnel #2

Lava Monument

Lava Tube

Lone Cedar

Maka Wuhu

Miguel's Guide ..

I point rewards

10 I points=balloons

20 I points=evening flyover

30 I points=double popper

40 I points=night flyover

50 I points=lighting at night

60 I points=2 seater plane

70 I points=new whale shark design

80 I points=your own holiday home on a desert island

Swordplay Tip

For the first few levels in Duel and Showdown, just randomly swing your sword to win.

Saving points

When you are losing right when you lose press + or start then press either quit or restart

Swordplay (Showdown)

Hold the B button to gaurd yourself.Use it on the boss to shake him off.Hoped this helps.

Bowling Tip

To get better bowling results, aim for the edge of the middle pin. If you hit the middle, you will likely get a split.

Basketball Tip

When you shoot in 3 Point Contest and 3 On 3 Game, shoot lightly and you will get more goals. Especially on the lower difficulties in 3 on 3 Game, you will get a lot of goals.

No balloons/Island points

Go to character confirmation. Then hit 2 and A at the same time to confirm your choice. Release 2 at the warning screen and hit A. The balloons and island points will now be turned off. Redo every time you go out of Air Sports and back in.

Multiplayer canoeing

To make you go quicker all of you have to do a stroke at the same time. This can make you go a lot quicker.

100 pin mashup

(WARNING THIS IS HARD!) On 100 pin mode, on bowling, try to make the bowling ball go on the bumper (left or right). It'll look like nothing happened, but you hit a button to cause the pins to fall down. After the game, you get a stamp! :D[

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