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by Angnix

        8?~ZZZ              ??IIIIII77                       
        8I=~ZZZO        +??IIIIII777$$$ZZ                    
        8I=~:$ZZOZ   +??IIIIIII777$$$$ZZZZZ                  
        I$D  I777II77777777777777$$$ZZZOOZZ$ZZZZZZZZZZZZ     
        7$    777I77777777777777$ZZOOOOOZOZOZZZZZZZZZZZZZ    
        7Z    777I777777777777ZZZ?+?I8OOOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ$   
        7D    I77I7777777777$Z++====++DOOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ   
        7.    ?777777777777ZZ===~~~===IOOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ$  
       +7.    .77777777777ZZ+==~::~~::?OOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ$  
       +7+     777777777$ZZ+~~~:::~~::?OOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ$  
       ?I8.    I77$777$ZOZ+=MM~::~~::+8OOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ$  
       ??7..   M$ZZ7$$ZOZ+=NMM~:~~~~=?OOZZZZZZZ$ZZZZZZZZZZ$  
      +?I,~?~,,D,~=I+?++==N+M=~~~==+OOOZZZZZZZ$  MN8OOOOZZ   
      +II,,,,,,Z88D+?=~~==NDN=====?OOOZZZZZZZZZ     N8OOZZ   
       II=~:::::NND?~~~=77II??I7$8OOOZZZZZZZZZZ$      D8O    
        $Z8$::?I7::~~~=+7$ZOO  MD88888OOOOOOOZZZZ$           
         ::~?+II::::::~~==+I$O    DD8888OOOOOZZZZ            
      :::=7O8?I7,,,::::~~~=+I7$     DD888OOOOOZZZ            
    ,:~?$ DII?I7,,,::::~~~=+?I$I     DDD88OOOOZZZ            
  :,~?Z   DI+I77,,,::::~~~==?IZ7?     DDD88OOOOZ$            
  ,:?Z    ZI?I77:::::::~~~=+?7DI+I     DDD88OOOZ             
  ::=Z    NZII77:::::::~~==+?ZD7?+      MD88D88Z             
   ::+O   N8MI7$:::::~~~~=+??Z OI++      MNND88              
   ~:~I8.:+I$I7$$~~~~~~~==??Z   $???      MND8               
    == .:=7$$$I$Z7~~~===+??OZ    $I?II     NDO               
     .,:=:~?77I$ZZZ++++??IOZZZ    $77I7     D                
   .,:,,:~.,:+I7ZZZOO888OOOO8D     $$$$Z8.,::~               
  ,~~:~ ..,~+?7I$ZZOO88OOOOOO       OZO.,:~~~+=              
   =+  .~+II?I$I$$ZO8888O$7$Z        .,,::,...,:~            
    .,=+I..,:=I?7$ZOZDDDZ777$O      ,::::....:+===           
     ++,...,:=?$7$ZOZ    I777$Z     ~==~..,~+= .,,~          
      ....,:~=?77$$OO     777$Z     =??,,:+$.....,:          
     ....,,:~=??7$$OO     I777$O     ??:~77......,:~         
    .:,:.,,:~=++7$$OO      I777ZZ      ~II,.......:~~        
  ,~?$=.~,,:~=??Z$$ZO       777$Z       I7,,,,,...,~+        
 ,=,~?.,~?,:~=++8$$ZO       I777$O       ,,,:::: .,:7+       
,=$:=.,~+?:::~++8$$ZON       7777Z       :::::~= .,::I:      
  ::+:~~=..,:=?+D$$Z8N       I777$O       ~~~=+~...:~I=      
 :=:+I=~~:~=+++  O$Z8N        7777ZZ      ==+++=,,:~=7=      
  =?I+?+++???    8$Z8N        I777$O  I.,~?:,++~,.:+I?+,     
    +?????$      8ZZ8N         7777ZN Z~:~ .,=7I .,:~=~:     
                 ZZZ8NN        I777$8  ?~~,:+I7$,,~===~      
                 7$Z8DN         777$Z8  7=+I+????=++=        
                 I$Z8DN         +777$ZZ    +++=~             
                  $Z8DN          7$77$O                      
                $Z$Z8DNNZ$7:~     777$ZZ                     
              :+I7$Z8DDNO,:=II    7$77$O   ~,,:              
             .,~I$7ZODDN,:=77     7$$ZO8N$.,::~~             
             ..,~=$8DN,:=I$I?  ,:+?$ZZ,..::~~==~             
               ...,:~==+?I7$$$7 ~~~====~..,,,::~=            
                 ~~~=+?I7$ZZZ7? .  .. ...,,::~~~=~           
                ..,::~+8NNDNNN ......,,::~==+++++            
       :8888OZ$7....+?II788888NN~+IIZO    ......,~           
      O8OOOZ$$ZOO ,~??I7$88888DN8OZZ       ......,:          
    88OOOZ$$$ZOOOO.?I777$OD8DDNDOZZ           ,::.,:+        
ZZ====+++++ZZO8DD8$ZOO88888   ~O    :OO$ZZ$7I7$ZZZZZZOO8DD7  
     ZOI?????I$$ZZOO8O        ?~    OOOZZZ$7I?I$ZZZZZZO88D=O 
                               ?=   OOOZZZZZ$I++I$ZZZZO88D   
                                ?+= OOOZZZZZZ$$I?I$ZZZO88DD  

Sonic Unleashed Wii/PS2 Version FAQS
Version 0.8: 12/16/2008
By Angnix
[email protected]

New Guide!
If you are looking for Item Locations, check out my new Item Location 
Guide on!

Help Me Out!
If you help me with this guide, your name will go in the Special Thanks 
Section forever. 
The more you help out with this guide or give me suggestions, the better 
it will be!

Help Needed:

Guide inaccuracies

Error in Gaia Gate Puzzle Solutions section, there is a mission that got 
added that is item unlocked... not sure where it is, it's one of the two 
descriptions that says you get two items at once.

Thanks Too:
A special section honoring those who have helped me with this guide!

My Uncle Johnny: Fixed my computer

Zachary Fiskin: Boss order info

Mayor_Quimby: Boss fixes

Ravenblade1979: PS2 Controls

/Zobatai: Gaia gate fixes

Legal Notes:

This guide cannot be placed on any site without my permission. Sonic
and all related characters copyright Sonic Team/Sega.

Sites with permission to post any of my FAQS: (This is the major site I update to)


Well, just a couple weeks before this game came out, I was sad. Not only 
did my computer break, but also I had no money... but then suddenly less 
than a week before this game came out, I ran into some money, and my 
uncle who owns a computer store got me a working computer for free! So 
things fell into place for another great Angnix Sonic FAQs, except for 
the fact that since some nice snow made the roads bad the day the game 
hit the stores, I had to wait till the next day to finally get the game... 
heh, so maybe you can consider this FAQs to be one day later than it 
would have been anyway, oh well, that's Michigan weather for you.

Anyway, this is a really fun game. Basically because of Eggman releasing 
the dark power of the Chaos Emeralds to release Dark Gaia, Sonic becomes 
a werewolf, or more properly known as the Werehog. During the day, he's 
his regular self and you can explore levels that are similar to past 
Sonic levels, only with some sidescrolling sections here and there. 
During the night however he transforms into the powerful Werehog 
featuring slower gameplay with platforming and beatem' up action.

Version 0.4:
Contains Basic info about the game, a lot needs to be added to make this 
a complete guide.

Version 0.5:
Boss descriptions added all the way up to Final Boss.
Werehog's Powerups have been added
Some of the Gaia Gate Puzzle Door Medal Requirements

Version 0.51:
Fixed Ranking Info for Werehog Stages
Added new Mission types

Version 0.52:
General additions of info and fixing of boss section.

Version 0.6:
PS2 Controls
Added continent order
Added Tips for gameplay, finding items
Reread, some minor things added

Version 0.8:
All Gaia Gate Medal Requirements added
Gaia Gate Puzzle Solutions Added
Detailed Enemy list added.
Other info added here and there, complete reread of guide

What will be added in the future:

More FAQs
Walkthrough maybe at least Act tips including S-rank tips 
Key locations (Will be part of Act tips I decided)

Table of Contents:
1. FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

2. Story

3. Characters 

4. Sonic Newcomers Guide

5. Menu, Stages and Moves
5.a. Acts and Missions

5.b. Sonic the Hedgehog (Day Stages)
5.b.1. Gauges
5.b.2. Rings
5.b.3. Moves
5.b.4. Gimmicks
5.b.5. Results Screen
5.b.6. Gameplay Tips

5.c. Sonic the Werehog (Night Stages)
5.c.1. Gauges
5.c.2. Rings
5.c.3. Orbs
5.c.4. Moves
5.c.5. Werehog's Powerups
5.c.6. Gimmicks
5.c.7. Results Screen
5.c.8. Gameplay Tips

6. Boss Tips

7. Enemies
7.a. Day Stage
7.b. Night Stage

8. Item Capsules
8.a. Item Gathering Tips

9. Villages and World Map
9.a. Villages
9.b. Gaia Gates
9.b.1. Gaia Gate Puzzle Room Solutions
9.c. World Map
9.d. Continent Order

10. Random Observations

11. Questions?

12. Version History

1. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
There are just certain questions that keep coming up again and again and 
again about this game I want to make clear at the beginning.

Remember, there is more guide after this section!!!

Q. What versions does this guide apply to?
A. The Wii/PS2 version. There are significant differences between this 
version and the Xbox360/PS3 version including:
Addition of Mazuri Day and Night Stages and a level called Empire City
Sun and Moon Medals scattered through the stages
Hub areas

Q. I quit playing the game, when I come back to the game, where do I go?
A. Remember what stage you left off on and select it from the stage menu, 
or go back through the last Gaia Gate you when through. 

Q. I am looking for items, and it says an item is 1st Continent Gaia Gate 
or Villager and I already have all of them!
A. First Continent refers to both Apotos and Mazuri, so you need to search 
both areas.

Q. The villager won't give me an item!
A. Talk to the villager more than once. 

Q. Where are the keys in the Werehog sections?
A. I still need to map these out, when I'm finished with the Walkthrough 

Q. There is a part in the 7th Continent's get to the Goal level I can't 
pass because I bounce off a wall in a narrow space.
A. You need to use Walljump, which is not explained in the game except in 
a mission that is not part of the story. Press the control stick toward 
the wall, and press A, then do the same higher up. Also there are 
alternate routes in this level and it's possible to skip the walljump 
sections completely. 

Q. How do I do the spindash start with a controller other than the Wii?
A. I don't know...

Q. Where is the 69th and last Moon Medal?
A. Find 150 Items to unlock 69th Moon Medal Mission, all except the last 
movie and all S-rank to unlock the Last Moon Medal Mission.

2. Story:
(From the booklet)

A blue whirlwind flashed into view of the gargantuan battle fleet, and 
began a hasty but destructive path to the central fortress where Dr. 
Eggman awaited. In what was to be their final showdown, Sonic harnessed 
the power of the Chaos Emeralds and transformed into Super Sonic, dealing 
destructive blows to Dr. Eggman's precious machinery.

However, unbeknownst to Sonic, he'd run head first into Dr. Eggman's most 
devious trap so far. Sonic was suddenly surrounded by a high energy 
shield, which stripped him of his Super Sonic powers, while 
simultaneously robbing him of the Chaos Emeralds. Dr. Eggman had 
anticipated Sonic's transformation from the outset, and saw this as the 
perfect opportunity to procure the Emeralds.

Dr. Eggman then, from the safety of his control panel, reversed the 
polarity of the Chaos Emeralds releasing the dark energy within. The 
energy was then fired as a powerful beam toward the world.

With a roar, the world was ripped into seven continents, which floated 
around the core. From the aftermath of this destruction, the colossal 
beast Dark Gaia awoke from a very long slumber. Dr. Eggman had planned to 
exploit Dark Gaia as a means of taking over the world.

However, Dark Gaia was not the only beast unleashed. Due to his proximity 
to the Chaos Emeralds as the dark energy was expelled, Sonic underwent a 
new transformation. His muscular density increased, his claws sharpened, 
his teeth grew into fangs and his body became covered with a lush heavy 
fur. Sonic had transformed into a Werehog.

His business with Sonic having now concluded, Dr. Eggman felt no remorse 
in ejecting Sonic and the spent Emeralds out of the air lock and into the 
darkness of space. Sonic soon found himself plummeting to one of the 
continents of the fragmented world's surface. After colliding with a 
colossal bang, Sonic discovered an imp-like creature nearby that had lost 
all memory of who he was. Sonic, assuming he was responsible, befriended 
the creature and nicknamed him "Chip" on account of his insatiable 
appetite for deserts.

As Sonic comes to terms with his own mysterious transformation, he must 
also figure out a way to restore the continents of the planet to their 
rightful positions.

3. Characters:
(from the booklet)

Sonic the Hedgehog:
Sonic is the world's fastest supersonic hedgehog, and values freedom and 
life by his own rules above everything else. His is kind at heart, but 
can be short tempered and is quick to throw himself into the middle of 
trouble without a second thought, remaining steadfast to the end. His 
personality is a juxtaposition of kindness and ferocity, as on the one 
hand he does all in his power to snuff out evil, but he also can't look 
away when somebody else is in trouble. 
Sonic hates boredom and being tied down, so much of his time is spent 
running toward the next danger or adventure.

Sonic the Werehog:
As a side effect of Dr. Eggman's latest foibles, Sonic now undergoes an 
extreme physical transformation whenever the sun goes down, but his heart 
remains the same. Almost. Sonic the Werehog is still willing to put his 
life on the line for his friends without any due consideration, but his 
dedication to helping his new friend regain his memory is in no small 
part out of guilt that it was his own fall from space that caused the 
problem in the first place. 
As a Werehog, Sonic is not as fast as his usual self, but he makes up for 
it with ferocious combat techniques. His powerful arms are able to 
stretch allowing him to attack enemies from a greater distance, and to 
reach distant ledges, poles and bars with ease.

In a classic scenario of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Chip 
lost his memory after Sonic's fall from outer space. As he no longer 
knows who he is or where he came from, he decides to join Sonic on his 
world adventure to try to discover his identity.
In this game, Chip will also serve as a guide, giving you various hints 
along the way.

Dr. Eggman (A.K.A. Dr. Robotnik)
An evil scientific genius who boasts an IQ of 300. By skillfully luring 
Sonic right into a most devious trap, he was able to successfully awaken 
Dark Gaia. But will he be equally successful in taking over the world?

(And other familiar characters from the Sonic Universe also appear in 
this game)

4. Sonic Newcomers Guide:

For Sonic Newcomers:
Many things in this game are very familiar to people who play a lot of 
Sonic games both new and classic, but now I will for those that haven't 
played a Sonic game up until now. Most of the general info below can be 
applied to almost any normal Sonic game from Sonic 1 made all the way 
back in 1991 to the present.

Know your enemy:
Dr. Eggman, also called Dr. Ivo Robotnik, a mad scientist with dreams of 
taking over the world. Since the first Sonic Game, he has been trying to 
get his hands on the powerful Chaos Emeralds. 
If Eggman gets a hold of the Chaos Emeralds and controls 
them properly, he could take over the world.
The mad doctor traps innocent small animals inside robots often called 
Badniks to try to stop Sonic from ruining his plans. That is the reason 
why small animals pop out of his robots when you destroy them in most 

Running and Spinning:
Speed is the focus of a Sonic game usually, and often the faster you run, 
the more points you earn. Read the moves section to find out the fine art 
of spinning various ways. But be careful! You are vulnerable to Badniks 
when you run, so you need to spin jump or spin in general to kill them! 
In this game, most enemies appear in the form of monsters and such.

Basic In-Level Things:
Some basic things have been in a basic Sonic level from day 1...
Springs: Bouncy things that send you through the air, but not spinning, 
so don't hit enemies.
Loops-de-loops: Sonic had always been running through crazy loops in the
Spikes: Whether they are just stationary or they are going in and out of
the ground, ouch they hurt!

Mysterious, floating, spinning gold colored Rings seem to hang out 
in the Sonic World. Collect 100 of them and you earn an Extra Life and 
they are worth points also(most games, not this one). But a Ring is more 
than a random thing to 
collect. If you are hit by a Badnik, spikes, boss or something else that 
isn't Instant Death (explained below), then you loose all of the Rings 
you are holding and Rings  go bouncing around everywhere, but at least 
you didn't die! Try to pick up as many Rings again as you can, because 
the dropped Rings will start to fade away. (Only applies to the Day 
stages in this game) 
But if you are hit by one of these objects and you have no Rings, you 
will die!

Item Boxes:
You will also find tv monitors (in some games bubbles)you can smash. 
These give you various things, the most basic item box items are:

Rings: It's nice when you can smash a monitor and get lots of Rings at 
once instead of having to collect a lot of single Rings.

Shields (Barriers): These nice bubbles protect you from losing your Rings 
one time, but then you loose your shield. Sometimes shields do other 
things, like attract Rings. (Not in this game)

Invincibility: Stars or a rainbow burst (depending on game) protect you 
from everything that would cause loss of Rings or death without Rings for 
a short period of time. (not in this game) 
Remember, you can still die from Instant Death things, explained below.

Super Shoes: In most games allow you to run faster. (Not in this game)

As explained in the Rings sections, a Ring is the best way to avoid 
loosing a life.
If you have extra lives, then you start at either the beginning of the 
level or If you touched a Checkpoint you start there. If you don't, Game 
There are certain things that will kill you instantly no matter how many 
Rings you have or even if you have an Invincibility item, they are:
Bottomless pits, fall into the nothingness at the bottom of the screen 
and you are dead.
Crushing: The pressure of being pressed against two objects is just too 
Drowning: Sonic can only live 30 seconds underwater and he can't swim!
A countdown begins from 5 when you are close to drowning, either get out 
of the water, or find rising air bubbles from the ground and breathe one 

Special Stage and Chaos Emeralds:
The most mysterious objects of them all, in most games you can enter the 
Special Stage to try to earn them (see Emeralds section for this game). 
Chaos Emeralds have mysterious powers... not much is known about them, 
but often something very special happens when Sonic has all 7... If you 
do not collect all of the Chaos Emeralds and you beat the game, you get a 
message to go and collect them all and what turns out to be sometimes a 
not-so-good ending to the game. (In this game, the Chaos Emeralds are 
gained through the game)

5. Menu, Stages and Moves
You can play this game with the Wii Remote + Nunchuk, the Classic 
Controller, or a Gamecube Controller

Menu Controls:
Make Selection- 
Wii: Pointer
Classic: L stick
Gamecube: Control Stick
PS2: Directional Buttons

Wii: A button
Classic: a button
Gamecube: A button
PS2: X button

Wii: B button
Classic: b button
Gamecube: B button
PS2: O button
Pause Menu:
Open/Close Pause Menu-
Wii: + button
Classic: +/start
Gamecube: start/pause
PS2: start button

5.a. Acts and Missions
Acts are larger missions that are ranked and you get Sun and Moon medals 
according to rank. Missions are shorter, have a certain objective such as 
gathering rings, etc... and you earn a medal just for completing it. You 
get Moon Medals for Day Missions and Sun Medals for Night Missions (don't 
ask me why, that's just the way it is). There are also Bosses that you 
can earn one metal if you beat it in time. They are split up into Day and 
Night Acts and Missions as explained below, they have quite different 

Here are the types of Missions:

Go for the Goal: Day stage, followed up by a couple of missions. Just 
head for the Goal.
Acts: Night stages just head for the Goal.
Bosses: Day and Night, you earn one metal for S-rank, then it goes all 
the way down to C rank with no medal.
Control Mission: Learn to use a move in the game
Time Attack Mission: Head for the Goal in a certain amount of time. There 
are no lives, but there are checkpoints that add seconds to the clock. 
You don't want to really die in these missions however, you end up 
loosing too much time.
Collect Rings: Collect a certain number of Rings in a certain amount of 
time. The Mission ends when you collect the number of Rings or time is up.
Unschaved: Head to the Goal Ring with no Rings
Don't Smash Anything: Don't break any breakable objects, there is a time 
Find the Treasure: Find all 5 special objects in the allotted time.
Limited Health: a night mission where you start with only a small amount 
of health.
Battle Royale: A night mission, defeat a certain number of baddies.

5.b. Sonic the Hedgehog (Day Stages)
Basically, the Day stages are superspeed action through 3D and 
sidescrolling environments. You earn Moon Medals for different Ranks and 
completing Missions. First of all are the different gauges and thingies 
on the screen:

5.b.1. Gauges
Top Left Corner: Lives Remaining, you get 2 lives to complete the stage 
unless you pick up Extra Lives in the Puzzle rooms at the Gaia Gates 
which are explained later in this guide (Acts/Bosses Only)
Below Life Gauge: Target Time, A time and a Rank will appear on the gauge, 
finish the level within that time to earn either an S, A, B, or C rank. 
The ranks go down in order when you go over the times. The higher the 
rank, the more Medals you get, 3 Medals for S, 2 for A, 1 for B and 0 for 
Below Target Time: Elapsed Time, how much time you have already spent in 
the level. (Acts Only)
Lower Left: Number of Rings
Below Ring Counter: Boost Gauge
Upper Left in Missions: Time Remaining
Upper Right in some Missions: Rings Collected/Needed

5.b.2. Rings
Rings work differently in the day and night stages. In the Day stages, 
Rings help protect you from getting hit, if you don't have Rings when hit 
you will die. You loose the amount of Rings that will send you down one 
Boost Level (see boost gauge section in Moves) when hit. Rings also help 
fill your Boost Gauge.

5.b.3. Moves
Spindash Start-
Wii: Shake Wii remote before the countdown reaches 1
Start the level with a spindash

Wii: Control Stick
Classic: L Stick
Gamecube: Control Stick
PS2: Left analogue stick
Use the control stick to allow Sonic to run. He gradually gains speed, 
and he runs faster with more Rings. Pressing the opposite direction will 
make him brake.

Quick Step-
Wii: B button
Classic: L or R
Gamecube: L or R
PS2: L1 or R1
Press and hold above button and then use either left and right on the 
control stick when on the ground or up and down when running on a wall 
(The only way to adjust your course on a wall) to quickly move over. 

Quick Jump/Spin Attack-
Wii: A button
Classic: b button
Gamecube: A button
PS2: X button
Tap for a shorter Jump, hold longer for a higher jump. When using the 
higher jump you can attack enemies.

Wall Jump-
Wii: A button and left or right
Classic: b button and left or right
Gamecube: A button and left or right
PS2: X button and left or right
Use left or right and the A button to jump off a wall in narrow places. 
Only happens in the sidescrolling areas.

Wii: Z button
Classic: y button
Gamecube: B button
PS2: [] button
Standing still, press the button to crouch, then using the control stick 
you can make Sonic crawl. When he is moving, press to make Sonic slide.

Sonic Drift-
Wii: Z + control left/right
Classic: y + left/right
Gamecube: B + left/right
PS2: [] + left/right
Use this button combo for tight corners and help boost your Boost Gauge

Homing Attack-
Wii: shake wii remote while in the air
Classic: b or x while in the air
Gamecube: A, X or Y while in the air
PS2: X button while in the air
When in the air, a curser will appear on homing attackable items, shake 
the wii remote or press the correct button to do a homing attack. Action 
Chains are doing several Homing Attacks in a row and you get your Boost 
Gauge filled.

Lightspeed Dash-
Wii: shake wii remote near a line of Rings
Classic: x shake wii remote near a line of Rings
Gamecube: X or Y shake wii remote near a line of Rings
PS2: O button near line of rings
When you get near a line of Rings, shake the Wii Remote or press a button 
to do a Lightspeed Dash and quickly dash along the lines of Rings.

Sonic Boost and Boost Gauge-
Wii: Shake the Wii remote
Classic: x
Gamecube: Y
PS2: O button
Your Boost Gauge is on the lower left side of the screen. It starts off 
with three bars, and each 30 Rings boosts and increases your running 
speed up to a maximum of 6 bars. Everytime you loose Rings, you go down a 
Boost Level (You can even have a couple hundred Rings and your level will 
still go down and you will loose the amount of Rings to that level (60). 
Fill the Boost gauge with Rings, Action Chains and Drifting.
The gauge shows how much Boost you have, use the controls above to 
activate Sonic Boost and you will dash forward at a high speed for a 
limited amount of time when you have at least one bar on the Boost Gauge 
Glowing. When you level up every 30 Rings, your Boost Gauge will 
automatically fill up, other than that I think it's about 14 Rings for 
each section. Be careful where you boost or you might dash 
yourself off a cliff! Note that when you boost, you gather Rings in a 
wider area, very useful.

Jump Dash/Boost in air-
Same controls as above while in the air.
If you boost meter is empty, you will Jump Dash in the air. If it has at 
least one bar, you will Boost in mid-air. You might want to use this move 
to reach some Boost Rings.

Wii: B or Z while in the air
Classic: y button while in the air
Gamecube: B button while in the air
PS2: [] while in the air
Use stomp to get through fragile floors.

5.b.4. Gimmicks
Gimmicks are various things in-level that help you move forward in 
general, here are the more common ones:

Grind Rail: Hop on for a fast ride

Dash Panel: Sends Sonic dashing in a certain direction

Springs: Send you bouncing, you can Homing Attack them.

Ramp: Launches you in the air.

Speed Ring: Orange ones launch you a short distance, Rainbow ones a 
longer distance.

Crane Lift: Homing Attack the handle to be lifted up.

5.b.5. Results Screen
After a level, a results screen will appear with time completed each 
section of the level, and what Rank you have received, which is 
determined by how fast you beat the level. Then you will get Moon Medals 
based on Rank, three for S, two for A, one for B, zero for C, or one Moon 
Medal for a Mission completed.

5.b.6. Gameplay Tips
S-rank tips: 
There are huge shortcuts in each level. They are often harder to get to 
places, but they cut off a lot of time.

Use boost a lot, but not in areas that will kill you, get to know the 
level first, but you will have to use it as much as you can.

Boost through enemies instead of Homing attack, except when you need them 
to get to a higher place.

5.c. Sonic the Werehog (Night Stages)
These stages are much slower than the Day stages, and feature slower 
platforming and beatem' up action against many enemies.

5.c.1. Gauges
Top Left Corner: Lives Remaining, you get 2 lives to complete the stage 
unless you pick up Extra Lives in the Puzzle rooms at the Gaia Gates 
which are explained later in this guide.
Below Life Gauge: Elapsed Time
Bottom Right: Life Gauge(how much you can get hit before dying) and 
Unleashed Gauge (how much you can used Unleashed mode.)
Top Right: Combo count
Bottom Right: Map

5.c.2. Rings
Rings work differently in the Day and Night stages. During the Night 
stages, Rings are used for filling up your Life Gauge and help you earn a 
higher Rank.

5.c.3. Orbs
Objects you can gain from smashing breakable objects in the stage, from 
enemies or Item Containers. Here are the three types:

Red Orbs increase Werehog's Experience or Force. The more Experience 
Werehog has, the more his abilities increase. Found in all enemies, some 
Breakable Objects or Item Containers.

Blue Orbs increase Werehog's Unleashed Meter. Found in most enemies, some 
Breakable Objects or Item Containers.

Green Orbs increase Werehog's Life Gauge. They are found in certain 
enemies only.

5.c.4. Moves
NOTE: See next section, Werehog's Upgrades for his Special Moves.
Wii: Control Stick
Classic: L stick
Gamecube: Control Stick
PS2: Left analogue stick
Use the stick to move around. Press twice in the same direction to do a 
Dash and to move faster.

Wii: A button
Classic: b button
Gamecube: A button
PS2: X button
Jump! Press the button again in the air to jump higher.

Wii: Z button
Classic: L button
Gamecube: B button
PS2: L1 button
Guard against enemy attacks, you can also dodge if you use the control 
stick. You can also use this move to cancel an attack.

Attacking enemies-
Right Hand Attack:
Wii: shake Wii remote
Classic: y button
Gamecube: R button
PS2: O button
Left Hand Attack:
Wii: shake Nunchuck
Classic: x button
Gamecube: L button
PS2: [] button
Two Handed Attack:
Wii: Shake both Wii remote and Nunchuck
Classic: a button
Gamecube: L and R at same time
PS2: X button

Attack enemies, use alternate hands to perform Combos. At first, you can 
only do three hit combos, but as Werehog gains more abilities (see orbs 
section) then you can do more combos and gain new moves.

Dash Attack-
Attack while Dashing. Stuns enemies.

Grab, Throw Object/Enemy
Grab: (hold button down)
Wii: B button
Classic: R button
Gamecube: X button
PS2: R1 button

Wii: shake wii remote
Classic: b button
Gamecube: A button
PS2: X button
Grab and object or immobile enemy. To just set it on the ground, let go 
the Grab button. To throw, follow top instructions. You also use Grab to 
Grab onto some of the Gimmicks in the Gimmicks section.

Unleashed Mode:
Wii: C button
Classic: Zl or Zr button
Gamecube: Y button
PS2: L1 and R1 at same time
If you have even a little in the Unleashed Meter, you can go into 
Unleashed Mode. You do more damage to enemies and you are not damaged as 
much yourself. You will come out of Unleashed mode when the gauge goes 
down to zero. Fill your gauge with blue orbs.

5.c.5. Werehog's Powerups
As you gain Red Orbs, Werehog will gain new special moves, increases in 
attack power, and increases in his gauges for certain amounts of points, 
here is a list:
Note, Special Moves have different names in Unleashed Mode, I'll have 
these down later.

0 Points
This emergency evasion tactic will push back any foe it connects with.
How to use: 
Swing both arms

1000 Points
Pierce any defence with this technique. Hit foes just right, and you can 
dizzy them!
How to use:
Swing both arms while dashing

Combo Level up
2500 Points
Dark Gaia's power gathers around Sonic. Sonic can now chain together more 

7500 Points
Send baddies skyward, then kick off a combo. This move makes for the 
perfect opener.
How to Use:
Swing both arms after two to three L-R combos

Attack Level Up
10000 Points
Dark Gaia's power gathers around Sonic. Sonic can now use some of Dark 
Gaia's power.

12500 Points
The shockwaves emitted when you pound the target into the ground will do 
additional damage to nearby foes.
How to use: Swing both arms simultaneously while grabbing the target.

Unleashed Level Up
15000 Points
Unleashed Level reached 2 (gauge increase)

Health Level Up
17500 Points
Health Level reached 2 (gauge increase)

Attack Level Up
20000 Points
Dark Gaia's power gathers around Sonic. Sonic can now use more of Dark 
Gaia's Power.

Unleashed Level Up
25000 Points
Unleashed Level reached 3 (gauge increase)

Health Level Up
30000 Points
Health Level reached 3 (gauge increase)

38000 Points
The Werehog's final finisher, the Earthshaker, can deal massive damage to 
a broad area.
How to Use:
Swing both arms after four L-R combos

Attack Level Up
42000 Points
Dark Gaia's power gathers around Sonic. Sonic can now use most of Dark 
Gaia's power.

Unleashed Level Up
48000 Points
Unleashed Level reached 4 (gauge increase)

Health Level Up
54000 Points
Health Level reached 4 (gauge increase)

Attack Level Up
60000 Points
New strength fills Sonic! Sonic can now make full use of Dark Gaia's 

Unleashed Level Up
66000 Points
Unleashed Level Reached 5 (gauge increase)

Health Level Up
72000 Points
Health Level reached 5 (gauge increase)

5.c.6. Gimmicks:
Breakable Objects-
Some small objects such as plants, vases and jars can be broken open in 
order to obtain one red or blue orb.

Comes in two varieties, green switches can simply be pressed, while blue 
switches need a box set on top of them to stay down.

Horizontal Poles-
Grab a pole and keep pressing the Grab button. If you have the Wii Remote 
you will have to shake it to cause him to swing. Either let go of Grab to 
let go, or keep pressing Grab, press Jump so you can grab the next pole

Vertical Poles-
(Wii controls only listed in booklet, I don't know the controls for the 
other controllers)
Shake Wil remote and Nunchuk to climb the pole. Letting go of the Grab 
button will cause you to descend. Press Jump to jump off it.

Spinning Poles-
Wii: Move Wii Remote to start spinning
Classic: L stick to start spinning
Gamecube: control stick to start spinning
Grab, Start spinning, then press the direction you want to get off in, 
then press the jump button to jump off.

Hanging Ledge-
Grab, then either move sideways or let go of the grab button to drop, or 
climb up with the up button when you can. When on top of a ledge, move 
left and right.

Open a Door-
Press the Grab Button. If you are using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, you 
will have to lift up with the controllers to open the door.

Move Lever-
Hold the Grab Button. If you are using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, you 
will have to swing the wii remote from left to right to swing it.

Use Grab button, then control stick to turn it around in a circle.

Dark Energy Force Fields-
You will need to find three keys to open them. The number of keys you 
have found will appear as a gauge on the left hand side of the screen.

5.c.7. Results Screen
You will be given a Rank depending on Time, Rings and Force Collected 
(Red Orbs). If you meet the Targets for all three, you get an S rank, 
target times for two, an A rank, target times for one a B rank. Medals 
however are rewarded for each section separately. Where you are looking 
at the Stage Screen, you will see slots for three medals. The first one 
is for meeting the Target Time, the second Medal rewarded for reaching 
the target Rings, the Third Medal rewarded for reaching the Target Force. 
So you can get all three medals without an S-rank if you repeat the level 
and focus on a different thing.

Next is the Orb Results screen. Your Orbs are added up, and if you gain 
enough of them, you might either increase your Vitality gauge, Combat 
level, Attack power or learn a new attack skill. I will have these 
attacks listed out in a future version of this guide.

5.c.8. Gameplay Tips
General Tips:
Kill enemies that have green orbs last so you can heal during battle, for 
example the flying enemies and wizards.

There are breakable walls and doors in the first part of the first Chun-
nan level with goodies inside.

Time Medal:
Dash a lot and don't go into extra areas of the levels, just go straight 
on through.
You can die as much as you want, but it will eat up a little time at 

Rings Medal:
Explore every area of the level and you should find enough Rings.
Don't worry about dying or getting hit, you still keep all your Rings.

Force Medal:
Explore the stage for those hidden Red Orb capsules.
Don't worry about dying.
If you are short on force, let the blue wizards or Big Mother spew out 
extra enemies for you.

Memorize where force and rings are in the stage, and dash while getting 
them. Time is pretty forgiving, but often you will need all the force and 
rings you can find. Also follow above tips.

6. Boss Tips

Might contain Spoilers

Boss: Egg Beetle
Continent: Mazuri
Type: Day
S Rank/Medal Time: 2'20'00
This boss has a force field around the cockpit, you hit the boss when the 
force field is down, during the second attack explained below.

3D part:
First Attack: Boss sends out cubes that slowly roll around, dodge them or 
use Quick Step to get out of their way.
Second Attack: The claws of the Beetle become electrified and it tries to 
pinch you. Jump up before it can pinch you, and you will see a Homing 
Attack cursor appear! Attack while you can.
These two attacks will repeat once, then it sidescrolls.

Sidescroll part:
Third Attack: Boss fires Missiles at you that stay at the left of the 
screen for a while, then come at you. The proper time to jump in order to 
avoid them is when the bottom missile comes at you.
Fourth Attack: Boss tries to pinch you from the side, same evasion as the 
second attack, but you cannot hit the boss.

Boss pinch attack, then back to sidescroll if you don't hit the boss, 
goes back to 3D if you do.

Boss continues in this fashion, except during the second sidescroll part 
the boss does two pinch attacks in a row you have to jump over in quick 

S-rank tip:
Hit the boss every opportunity you get.

Boss: Dark Gaia Phoenix
Continent: Chun-nan
Type: Night
S Rank/Medal Time: 5'00'00
Basically you are in a circular arena. Around the edges are platforms. In 
order to attack the boss, you will need to first put out it's fire. To do 
that, grab onto the platform's edge with B then use up to climb up. Up 
here, you will find a water barrel, throw this at the boss. You will find 
that later on, the number of barrels you will have to throw in order to 
put out the fire increases to 2 then 3. Then the boss moves to the center 
of the stage. Start attacking. Eventually you will see a Wii command come 
up on the screen (not sure what buttons on other controllers) shake the 
will remote and nunchuk alternately in a combo to get the maximum number 
of hits you can!
Boss Attacks:
Feathers that come at you are easy to avoid by running away, but if they 
hit they set you on fire a short period of time.
After attacking the boss, it will slam into the ground and produce a 
damaging shockwave, try to jump to avoid it.

S-rank tip: Get the Combos correct for more damage.

Boss: Egg Devil Ray
Continent: Spagonia
Type: Day
S Rank/Medal Time: 3'40'00
Like the first boss, the cockpit is surrounded by a forcefield and you 
attack when the field is down. There is a 3D part, a sidescroll part and 
a top view part.

3D part:
First Attack: Various lasers are fired off to the sides, to avoid stay 
centered with the boss.
Soon after this attack, the forcefield goes down, jump and Homing Attack 
the boss.

Second Attack: This one is kind of hard to avoid, the robots incircle you 
and spin around lasers. Don't stand at the edge of the screen, push a 
little left so you can jump over the lasers easier. The forcefield is 
down on the boss, so jump over a laser and Homing Attack.

Now the boss goes through another 3D part and Sidescroll part like above, 
now for the Top View.

Third Attack:
Lasers off to the side, but now small bullets are coming at you, dodge 
carefully. Don't run too close to the boss, you can push back on the 
control stick to back up.
There is a brief window to attack the boss soon, but if you don't take it 
quickly enough, the lasers will fire a wide beam right down the center of 
the screen, so be careful!

Then boss alternates.

S-rank tip: Hit the boss every opportunity you get the first time.

Boss: Dark Moray
Continent: Holoska
Type: Night
S Rank/Medal Time: 5'00'00
You find yourself in a circular room, with the boss in the middle 
surrounded by a forcefield. To get to the Boss first you have to attack 
and destroy 4 pairs of purple tubes. There are a few enemies down here, 
but no orbs in them.
Now the forcefield is down, head to the heart of the Boss and start 
attacking like crazy! Sometimes the boss will drop cylinders, grab and 
throw at the boss to freeze him. The Boss has several attacks, but if you 
are attacking the boss, they will probably not hit you badly. After 
attacking the boss for a while, you will be thrown out of the boss area, 
the forcefield will go up again, and you will have to destroy the purple 
tubes again.
His attacks are:
Blue Energy Ball: Large ball that will freeze you if it hits, and turns 
into spikes when it lands. If you are frozen, the Wii controls are to 
alternate shaking the Nunchuck and Remote up and down to free yourself. 
If the spikes are in the way attack them. During the third time you are 
in the circular part destroying purple tubes, this boss will use this 
attack on you from behind the forcefield.
Ice Beam: Directs a beam toward the ground, that can freeze you and makes 
Slam Attack: Appears the third time against the boss, boss will slam to 
the ground. You might have to quickly get out of the way if you are 
attacking the boss.
Spinning Attack: Hard to avoid, the boss slams to the ground and spins 
around, probably knocking you back.

S-rank Tip: Pretty easy if you focus on attacking the boss despite damage, 
and maybe using more powerful moves.

Boss: Dark Guardian
Continent: Shamar
Type: Night
S Rank/Medal Time: 5'00'00
Basically this is a beatem, up in it's pure form, just attack when you 
can. Here are the boss's attacks:
Punch: Boss will punch out with his fist, duck to avoid.
Twirl: Boss will twirl around, doesn't do any damage, but will stun you. 
Shake the Wii remote and nunchuk to unconfuse yourself.
Teleport: Sometimes the boss will teleport to the top of a staircase and 
create lighting bolts in front of him, easy to avoid if you stay back.
Club: He will try to hit you with his giant club.

S-rank tip: There are plenty of Rings to heal you, go for it and attack 
the boss without worrying about getting hit yourself. Pretty easy to S-

Boss: Egg Lancer
Continent: Adabat
Type: Day
S Rank/Medal Time: 3'30'00
Like the other Sonic bosses, there is a forcefield surrounding the 
cockpit, attack when the forcefield is down.

3D part:
First attack: Missiles hit the ground leaving fiery pillars in their wake, 
duck the fires, or use Quick Step.

Second attack: Green lasers will fire through the wall, use up, down, 
left and right to duck, pretty easy.
Third attack: Boss stomps the wall, sending rocks tumbling down, you will 
have to swerve all directions to avoid them. At one point, a rock hits 
the boss, Boost to do some damage at this point!

Like the topview part of the Egg Devil Ray, except early on you will see 
the claws I guess they are of the boss spread apart, this is a chance to 
attack the boss!

Now is the tough part... you will end up hitting jump pads on the side of 
cliff. Pay attention to the button combos because if you get them wrong, 
you die! After you have entered the button combos correctly, you 
automatically hit the boss for tons of damage!!!

Second 3D part:
After the missiles, the boss gains an attack where it charges at you to 
one side, easy to duck.

The next parts cycle through as above

S-rank tip: Attack every chance you get the first time

Boss: Egg Dragoon
Continent: Eggmanland
Type: Night
S Rank/Medal Time: 7'00'00

Basically with this Boss, you are on a circular platform with the boss 
hovering around it just beyond. Attack the boss when he is at the edge of 
the platform, usually after he attacks by jumping up and attacking at the 
same time the blue glowing spot, making the boss fall where you can 
attack it more. After damaging the boss a certain amount, the platform 
breaks and you fall downward toward another platform. During your fall, 
you can grab lines of Rings to help restore your health.

First Platform:
First Attack: Fireballs, just run away to escape. If you hit you you 
catch on fire for a short period of time and can't move.
Second Attack: Blue Energy Ball, same attack that Dark Moray has. Dash in 
order to escape it.

Second Platform:
Blue Energy Ball attack one after another, platform smaller.

Third Platform:
Platform smaller.
New Attack: He will swipe a lance at you that is electrified, if you get 
hit by it it will confuse you and damage you a lot. In order to avoid it, 
double jump when he is about to swing.

S-rank tip: Attack all you can! I did this boss in less than 5 minutes 
without many special moves at all.

*Final Boss Details ahead*

Boss: Dark Gaia
Continent: Eggmanland
Type: Day
S Rank/Medal Time: 7'30'00

The final fight is split into three parts. Unlike the other bosses where 
death means you have to start completely over, in this boss when you die 
you get to start in the part you died in, even though your time doesn't 
go back down. To get a better chance at completing this boss, gather more 
lives in the Gaia Gate Puzzle Rooms (See Gaia Gate section for more 

First part:
Dark Gaia vs. the Gaia Colossus
You control the Gaia Colossus, which is basically this thing made out of 
temples... it's kind of strange. Anyway this is like a boxing match 
you and the boss! You will have a health gauge like in the Night levels. 
Here are the controls for the Wii Remote and Nunchuck:

Control Stick Left: dodge left
Control Stick Right: dodge right
Control Stick Back: dodge back
Shake Wii Remote: right punch
Shake Nunchuk: left punch
Shake both at same time: Double handed attack
Note; the Double handed attack takes longer to execute but does more 

The boss's attacks:
Right or Left swipe
Double arm attack, Dark Gaia tries to grab you and you have to shake the 
remote to try to get out of his grasp. He will also regain some of his 
Guarding, you can't hit the boss.

It's stupid to punch when the boss is guarding.
When the boss swipes from the left side of the screen, dodge to the left. 
When the boss swipes right, dodge right. After dodging, you will have 
just enough time for a one handed attack!
Just as the boss starts his two handed attack, you will have enough time 
to deal a two handed attack if you react quickly enough!

Second part:
Sonic level, this is similar to a Sonic day level, basically jump over 
purple things. After a short course, you will come to a screen with 
button combos, press the right combo and you attack the boss, the wrong 
combo and you die! You will have to go through three short courses.

Third part:
Super Sonic!!! 

Control stick to move in any direction
B button to dash
When gauge has at least one bar glowing and you see a lock on-curser, 
shake wii remote to dash

Basically the first part is to avoid the bosses swiping motion attack and 
to gather Rings. Like other Super Sonic battles, Sonic will slowly loose 
Rings so be careful, you will loose even more Rings when the boss hits 
you of course! 
You will see a bit of a warning swipe before the actual attack and you 
will have just enough time to dash and avoid.
To avoid the huge swipe attack, get in the center of the screen right 
below the boss's head.

To attack the boss, wait till a homing cursor appears on one of it's eyes 
and then Homing Attack. You can only attack if there is at least one 
glowing bar on the Boost Meter, grab Rings to make a bar glow. You loose 
one bar's worth of Rings when you attack. To make the cursor appear 
sooner, make sure to line up with the eye by staying on one side of the 
screen or the other. You will have to dodge rocks, but this is pretty 
easy, then ram into the eye. If you hit a rock, you simply don't get a 
hit in. Beware, when you attack the boss, you loose Rings, so you want to 
be gathering Rings between attacks.

Later on, the boss will fire dark spheres at you. Press A(for the Wii) if 
the sphere 
is coming at you at the correct time and you will throw it back at the 
boss, if you throw enough back, you will stun the boss. Try rapidly 
tapping A when the energy ball comes at you, it seems to work every time. 
Use time when the boss is stunned to gather more rings.

S-rank tips: Quickly get through everything, line up with the eyes.

7. Enemies
Various enemies will try to get in your way. During Day stages, they are 
Eggman's robots. During night stages various creatures (with a couple of 
random fan robots here and there). Here are the various enemies to deal 
with during the day and night stages:

7.a. Day Stage Enemies
Listed in order they appear in the enemy art section.

Thunderball: Little bluish-green enemies that sometimes put up an electric 
shield that you cannot touch without getting hurt. There is only one time 
I can think of you might want to consider trying to Homing Attack them 
when the shield is down to find a huge shortcut, in Shamar if I remember 

Aero-Cannon: Gun-looking blue thing. Watch out for the missiles, and 
Homing Attack when you are near.

Mole Cannon: White on the ground. They fire bullets at you, you have to 
wait till they pop out of the ground to homing attack.

Interceptor: A large greenish robot with two arms that appears in a couple 
levels. When the two arms are in the center, run off to the side, when at 
the sides, run in the center. Attack it when it is in front of you by 
using a Boost, but you don't have to attack it to get through this section 
of the level.

Aero-Chaser: A large eggmanlike robot that is in front of you, either 
fires a wide beam you have to Quick Step away from, or Missiles you have 
to jump over.

Egg Shooter: These pinkish enemies fire missiles, Homing Attack when you 
are close enough.

Egg Fighter: This Generic Eggman robot is easy to Homing Attack.

Egg Fighter Spring: A Generic Eggman robot with a spring on it's shield, 
you can't destroy them, use as an ordinary spring.

Egg Fighter Knight: Has a sword and shield, sometimes electrified, it's 
best to avoid them.

Egg Fighter Shield: Remove the shield by Homing Attacking, then Homing 
Attack again, but it's best to Boost right through them.

Egg Blizzard: This blue fan enemy emits a freezing beam. If you are 
frozen, wait till you are unthawed. Homing Attack.

Egg Flame: Red fan enemies that shoot out Fire. Homing Attack.

These greenish flying enemies are your basic harmless Homing Attack 

7.b. Night Stage Enemies
Egg Blizzard: This blue fan enemy emits a freezing beam. If you are 
frozen, wiggle the wii remote (or whatever the other controller controls 
are) to escape earlier. Attack directly, contains blue and red orbs.

Egg Flame: Red fan enemies that shoot out Fire. Attack directly. Contains 
blue and red orbs.

Egg Typhoon: Green fan enemies emit fierce winds, Attack directly. 
Contains blue and red orbs.

Dark Bat Sniper: This pink flying enemy emits pink energy balls. If you 
try to grab it, you will just swing from it. Jump and swat down. Contains 
red and green orbs.

Dark Bat: These bluish flying enemies are there only to grab and take for 
a ride. If you destroy one, which is not recommended, I think they contain 
red and green orbs like other flying enemies.

Thunder Bat: Green flying enemies, they sometimes emit a forcefield that 
will confuse you if you get hit, or they will shoot electricity at you 
causing the same effect. If you try to grab them, you just swing, there is 
only one point in the game you will have to do this, don't hold on to them 
very long! Swat down when they are not electrified. Contains red and green 

Killer Bee: Comes in different colors that vary in health. Totally 
ungrabbable. They dodge you when you try to attack, and sting quickly. 
It's best to throw crates or other enemies at them. Contains blue and red 

Spike: These one-eyed bombs will start counting down when touched or hurt. 
It's best to be far away when they blow up, so try picking them up and 
throwing them at a wall or other enemies. Don't contain orbs.

Dark Master: Not sure which one they are trying to describe in game, there 
is a purple wizard that just straight attacks you, and a blue wizard that 
doesn't attack, but summons more enemies to attack you. Grab and throw, or 
attack directly. Contains green and red orbs. Tip: if you need more Force 
for an S-rank, let the blue wizard summon more critters.

Fire Master: Red wizards, they are on fire and try to charge directly at 
you. Throwing a water barrel at them makes them attackable and confuses 
them. Attack directly or grab and throw when they are like this. 
Eventually they will retreat and stay still for a short period of time, 
catching themselves on fire again. Contains red and green orbs.

Lightning Master: Green Wizards, they will throw electric balls at you, 
confusing you. Attack directly or grab and throw. A water barrel will 
instantly kill them. Contains red and green orbs.

Nightmare: Your basic grunt baddies. Come in blue and red varieties, the 
red ones having more health. Attack directly before they attack you. Must 
be confused to grab and throw. Contains red and blue orbs.

Deep Nightmare: Bigger than Nightmares, have more health and can guard 
against attacks, come in red and blue varieties. Contains red and blue 

Big Mother: A huge giant that spits out smaller enemies, has lots of 
health. Watch out for a slam attack that will send you flying. Best to 
fight it in Unleashed mode, and Unleashed combo will do it in quickly. 
Contains red and green orbs.

Little Rex: A little enemy that has a big mouth, comes in blue and red 
varieties. Attack directly. Contains red and blue orbs.

Dark Fright: These little round enemies come in blue or red. They bounce 
around and are easy to grab and throw, easier in fact to grab than to 
attack directly. Contains blue and red orbs.

Titan: A giant enemy with a large club. Will try to clobber you with it or 
swings it around quickly. A combo in Unleashed mode will do it in quickly. 
Contains red and green orbs.

8. Item Capsules
Item Capsules are bubbles that contain power-ups or other things, here is 
a list:

Item: Question mark in a bubble, contains either a soundtrack, picture, 
video or secret document that gives you gameplay tips. Check the Extras 
Menu for tips on locations for the items. New! I have an Item Location 
Guide on! Items help you unlock more missions, including 
number 69 moon medal and last mission.

Blue Orb (Werehog stages): Contains Blue Orbs that help fill the 
Unleashed Meter

Red Orb (Werehog stages): Contains Red Orbs that help increase Werehog's 

1up: Found in the Puzzle Rooms off to the side of the Gaia Gates. You 
need medals to open up these rooms. This item increases the number of 
lives you have in order to complete an Act or Mission.

Key: Found in the Puzzle Rooms off to the side of the Gaia Gates. You 
need medals to open up these rooms. This item opens up a new Secret 

8.a. Item Gathering tips
Talk to villagers more than once to get the villager items.

Items love to hide behind boxes or other breakable objects.

You can lose lives and still keep items.

Look up and down... up for ledges, down for mysterious holes.

During Day stages, most items are in the hardest to reach part of the 

Explore every part of the level.

Stop often and just look around, you might see an item in the distance, or 
notice something funny and out of the ordinary.

The Secret Document Tips can help a lot.

9. Villages, Gaia Gate and World Map:
These are the key to traveling around to different levels, here's an 

9.a. Villages:
Basically you talk to different people in the different places in the 
village in order to progress through the story, or they will give you 
Tablets to open stages in the Gaia Gate, or put together a Planet Tablet 
that leads to a Boss.

At the top is you destination, where you need to go.
Top right is the option to change the village from day to night, if you 
can. Villagers will say different things during the day or night.
Bottom left is the choice to go back to the World Map or exit the game if 
World Map is not available yet.
Bottom is Next Destination
Destinations where you can talk to Villagers appear all over. 

9.b. Gaia Gate:
The Gaia Gate contains several doors and later a teleportation room to 
other Gaia Gates. 

Doors with a Sun Symbol lead to Day stages and you will need a Sun Tablet 
to open them, obtained during the Story.

Doors with a Moon Symbol lead to Night stages and you will need a Moon 
Tablet to open them, obtained during the Story.

Doors with a Star Symbol lead to a Boss and you will need a Planet Tablet 
to open them. (except second boss, where you get the Planet Tablet after 
defeating it) After a boss, you get to put a Chaos Emerald on an alter 
and part of the planet will be restored.

Doors off to the side with both a Sun and Moon Symbol are Puzzle Rooms. 
Open them with a certain number of Sun and Moon Medals. Inside you will 
have to solve puzzles in order to grab Items, 1ups or Mission Keys. 
Puzzles involve changing between Werehog and regular Sonic. 

Numbers of Medals to open the doors:

Door to the left: 33 Sun, 26 Moon
First door to the right: 43 Sun, 45 Moon
Second door to the right: 14 Sun, 14 Moon

Door to the left: 14 Sun, 15 Moon
First door to the right: 55 Sun, 46 Moon
Second door to the right: 87 Sun, 69 Moon

Door to the left: 90 Sun, 69 Moon
First door to the right: 23 Sun, 21 Moon
Second door to the right: 60 Sun, 46 Moon

First door to the left: 93 Sun, 69 Moon  
Second door to the left: 75 Sun, 52 Moon 
First door to the right: 95 Sun, 69 Moon 
Second door to the right: 23 Sun, 15 Moon

First door to the left: 89 Sun, 69 Moon
Second door to the left: 86 Sun, 60 Moon
First door to the right: 33 Sun, 34 Moon
Second door to the right: 33 Sun, 21 Moon

First door to the left: 43 Sun, 52 Moon
Second door to the left: 96 Sun, 69 Moon
First door to the right: 68 Sun, 56 Moon
Second door to the right: 70 Sun, 59 Moon

First door to the left: 99 Sun, 69 Moon
Second door to the left: 80 Sun, 60 Moon
First door to the right: 97 Sun, 69 Moon
Second door to the right: 80 Sun, 69 Moon

9.b.1. Gaia Gate Puzzle Room Solutions
*Note, small error in here, I accidentally unlocked an item required 
mission in the Gaia Gate and accidentally included it in the walkthrough, 
if you spot this mistake, let me know.

Door to the left: 33 Sun, 26 Moon
Ignore the sunspot at first, and swing across the two bars at the right 
side of the room. Now run across the treadmill and pick up the 1up. Now go 
across the second treadmill after the door, and go to the right, where you 
will see a platform going up and down. Use it to reach Soundtrack 12. Now 
go to the left, and climb up the ledge for a 1up.

First door to the right: 43 Sun, 45 Moon
Go to the left of the treadmill to find a ledge leading up to a 1up. Now 
swing across a couple of poles, then head over to a level to the right. 
Push it to activate a platform floating over the treadmill. Get on it, and 
let the platform take you to a sunspot. Jump from here to the right to 
push a switch. Now you opened a door, run up the treadmill to get Secret 
Mission 14. To the right of the door you just opened is another door, 
attack it to open it as Werehog to find Illustration 96 and Secret Mission 
13. (Do you get Secret Mission 13 here?)

Second door to the right: 14 Sun, 14 Moon
Climb the pole and catch the ledge, then climb up to get Soundtrack 31. 
Now go into the sunspot and change into regular Sonic, and run down the 
treadmill and jump to get Soundtrack 47. Now after you land, turn to your 
left to grab Soundtrack 4. 

Door to the left: 14 Sun, 15 Moon
Climb up on the ledge in front of you. Now use the floating moving 
platforms to get to the other side. Hit the switch, then hit the sunspot 
behind the switch to change into regular Sonic. Lightspeed Dash the Rings 
to grab Illustration 63. Now wait for the Rings to return and lightspeed 
dash across again, or if you turn into werehog use the platforms to get 
back to where the sunspot is to change back into regular Sonic. Now drop 
down below, and hitch a ride up on the platform to the back left that is 
moving up and down. See the gap in the wall, crawl under it as regular 
Sonic to grab a 1up.

First door to the right: 55 Sun, 46 Moon
Open the door to the right to find Secret Mission 15. Climb the pole and 
jump off to find Secret Mission 8. Go down the next pole, and grab the 
metal crate. Take it up the ramp, and set it down by the slit in the wall. 
Now go back down to the sunspot and change into regular Sonic. Jump on the 
metal crate and crawl under the slit. Go through here to grab Secret 
Mission 16. 

Second door to the right: 87 Sun, 69 Moon
There's a smashable door in front of you, but first go to the left of that 
to find another door and Illustration 95. Go across some bars after going 
through the other door, then ignore the climbable ledge to the right for 
now, go left to find a metal crate, double jump from it to catch a ledge 
to find Soundtrack 2. Now climb the other ledge, and carry the metal box 
down to where you see the sunspot up above, use it to double jump up there 
and change into regular Sonic. Lightspeed Dash some Rings to find 
Soundtrack 29. 

Door to the left: 90 Sun, 69 Moon
You can't open the door yet, instead climb up a ledge to the right. Double 
jump to the left to find a moving platform going to Soundtrack 24. Now go 
back to the right, before turning, see the sunspot to the right? Change 
into regular Sonic, push the switch to open the door (don't go in here 
yet, and Lightspeed Dash the Rings to grab Secret Mission 17. Now 
Lightspeed Dash across again, and go through the door. Jump on the 
platform to get across to the switch, which makes the platform move. Now 
hop on the other platform to reach Movie 23. Hop in the sunspot, and 
Lightspeed Dash the Rings three times in a row to reach Movie 25. 

First door to the right: 23 Sun, 21 Moon
First go to the right and pick up Soundtrack 5 behind the metal crate. Now 
hit the sunspot and turn into regular Sonic, you can't open the door yet. 
Run up the treadmill then pick up the 1up box. Now open the door as 
Werehog. Go through it, avoiding the sunspot to one side, pick up the 
medal crate, then go back through the door avoiding the sunspot again. Set 
the medal crate down about where the 1up item was, to double jump off it 
to a ledge and reach another 1up item box. Now carry the crate toward the 
treadmill, and you will find a higher place you can reach by putting the 
crate up against the back wall in front of the treadmill to reach 
Soundtrack 14.

Second door to the right: 60 Sun, 46 Moon
Go past the blue switch, you don't have anything to set on it yet, get in 
the sunspot, then Lightspeed Dash the trail of Rings. Climb up the pole, 
and actually jump off to the left instead of the right to find a 1up, the 
other way you cannot go yet. Go past the pole and you will find a door to 
the left with a 1up. Keep going, and you will find a climbable ledge to 
the right, where you will find Soundtrack 15 and a metal crate. Pick up 
the Metal Crate and drop it in front of you, then go down there yourself 
to put the box on the switch. Now go back to the pole by going in the 
sunspot and lightspeed dashing across again, and this time climb the pole 
and now go off to the right. Now up here, you will find a platform moving 
back and forth, take it to Soundtrack 17.

First door to the left: 93 Sun, 69 Moon 
Grab the Spike (bomb enemy) and throw it up against the cracked stone to 
open a hole in the wall, then jump through there. Now climb up the ledge 
in front of the sunspot, pick up the Spike up there, take it down the 
hall, then throw it at the cracked rock that is beyond the horizontal 
pole, then use the pole to reach Soundtrack 27. Now use the sunspot and 
lightspeed dash a couple lines of Rings. Now get in the next sunspot, and 
step on the platform to make it move. Now quickly Lightspeed Dash a line 
of Rings the platform goes by to grab Movie 22. Now a series of still 
platforms appear, let Spike catch up with you. Now go on the moving 
platform when it's moving to the right and face right in order to throw 
spike at a cracked stone when the platform stops. Now you can jump through 
the hole to Movie 26. 
Second door to the left: 75 Sun, 52 Moon
Take the first platform to the sunspot, then take the second platform, 
make sure to kneel down to get past the gap in the wall. Grab Secret 
Mission 12 on the next platform. Another sunspot, more kneeling, and 
another platform takes you to Illustration 62. Climb down a pole, sunspot, 
platform, more of the same takes you to Secret Mission 4. 
First door to the right: 95 Sun, 69 Moon
Use the sunspot to go across the treadmill and on the treadmill grab Movie 
34. Now get in the sunspot and go across both treadmills to attack the 
stone, grab Movie 30. In there is a Spike enemy, grab it, go across the 
treadmill to break open the stone you passed up (There's a dangerous small 
gap here) to reveal Movie 24 and a switch.
Grab the movie, press the switch, then go back across the first treadmill. 
Don't go in the sunspot, go way to the right instead to find a platform 
that is now moving up and down that was still before to grab Soundtrack 
Second door to the right: 23 Sun, 15 Moon
Head to the right, jump a couple of times, to find Secret Mission 1. Now 
drop down to the area below and you will see sunrays coming out of the 
walls, I'm gonna call the sunrays 1, 2 and 3 going from left to right, and 
the medal crates 1, 2 and 3. First just go ahead and grab Soundtrack 6 in 
front of sunspot 1 floating over the switch. Then pick up medal crate 1. 
If you are careful, walk through the gaps in the fence behind boxes 2 and 
3 so you do not change into regular Sonic, then standing beside it, 
carefully set box 1 in front of the conveyor belt. Double Jump from the 
medal crate to get Secret Mission 3. Now pick up crate 1, and go back the 
way you came. Now where sunray 1 comes out of the wall, there is a gap in 
the fence, set the box down in front of the sunray in order to block the 
light. Now pick up crate 2 and set it on top of the blue switch to reverse 
the direction of the treadmill. Now see the gap in the right hand fence in 
front of crate 2? Pick up crate 3 from the safe side of the gap, and try 
to throw the crate onto the treadmill from here. If you don't quite make 
it, just pick up the crate again, or if it goes into the chasm, just wait 
for the crate to reappear. Now go down the treadmill and double jump from 
this crate to get a 1up.

First door to the left: 89 Sun, 69 Moon
Swing across the pole, and find a little passageway to the right that 
leads to a sunspot so you can Lightspeed Dash a row of Rings. Climb up the 
pole, Grab the metal crate, then while holding it fall on top of Movie 29. 
Now set the metal crate down on the blue switch to activate the platform 
to the left of the switch, get on it and go to the sunspot to Lightspeed 
Dash some rings to get Movie 28. Now jump like you are trying to get back 
to the sunspot to find Soundtrack 28. 

Second door to the left: 86 Sun, 60 Moon
You can't open the door yet. Get in the sunspot, and go across the 
treadmill. Now push the green switch, and then pick up the metal crate and 
set it on the treadmill. Go on the treadmill yourself, then carry the 
crate through the now open door. Set the crate down so you can double jump 
to Secret Mission 19. Now get in the sunspot and Lightspeed Dash the 
Rings. Turn back into Werehog, then go to your left and climb the ledge. 
Grab Soundtrack 7.  Now go back to where the sunspot is, and look 
carefully to the right of the sunspot and there is a small gap in the 
wall, crawl under it, then Lightspeed Dash the Rings to get a 1up.

First door to the right: 33 Sun, 34 Moon
Climb the pole and jump off to the left for Soundtrack 26. Get in the 
sunspot, Lightspeed Dash the Rings, and grab Soundtrack 18. Now head to 
where the Spike (bomb enemy) is and change back into Werehog. See the gray 
stone below with a crack in it? Pick up the enemy, throw it at the stone 
to open a hole in the wall. Now fall down below, and Dash/double jump 
through the hole. Push the switch and grab Soundtrack 20. Go backwards, 
even past the pole, and you will find a platform to the right is now going 
up and down, take it to a 1up.

Second door to the right: 33 Sun, 21 Moon
Break open the grey cracked stone, use the sunspot to turn into regular 
Sonic and go up the treadmill. Then you will see another cracked stone, 
turn back into Werehog and smash it to get a 1up.  Now open the door to 
your right, and smash the other stone. Use the sunspot behind the door to 
go up another treadmill. Grab Soundtrack 48 on the staircase. Keep going 
to find Soundtrack 11.

First door to the left: 43 Sun, 52 Moon
Yikes, fire... First go past the Rings, then find the sunspot. Change into 
regular Sonic, go back, and Lightspeed Dash these Rings. Grab Secret 
Mission 5. Now climb up the pole, pick up the iron crate, and put it in 
front of the fire so you can grab Secret Mission 7. Now go back to the 
sunspot. Don't Lightspeed Dash the rings in back of the fire just yet, 
fire is blocking them, instead go to the right of the sunspot to find more 
Rings to Lightspeed Dash. Grab Secret Mission 9, then change back into 
Werehog and set the two metal crates down over the edge. Now go down here, 
and use the metal crate that was already down here and the two you just 
put down here to cover up the fire that is blocking the Lightspeed Dash 
Rings. Now you can Lightspeed Dash this set of Rings to get Secret Mission 

Second door to the left: 96 Sun, 69 Moon
Ignore everything else for now, swing across the bars, and head right. Get 
in the sunspot. See the rings to the right? They are in front of a gap in 
the wall, crawl through there, then quickly get to the treadmill and go 
across it, it might take more than one try to make it. Before picking up 
the metal crate, jump up the ledges to eventually find Movie 27. Now pick 
up the metal crate, and put it on the switch next to the gap in the wall. 
Now go back to the sunspot, and then as regular Sonic run to the treadmill 
that is by another blue switch (area to the left after swinging across the 
bars) Now pick up the metal crate and put it on the treadmill. Put this 
box on the blue switch next to the treadmill. Now go back to the sunspot 
area and get on the platform going up and down. Now pick up the metal 
crate up there, and get on the other platform moving back and forth, you 
will run into Movie 32. Put the box down on a blue switch. Now go all the 
way back to where Movie 27 was. Use the platforms that are now moving to 
get Soundtrack 30.

First door to the right: 68 Sun, 56 Moon
Use the Crank first, and move the platform so it is in front of the item 
on the pedestal sort of in front of you. Double Jump and grab Secret 
Mission 22. Now turn the crank so that the platform is in the right side 
of the screen, basically on the other end of the Rings from where it 
started off from. Now swing on the horizontal poles to the left. Grab 
Movie 19. Ignore the blue switch for now, you have nothing to put on it, 
go across the horizontal poles. Grab Illustration 3. Now hit the sunspot 
and Lightspeed Dash the Rings. If you moved the platform where I asked, 
then the platform should be lined up so you can put the metal crate on top 
of it. Now go all the way back to the crank. Move the platform so it is 
near the blue switch, then go all the way back to the blue switch and set 
the crate on the switch. Now go back toward the sunspot area, and another 
platform has appeared going back and forth, take it to Illustration 40.

Second door to the right: 70 Sun, 59 Moon
Find the Metal Crate near the sunspot, and carry it a short distance (away 
from the sunspot) to where you see an item up high, put the crate down to 
double jump from it to grab Soundtrack 21. Now take the crate and put it 
over the fire to grab Secret Mission 23. Now set the crate down back where 
you found it. Climb up a ledge near the treadmill to that sunspot, then go 
up the treadmill. Grab Illustration 89. Now carry the metal crate as 
Werehog down the treadmills, and set it on top of the other metal crate. 
Now get in the sunspot, go up the ramp, and now because of the crates you 
can crawl through the space to grab Secret Mission 11.

First door to the left: 99 Sun, 69 Moon
Get in the sunspot next to the blue switch (I'm calling this switch 1), 
then go up the treadmill. Soundtrack 3 is over another blue switch (I'm 
calling this switch 2). Put the metal crate on switch 2, then go back over 
the treadmill. You will find a platform going up and down and another 
metal crate. First put the crate on switch 1, then go back on the platform 
moving up and down, you will find another platform now moving up there, 
and use it to get to Soundtrack 16. Now drop down below, go across the 
treadmill, take the box off switch one and use it as a fire shield and put 
it on the switch there (switch 3). This will make a platform to the left 
of switch 3 go up and down, this platform has a sunspot on it. Lightspeed 
dash the rings and you will get Secret Mission 28. Jump down into the area 
below, and head toward the screen to find Movie 31. Pick up the metal 
crate down here, and set it on top of the switch next to Movie 31. Now go 
back to where Secret Mission 28 was by first dropping down below the 
switch, and now another platform is moving, take it to Document 33.

Second door to the left: 80 Sun, 60 Moon
Go past a bunch of stuff till you find Secret Mission 20. Now jump to your 
right, and see the level in front of the fire, carefully pull it to shut 
the fire off. Now get in the sunspot, and lightspeed dash the rings behind 
the fire. Grab Secret Mission 24. Fall down, and go back to the 
level/sunspot. Now pull the lever again, and this time get on the platform 
that is moving. Now you can get Illustration 92. Now go back to the level, 
pull it again, and this time fall down below, and grab Secret Mission 21.

First door to the right: 97 Sun, 69 Moon
Go down the treadmill in front of you, than the next one. Set the metal 
crate on the switch to the right. Use the sunspot, and go back up the 
treadmills, and you will find a platform moving up and down. Grab 
Soundtrack 46, then grab the second metal crate. Drop down below, cross 
the treadmill, and put it on the switch. Now go back to the sunspot, and 
then go up all three treadmills to another room and another switch, set 
the metal crate on it. Go across two treadmills to find a new platform 
moving up and down. Grab Soundtrack 23. Now head toward the screen to find 
another moving platform. Grab Movie 33. Now look behind Movie 33 for 
another metal box, pick it up and get on the next platform. Now drop down 
below and go all the way back to the sunspot to find another platform 
going up and down now, grab Movie 35. 

Second door to the right: 80 Sun, 69 Moon
Get on the moving platform, remember the one sitting there not moving. Now 
you have a choice to get on two moving platforms, one in front and one 
behind. First go with the one behind. Take those platforms to Secret 
Mission 27. Now after a couple more platforms, push a switch you find, and 
a platform and then drop down below, and the platform that wasn't moving 
earlier now is. Take that set of platforms to Secret Mission 26, then head 
back to where you have a choice between two moving platforms. Now go with 
the one in front. Now the third platform you get to has a sunspot, after 
turning into regular Sonic, take that platform to the other side, and 
lightspeed dash the Rings. Now turn into Werehog and climb the ledge. Grab 
Illustration 61.

9.c. World Map:
A map of the World, here is the screen controls:

Upper Left: Number of Lives, Number of Sun Medals, Number of Moon Medals
Bottom of Screen: Tells you where you need to go to progress through 

Rotate World-
Wii: Use Control Stick
Classic: L stick
Gamecube: control stick

Select Area-
Wii: Pointer or Control Pad
Classic: Control Pad
Gamecube: Control Pad

Status Menu-
Wii: -
Classic: L button
Gamecube: L button

Wii: +
Classic: R button
Gamecube: R button

Select a destination and you will have a choice to go to the Village, a 
specific Stage or the Gaia Gate.

Status Menu displays all the Missions in a certain destination and the 
Medals you have earned there.

Extras contain the Items you have picked up in stages, Art, Music, Movies 
and Secret Documents that contain gameplay tips. There are hints to the 
location of items for the items you have not found if you choose one of 
the locked items.

9.d. Continent Order
If you are looking for Items and following the clues and wondering what 
order the continents are in, here it is:

1.	Apotos and Mazuri
2.	Spagonia
3.	Chun-nan
4.	Holoska
5.	Shamar
6.	Adabat
7.	Eggmanland

10. Random Observations:
*Note, I am getting too many Random Observation requests, so I am shutting 
this down, this is enough.

If the world split apart like that, wouldn't the oceans spill over onto 
the core?

Sonic lives on a different world, can we finally call it Mobius like in 
the old cartoons and comics?

If you have played previous Sonic games(especially Secret Rings), isn't 
the urge to Jump Dash just too much sometimes, then you shake the Wii 
Remote and go Dashing off a cliff?

Why isn't the South Pole of Sonic's world cold?

From Maizy Cornwell:
If Sonic really wants Amy to leave him alone why is he so embarrassed 
when she sees him as a werehog....? XD

From LeTavious:
the Tornado 1 was destroyed....why is it in this game?

From: Nicky
if proffeser pickles name is pickle why does he eat cucumbers?

From: Matias
Why is it that whenever you complete a SUN stage you get a MOON badge and 
when you complete a MOON stage you get a SUN badge? 
If Eggman built all his robot, why did he produce one that would talk 
bad towards him and mock him? 
Where are Knuckles, Shadow, Rogue, E-123, or any other main character when 
the world is at crisis and Sonic's working his ass off to save it? 
If Sonic transformed using the Negative energy of the Chaos emeralds, 
shouldn't he turn into some sort of creature like Chaos instead of a... 
Where does Chip get all his chocolate?  And where does he keep it for that 
One of the missions said EN instead of IN, I can't remember which one it 
was at the moment, but... just a random observation.  Instead of  using 
the word IN they misspelled it as EN. 
Since the continents are split appart and shattered into space kinda - 
does that mean the Tornado 1 can fly through Space?  If so - does this 
mean Sonic can breathe in space?  Sonic Adventure 2 proved that he may be 
able to since they did fight the final boss in mid space and had a lot of 
Space levels.  Would this mean Sonic is related to Frieza?!  Lol jk... no 
but seriously, he can breathe in space?!? 
When are they going to make a Sonic game that lets you use Super Sonic mid 
stage whenever you want using 50 rings like the old games?  I MISS 
THAT!... sorry... just wondering... 

11. Questions?:
Got Questions or need help? 
First check Section 1, FAQ to see if your question has already been 
answered or not or in the rest of the guide.
If not, e-mail me, [email protected] 
I prefer e-mails relating only to the FAQS.
No more Random Observations will be put in the guide.

12. Version History:

0.4: 11/22/2008

0.5: 11/25/2008
A few corrections here and there
Added Boss Tips
Added Werehog's Powerups
Added some Gaia Gate door medal requirements

0.51: 11/28/2008
Fixed Ranking Info for Werehog Stages
Added new Mission types
Added a couple more FAQS

0.52: 12/3/2008
Boss fixes
Other additions of info here and there

0.6: 12/8/2008
Added PS2 Controls
Added continent order
Added Tips
Reread, some minor things added

Version 0.8: 12/16/2008
All Gaia Gate Medal Requirements added
Gaia Gate Puzzle Solutions Added
Detailed Enemy list added
Other info added here and there, complete reread of guide

                 ###                   +-X+X#,
               ##.  ###              ######-  ###
             =#,=#######;          .###+, ;###+ .#
            ##.##.   .x###=       X##=       ### +#
           x# ##          #      =##  ;       ##x X-
           # ##.      ######    .#  ######     ##; #
          #- #.      ##   x#+  ## ##     +##   -##x#
         ## ##   ##XX   , =##=####;      .  .x##  ,##
       =######  ## -   . =#   #    =       =   +#   ##
      ##     ##  # #+                ;=, X###+ ,# .  #
      #  ;,.  =###;x  ..               ###  ,  ##    #-
     ##          #-                     X#  #  ###-  #
    #  .###+   =#                   X  -#  # ,# ,#X =#
    ## ##-  ###x#           -####;  #+  ;#  + ##. +## #
   .# ,#.,,-# -## +###     #X.xX###.  . ,#  X ## ;# # #
   =# ##   -#   #.#####,   ###x#x##x#X  ,# .# ## =# ###
   -# #-#  =#  .## , #.   .#  #   #     +# .#  #  # +#   
   x##+ #  .#=# - =#=  #;##+  ;#.;  x#;  #  # ##  #.
    ##  #   #,   ##= -  #==     ##. =###-.  #  #=#   #
    ##  ##  ##   # +#  +#+  +Xx     +##     =  +##   #
     #  +#   #.  #  #++         #-,#+#X.    #- .##  ##   -#x
     #x  #+  =#  #   -######+=#####  + ##  -#   ##  ## =x+ -
     ##  x##+ =#  # .#+ +x+x####  ####=  ,#   =##   ##=x
##x  =#  X  +#X##x#+## ;xx=+=;###  #=-X##   #####  ## ######
   ##+## ,#-      #  #+++===-+#=## x= #=X##-#+ .#  #. #
#####, #   ###    # ;#x=++=xX# + xXx  =.       ##  #   ###
##   # ## ##    xx##+#==++xX###=#      #    +###  =#
  xxx   #  #+X##x#-  x=+++==-+x###;=x##   =##,#  +#

        ,#                                        xx
     +###                   .. +X               #.
    #x  #    .#  ####     ###X##    #  X###    #;     ##  #
 , ## .,#     # #x  #    #    ##  .## ##  #    #;   .#-# #
 ;#x.-= #     ##-   #  =#X  #X####; ##=   #  ,##   ##  ##
 ##     ##   ##     #x##-###  #+   ;#     #### #x###  # ####
 x;      #   .x     =x     ## #     #     ,x    #,   #x
                        ##    #

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