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Sonic Unleashed Wii Cheats and Tips

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Our collection of cheats includes unlocking the final Adabat secret mission, unlocking Sonic Omake cutscene and unlocking Never Ending Leash mode. We'll also tell you how to get a boost at the beginning of daytime levels.

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We have 9 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Unleashed please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360 : PlayStation 2

You can also ask your question on our Sonic Unleashed Questions & Answers page.

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Sonic Unleashed Codes - Pro Action Replay

Inf Health (Gaia Colossus)

05BD7838 3F800000

Kill Dark Gaia in one hit

05BD72AC 3C23D70A

Inf Rings (Super Sonic)

04B19C84 00000064

Credit: RED58

Extra Combo Traits

You may know that, depending on which arm you start attacking with, you'll do a different combo. Well, each combo has two distinct traits.

If you start with the right arm, you'll do a combo that attacks all enemies around you starting with the 3rd hit, and the final hit stuns all enemies that it hits.

If you start with the left arm, you'll do a combo that has one extra hit, great for doing extra damage to one opponent. The last 2 hits (last button press or Nunchuck shake) are guard breakers, great for dealing with guarding enemies.

Spin dash

On the Gamecube controller, if you press Y between 1 and Go you'll start out at a spin dash.

Unlock Final Mission

Enabling this feature requires going into already cleared missions and collecting ALL the secret items (except Movie 36).

Final Secret Mission

I heard in the game that there is one secret mission that is really easy to get in the game Sonic Unleashed. All you have to do is to get S-Rank in every single mission and collect all Sun Medals and all Moon Medals. Once that is done with,go to Adabat and it's time to do the Final Mission,you will beproud once you finish this mission which means you beat Sonic Unleashed one-hundred percent complete. Happy cheating out there.

Boost at beginning of Daytime Levels

At the start of the level when Sonic is counting down swing the Wiimote after he says 'One' but before 'Go' and sonic will boost out in a spindash to start the level.

Unlock 'Sonic Omake' Cutscene

When you have completed ALL the missions with S-Ranks the game's final mission will become unlocked. Find the hidden item and complete this mission and you will be able to view the 'Sonic Omake' cutscene.

Unlock Final Adabat Secret Mission

When you have collected ALL the Art, Music, Secret Documents and Movies (except for Movie #36) the final Adabat mission will become unlocked.

Unlock Never Ending Unleash Mode

This feature can be accessed if you enter Y, X, L, B, R, A at the 'Cheat Input option' using a GameCube controler.

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