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Rune Factory: Frontier Cheats and Tips

We have 7 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Rune Factory: Frontier please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Rune Factory: Frontier Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Cinnamon and Candy

Cinnamon and Candy are granddaughters of Kanno who arrive Spring 7th. In order to meet the two young girls you must interact with Kanno regularly for a day or two beforehand and initiate the conversation about cooking.

Getting to Whale Island

Water the sparkling plant found near the clock tower to get to Whale Island.

Finding Woolys and Buffamoos

At Whale Island enter the Whale Cave and follow the path on the 2nd Floor in the south that leads to the
Whale's Fin area. There you will find Woolys and Buffamoos which are two Monster types who provide Ranch Products.

Getting Fruit from the Fruit Trees

When you hit fruit tree with your hammer any fruit on it will fall to the ground.

Courting Female Characters

To get the girls in Rune Factory: Frontier to like you, use the list below for their favourite items, likes and dislikes:
Anette: Anette's favourite is Pumpkin Tart, while she likes Strawberries, Oranges, Cherries and Boiled Eggs. She dislikes Eggplant.
Bianca: Bianca merely likes being talked to, but dislikes Onigiri.
Iris Blanche: White Iris loves Tomato Juice, likes Flowers, and hates Garlic.
Iris Noire: Black Iris has a favourite of Tomato Juice, likes Flowers and dislikes Garlic, exactly the same as White Iris.
Cinnamon: Cinnamon loves Magic Crystal, likes Fish and hates Cucumbers.
Eunice: The favourite of Eunice is Mont Blanc, while she likes Flowers and Cakes (though not while she's dieting!). Eunice dislikes Fish.
Lara: Lara's favourite is Chocolate Cake, while she likes Strawberries, Donuts and Jam. Her dislike is Veggie Juice.
Melody: Melody loves Relax Tea. Her like is Grasses, but not Weeds, while she dislikes Mayonnaise.
Tabatha: Tabatha's favourite is Milk Gruel. She likes Apples and Mixed Juice, with no dislikes.
Uzuki: To make friends with Uzuki, bear in mind that her favourite item is a Golden Hairpin, while she likes Fishes and Sashimi, and dislikes Vegetables.
Mist: Mist's favourite is the Emery Flower. She likes Turnips, Four Leaf Clovers, Baked Apples and Cake. If you want to get in her bad books, she dislikes Pickled Turnip.
Rosetta: She has a favourite of Cherry Pie, liking Strawberries, Hot Milk and Baked Potatoes. She dislikes Milk, however.
Selphy: Selphy's favourite is a Sandwich. She likes Onigiri and Baked Rice Balls. Selphy dislikes Jewels.

Unlock Characters

Unlock the following characters using the instructions below:
Brodik: Unlocked after the first fall.
Bianca: Unlocked on 2nd of Summer.
Tabatha: Unlocked on 2nd of Summer.
Uzuki: Wait until after 12th of Spring and find at the Inn.
Minerva: Without becoming friends, get Tabatha up to 6 hearts.
Iris Blanc: After speaking to Rosetta about Moondrop Flowers, visit the Tower of Rest. Plant the flowers to unlock the character once they have grown.
Iris Noir: Iris Noir is in the fourth stage of the Snow Ruins.
Lara: Catch a cold by visiting Mist on 6th of Spring. Once you leave your house on the next day, Lara will rescue you once you faint due to the illness.
Selphy: After unlocking Lara, keep an eye out for Selphy wbo will faint in the road. Get Lara to help her to unlock this new character.
Melody: At the stream deep into Whale Island, Melody gives you the hammer and asks you to break the blockage.
Your Child: Marry a female and after 3 seasons this will occur.

Unlock Tools

During the game complete the following requirements to receive the corresponding tool.
Watering Can:
Given to you by Mist when you first move in.
Given to you by Mist when you first move in.
Given to you by Candy when you ask her 'What are Runeys?'
Fishing Rod:
In the early afternoon talk to Cinnamon by the church district exit on your farm.
Pet Glove/Brush:
Explore the cave on Whale Island and then talk to Kross who can be found in the south district.
Till 40 squares of land and then talk to Erik who can be found selling seeds in the south district.
Till 40 squares of land (you don't have to plant anything) and then talk to Stella the nun (you may have to wait until Spring 4th).
On Whale Island go to the second floor in the cave and find Melody. There will then be a cutscene and she will give you a hammer.

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