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Table Tennis Guide

by richmond1210

Wii Sports Resort Table Tennis Guide


Hey, richmond1210 here. I'm going to show you how to master both forms of Table Tennis. Let's get started.

The controls are pretty straight forward. To hit the ball, right handers will use their right side for forehands and left handers will do the opposite. To apply top spin, flick your wrist to apply different amounts of spin, and to slice, hit the ball like you were swing a sword horizontally. To serve, press the A button and flick the Wii Remote up. The harder you flick, the higher the toss will go. Hit it before it hits the table. Move around with the Control Pad.

Table Tennis- Match

Play against a computer or against one of your friends in a Table Tennis match. If you hit the ball outside of the table, hit the ball on the full (apart from a serve) or miss the ball entirely, you lose the point. First to six points wins, or if the score becomes 5-all, the first player to win two points in a row wins.


Not the Face!
Hit an opponent in the face in single player mode.
Easier when you start off, just hit smash the ball and hope they miss.

Back from the Brink
Return the ball successfully after it hits the edge of the table.
Not much you can do to make it hit the edge of the table, hit the ball quickly after it does.

30 Shot Rally
Have a rally that lasts 30 or more shots.
Easier early on. Don't try to pass your opponent, and eventually you will get it.

Perfectly Matched
End the match 20-20.
Try to do it in your first few matches. Just alternate winning and losing until you reach 20-20.

Defeat the Champion
Defeat the Champion, Lucia, in a match.
Now this is seriously tough. You will need to apply a huge amount of top spin, hit towards the corners, and take your opportunities when they come. Could take 20+ matches. Don't be ashamed if you restart after a few points lost.

Table Tennis- Return Challenge

In this format, the server serves the ball to you and you must try to hit the ball back as many times as you can without missing one. If you hit a can, you get 3 points.


50 Points
Score 50 Points
Easier once you get some practice. Aim for the cans.

100 Points
Score 100 Points
Same here, just keep practicing.

200 Points
Score 200 Points
This could be hard. You need to hit the cans a lot.

Can Do
Hit 30 cans
If you get 200 points or above, you should be able to get this one. Aim for the cans, obviously!

Honourable Master
Get 100 Points without hitting the server's face.
Aim away from the server, and try to avoid any cans if possible.

So there is my guide on Wii Sports Resort- Table Tennis. Hope you liked it.