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Super Paper Mario Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Super Paper Mario

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A large selection of cheats that include getting sweet treasures, unlocking Piccolo, infinite experience and 3D with Mario.

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We have 67 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Paper Mario please send them in here.

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Unlock Inifinite 3-D Mode with Mario:
3-D mode is enabled by getting Mario's card by successfully completing the 'Pit Of 100 Trials' in Flopside twice.
Unlock Hidden Mini-Games:
Enter 3-D mode when you are in the coffee shop in Flipside B1. Then use the gold pipe to reach an arcade where there are three mini-games that can be played with the Wii-mote where you win prizes for top scores. If you have a Gold Card a fourth game can be unlocked.


Unlock Bleu Hair for Peach:
When you have successfully beaten the game talk to Bleu in Flopside.
Unlock Hammer Whacker:
At Flopside go to the back room of 'The OVerthere' and get the Golden Card which is inside the treasure chest.

Inifinite 3D with Mario

To be able to play in 3D all the time with Mario you must beat Flopside Pit of 100 Trails twice and get Mario's Card.

Game Arcade

At the Coffee shop in Flipside B1 go into 3-D mode and there is a gold pipe that you can access that will take you to an arcade where you can play three different arcade games using different functions of the Wii remote. If you have a Gold Card a fourth game can be unlocked. To win the prizes in the games you must get the top scores.


Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding feature in the game.
Unlock Flopside's Pit of 100 Trials:
Successfully beat Flipside's Pit of 100 Trials.
Unlock Flipside's Pit of 100 Trials:
Successfully beat Chapter 1 and unlock the outskirt in Flipside.
Unlock Extra Mini Game in the Flipside's Basement:
Get the Golden Card.

Pixl Abilities

Get the following Pixl to unlock the corresponding special ability.
Run fast.
Use a hammer.
Shake the ground.
Shrink yourself.
Blow up objects.
Pick up objects then toss them.
Platform that can get you across dangerous areas.
Turn sideways and squeeze through very narrow spaces.
Play special music that disintegrates certain objects.
Shield yourself from enemy attacks and also counterattack.
Objects that are stuck in the wrong dimension can be flipped.
Scan objects using your Wii-mote sensor to learn about t..

Passcodes for chapter 2

For the door on the upper level it is 5963.
For the vault that has the 1,000,000 rubees the code is 41262816.

12 Pixls

You may notice that 12 Pixls were made by the ancients, but you can only get 11. Well, this is because the 12th one was evil, and was defeated long ago. I found this out from the bartender in Flopside. Both bartenders in Flip- and Flopside tell you stories for 10 coins which are actually quite interesting. They're well worth the money.
Hope you find this interesting Smile

Codes for Password Kittys in Francis's Castle

Are you on the annoying level were you go to Francis's castle trying to find Tippi? Well if you are then you need to know the codes for the password kittys. The door on the right is 2828 and the door on the left is 2323 in both these rooms are keys these keys go in the massive door in the middle of the hall. When you put them in the door it will start talking to you. Eventually he will say "only babes and lord Francis is aloud in here" and he will start shooting lavers at you. Now turn into Princess Peach and speak to the door he will say "you are a hot babe you are aloud in" when you get in you must have a very long conversation then you must fight him which is very hard.

easy boss

Use Bowser
Chapter 4 - Have a volt shroom, and use it. Whenever Mr. L attacks you he will be . . . Shocked. Attack him then. When he gets in the BRObot, fly right up next to the BRObot. BRObot will then not be able to attack, shoot him mercilessly. You will eventually win.

Infinite Experience (better then the other trick)

You must have completed Chapter 8, and have Dashell.
This is, by far, the fastest way to level up.
This way doesn't get you very many coins. In fact, it gets you just
Enough coins to continue using it.
Go to the shop in Flipside and buy 10 Shock Shells. Now go to world 8-4. As soon as the stage starts, use a shock shell,
Then follow it (using Dashell) all the way down the hall. Once at the
End, use the return pipe and repeat. This gets you about 80,000 points per run through the hallway.

Game Over Already?!?!

When the guy asks you if you will take the heart and save the world at the beginning of the game, just keep saying no and the screen will say "Game Over."
This can get really frustrating though, because it takes a long time to hear everybody blather on about absolutely nothing of interest. Hope dis helped!

Best experience up to 120,000

You need dashell to do this
1.go get 10 shock shell at flipside store on 2f
2.go to world 8-4
3.use mario flip right away go to the third ?box hit don't get the slo-mo go to the end by the door flip back to normal then get it.
4. As soon as you get it use a shell shock facing the way you came from mess up on the pointing wii remote to get the big shell not helpful you want smallest shell possible
5.follow the shell don't let it out of your sight all the way to the beginning this will give you 100,000-130,000 experience rinse and repeat as much as wanted
Hope I helped Smile

Find whacka, whacka bump and cooking disc G

To find a whacka and and the cooking disc G, go back to Chapter 5-1 with dottie and go to wall at far right, but don't go into the door. Use dottie and flip and go into the hole in the wall. Enter the pipe and go out pipe at other side. The whacka will come out of the ground. Flip to find the disc. Hit thw whacka to get a whacka bump.
Easy 200 coins
Have the cook in flipside cook up the whacka bump. Sell what you get


You must have Boomer and Fleep as a Pixl for this trick. First, go onto the first floor on Flipside. Then, if you go to the end, there will be a crack in the wall. Use Boomer to explode this crack, and flip to enter. Then, you will see the Lightning-Shaped Thingie (Or whatever it's called). Use Fleep to flip the Thing, and a big unfilled box will appear. Flip, and go through it. Walk on the bridge, and go into the door. It will bring you to a place called: Mirror Hall. Hit all eight blocks at least one time. No order required. A piece of glass will break, flip, and go through it. When you ever flip on the other side of the Mirror Hall, it will be backwards. Go into the door, and it will be the same place, but it will be night time. Flip, go to the other side of the bridge, and the place ..

A Really Really Really Easy Way to Receive Money

First, if you have any Shooting Stars, cook them into Meteor Meals. Sell them anywhere for 208 coins. I forgot when, but at some point in time, they'll go down to 205 coins. Once you have enough coins, have that meatball guy dig a pipe to Flipside. You can find him if you flip in Flopside. If you can't find anymore Shooting Stars, go down to Flopside's 2nd Floor, ( Or 3rd Floor, which ever makes you happy. X^C ) go inside the bar and into the Arcade and, if you have the tokens, trade for a Shootng Star. One more face. :@3 No drooling Foofie!

Good Moneymaking/ Recipe List Completing Tip:

In Chapter 5-1 (That's Downtown of Crag), the Item Shop sells Mystery Boxes for 3 coins. You can buy 10 of them, take them all to Saffron to cook them, and sell whatever comes out. Sometimes you get mistakes, which sell for 1 coin, or Dangerous Delights, which sell for 3, but usually you make a good profit per batch. Use the resulting dishes in conjunction with the information on the Cooking Disks to complete your recipe book even faster. Also, cooking Mystery Boxes is the only way to get a Miracle Dinner, which restores 20HP and gives you 2000 points. Don't sell those. Instead, try using them when you activate a Slow or Speedy flower for triple the points!
Hope I helped Smile

Inifinite 3-D mode with Mario

Successfully complete the pit of 100 trials in flopside twice to get marios card. This card allows you to enable 3-D mode for an unlimited amount of time!
Enjoy ;)

Things to do after beating the Boss

100 Pit of Trials (Flipside, Flopside 1, and Flopside 2)
Basically, if you have played Paper Mario: A Thousand Year Door, then you will remember to pass through 100 Floors of Intense Battling. The difference is you move freely to kill opponents at your will, instead of going into a takings turn battle. It usually gets harder from the First Level, then levels after that. Just to let you know, you have to complete Flopside's 100 Pit of Trials twice, which is why I put Flopside 1 and Flopside 2 above, and also the enemies are now "Dark Enemies". I don't see a difference, but they might have higher Hp or more attack power.
~ (Flipside) I suggest you carry items that can let you recover at least or over 20 Hp and Higher, like a Super Shroom Shake or a Long L..

the Seeeeeecret arcade

To play in the secret arcade you have to go to the floor under the first floor, (it's kind of like a basement.) then go into the only building and flip, keep going down and the eventchuly you will find a pipe go down it then you will be in the arcade.

unlock piccolo

go to flopside then to merlees and talk to her
on the otherside of the crystal ball and ask you
to do a favor when you are finish with everything
she'll give you a key and go to the house that is locked
in flopside and you will find piccolo.Hope this works.

Find whacka

Go to chapter 5-1 and go to the right do not open the door once you reach a wall flip to 3d and use dottie climb down a pipe once out go to the left and whacka is there remember 8 hits is all he got

Boomer Lost In Space

In Chapter 4-1 or 4-3 have Boomer as your active Pixi. Place Boomer anywhere so that he looks like a bomb and before he explodes go inside a Warphole. As you and Tippi swirl inside the Warphole Boomer will look as if he is spinning out into outer space.

No More Long Walking

Easy Pipe from Flipside (not sure what floor, the one with item shops) (can also be Flopside) to another pipe (forgot where) underground
Ok, to get this pipe, go down to the place where you find a save block and an impossible wall to flip or get into (that's for later if you don't have Luigi yet). Go to the left (or right, depending which town you are in), and flip. You'll find the meatball-like person named Welderberg. Pay him 100 coins for easy access from the floor where the item shops are to underground near the Pits of 100 Trials.
Easy Pipe from Flipside to Flopside Without Mirror Hall
To get this pipe, you need to pay for the ones above (I think you do, if not, whatever). If you want quick and easy access (but it'll cost you), about the above destinations, go t..

SWEET treasure

The way to get 48 pieces of treasure (including the count bleck card and both brobot cards and Mr.L card and super Dimentio) is to see Flamm in Flopside. Buy lots of maps and (i think ) every time you get the treasure from the maps you bought,Flamm will have more maps (up to 48) Hope this helps

lot o coins

Ok if you want a lot coins heres what to do. First go to flop side and get at least 3 catchcard sps. Then go to world the first 2 doors and then flip into 3D an use a catch card on the amizy dasiy and sell it for 300 coins the card shop in any town

Loads of Exp (without wasting money)

Now I know what your all thinking, " Another person with an exp trick." Well, this is free.
I know most of you know the 8-4 Shell Shock trick, and the Speed Flower and using medals. Well, this one won't waste time or money.
Read the whole guide before attempting.
Okay, first go to Chapter 3-1.
Then, go down in between the red pipes into the cave.
Get to the end and go through the normal pipe (the one that leads to all the way at the end on the left)
Defeat the enemies and go past the next pipe with bricks outlining it.
There should be two of those Koopa Soccer players there.
Get Thoreu out and when one of the Koopas kick the shell, use him.
Go left over the pipe.

What to do when u buy the ancient clue

When you buy the Ancient clue give it to the pixi in the bathroom at the beginning of 4-2

How To Defeat Big Blooper

When he has blue tentecales up your attacks do not do any damage. When he raises red tentecales use Bowser to attack and keep doing this until he is defeated.

Walk on Water

Not very useful, but I found it kind of cool. All you have to do, is use Dottie and then jump in the water, if you keep on walking/running (whatever they are doing when they move their feet) you'll never sink and you'll just keep walking on water! If you stand still, you will sink... And that's it!

Here is the code to how to get the 1,000,000 rubees to finish

To get in, you need slim. To get hi you need to go as peach fly over to a door above where you came from, and go 3-d.
Then go up all the way until you reach the farthest door to the left and up.
Go 3-d and hit the block. Go up the ladder that should appear and use slim's effect. Here is the catch, when the lightning field comes by, DON'T MOVE!
Go by them and when you get by the safe door, enter 41262816 and the door will open and there will be 1,000,000 rubees! YAY!

Get more coins in underground secrets

When you go into an underground room with a group of coins (if you don't know this) flip into 3D to find that most of the time there are more coins that you can get than you would in 2D.
Matt c_1

Few Extras

Helping Hints for the game:
3-D Mode No Health Lost
~ Did you know if you used an item that recovered your health for a long time like the Long Last Shake while in 3-D mode, you will not be hurt until the Item's effect wears off.
Pipes in Flipside and Flopside
~ There are 3 Locations of hidden pipes which cost alot to be built:
1) In Flipside near the 100 Pit of Trials, go into 3-D near the elevator and there should be a hole. Go in the hole while in 3-D and talk to some Meatball Man (don't know his name). For I think 100 coins, he will built a pipe which leads from the 100 Pit of Trials Floor to the 2nd Floor of Flipside.
2) It's in the same room as Flipside except in Flopside, on the 100 Pit of Trials Floor near the elev..

tips for beating the boss.

Firstly I always go to the shop in flipside or flopside to buy things that give you more health and wepons such as a shooting star. For boses who shoot rubees at you use peach to protect yourself and bowser to attack.

Easy way to defeat piranha plants

When you see a piranha plant, use Boomer on the pipe that the piranha plant is in and when the piranha plant comes out, you press 1 to blow Boomer up and kill the piranha plant.

Infinite Experience

In 6-4, there`s a pipe that shoots out infinite Floro Sapiens. Go to the pipe and use Bowser`s fire breath to kill the Floro Sapiens and keep doing it and you`ll level up fast!

Unlock piccolo

About unlocking piccolo: flopside merlee asks you to retrieve her crystal ball from flopside merlee who then asks for her training machine from bestovious. You go through chapter 1-1 to get to him. Then he wants you to get the "you know what" from old man watchitt (aka mayor of yold town) in chapter 1-2. Old man watchitt wants you to get an autograph from merlumina in chapter 1-3. Merlumina blathers on incessantly before finally giving you the autograph. Use the return pipe to exit and go to chap. 1-2 to old man watchitt. He gives you the "you know what." use the return pipe to exit and go to chap. 1-1 to bestovious. He gives you the training machine. Use return pipe and go to flopside merlee. Give her the training machine. She gives you a crystal ball which you take to flopside merlee. ..

The codes for the World with Merlee

5963 is the code to the members area.
Is the code to the vault to get 1 000 000 rubies (the guy who wants 10 000 rubies says this)
You will need Slim to get to the vault though.

Infinite Experience

First, see my Infinite Coins trick.
For infinite score points, and thereby levels, do the same as above,
But now go to the shop in Flopside and by as many Gold Medals as you
Can (but don't use all of your money, you'll need to buy more catch
Card SP's). Go to world 1-3 and hit the third item block. It contains a speed
Flower. While the flower is still in effect, use all your Gold Medals
For 30,000 points each!
Rinse and repeat as much as you like.

Get Rich Quick

To get rich quick, you need the following:
300 Coins
3 Catch Card SPs (which are 100 each)
Dashell (optional)
These should already be unlocked:
Completion of level 5
To get rich quick, just buy 3 Catch Card SPs from the card shop in Flopside, and go to level 5-2, which is the Cragnon Level. When in the world, go all the way to the right and go to the next room through the door, then go all the way to the right and again, go though the door. You should be in the part where when you first enter it, there's a platform to your right, then a TV display. Right where the TV is, use Mario to flip and there's an Amazy Dayzee (it's sparkling gold). Use the Catch Card SP on it and repeat this process 2 more times since you have 2 Catch Cards left. T..

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