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Follow the dark path or use the light

Bowling Guilde

by shadowmathfreak


                       Wii Sports Resort
                       Bowling Guide
                       July 30th, 2009
                       By: shadowmathfreak (Jeffrey Feng)
                       Copyright  (c)  2009  Jeffrey Feng
                       Version 1.0

Legal Notice

This FAQs may not be reproduced except for private or personal use. The
only site allowed to host this FAQ is If you want
to host this guide, send me an e-mail, and I will most likely say yes. I 
don't mind you using my guide, but please give me credit whenever necessary.

Contact Information

If you see any errors in my FAQ, want to make suggestions, or ask me other 
things, send me an e-mail at [email protected] If you do, put
"Wii Sports Resort" in the topic title. I'll do my best to respond to all 
e-mails, though I might not be able to.

Version History

Version 1.0

-Added introduction
-Added controls
-Added details for each of the three games
-Added the stamps for each of the three games

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Controls
3. Standard Game
4. 100-Pin Game
5. Spin Control
6. Credits

1.  Introduction

Bowling is one of the twelve sports available in Wii Sports Resort. It was
also originally one of the five sports available in the previous game Wii
Sports. With the introduction of the Wii MotionPlus, you are now able to make 
more accurate shots. There are three types of bowling games: The Standard
Game, the 100-Pin Game, and Spin Control.

2.  Controls

The controls for bowling are fairly straightforward. First off, there is no
need for the Nunchuck for bowling. All you need is the Wii MotionPlus.

To swing, hold the Wii Remote next to the side of your body, press the B 
button, then pull back, then finally swing in front of you. You can also add 
spin to your swing depending on how much you twist your Wii Remote to the 
left or right.

For bowling, there are two styles of play: Automatic, and Manual. In 
Automatic mode, when you hold B and swing, the ball will leave your hand
while you are still holding down the B button. This mode is recommended for
beginners. Manual mode is the same, except when you swing, you must release
the B button at the same time the ball is expected to leave your hand. This
mode is recommended for those who have played bowling in the original Wii

You can also adjust your position and the angle of your throw. To adjust your 
position, use the left and right buttons on the Wii Remote's D-Pad until you
are in a position you are comfortable with. To adjust the angle of your throw,
push the A button on the Wii Remote, then use the left and right buttons on 
the D-Pad until you are at an angle in which you are comfortable with. These
techniques are extremely crucial in Spin Control.

To zoom in on the bowling pins, push up on the D-Pad. I don't really use this
function, but for those who want to make extremely accurate shots, I guess 
it's handy.

3.  Standard Game

In a standard game, you attempt to knock down 10 bowling pins per frame, with
ten frames total. Frames one through nine consists of two rolls, while the
tenth frame consists of up to three rolls, depending on the situation.
Here are some terminology:

Strike: All ten pins are knocked down on the first roll of the frame.

Spare: All ten pins are knocked down within the second roll of the frame.

Split: At least two pins are standing with a gap between them.

Gutters: The two troughs on either end of the bowling lane. If the ball ends 
        up in either gutter then you won't score any points on that roll.

On the tenth frame, it is possible to be allowed a third roll. To do so, you 
must get a strike or a spare, then you will be allowed a bonus roll. However, 
if you fail to knock all ten pins down by your second roll, the game will end

The scoring for bowling is a little hard to understand. First off, however 
many pins you knock down is how many points you accumulate. However, you may
earn more points if you score strikes and spares. If you make a spare, your
next immediate roll will be worth double points. A strike will make your 
next two rolls worth double points. So you can see that your score can vary
drastically depending on how many strikes and spares you get. The highest
possible score is 300 points, which is a perfect game.

However, the scoring here is a little iffy. I have yet to figure out how the
scoring works for bowling here in Wii Sports Resort. I will put it here if I
ever figure it out.

In Wii Sports Resort, you can unlock achievements in the form of stamps. 
Basically, you get a stamp if you complete a special task in a game. Some
stamps are easy to collect, others may be extremely frustrating to get, and
others will be easy to collect once you've practiced for a while. Note that
you cannot get stamps if you are playing with more than one person; you must 
be playing single player.

In a Standard Game, there are five stamps that you can collect:

Gobble Gobble: Get a Turkey, or in simpler terms, bowl three strikes in a 

       Tips: Once you've done bowling for a while, you'll start to be able to
             get strikes more easily, and you'll eventually be able to bowl
             three strikes in a row. This stamp is borderline: it's not that
             hard to get, but it requires practice to be able to get this 

Split Spare: Complete a spare after getting a split on your first throw.

       Tips: As mentioned above, a split is when you knock over the lead pin,
             but at least two pins are standing with an obvious gap between 
             them. If you aren't sure if you have a split, look at your 
             current frame. You know you have a split if there is a circle 
             around the number of pins you knocked down on your first roll.
             The easiest way to achieve this stamp is to curve the ball in a 
             way so that the pin you knock down will travel towards the 
             remaining pin(s) and knock them down as well. To do this you must
             master the art of spin. Without it it's near impossible to 
             achieve this. For example, I get a split, and decide I will 
             initially hit the left pin into the right pin. I would have to 
             hit the left pin so that the bowling ball hits the LEFT SIDE of
             the left pin, so it will travel in the rightwards direction and
             hit the rightmost pin. It is possible to achieve this without 
             spin, but it is still easier to achieve this using spin. This 
             stamp isn't hard to collect, but it is definitely one of the 
             more challenging ones.

High Roller: Get at least 200 points or more.

       Tips: Practice, practice, practice! You'll have to get mostly strikes
             and spares to accumulate at least 200 points. There is little 
             room for error. This stamp is a little hard to get, but it 
             becomes easier once you've played for a while.

Pin Dropper: Score a strike or spare on every frame (except the third throw of
             the tenth frame, which doesn't count).

       Tips: Again, the only way to get this stamp is to practice! After a 
             while strikes and spares will be easy to achieve. This stamp is
             about the same difficulty as the High Roller, except maybe
             slightly easier.

Perfect Game: Bowl 12 strikes in a row!

       Tips: Again, like the previous two, practice! Except you'll probably 
             be pulling your hair out trying to get this stamp. Even the most
             talented Wii Sports bowlers have an incredibly hard time bowling
             twelve strikes in a row. This is one of the most difficult 
             stamps to achieve in bowling, if not the whole game.

4.  100-Pin Game

The second game for the Bowling section is the 100-Pin Game. It functions
like the Standard Game, except instead of ten pins, you get to knock down
100 pins! That's ten times the fun! The scoring is exactly the same, except
you now have to deal with 100 pins instead of 10. Therefore the max possible 
score for the 100-Pin game is 3000 points.

Another thing to note is that gutter guards are now present, so you don't
have to worry about rolling the bowling ball into the gutter! How nice!

Stamps: Like with the Standard Game, the 100-Pin Game has its own sets of 

Super Strike: Knock down all 100 pins with one huge strike!

       Tips: You'll easily achieve this in no time. After a couple games you
             are bound to get at least one strike. This is one of the easiest
             stamps to get, since you only have to achieve one strike.

Split Spare: Complete a spare after getting a split on your first throw.

       Tips: This stamp is similar to the stamp in the Standard Game. Get 
             a split on the first throw, then complete a spare on the second.
             However I've never been able to achieve this. I can't even get
             my initial roll to have a circle around it. If someone achieves
             this please e-mail me. I'm still trying to figure how to get 

Off the Wall: Hit the gutter guard once, then get a strike.

        Tips: The easiest way to achieve, at least in my experience, is to 
              only adjust the angle of your throw. Do not adjust your 
              standing location. Look on either side of the gutter guard. You
              should see the words Wii Sports Resort written a few times on 
              each guard. You want to bowl into the area between the second
              and the third Wii Sports Resort (the words themselves) from the
              one closest to you. This is about 70 degrees from the negative
              x-axis, for those of you that want to figure it out 
              mathematically. Do not use spin for this one. By hitting around
              that location you should be able to hit the lead pin, or at 
              least very close to it. Adjust your angle if needed. This stamp
              requires a little luck to get, but otherwise isn't very hard.

Secret Strike: There is an unusual way to get a strike. Rumors says it has 
               something to do with the gutter guards...

         Tips: For those of you that played Bowling in the original Wii 
               Sports, a few of you might know that in the Power Throws 
               Section of the Training section, on the last frame, rolling 
               the ball into a secret location will net you a strike. This is
               exactly the same in the Wii Sports Resort version of bowling. 
               That location is behind either ends of the gutter guards.
               Basically you must roll the ball on TOP of the gutter guard
               and pray it does not fall down before it reaches the end where
               the location is. The easiest way to do this is to move as far
               right or left as possible, then change the angle slightly
               depending on which end you are on. Swing the ball onto the 
               gutter guard with VERY LITTLE spin, because if you don't put 
               any, it's going to fall off eventually. Hitting the secret 
               location will cause a mini-earthquake, then all pins will fall
               down, netting you a strike. Right handed people should use the
               right guard, and lefties should use the left guard. This stamp
               is difficult to get, because it requires skill and a little 

Pin Dropper: Score a strike or spare on every frame (except the third throw of
             the tenth frame, which doesn't count).

         Tips: This is exactly like the Standard Game stamp, except with 100
               pins instead of 10. It's slightly harder to get with more pins,
               but otherwise exactly the same.

5.  Spin Control

Remember back in Wii Sports, in the training section, where you tried to pick
up spares, except barriers were placed in front of you to make it more 
challenging? Well that game returns to Wii Sports Resort, except now it is in
the form of a standard game instead of a training section.

In Spin Control, you play a standard game, except now, you will have barriers
that block the ball in certain areas of the bowling lane, making it more
challenging to net strikes and spares. This is why your standing location and
spins are crucial in this part of the game.

For these frames I'm giving tips on how to get strikes. I will not give 
tips for spares, because there are many possible outcomes for spares.

Frame 1:

There is a small barrier in your immediate front, but nothing more.

Tips: Just adjust yourself so that you are standing on the right or left side
      of the bowling lane, and not in the middle. Put some spin in your throw,
      and watch the ball knock down the pins. Another way is to adjust 
      yourself to the right or left, change your throw angle from there, then
      throw. This is for the people that do not want to put spin in their 

Frame 2:

There is a barrier a little over half the width of the bowling lane about 
40% into the lane, and a small barrier moving left and right in your immediate

Tips: This is an intermediate level frame, but it's not difficult once you 
      get into a comfortable position. Stand to the far right but don't get 
      too close to the gutter. Throw a spin ball at a time when the moving
      barrier isn't interfering with your throw. Like the frame before, you
      can also adjust yourself to the right, adjust your angle accordingly,
      and throw if you do not want to put spin in your throw.

Frame 3:

There are two small barriers near the gutter edges about 40% down the bowling

Tips: This is a fairly easy throw. The easiest way to net a strike is to 
      simply throw the ball down the lane with little to no spin down the 
      middle. Adjust it so that the ball hits slightly to the left or right
      of the lead pin, so that it makes getting a strike easier.

Frame 4:

There is a barrier that covers about 65% of the bowling lane on the right 
side 40% down the lane, and a tiny moving barrier a little halfway down the 

Tips: This is about a medium difficulty throw. Adjust yourself so that you
      are close to the left gutter but not too close, then spin the ball to 
      the right when the barrier isn't interfering. Don't put too little or
      too much spin, otherwise you'll either knock down few pins, or you
      might spin the ball into the gutter.

Frame 5: 

You now have two small moving barriers, one about 40% down the lane, and one
in your immediate front.

Tips: This is one of the more challenging throws. You have to throw the ball
      when both barriers are not interfering. Notice the barrier closer to 
      you moves faster. Move yourself to either the left or right side. The
      best time to throw is when the further barrier hits the side before
      the closer one does on the same side. Throw the ball when the barriers
      are moving away from the area you want to bowl.

Frame 6: 

There are three small barriers. Two of them are on the left and right side of
the lane 65% down, while the other is in the middle in your immediate front.

Tips: Another challenging throw, but in my opinion not as difficult as the
      previous, since these barriers aren't moving. Move to the left or right
      side of the lane, adjust your angle accordingly, and put some spin in 
      your throw when you bowl. This frame isn't hard once you get the hang
      of it, but it's easier to hit the barriers if you aren't careful.

Frame 7:

There are six barriers in this frame. Four of them are decent-sized barriers,
with each covering about 35% of the lane standing on both the right and left
sides of the gutters. Two of them are 75% into the lane, while the other two
are in your immediate front. There are also two small moving barriers 45% 
down the lane.

Tips: This is a hard throw. You're allowed only LITTLE AMOUNTS of spin, as
      even some spin will cause the ball to hit the furthest barriers, earning
      you zero points for that throw. Stand in the middle, move SLIGHTLY to 
      the left or right, and throw the ball with little to no spin when the
      middle barriers aren't interfering with your throw. What makes this 
      throw hard is the fact there are many areas which you cannot throw
      the ball into.

Frame 8:

There are two decent-sized barriers. Both take up 75% of the lane on the right
side, and they are 40% and 70% down the lane. There are also two tiny moving
barriers, one about halfway down the lane, and the other in your immediate

Tips: The hardest throw yet. You have to stand to the left side of the lane 
      and spin the ball to the right. On top of that you have to avoid the
      moving barriers. Notice again the barrier closer to you moves faster
      than the one further down. Apply same tips for the moving barriers
      from Frame 5 here, and practice, practice, practice!

Frame 9:

You have a barrier that covers half the lane on the left side halfway down the
lane. Another barrier is in your immediate front that covers the middle 
portion of the right lane.

Tips: Another throw that requires a little work, but is easy once you get the
      hang of it. Move yourself to the left, adjust your angle to the right
      accordingly, and bowl while spinning the ball to the left. You must put 
      spin if you are to net a strike, or hit all pins for that matter. You'll
      never get a strike or spare if you attempt to throw without spins.

Frame 10:

This is an open frame (no barriers).

Tips: Since you have no barriers, this is exactly like a standard frame. You
      know what to do!

Stamps: Even the Spin Control has its own set of stamps!

One for All: Knock down at least one pin in every frame.

        Tips: This is not really that hard to achieve. Unless you're 
              constantly bowling gutters, then you're bound to hit at least
              one pin per frame. This is an easy stamp to achieve.

Split Spare: Complete a spare after getting a split on your first throw.

        Tips: This functions exactly like the previous two games. However,
              in my opinion this is harder because you now have barriers that
              make it harder to achieve a split spare. For most split spares
              here you'll have to put more spin than usual to hit the pins
              closer to the gutters. Practice makes perfect!

Head First: Knock down the headpin in every frame.

        Tips: Once you've bowled for a while, you're bound to knock down
              the headpin every time even with all the barriers. Another easy
              stamp, though not at easy as One for All.

English Major: Score at least 170 points without hitting a single barrier.

        Tips: This is another hard achievement. You must avoid hitting
              barriers at all costs. At the same time you must pick up some
              strikes and spares in order to have a high chance of scoring
              at least 170 points. Practice your spin so you don't hit any!
              Even the slightest touch of the barriers is unacceptable in 
              this case. This will take a while to pull off, but it is 
              definitely not as hard as a perfect game.

Pin Dropper: Score a strike or a spare on every frame (except the third throw
             of the tenth frame, which doesn't count).
        Tips: Like the previous two, this is exactly the same, except harder
              will all the barriers in front of you. Again, just practice,
              and eventually strikes and spares will be easy to pull off!

6.  Credits


-Wikipedia, for information on how scoring in bowling works.
-SBAllen, and CJayC before him, for running such a wonderful site.
-Nintendo, for making such an awesome game.