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House Expansion FAQ

by Goldhorizon

** Rune Factory Frontier * * Rune Factory Frontier * * Rune Factory Frontier **

Rune Factory Frontier for Wii 
- Indepth House Expansion & House Items Combo Guide/Faqs 
  - Includes Starting Guide and requested Helpful Game Info

This is a combo guide (Building & Game Tips/info):

Section 1: Building

- This Building Combo Guide includes all House and all House Items information
  - Some detailed information (including some dialog) is provided on the two
    suppliers (Kross & Lute) for better understanding about the building
    process, where to find the suppliers, and how to become their good friends

- This Building Combo Guide includes the Monster Barn information

Section 2: Starting Guide & Helpful Game Info

- This Building Combo Guide includes a section on Starting Tips & Helpful Info
  - Includes Starting Walkthrough for Spring 1st - Spring 12th
  - Includes the Monster Types List (Monster functions/etc)
  - Includes lots of requested Helpful game info and Tips

Although this is a combo guide, it is not a complete walkthrough guide detailing
all information in the game and therefore is not a Walkthrough guide/faqs

It therefore is appropriately located in the in-depth faqs section and not the
general faqs section

Written by Goldhorizon
Version 1.86 (Starting version plus 86 updates)

Exclusively on Nintendo Wii

Wii Remote (wiimote) & Nunchuck motion controls
plus button control options

Also Compatible with the Wii Classic Controller
(not compatible with the GameCube Controller)

3 save slots

Rated E-10+ (for Everyone 10+)
Licensed by Nintendo, Inc 2009
Developed by Marvelous Entertainment, Inc 2009
Translated in English by Xseed, Inc 2009
Game Enhancement Neverland, Inc 2009


All info contained in this guide is original and has been tested in-game.

This Guide/Faqs is NOT spoiler-free.

Any and ALL spoilers are included.


Kitchen, Lab, & Forge Pictures here:

(Credit: Syvle)


Table of Contents

- Search using any heading below (ctrl-f)

Section One: Building Guide

I.    Suppliers

          Upgrade & Ordering Info

               Multi-build (Kross)
               Single-build (Kross)

               Item Availability (Lute)

          Kross Info
          Kross Schedule
          Kross Menu Info

          Some Kross Related Game Info
          - Moved this to end of section 2
            for an easier to read building section
          - Still has some building related info in it

          Lute Info
          Lute Scheule
          Lute Menu Info

          Some Lute Related Game Info
          - Moved this to end of section 2
            for an easier to read building section
          - Still has some building related info in it

II.   Monster Barn

          Barn (Kross)

               1st Build (Barn Build plus Room 1)
               2nd Build (Room 2 & 3)
               3rd Build (Room 4, 5, 6, & 7) 

III.  Makers

          Makers (Lute)

               Seed Maker
               Yogurt Maker
               Yarn Maker
               Cheese Maker

V.    Tool Boxes

          Tool Box (Lute)

               Original Tool Box
               Large Box

VI.   Bedroom

          Bedroom (Kross)

               Bedroom Expansion

          Bedroom (Lute)

               Original Bed
               Full-sized Bed
               Children's Bed
               Toy Box
               Original Small House Painting
               Summer Ocean Painting
               House in a Forest Painting
               Small Lake Painting
               Autumn Forest Painting
               Winter City Painting
               Portrait Painting (Self-portrait)

VII.  Kitchen

          Kitchen (Kross)

               Bulging Style
               Ba-Bump Style
               Pointy Style

          Kitchen (Lute)

               Handy Kitchen
               Great Kitchen
               Chef’s Kitchen

               Giant Fridge

               Handy Frying Pan
               Great Frying Pan
               Legendary Frying Pan

               Handy Pot
               Great Pot
               Super Pot

               Handy Blender
               Great Blender
               Mystical Blender

               Handy Steamer
               Great Steamer
               Master Steamer

               Handy Oven
               Great Oven
               Royal Oven

VIII. Laboratory

          Laboratory (Kross)

               Apothecary Style
               Alchemy Style
               Magic Style

          Laboratory (Lute):

               Handy Laboratory
               Great Laboratory
               Research Laboratory
               Lab Storage

IV.   Forge

          Forge (Kross)

               Cozy Style
               Cool Style
               Creepy Style

          Forge (Lute)

               Handy Forge
               Great Forge
               Maestro Forge 

               Forge Storage

IIV.  Other Furniture

          Other Furniture (Lute)

               Original Curtains
               Relaxation Curtain
               Smart Curtain
               Elegant Curtain

               Original Octagon table
               Large Table

IIIV. Building Wood/Prices Summary

          - Each has Price/Wood Totals

          Barn (Kross)
          Makers (Lute)
          Tool Boxes (Lute)
          Bedroom (Kross)
          Bedroom (Lute)
          Kitchen (Kross)
          Kitchen (Lute)
          Laboratory (Kross)
          Laboratory (Lute)
          Forge (Kross)
          Forge (Lute)
          Other Furniture (Lute)

Section Two: Starting Tips & Helpful Info

Starting Walkthrough (Spring 1 - Spring 12)

     Errands from Beginning Villagers
     Early Filler Tasks
     Beginning Monsters

HP and RP Bars

    - Includes endless rice and flour

Silver Hammer, Ores, & Little Crystals

Free Fruit/Ground Hammer Attack

Pickled Turnips are your Friends

Tools Summary

Ring Controls (Tools & Consumables)



Teleport Home

Plant on the 30th


Harvester & Brush uses no HP/RP

Letters & Replying

Looking up (1 Button)


     Monster Farm Work Info
     Breeding Monsters
     Other Monster Questions
     Multiple Monsters & Work Quality
     One Monster per Task plus Monster Types
     Monster Friendship/Breeding
     Production Monsters Show “No Work”
     Breeding – Stats & Work Quality
     Monster Transport List
     Monster Types List (includes function/description/etc)

Making Custom Recipes

Leveling Up Crops

     Greenifier Info
     Greenifier Recipe

Opening Dungeons

     Green Ruins
     Lava Ruins
     Snow Ruins
     Whale Island
     Plus Era of Disconnect

Whale Island Shortcuts

Adventure/Explorer Books (Dungeon Books)

Rosetta/Mail Route Fun

Dancing Warriors

Festival Schedule

Beach Day (Watermelon Smashing)

Harvest Festival

Hotpot Convention

Constellation List & Info

Melody Bath Event

The Pink Elephant

The storyline

   Iris (white) Storyline Progression
   The Whale Island Tail & Rune Progression
   12 Maiden Flowers

Marriage Requirements

Child Progression/Stages

Rune Miracle List (Candy)

Runey Checker Map

Runeys/Runes/Rune Stones


          4 Types of Runeys
          Runey Map Preferences
          Getting the Harvester
          Storing Runeys
          Easier Runey Maintenance
          Runeys and Dungeons


     Rune Stones


  Some Related Game Info

       Is Kross a ghost?
       Kross Beginning Game Mail Cutscene
       Anette Delivering Mail Cutscene
       Lost Nail Cutscene
       Kross/Brodik Rock Pushing/Challenges Cutscenes
       Library (Rune Archives) Related Building Books


  Some Related Game Info

       Why Lute Paints
       Portrait (Self-portrait)
       Second Climbing Vine Sprout

Section Three: Legal & Copyright




Rules and Regulations

Signature End


Rune Factory Frontier


Section One: Building Guide

I.    Suppliers

- See the end of Section 2 for more info on Kross and Lute
  - Some Kross Related Game Info 
  - Some Lute Related Game Info

    - Gives more background on the suppliers
    - Gives more related game information on the suppliers
    - Gives more related building information through books/dialog/etc
    - Includes Dialog/Instructions to get Brodik out of town

Upgrade & Ordering Info:
- Kross: builds just the building itself and then you need to go buy
  the storage boxes/utensils/etc from Lute (Public Square/holiday 
  – or – by the St. Poli Church if it is a holiday/festival)

  Kross (only one build each): Kitchen, Lab, Forge, Bedroom
  Kross (multi-build): Barn

- Lute: Can purchase Handy upgrades/items without Kross’s upgrades
      but you then need Kross’s upgrades to purchase other items
      from Lute (Lute will say your kitchen/lab/forge/bedroom/house
      is too small).

Kross Info:

- Kross lives in South District 
  - Go across the bridge
    then left from your house
- Carpenter & previous Warrior 

- Birthday: Spring 2
- Most Favorite: Cat's Tail
  - Crafting (Level 50)
  - Recipe:
    - Fluffy Wool
    - Yarn
    - High Quality Fur
    - Magic Crystal
    - Pink Cat Flower
- Easy Gift: Warrior Medal
  - Dropped from
    - Goblin, Orc, Archer Orc (Whale Island - Cave)
- Hates: Curry Powder, Flour

- Builds house expansions and monster barn (for a price)
- He does build on rainy days but he has a different
  schedule (see schedule below)
- He does build on holidays but you have to be at 3-4 hearts
  and knock on his door from 6am-9am
- Upgrade ordered is done immediately in the same hour
- You can only build one barn (multiple upgrades to 7 rooms)
- You can only build one bedroom (2nd story to house)
  - This is not the "expansion" you need to make your house
    bigger if you are trying to buy any kitchen, lab, or forge
    items for your home from Lute
  - You need the actual extention that Kross builds that matches
    the items you are trying to buy from Lute
    - Example: Forge Upgrade (Kross) -> Great Forge (Lute)
- You can build all 3 styles each of the kitchen, Lab, & Forge
  but you can only have one style at a time
- You have to pay again if you want a different style of kitchen,
  Lab, or Forge but you can change styles indefinitely
- Kross also gives you lots of advice on monsters and fighting
  techniques (some through song verses/most through talking)

Kross Schedule:

- You need to use the nunchuck to knock on someone's door
  and they will let you in if you have a 4 Friendship
  relationship or above with them
- There is no option to knock with the classic controller

- In Town from beginning 
  - Residence: Trampoli South District (Kross's House)

- Sunny Days (Open 9am - 6pm)

  6am - 9am:
  - At 4 hearts you can knock on his door and he will let you in
    - You can access his build menu from 6am-9am

  9am - 6pm:
  - He goes to work in his field by his house from 9am-6pm
    - You can access his build menu any time he is in his field
    - He is at the back of the field from 9am-noon
    - He is at the front of the field from noon-3pm
    - He is at the back of the field from 3pm-6pm

    - He is sometimes on his roof during 9am-Noon
      - You can't access his build menu and you can't talk to him

    - He is sometimes in his front yard during 9-Noon
      - You can access his build menu

  6pm - Midnight:
  - He goes back in his house from 6pm-midnight
    - He is still in his house from 7pm-Midnight but you can't
      access his build menu because he is closed
      - At 4 hearts you can knock and he will let you in
        but you can't access his build menu because he
        is closed
  - At midnight if you knock you will get the message:
    - "... it's kinda late. I'll come back tomorrow."

- Holidays/Festivals (Sunny)

  6am - 9am:
  - At 4 hearts you can knock on his door and he will let you in
    - You can access his build menu from 6am-9am

  9am - Noon
  - He goes to your farm by your shipping box from 9am-Noon
        - You can't access his build menu while in church
          - He says, "I have a previous engagement. 
            Can you come back another day?"
  Noon - 6pm:
  - He goes to the church from Noon-6pm
    - You can't access his build menu

  6pm - Midnight:
  - He goes back in his house from 6pm-midnight
    - He is still in his house from 7pm-Midnight but you can't
      access his build menu because he is closed
      - At 4 hearts you can knock and he will let you in
        but you can't access his build menu because he
        is closed

  - At midnight if you knock you will get the message:
    - "... it's kinda late. I'll come back tomorrow."

- Rain & Snow Days (Open selectively)

  - He has a different schedule when it rains or snows
    - Holidays he still goes to your farm instead of the church
      - You can't access his build menu on holidays unless friends

    6am - 9am:
    - You can still buy from him at certain places
      - At 4 hearts you can knock on his door and he will
        let you in 
        - You can now access his build menu from 6am-9am

    9am - 3pm:
    - He is in the church from 9am-3pm 
      - You can't access his build menu

    3pm - 6pm:
    - He is back in his house from 3pm-6pm
      - You can access his building menu

    - Rarely he is at the bath house from 3pm-4pm

    7pm - Midnight:
    - He is still in his house from 7pm-Midnight but you can't
      access his build menu because he is closed
      - At 4 hearts you can knock and he will let you in
        but you can't access his build menu because he
        is closed

    - At midnight if you knock you will get the message:
      - "... it's kinda late. I'll come back tomorrow."

Kross Menu Options:

I want to expand my house

- Single/One-time Build

  - I want to build a kitchen
    - Bulging
    - Ba-Bump
    - Pointy

  - I want to build a laboratory
    - Apothecary
    - Alchemy
    - Magic

  - I want to build a forge
    - Cozy
    - Cool
    - Creepy

  - I want a bedroom
    - Second Story of house

- Multi-build

  - I want to build a barn
    - 1st Build (Building & Room 1)
    - 2nd Build (Room 2 & 3)
    - 3rd Build (Room 4 & 5)
    - 4th Build (Room 6 & 7)

  - Never mind
    - Exits Menu

Lute Info:

- I wont include all of Lute's talking/events here but
  the following will give you some insight as to his

- Painter
- Traveling Merchant (peddler)
- Born in Iber
- He is happiest when he is painting
- Sells Handy upgrades and various house items
- Yes he is male (wears a robed jester outfit)

- Birthday: Summer 13
- Favorite Gift: Chocolate
- Easy Gift: Milk
- Hates: Fish

- Lute will give you information on how to use the items he sells
- He will rotate available house items so keep taking to him
  every holiday for the complete list
- As you buy items then more will come available
- As you upgrade your house through Kross's upgrades then more
  house items will become available
- All upgrades are done immediately and in the same hour
- All bought house items are immediately delivered to your
  house and put in the designated spots

Lute Schedule:

- In Town every holiday
  - Does not live in town

- Holidays/Non-festival
  - Located at the Public Square
  - 9am-5pm
  - Any weather

- Holidays/Festival
  - Located in front of the St. Poli Church 
  - 6am-6pm
  - Any weather

- Painting at Lake Poli near entrance 
  - Thursdays
  - Sunny days
  - 9am-6pm
  - You can't buy from him while he is painting his 
    "next masterpiece" but you can still talk to him
    and give him gifts

Lute Menu options:

- Be careful, curtains can only be
  bought once and you can not change
  back to previous curtains

I'd like some furniture:

- Starting house & beyond
  - Relaxation Curtains
  - Smart Curtains
  - Elegant Curtains
  - Large Table (Dining table)
  - Large Box (Tool box)
  - Mini Fridge

- After Kitchen Upgrade (Kross)
  - Giant Fridge
- After Bedroom Built (Kross)
  - Summer Ocean Painting
  - House in a Forest Painting
  - Small Lake Painting
  - Autumn Forest Painting
  - Winter City Painting
  - Portrait Painting (Self-portrait)
  - Full-sized Bed

- After Bedroom Built (Kross)
  plus After Marriage

  - Children's Bed

- After Bedroom Built (Kross)
  plus after marriage
  plus after wife pregnant

  - Toy Box 

I'd like facilities for my house:

- Starting house & beyond
  - Handy Kitchen
  - Handy Forge
  - Handy Laboratory

- After Handy Forge Upgrade (Lute)
  - Forge Storage

- After Handy Laboratory Upgrade (Lute)
  - Lab Storage

- After Kitchen Upgrade (Kross)
  - Great Kitchen

- After Forge Upgrade (Kross)
  - Great Forge

- After Laboratory Upgrade (Kross)
  - Great Laboratory

I'd like some cooking tools

- After Handy Kitchen Upgrade (Lute)
  - Handy Blender
  - Handy Frying Pan
  - Handy Pot
  - Handy Steamer
  - Handy Oven

- After Great Kitchen Upgrade (Lute)
  - Great Blender
  - Great Frying Pan
  - Great Pot
  - Great Steamer
  - Great Oven

- After Chef's Kitchen Upgrade (Lute)
  - Mystical Blender
  - Legendary Frying Pan
  - Super Pot
  - Master Steamer
  - Royal Oven

I'd like a maker

- After 1st Barn Upgrade (Kross)
  - Cheese Maker
  - Seed Maker
  - Yogurt Maker
  - Yarn Maker

I'm all right for now
- Exits menu

II.   Monster Barn

Barn (Kross):

- Very 1st build is the barn building plus room 1
- Each room holds 10 monsters
- Each barn expansion expands the inside and outside
  of the barn sides all on one flat surface
  - Total of 7 rooms (10 monsters each room/1 floor)

Kross: "The Barn can get as tall as 3 floors, 
        with 1, 3, and 7 rooms
        as you move up."

-- This is a mistranslation
   - It should have been:
     - The barn can be expanded 3 times (3 total builds)
       - 1st build (barn building and 1 room total)
       - 2nd build (3 rooms total - 2 more rooms)
       - 3rd build (7 rooms total - 4 more rooms)

       - For a total of 7 rooms in your barn 
         - Each room holds 10 monsters each
         - Equals 70 monsters total

After you build the barn to 1 floor/7 rooms = 70 monsters
- If you try to order more barn expansions
  - Option to order more barn expansions not greyed out
    - Choose: I'd like to expand my house
    - Then Choose: I'd like to expand my barn
  - Kross says:
    What do you think of your barn now?
  - You:
    It's Awesome.
  - Kross:
    Just so you know ...
    It's not good to use more wood than is necessary,
    all right?
  - (End Conversation)
  - Meaning though vague: Barn can't be extented further

1st Build 
- Building & Room 1
- Has entrance room plus 1 monster room total
- 10 wood
- 1,000 gold

2nd Build 
- Rooms 2 and 3
- Has entrance room plus 3 monster rooms total
- Gain of 2 more rooms
- 300 wood
- 18,000 gold

3rd Build 
- Rooms 4, 5, 6, and 7
- Has entrance room plus 7 monster rooms total
- Gain of 4 more rooms
- 800 wood
- 50,000 gold

III.  Makers

Makers (Lute):

- The makers are on the desk by bookshelf in your house
- They are small and not on the floor
- Hold item and press A at the maker to process the item
- You can process a stack of items all at one time
- Items will keep their levels (a level 2 will stay level 2, etc)
- One crop will make one bag of seeds in the seed maker

Seed Maker
- 5,000 gold 
- Yellow
- Put in crops to get a bag of seeds

Yogurt Maker
- 2,000 gold 
- Blue
- Put in milk to get yogurt

- Yarn Maker 
- 2,000 gold 
- Pink
- Put in wool to get a yarn ball

Cheese Maker 
- 1,000 gold 
- Green
- Put in milk to get cheese

V.    Tool Boxes

Tool Box (Lute):

Starting Tool Box 
- 30 spaces
- Tool box/chest
- Located by bookshelf
- Stores everything except
  food & fish

Large Box (Bigger Tool box)
- 10,000 gold 
- Tool box/chest
- Located by bookshelf
- 60 spaces
- Stores everything except
- Will hold weapons, tools,
  and seeds
- Will hold items like
  Formula C

VI.   Bedroom

Bedroom (Kross):

Bedroom Upgrade
- 900 wood
- 75,000 gold 
- 2nd story of house
- Holds Full-sized Bed
- Holds all of Lute's Paintings
  - One at a time on wall
- Holds Children's bed (Crib)

- One room bedroom
  - House enlarges (outside) taller/wider
  - Large winding stairs leads up to bedroom
  - Rose striped wall-paper behind bed
  - Rock walls on all other walls
  - Wood beam structure around rock walls
  - Small decorative wall shelf (x2)
  - Single bed moves upstairs
  - End table/diary moves upstairs (by bed)
  - Calendar moves upstairs (on wall post)
  - Wooden pedstal with flowers in upper right corner
  - Wooden chair with red seat in bottom left corner

  - Your tool box stays downstairs by bookshelf
  - Space under stairs is filled with kegs/etc
    - Can't walk under stairs 

Bedroom (Lute):

- Be careful, curtains can only be
  bought once and you can not change
  back to previous curtains

- You can change to any previous 
  painting once you buy it

- Paintings can only be bought after
  ordering Kross's Bedroom expansion

Starting Bed
- Single bed 
- Yellow and green plaid

Full-sized Bed
- Double bed
- Replaces starting bed
- Wood/red & white/red velvet
- 20,000 gold

- Children's Bed
- Dark Wooden Crib
- Located in front of chair
- 20,000 gold

- Toy Box
- 5,000 gold

Summer Ocean Painting
- 5,000 gold

House in a Forest Painting
- 5,000 gold

Small Lake Painting
- 5,000 gold

Autumn Forest Painting
- 5,000 gold

Winter City Painting
- 5,000 gold

Portrait Painting (Self-portrait)
- 5,000 for second Summer Ocean
- 0 G for actual self portrait

VII.  Kitchen

Kitchen (Kross):

- Inside: Semi-Circle flat
- Outside: round with a cylinder chimney

- Inside: Square with up-steps
- Outside: square with a cylinder chimney

- Inside: Split Square with down-steps
- Outside: Triangle point roof with pipes & cylinder chimney

Build: 120 Lumber; 10,000 gold
- choose 1 of the 3 above
- All are the same price and wood
- You can pay again to choose another style indefinately

Kitchen (Lute):

1st: Handy Kitchen (800 gold)
     - Located on right of house
     - Replaces the stacked sacks and crate
     - Located at the Bottom left corner
     - Small square with adobe counters 
     – 2 utensil slots plus the cutting board

2nd: Great Kitchen (2,000 gold)
     - 4 utensil slots plus the cutting board

3rd: Chef’s Kitchen (8,000 gold)
     - 6 utensil slots plus the cutting board

1st: Mini-Fridge 
     - 5,000 gold 
     - 30 spaces
     - Holds foods and fish
     - White

2nd: Giant Fridge
     - 10,000 gold
     - 60 spaces
     - Holds foods and fish
     - Side by Side fridge


1st: Handy Frying Pan (400 gold/2 slots)
2nd: Great Frying Pan (1,000 gold/4 slots)
3rd: Legendary Frying Pan (2,400 gold/6 slots)

1st: Handy Pot (400 gold/2 slots)
2nd: Great Pot (1,000 gold/4 slots)
3rd: Super Pot (2,400 gold/6 slots)

1st: Handy Blender (400 gold/2 slots)
2nd: Great Blender (1,000 gold/4 slots)
3rd: Mystical Blender (2,400 gold/6 slots)

1st: Handy Steamer (400 gold/2 slots)
2nd: Great Steamer (1,000 gold/4 slots)
3rd: Master Steamer (2,400 gold/6 slots)

1st: Handy Oven (400 gold/2 slots)
2nd: Great Oven (1,000 gold/4 slots)
3rd: Royal Oven (2,400 gold/6 slots)

VIII. Laboratory

Laboratory (Kross):

- Inside: Rectangular with 2-tile step up 
- Outside: horizontal A-frame

- Inside: Large Circular with up-step
- Outside: pointed with a side bay window

- Inside: Square with large up-steps to circle
- Outside: square hipped-roof with small windows

Build: 180 wood; 15,000 gold 
- choose 1 of the 3 above
- All are the same price and wood
- You can pay again to choose another style indefinately

Laboratory (Lute):

1st: Handy Laboratory (1,000 gold) 
- Replaces the stacked sack/tools 
- Located at the top right corner
- Small square with potion pot and various bottles
- 2 slots

2nd: Great Laboratory (2,500 gold) 
- Bigger potion pot
- 4 slots

3rd: Research Laboratory (14,000 gold) 
- Huge potion pot
- 6 slots

Lab Storage (10,000 gold) 
- 30 spaces 
- Box/chest
- Located in Laboratory Room
- Holds everything except
  tools & weapons
- It will hold food/grasses
  and all types of ingredients
  including the Warrior Mask
- It will hold items like
  Formula C and seeds

IV.   Forge

Forge (Kross):

- Inside: Oblong with down-steps
- Outside: A-frame pointy roof with cylinder side/crates/wood

- Inside: rectangular and flat
- Outside: Laying barrel shaped with small window & pipes

- Inside: Large circular with down-steps
- Outside: Circular face-type with round roof & chimney

Build: 240 wood; 20,000 gold 
- choose 1 of the 3 above
- All are the same price and wood
- You can pay again to choose another style indefinately

Forge (Lute):

1st: Handy Forge (2,000 gold)
- Located on front/left of house
- Replaces the 2 Kegs and water bucket
- Located at the bottom right corner 
- Small square with small fireplace and small crafting table
- 2 slots for forge
- 2 slots for crafting table

2nd: Great Forge (8,000 gold)
- Bigger forge
- 4 slots for forge
- 4 slots for crafting table

3rd: Maestro Forge (28,000 gold)
- Huge forge
- 6 slots for forge
- 6 slots for crafting table

Forge Storage (10,000 gold) 
- Holds 30 items
- Box/chest
- Located in Forge Room
- Holds all items except
  food/fish/grasses/Formula C
- Will hold weapons & tools

IIV.  Other Furniture

Other Furniture (Lute):

- Other items Lute sells are under other sections
  (like kitchen, lab, etc)

- To change paintings you need to own more than
  one and then press A at it
  - Option 1: Change Painting (Shows list)
  - Option 2: Leave it as is (Exits)

- When you look at each painting then it expands
  and gets bigger and more realistic

- Be careful, curtains can only be
  bought once and you can not change
  back to previous curtains

Starting Curtains (0 G)
- Yellow and green with red valance

1st: Relaxation Curtain (10,000 gold)
- Green and white

2nd: Smart Curtain (10,000 gold)
- Blue and white

3rd: Elegant Curtain (10,000 gold)
- Purple with gold accent

Starting Table (0 G)
- Octagon 
- Green table cloth

1st: Large Table (10,000 gold) 
- Large rectangle
- Blue & white table cloth

Starting Painting (0 G)
- Painting of a small house (downstairs)
- Can see it but not interact with it

1st: Summer Ocean Painting (5,000 gold)
- Trampoli Beach with Dock 

2nd: House in a Forest Painting (5,000 gold)
- Bianca's Mansion

3rd: Small Lake Painting (5,000 gold)
- Poli Lake

4th: Autumn Forest Painting (5,000 gold)
- Trampoli Church District/Big Tree Road

5th: Winter City Painting (5,000 gold)
- Clock Tower with Trampoli in background

6th: Portrait Painting (0 G)
- 5,000 gold for 2nd Summer Ocean Painting
- Self-Portrait
- Portrait of you with a hoe over shoulder
- Name is officially:
  Portrait of (your name)

 Building Wood/Prices Summary

Barn (Kross)


     Floor 1:

     1st Build (Barn Build & Room 1).....1,000 G
     2nd Build (Room 2 - 3)..............18,000 G
     3rd Build (Room 4 - 7)..............50,000 G


     Floor 1:

     1st Build (Barn Build & Room 1).....10
     2nd Build (Room 2 - 3)..............300
     3rd Build (Room 4 - 7)..............800

              Barn Total.....69,000 G, 1,200 wood

Makers (Lute)


     Seed Maker..........................5,000 G
     Yogurt Maker........................2,000 G
     Yarn Maker..........................2,000 G
     Cheese Maker........................1,000 G

                        Makers Total.....10,000 G

Tool Boxes (Lute)


     Original Tool Box...................0 G
     Large Box...........................10,000 G

                    Tool Boxes Total.....10,000 G

Bedroom (Kross)


     Bedroom Expansion...................75,000 G


     Bedroom Expansion...................900

Bedroom (Lute)


      Original Bed.......................0 G
      Full-sized Bed.....................20,000 G
      Children's Bed.....................20,000 G
      Tox Box............................5,000 G
      Original Small House Painting......0 G
      Summer Ocean Painting..............5,000 G
      House in a Forest Painting.........5,000 G
      Small Lake Painting................5,000 G
      Autumn Forest Painting.............5,000 G
      Winter City Painting...............5,000 G
      Portrait Painting (Self-Portrait)..0 G
      - 2nd Summer Ocean Painting........5,000 G

           Bedroom Total.....150,000 G / 900 wood

Kitchen (Kross)

   Prices (can have one style at a time)

      Bulging Style......................10,000 G
      Ba-Bump Style......................10,000 G
      Pointy Style.......................10,000 G

   Wood (can have one style at a time)

      Bulging Style......................120
      Ba-Bump Style......................120
      Pointy Style.......................120

Kitchen (Lute)


      Handy Kitchen......................800 G
      Great Kitchen......................2,000 G
      Chef’s Kitchen.....................8,000 G

      Mini-Fridge........................5,000 G
      Giant Fridge.......................10,000 G

      Handy Frying Pan...................400 G
      Great Frying Pan...................1,000 G
      Legendary Frying Pan...............2,400 G

      Handy Pot..........................400 G
      Great Pot..........................1,000 G
      Super Pot..........................2,400 G

      Handy Blender......................400 G
      Great Blender......................1,000 G
      Mystical Blender...................2,400 G

      Handy Steamer......................400 G
      Great Steamer......................1,000 G
      Master Steamer.....................2,400 G

      Handy Oven.........................400 G
      Great Oven.........................1,000 G
      Royal Oven.........................2,400 G

            Kitchen Total.....44,800 G / 120 Wood

Laboratory (Kross)

   Prices (can have one style at a time)

      Apothecary Style...................15,000 G
      Alchemy Style......................15,000 G
      Magic Style........................15,000 G

   Wood (can have one style at a time)

      Apothecary Style...................180
      Alchemy Style......................180
      Magic Style........................180

Laboratory (Lute):


      Handy Laboratory...................1,000 G
      Great Laboratory...................2,500 G
      Research Laboratory................14,000 G
      Lab Storage........................10,000 G

         Laboratory Total.....42,500 G / 180 Wood

Forge (Kross)

   Prices (can have one style at a time)

      Cozy Style.........................20,000 G
      Cool Style.........................20,000 G
      Creepy Style.......................20,000 G

   Wood (can have one style at a time)

      Cozy Style.........................240
      Cool Style.........................240
      Creepy Style.......................240

Forge (Lute)


      Handy Forge........................2,000 G
      Great Forge........................8,000 G
      Maestro Forge......................28,000 G 

      Forge Storage......................10,000 G

                         Forge Total.....68,000 G

Other Furniture (Lute)


      Original Curtains..................0 G
      Relaxation Curtain.................10,000 G
      Smart Curtain......................10,000 G
      Elegant Curtain....................10,000 G

      Original Octagon table.............0 G
      Large Table........................10,000 G

               Other Furniture Total.....40,000 G

Grand Total Cost for All House Expansions & House Items:

                           434,300 G and 2,640 wood


Section Two: Starting Tips & Helpful Info

- This section is provided to help you better understand and
  manage the start of the game thus providing the ability to 
  gain knowledge to get the wood and the money needed to build
  a great house and fully expanded monster barn

- Additional tips and helpful info is also provided to give you
  the knowledge for you and your monsters to be at your full
  production peak

- This is not intended to be a full walkthrough or all-knowing
  Tip Guide but it will definitely help you along your way :)

Starting Walkthrough

- Press 2 button, then "map" for locations

- Start people moving in by talking to those in town 
  (shops will start to open) & get tools (Errands - see list below)

- Fill in any extra time with Filler Tasks (see list below)

- Start collecting monsters to help you with your farm and give
  you products (Beginning Monsters - see list below)

- You can stay up very late to get extra work done but be in your
  house just before 1am or you will get exhaughted or get a cold

- This starting schedule will allow you to cover all the major
  to do lists/events/items/etc plus let you get extra done as
  well. It has been tested for time and money -- both of which
  you will have some extra of so you can do a little something
  on the side if you want

-- Spring 1 (Holiday)
   – You begin the game and collapse outside the St. Poli Church
     and sleep the night there

-- Spring 2 (Mon)
   - Automatically you wake, talk to Stella, and then meet Mist
     - Choose "and you are?" (all previous people don't remember you)
     - Choose "Mist?!" (all previous people remember you)
     - Either choice is fine - just gives slightly different dialogs
       through certain parts in the game

   – Mist gives you a cheap hoe, a cheap water can, and 1 bag of
     turnip seeds and you start with 500 G

   – Clear your field as much as possible (ship even the weeds)
     - About 26 weeds (10 G)/1 grass (10 G)/2 bamboo shoots (110 G) each

   - Fill your watering can at the farm well & talk to Mist by the well
     - Auto learn return spell (press A, choose "return")

   – Try to go into the clock tower (triggers Kanno to come Spring 7th)

   – Water the sparkly sprout by the clock tower (grows climbing vine
     to Whale Island and you'll automatically climb it)

   - Talk to the "voice" and check out the stone tablet in the center

   - Don't go in the cave yet, just climb right back down the vine

   – Go talk to everyone to start the villagers arriving and shops opening
     (errands) (see below)

   - Till, then Plant, then water two 3X3 areas of turnips 
     - Turnip seeds gotten from Mist and Erik (1 bag each)
     - Your bookshelf inside your house shows you how to till/plant/etc
     - If you are on your farm at 5pm and outside then you will see
       Rosetta's Shipping Box Cutscene
     - Continue tilling more squares
       - You can do about 45 squares/don't pass out
       - Keep them in 3X3 areas as much as possible
       - Plan your field for 1/3 crops, 1/3 grass, and 1/3 free
       - You can walk on your crops even when they are fully grown

   - Save/then Sleep
     - End table near bed
       - Write in Journal 
         - Option 1: Don't Save (changed mind)
         - Option 2: Save (Save the day to this point)
     - Bed
       - Option 1: I still have things to do (changed mind/not sleep)
       - Option 2: I should go to sleep (go to sleep/end day)

-- Spring 3 (Tues)

   - Wake up at 6am, hear knock on door, go out, see cutscene, get mail

   - Read all your mail inside on your table (press A at pink letter)

   - Notice your calendar (on post by window/bed - Press A at it)

   - Notice your toolbox by the bookshelf (store items here/no food)

   - Keep watering all your turnips (and grass/fodder) each day

   - Go say hi to the villagers again

   - Go to Rita's Room, talk a lot, get a free cook book
     - Cook book: Quick-step Cooking

   - The library (Rune Archives) has a few books you can read
     - Runes and Runeys
     - Happy Farm
     - Ask a Ninja
     - Beautiful Letter
     - Home Improvement Catalog
     - Family Medicine
     - Book of Healthy Dieting

   - At noon, Go to Erik's farm (Seed Store)

   - Buy at least 4 bags of grass seeds (30 G) each, at least 1 bag of
     strawberry seed (200 G) each, and 4 more turnip seeds (10 G) each
     - Money comes from items gathered off field on Spring 2nd
     - You could buy the 4 turnip seeds from Danny if you like

   - Talk to Mist at your farm until she talks about dreams
     - Tonight you will have your first dream

   – Work on your farm some more, plant four 3X3 area of grass on your
     farm (pre-grow grass for future monsters) and one 3X3 area of
     strawberries, and four more 3x3 area of turnips
     - Depending on your field and stamina, you probably will need to
       start this today and finish it tomorrow

-- Spring 4 (Wed)

   - Wake at 6am, gather from field, catch Anette/mail about 6:40am,
     Ship, water crops, continue farm work

   – See Erik who gives you a cheap sickle (9am)
     - Plowing 40 field squares is not linked to Erik's sickle giving
     - Did not go see Stella or learn Mist was sick - just talked to
       Erik in his field on this day and got the sickle - might have
       to do more with shipping a certain amount of weeds

   - Talk to Stella a lot to get the cheap axe (9:30am)
     - St.Poli Church Open 9-6pm
     - She mentions Mist is sick
     - Plowing 40 field squares is not linked to Stella's axe giving
       - Talked to her constantly up until this day that she gave me
         the axe (right after she said Mist is sick but before I saw
         Mist sick in bed)
   – Mist gets sick (visit her at home/she is in bed) 
     - This also allows Selphy/Lara to come to town

   – Explore Whale Island (Cave Depths) to find Melody
     – Melody gives you a cheap hammer 
     - This triggers the bath house/spa
     - Don't fight the monsters at this point
       - Just run in a "straight" path to the right
       - You can just run past the monsters and advoid them
       - Run into the cave and you will be in the Cave Depths
       - Cutscene will trigger

   - Go to the Melody's new bath house and take a bath
     - Open 3pm - midnight
     - Cost 10 G each bath/only one per day
     - Fills up all HP and all RP

   - Continue to clear your field and plant the seeds you bought
     - With the axe and hammer you can now clear all the small
       stones and branches
     - Chop at least 10 branches for the future barn

-- Spring 5 (Thurs)

   - Wake at 6am, go outside, auto pass out, Lara Cutscene

   - You wake up at the church, more cutscene, auto booted out
     - You will be standing in front of the church
     - It will still be 6am/Spring 5th so no day/time lost
     - Church is closed so use return spell back to farm

   - Gather until 6:40, meet Anette, talk, get mail
     - Letter from Erik: he wants a turnip
     - Make sure to save him one tomorrow
     - Also save a bamboo shoot (Selphy/bamboo rice) later

   - Talk to Mist until she mentions a Spring dungeon
     - It won't open up yet but this helps it to progress

   - Keep working on your field and planting all your bought seeds
     from yesterday

   - Take a break and visit the bath house/spa at 3pm
     - You will meet Nolan for the first time

   - Say hi to the villagers
     - Ganesha will give you a forge recipe book
       - Recipe book: Farm Companion
     - Buy 1 turnip seed from Danny

   - Take the hammer and go hammer the cherry trees
     - Mountain Pass and Lake (take boat)
     - Cherries/raw (150 G each)
     - Ship them to have money for Lute
       - Later it is better to make jam out of them

   - Continue working on the farm (clearing/planting/etc)

-- Spring 6 (Fri)

   - Wake at 6am, go outside, see Selphy on ground,
     water her (lol), see Selphy Cutscene, talk to Lara
     and Selphy
     - Go outside the infirmary/hospital/church door
     - It will still be 6am/Spring 6th so you don't lose any time
     - Church is closed so use return spell to go to your farm

   - Gather from the farm field until 6:40am, get mail, talk
     - Give a turnip to Anette to give to Erik (delivery)

   - First planted turnips are ready - harvest them
     - Seeds say 4 days to harvest but your runeys are not
       prospering yet so it takes longer to grow
     - Ship only all raw turnips by 5 pm
     - Keep the rest of the turnips for cooking tomorrow

   - Water and work in field until 10:30am and then run over and
     talk to Mist in front of her house until she asks you to 
     cut the weeds in her front field
     - Take the sickle and cut the weeds/very tall grass
       - You only have to cut in front of the stairs to get
         access or you can cut down all the grass. It is up to
         you and how you want it to look. You don't get the grass.
     - Ta Da! There are underground stairs under the tall grass
     - You now have access to the Green Ruins!
     - Talk to Mist again

   - Work in field until 3pm and then go take a bath at the spa

   - Go say Hi to all the villagers
     - Buy 2 more Turnip seeds from Danny
     - Talk to Erik who gives you Formula C and buy 2 grass
       seeds from him
     - Formula C speeds up growth by 3 days but also sells for
       480 G (so you might want to sell it - your choice)

   - Make sure everything you want to ship is in the shipping
     box before 5pm (be on farm to watch Rosette pick up items)
     - You should get about 5-6,000 G tomorrow (buy from Lute)

   - Plant turnip and grass seeds you bought today and work in
     field until your HP/RP is near gone

   - You could go into Green Ruins but you aren't very strong yet
     - If you have time and some stamina just go in the begining
       room but watch you don't pass out - and get in before 1am
     - You can clear the two 3x3 fields in the 1st room, till, and
       plant (turnip/4 days) them. There is water inside too and
       there are no monsters in the first room. There is also a
       crate to break for an item.
     - Remember that you have to water the crops in here for 4 days
     - Then you can use the runes (one on each 3x3 area) for extra
       RP. You don't need to water the 3x3 areas once they are
       fully grown with a rune on them (unless you pick a/some
       turnips - if you do then you have to repeat the process)
     - Later you can replace the turnips with strawberries so that
       you can pick strawberries every other day and get runes
       every other day (multi-harvest fruit forever because never
       ruins in a Spring dungeon/no end of season) or just not
       pick the strawberries and have two runes here every day to
       boost RP everyday - your choice
     - You can also reset the dungeon by exiting (upstairs)
       and re-entering the dungeon to get a new crate with a new
       item. You can do this a few times a day before the crate
       regenerates but stays empty.

-- Spring 7 (Holiday)

   - Anette doesn't deliver mail today so just gather from your field
     and start watering everything

   - Kross comes to your farm at 9am 
     - Talk to him but he doesn't build on holidays at this point
     - At 3-4 hearts you can knock on Kross's door at 6am-9am
       to access his build menu on a holiday

   - (Holiday) – 1st chance to buy from Lute (peddler/at Public Square)

     - You should have 7,600+ G so buy up everything you can from Lute
       - Money from turnips/cherries/gathering on farm
       - You can tailor what you buy according to your own preferences

     - Buy the Mini Fridge (5,000 G)
     - Buy the Handy Kitchen (800 G)
     - Buy the Handy Laboratory (1,000 G)
     - Buy the Handy Frying Pan (400 G/fish!) or Handy Pot (400 G/Jam!)
     - ...and that leaves a small amount to continue to buy seeds/baths
     - Next holiday be sure to buy the Handy Forge

     - Make Pickled Turnips with the Turnips as you havest them now on
       - Save before cooking (if you fail then you lose the ingredients)
     - Ship all the Pickled Turnips as you make them
     - Keep planting Turnips as you harvest them, add another strawberry

   - Say Hi to anyone you see out
     - Most businesses are closed and people are walking around
       or upstairs (doors are usually open)
     - Go upstairs (Damascus Forge) and meet Marco

   – Kanno arrives at the clock tower
     - He may be in the clock tower (9am-noon) 
       or up the mountain path (afternoon)
     - He may be in the bath house (about 6pm)
     - Talk to him a lot to start getting Cinnamon & Candy in town
     - Choose ask about (ask all his tutorials/questions)
     - He will mention about sending for his granddaughters
       - May take a few days/talk to him repeatedly every day/presents
     - He may also start sending you on quests to get him items
       - Get these for him/he makes magic weapons for you with them

   - Cook up all harvested crops (Pickled Turnips/etc)
     - Time stops inside your house but you still need stamina
     - Go bath at the spa if you need to (10 G)

   - Make sure to have all harvested/cooked crops in the shipping
     box by 5pm

   - Finish watering (don't forget the Green Ruins/1st room) 
     - Get into your house before 1am

-- Spring 8 (Mon)

   - Gather items on farm field

   - Meet Anette at 6:40am, talk, get mail
     - Get mail straight from Anette
     - Mist: wants a turnip
     - Give it to Anette before she leaves

   - Water the farm field

   - Go see Kross at 9am 
     - Talk to him and then buy the barn (10 wood, 1000 G/1st build)
       - Cut all ready to harvest grass/fodder
       - Goes right in the barn/monsters will eat on their own as long
         as there is fodder in the barn (check barn menu)

   - Say Hi to villagers
     - Talk a lot to Kanno
     - Talk to Rita who gives you milk (for building barn)
     - Talk to Rosetta for her to start her story (staying at Mist's now)
     - About noon: walk into the library ... wow, and get Selphy Cutscene
       - Now you can start checking out the bookshelves frequently to see
         if any new books unlocked
       - Now you can buy any books Selphy will be selling
         - She sells them in groups
         - She has a sale on "old" books on Tuesdays
         - She has to be behind the desk to sell books
         - Books are expensive and there are a lot of them!
         - She will be asking for Bamboo Rice shortly so be ready
       - Don't dismay about the library
         - Selphy will start debating on whether to clean or not to clean
           the library at 4LP
         - Selphy will clean the library (cutscene) at about 9-10 FP 
           & 5-6 LP

   – Buy Broadsword (Ganesha/500 G) and Cheap Band (Danny/500 G) if you
     haven't bought them yet
     - Should have already bought Broadsword so now buy the Cheap Band
     - Money comes from shipped Pickled Turnips 

   – Work on clearing your farm/planting/watering/gathering/exploring/etc

   - Keep grass sickled from now on until you get a grass cutter monster
     - Don't cut it too short or it will die (cut about every 2 days)

   - Take bath to recover HP and RP (10 G)

   - Plant three more 3x3 areas in Green Ruins by the red ants

   - Water all planted areas in Green Ruins

   - Start training in Green Ruins to strengthen fighting skill
     - Possibly brush a Chitter (gather wild plants) or Red Ant (harvest)

-- Spring 9 (Tue)

   - Gather items on farm field

   - Meet Anette at 6:40am, talk, get mail

   - Water the farm field

   - Say Hi to villagers

   – Work on clearing your farm/planting/watering/gathering/exploring/etc

   - Bath at 3pm and Shipping box by 5pm

   – Get more starting monsters (see list below)

   - Keep training to up fighting level/cooking/lab/etc

-- Spring 10 (Wed)

   - Gather items on farm field

   - Meet Anette at 6:40am, talk, get mail

   - Water the farm field

   - Say Hi to villagers

   – Work on clearing your farm/planting/watering/gathering/exploring/etc

   - Bath at 3pm and Shipping box by 5pm

   – Get more starting monsters (see list below)

   - Keep training to up fighting level/cooking/lab/etc

-- Spring 11 (Thurs) 

   - Gather items on farm field

   - Meet Anette at 6:40am, talk, get mail

   - Water the farm field

   - Say Hi to villagers
     - Uzuki comes to town (come out of Sunshine Inn when open)
     - Now you will see her a few days later in the Business District
       practicing with her weapon

   – Cinnamon and Candy in town so get the harvester tool and cheap
     fishing pole
     - Go to clock tower, talk to Kanno, mentions granddaughters
     - Go outside, see cutscene
     - Candy/Harvester/Ask about runeys/also get runey distribution
       machine working

       - I do not recommend that you suck up all runeys at the
         beginning of the game or in winter as it takes too much
         time to get them rebalanced and it will also make your
         crops take way too long to mature/some usually die as well
       - You should always keep the map sections green or higher
       - Yellow means prosperity and helps crops grow faster and
         monsters be happier as well as other good benefits

       - Start balancing runeys in every map section until you get
         each area with at least 30-40 of each type of runey
       - Keep each area balanced from now on 
         - See Runeys Information in Section 2 below

     - Cinnamon/fishing pole/talk to her when she is outside fishing

   - Bath at 3pm and Shipping box by 5pm

   – Get more starting monsters (see list below)

   - Keep training to up fighting level/cooking/lab/etc

-- Spring 12 (Fri) 

   - Gather items on farm field

   - Meet Anette at 6:40am, talk, get mail

   - Water the farm field

   - Say Hi to villagers

   – Buy more turnips & strawberries and continue process of clearing/planting
     fields in Green Ruins and Whale Island (Cave Surface, Cave Depths, Fin)

   - Rosetta will open up a store of her own now that has lots more
     variety than Danny's store

   - Next expand the barn (2nd build/Rooms 2 & 3)

   - Bath at 3pm and Shipping box by 5pm

   – Get more starting monsters (see list below)

   - Keep training to up fighting level/cooking/lab/etc

   - Buy Handy Forge tomorrow from Lute (and anything else you can afford)

Note: Bianca and Tabatha will arrive on Summer 1st
      - They stay if you do the Pink Elephant section
      - They leave Fall 1st if you don't do the Pink Elephant section

Errands from Beginning Villagers:

- Press 2 button, then choose "Map" for locations

- Time stops indoors so you can look around/talk/etc

- You have 500 G starting money

- You won't have enough for both the Broadsword and
  the cheap band (both 500 G each) if you are running
  errands on Spring 2 so just choose one (Broadsword)
  and then come back in a few days for the other one
  (Cheap Band/then you can also get more turnip seeds)

- Talk to Stella to get a bamboo shoot

- Deliver the bamboo shoot to Turner (Sunshine Inn)
  -  Don't stay at the Inn when asked
  -  Go up and over the staircase and back to get
     Turner to show up behind the counter
  -  Open rucksack (+ button) and give the bamboo shoot
  -> get message for Ganesha

- Deliver the message to Ganesha (Damascus Forge) 
  -> get Danny’s payment (can also buy broadsword)

- Deliver the payment to Danny (General Store) 
  -> get message for Erik (can also buy cheap band)

- Deliver the message to Erik (Seed Farm store by you)
  -  Do his tutorial (ask about farming) to get a bag of
     turnips seeds 
  -> You are technically done with the errands

- Now go over to Kross’s house and talk to him for a pet glove/brush

- Then plow 40 squares on your farm, plant and water your two 3X3 
  area of turnips, and come back and talk to Erik and he will give
  you the Cheap Sickle

- Go talk a lot to Stella and she will give you a cheap axe
  - After Spring 4

Early Filler Tasks:

- Talk to Rita to get free cooking recipe book
- Talk to Ganesha to get a free forge recipe book
- Upgrade kitchen & forge & Lab (1st expansion/Handy)
- Buy mini-fridge from Lute (holiday/at Public Square)
- Build barn and upgrade it to at least 3 rooms (2 builds)
- Upgrade cheap tools into iron tools (your forge)
- Grow 1/3 field in Turnips 
  (Pickled Turnips asap then ship Turnips/Pickled Turnips)
- Grow 1/3 field in grass to feed monsters
- Leave 1/3 field untilled for now to collect wood and other items
- Fish, cook, and work on all skills (lab, forge, fighting, etc)
- Gather cherries at the mountain and Lake Poli (use hammer) 
  (raw 0 HP/60 RP – Jam 10 HP/100 RP)
- Start growing the long growing flowers (60-120 days)
  - Grow in dungeons (Whale Island grows them all/all seasons)
  - Need them for the top tools and weapons

Beginning Monsters:

- Get the following monsters right at the beginning 
  (all are available in Green Ruins/Whale Island):

-- Clucky (Chicken/egg) – Green Ruins B3F
-- Wooly (Sheep/wool) – Green Ruins B2F, Whale Island – Fin
-- Buffamoo (Cow/milk) – Green Ruins B3F, Whale Island – Fin
-- Hornet (Bee/honey) – Green Ruins B3F
-- Spring (Flower/Spring seeds) – Green Ruins B1F, B2F
-- Big Muck (Mushroom/Jewels, mushrooms, herbs) – Green Ruins B2F
-- Ant (Red ant/Harvest Crops) – Green Ruins B1F, Whale Island – Cave Surface
-- Chitter (Red squirrel/Harvest Wild Plants) – Green Ruins B1F
-- Little Mage (Mage/Wood Cutting) – Green Ruins B3F, Whale Island –past gate
-- Slime (Green slime rope vine/Rock Clearing) – Whale Island – Cave Depths
-- Silver Wolf (Wolf/Transport) – Whale Island – Fin 
   (wolf is strong but will also help you fight)

The following are available early on if you want to substitute them for
   the above Crop Harvester:

-- Goblin (Goblin/Harvest Crop) – Whale Island – Cave Surface
-- Orc (Orc/Harvest Crop) – Whale Island – Cave Depths
-- Archer Orc (Orc/Harvest Crop) – Whale Island – Cave Depths

The following are available once Lava Ruins is open 
 - Earliest grass cutters because Big Muck doesn’t cut grass

-- Ghost (Scythe/Cut Grass) – Lava Ruins B1F
-- Scorpion (Scorpion/Cut Grass) – Lava Ruins B3F, Whale Island – Flank


- You may also want to get a Monster Box from the Lava Ruins to give you ores
- Also see the Monster Transport List below for future monsters you can ride

- To brush monsters easier try increasing your defense (for when they attack)
  &/or try paralysing the monsters 
  - Weapon with paralysing ability (like Icifier)
  - Food with paralysing ability (like Bamboo Rice)

- Go to the Monster Types List below see a full list of monsters with their
  levels/descriptions/etc (search using Ctl-F then "Monster Type List")

HP and RP Bars

- The RP bar is used up before the HP bar starts going down if you
  are using tools
- The HP bar can go down before the RP bar if you are getting
  attacked by monsters
- To fill up your RP bar you will want to eat something that
  replenishes the RP status
- To fill up your HP bar you will want to eat something that
  replenishes the HP status
- You can check recipes and foods for what HP and RP replenishing
  stats they have by clicking on them in your rucksack/inventory
  or by looking at the recipes in a cook book you own
- To see how much HP and RP a tool or weapon uses just click
  on it in your inventory or check a forge recipe, etc
- If your HP bar reaches 0 (even if you still have some RP left)
  then you will collapse and wake up the next day in the hospital/church
  - You lose a day/wake at 10am/have only 1/2 your HP and RP bars filled
- If you collapse too often or stay up late (past 1am) too often then
  you will get an exhausted status and then a cold (even if you are
  forced to bed by 6am)
- You can be healed by Lara for 100 G each time (talk to her at desk)
- Colds do not wear off and Lara loses friendship each time you collapse

- Nice HP/RP restoring Recipe:

  - Get 2 (level 1 rice) (in treasure boxes/Whale Island)

  - Cook it in the steamer (get in green area to get level 2 mochi)
    - Don't need recipe book but you probably have the recipe
      - Press A at steamer
      - Press (-) button to make a custom recipe
      - Ignore shown recipe if not the mochi recipe
      - Just select 2 rices and cook at the steamer

  - Take the level 2 Mochi over to the oven
    - Don't need recipe book but you probably have the recipe
      - Press A at oven
      - Press (-) button to make a custom recipe
      - Ignore shown recipe if not the Fried Mochi recipe
    - Cook the Mochi (get it in the green to get level 3 Fried Mochi)

  - Level 3 Mochi sells for 476 G each
  - Level 3 Mochi gives 60 HP and 200 RP
  - Level 3 Mochi FX time = 240 seconds
    - Max HP +50
    - Earth Resistance +15

- You can get an endless supply of rice and silver in the Green Ruins
  (B1F) if you have a silver hammer
  - Enter/Cut vine door/go left past red squirrel/cut vine door to left/
    go past red ants/cut vine door to left/follow path to tan rocks/
    break tan rocks with a silver hammer/mine big rocks (find silver
    here most times)/open treasure chest (always contains rice)/press
    2 button/choose return/enter dungeon again and repeat as many
    times as you want

- You can also find an endless supply of flour in the Green Ruins once
  you get the silver hammer
  - Enter/walk up to portal (green shining/touch it)/go into door directly
    opposite the boss door/open the big treasure box/break the tan rocks/
    open the two treasure boxes in here/one of these two always has flour
    in it/press 2 button/choose return/enter dungeon again and repeat as
    many times as you want 

- If you don't have a silver hammer then you can still find rice and flour
  randomly in one of the treasure chests on Whale Island - Fin

Silver Hammer, Ores, & Little Crystals

- All ores are found by hitting dark grey rocks with any hammer
- The more upgraded the hammer then the better the ore and ore level
- Ores are used to upgrade your forge skill, upgrade your tools, and
  in recipes
- Scrap Iron is very useful to up your forge skill when repeatedly
  used to upgrade the same tool


- There is silver in Green Ruins but you won't be able to access it
  because it is blocked by tan rocks
- To break tan rocks you need a silver hammer
- To solve this problem you will need to get one silver ore from the
  Lava Ruins and make a silver hammer with it
- Silver is found on the 3rd floor (B3F) of Lava Ruins in the rocks
  by the scorpions (but rarely) so you may have to reset the dungeon
  repeatedly (go in and out) until you get a silver ore. Silver can
  also be dropped from Golems (big robots) on B2F-B4F but they are
  strong compared to you at this time so the rocks by the scorpions
  are the best bet for silver.

- Now that you have a silver hammer you can break the tan rocks in
  the Green Ruins. Go to the first floor near the beginning and use
  the silver hammer to break the tan rocks on the first floor (B1F).

- Now use your silver hammer on the rocks inside to get 1 silver ore
  and 3 scrap iron. There is also a treasure box that consistantly
  gives rice. You can reset the dungeon by going out and coming back
  in again. Do this repeatedly to now get all the silver, scrap iron,
  and rice you want.

Other Ores:

- These are the typical places to find certain ores
- If you upgrade your hammer then you can find better ores sooner
  - Example: Gold hammer can get Gold from even Green Ruins
  - Remember you can use the special attack (Hold B, press A)

Scrap Iron - All dungeons
Iron - Whale Island (Cave Surface/Depths/Fin), Green Ruins
Copper - Green Ruins 2F and below, Lava Ruins
Silver - Green Ruins (as explained above), Lava Ruins 2F and below
Gold - Lava Ruins 5F and below, Snow Ruins
Platnium - Snow Ruins, Whale Island/all towers

Little Crystals:

- These are not the magic crystals that Cinnamon wants
- These are needed to upgrade to the top tools
- These are very rarely found by mining (hitting rocks) 
- Also get these by finding them in chests
  - Better success finding in chests than mining
  - Save your game
    - Go to Whale Island and go into any tower that has doors
      with small rune stone pedestals by them
    - Put a rune stone into the pedestal
    - Open all the chests
    - If you didn't find a little crystal (levels 1-4)
      then reset and repeat process until you do

Free Fruit/Ground Hammer Attack

- You can use a hammer that has ground attack to knock down all the
  fruit from the trees at once. If you use the special attack 
  (A & B - if available) with the same hammer then sometimes you
  will get a higher level fruit to drop.

- And, of course, the fruit trees will have different fruit depending
  on each season. So if you are needing the cherries then hammer the
  trees/ground during Spring.

  - Cherries/Spring
  - Oranges/Summer
  - Chestnuts/Fall
  - Apples/Winter

- You can also get some of all the fruit if you win the Quiz Contest
  Festival in Winter

- You can knock down one fruit at a time with a regular hammer

- Fruit trees are found at the Mountain Path (across from observatory)
  and at Lake Poli

Pickled Turnips are your Friends

- Pickled turnips are great for recovery & exploring dungeons 
  (Raw 7 HP/0 RP --Pickled 10 HP/75 RP)
- They also ship well (Turnip 210 G each/Pickled Turnip 235 G each)
- Turnips are a single grow crop (4 days) but will ship for more 
  total profit than strawberries
- Cooking lots of Pickled Turnips will up your cooking level quickly
  in the beginning
- Need to upgrade to Handy Kitchen (no tools) to make Pickled Turnip
  (Lute/holiday/at Public Square)

- Later in the game after you get monsters harvesting or you are
  leveling up your crops then you may want to switch to a multiple
  harvest crop like strawberries because it will cut down on the
  work you have to do yourself

Tools Summary

- See Starting Schedule (above) for more details on acquiring tools

- Cheap Hoe - Mist (start of game) 
- Cheap Watering Can - Mist (start of game) 
- Cheap Hammer - Melody (Whale Island - Cave Depths)
- Cheap Axe - Stella (St. Poli Church/after Spring 4) 
- Cheap Sickle - Erik (South District/after 40 squares tilled) 
- Cheap Fishing Rod - Cinnamon (when she is fishing outside) 
- Harvester - Candy (Clock Tower/ask about Runeys) 
- Pet Glove/Brush - Kross (after Whale Island visit)

Ring Controls (Tools & Consumables)

Rings (- and + buttons) (8 slots each):
- Tools: accepts tools
- Seeds: accepts seeds, greenifier, paragone, etc
- Weapons: accepts weapons
- Custom: accepts any kind of item (no food)

D-Pad (wii D-pad) (4 slots):
- Accepts food & consumable items
- Press up/down/left/right to eat item equipped

- The consumable (food/etc) ring stays accessable on your screen
  - It is the green ring in the bottom right corner
- Press the (-) button to access the tool rings
  - To equip a tool just have the ring you want on the screen and
    then click the tool you want and drag it to the ring where you
    want it to be (or just press A twice)
  - To rotate through the different rings (tools/seeds/weapons/custom)
    just press the (+) button
  - To choose the tool or item you want your character to use at the
    moment just press the (-) button and then press A on the item. If
    your item is on a different starting ring then just rotate the
    rings and then press A on the item.
  - To put a tool away press the (-) button and the the A button


- Storage is great!

- There is lots of storage in this game from your tool box
  (30 slots/60 slots) to your rucksack (60 slots). 

- There is also separate Forge storage (30 slots), 
  Laboratory storage (30 slots), and of course you can obtain
  larger refrigerators (mini – 30 slots/giant – 60 slots)!

- Plus being able to stack up to 99 in each slot (per same levels/types).

- The shipping bin also has large storage (120 slots).

Finally, a game that has decent storage ... of course, I'm a gatherer so if
any other game developer/programmer is reading this then you are more than
welcome to include even more storage, lol.

Don't forget to press the 2 button to sort by types while in each inventory.

Teleport Home

- Press 2 button
- choose return (choosing Map will pull up an map of all areas)
- This teleports you immediately to your door (in around farm or town)
  or to the dungeon entrance if you were in a dungeon

-Also, if you are poisoned and about to die 
– use the teleport to get back to your house (2 teleports if in a dungeon)
- Run into your house because time stops in there
- Start walking back & forth until the poison wears off
- Now you won’t die even though you got poisoned

Plant on the 30th

- You can plant your crops for the next season on the 30th of the
  previous month (plant Summer crops on the 30th of the Spring, etc)

- This can save you some time but make sure that you don't have your
  previous crops maturing on that day or it might not be worth it to
  lose the mature crops (so if you had Spring Crops maturing on the
  30th of Spring then you might not want to sow seeds on the 30th)

- Don't plant anything in your farm field from Fall 30th - Winter 30th
  because nothing grows in winter in your farm field

- Use all the dungeons to store/grow your crops/flowers/etc

- You can also grow grass in the dungeons to supply your monsters some
  feed (or store up for winter/or buy expensive feed). You can put the
  fodder from your rucksack/inventory into the outside barn window to
  the left of the front door. You will have to cut/water the grass
  yourself if you grow grass in the dungeons. Grass does not grow
  back each year on farm field and does not grow in winter on farm


- Buy fodder/grass seeds from Erik
- Plant them in your farm field (doesn’t grow in winter) 
  or in dungeons (grows all year)
- Monsters that harvest fodder/grass will harvest from your farm field and
  not dungeon fields
- Fodder/grass in dungeons (seeds/growing grass) need water but once full
  grown with a rune then no more watering unless you cut some
- Fodder/grass seeds on your farm needs watering every day 
  (helps to get a watering monster)
- All grown and re-growing grass on your farm needs watered every day
- Fodder/grass stages: seeds, half-height, full-height 
  (still short but can now be harvested)
- If you cut fodder/grass in the half-height stage then your fodder/grass
  will be DESTROYED and go back to tilled ground and it will not reproduce 
  fodder anymore
- If you cut fodder/grass in the full-height stage then your fodder/grass
  will regrow to full-height every 2 days (Grass harvesting monsters will
  cut grass properly without losing squares and they also cut all the weeds
  off your field – very beneficial)
- Grass/fodder does not grow on your farm field in winter
- Grass/fodder does not automatically regrow on your farm field after
  winter even if you had full grown grass in Fall/Autumn
- Grass/Fodder will not "fit" in the seed maker

How much grass do I need for a full barn for one year?

- There are several ways or plans to growing grass for
  one year for 70 monsters (full barn):

  - Grow 3 seasons on farm field with extra grown for Winter
  - Grow 3 seasons on farm field and grow in dungeons for Winter
  - Buy all your fodder from Erik if you are super rich

  - The best plan is Plan 3 below but I have left the other
    Plans listed in case you want to try them or you prefer
    them instead

    - Plan 3 requires you to plant 23 bags of grass seed in
      Spring on your farm field (Costs 690 G/Erik)
    - This gives you enough feed for 70 monsters for one
      whole year including Winter
    - The 23 bags gives you enough fodder to also store some
      over the winter to feed your animals during the beginning
      of Spring when you need to replant the grass and let it
      grow again
    - You need to also have the 23 bags of grass seed bought
      or in storage before Spring 29th (There is a festival
      on Winter 30th and on Spring 1st)

Short Answer: 
- 8,400 fodder per year/23 bags of grass seed (grown 3 months)

Long but detailed Answer:
- Here are the Plans, Figures, and Info:

  - Your entire farm field has 405 squares or 45 (3x3) areas
    - Entire farm field will only support 45 bags of seeds
      - Grass grows every other day if watered every day
      - Each grass seed bag grows 9 squares
      - Each square produces 15 fodder each month 
          = 135 fodder per month per bag

  - Spring 1 is a festival so make sure you have enough
    bags of grass seed already bought and stored so that
    you can plant all the seeds on Spring 1

  - Grass seed takes 4 days to grow (harvested on 5th day)
    - If map areas are not green then it is longer (runeys)
    - 280 fodder (to cover 4 days/stored from last year)

  - 1 bag of grass seed cost 30 G

  - 1 bundle of fodder from Erik costs 300 G
    - 280 bought fodder = 84,000 G

  - Every animal eats 1 feed per day
  - Every egg eats 1 feed per day
  - 30 days to a season
  - 4 seasons a year
  - 70 monsters max in a full size barn (7 rooms X 10)

30 X 4 = 120     (total days in 1 year/4 months)
120 X 70 = 8,400 (total feed needed for 1 year for 70 monsters)

*Spring/Summer/Fall (Autumn):

- You only need to figure for 1 month for Spring/Summer/Fall
  because the grass regrows in these seasons (seeds/farm)

Plan 1 (3 months on farm/1 month in dungeon):

- Plant to sustain 70 monsters for 1 month if you plan to
  grow grass in dungeons in the winter
  - Monsters cut grass on farm field during Spring/Summer/Fall
  - You cut grass in dungeons in the winter every other day

- Buy 16 bags of grass seed = 480 G (1 month/regrow 2 months)
  - 2,100 / 135 = 16 bags

  - Buy 6 more bags of grass seed = 180 G (Winter/dungeons)
    - 700 / 135 = 6 bags
  - OR plant 2 bags and cut grass in dungeon all year for
       winter fodder (water every day/cut every other day)

- Plus buy 1 bag = 30 G (Storage/start of next Spring)
  - 280 needed for storage = 30 G 
  - Plant on farm or in dungeons (grow/water/cut for 3 seasons)

Plan 2 (Buy fodder, expensive!):

- Buy fodder from Erik = 2,520,000 G
  - 8,400 fodder (Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter)

Plan 3 (3 months on farm/growing extra & storing for winter):

- Buy 16 bags of grass seed = 480 G (1 month/regrow 2 months)
  - 2,100 / 135 = 16 bags (2,160 fodder produced per month)

- Plus 6 bags - you need 700 extra feed each month (Spring/Summer/Fall)
  to store and use for Winter
  - Buy 6 more bags of grass seed = 180 G (extra for Winter)
    - 700 / 135 = 6 bags (810 fodder produced)

- Plus buy 1 bag - 280 for storage = 30 G (Storage/start of next Spring)
    - 60 + 110 = 170 (extra fodder from above)
    - 9 x 15 x 3 = 135 (1 bag/15 squares per mo/3 months)
    - Total 305 fodder for storage
      - For yearly grass growing period at the start of each Spring
        because grass dies over each winter

Total for Plan 3:

- Buy 23 bags of grass seed = 690 G (Spring/Summer/Fall/extra Winter)
  - 23 bags/each producing 135 fodder per month X 3 months = 8,400 fodder
  - 8,400 fodder total or 23 (3x3 areas)

- This method/plan works the best
  - It is 1/2 of your field grown in grass
  - It feeds a full barn of monsters for 4 months plus 280 extra
    fodder for the growing of grass period at the beginning of the next
    Spring each year
    - Store 280 fodder for beginning of Spring while grass grows
    - Store 22 bags of grass seed for the upcoming Spring

*Winter only:

30 X 70 = 2,100 (total feed needed for 1 month)

- Buy 16 bags of grass seed = 480 G (1 month/regrow 2 months)
  - 2,100 / 135 = 16 bags (2,160 fodder produced per month)
  - Must grow in dungeons if grown in Winter
  - Must water every day and cut every other day yourself

- Buy fodder from Erik = 630,000 G
  - 2,100 fodder

Harvester & Brush uses no HP/RP

- Using the brush/pet glove and the harvester on monsters in the barn
  does not use any RP/HP no matter how many monsters you have
- Using the brush to tame monsters in the dungeons doesn't use any RP/HP
  but make sure your character has enough HP/RP to continue brushing the
  monster while it attacks you
- Using the harvester outside to gather runeys does not use any HP/RP
  but time will continue to pass
  - Press the 1 button to look up
  - Runeys gather around you when you look up
  - This makes collecting runeys faster even though time still passes
    when you look up

Letters & Replying

- Anette comes with the mail between 6:40 am - 7 am (not holidays)
- You can check your mailbox and get letters and also meet Anette
  to get your letters but you may miss a few if you are only checking
  your mail box or just getting them from Anette. Be sure to always
  check all your letters on the table in your house to make sure you
  have received, replied, and read them all.
- Usually if a blue letter is sticking out of your mail box then it
  means that you need to check your mail
- Sometimes the blue letter won't disappear no matter how many times
  you check your mail at your mail box and at your table. Don't let
  this drive you nuts. It usually only means that a letter is in the
  process of being delivered or sent. Also you will get letters from
  unknown people and you need to talk to the person (like Anette
  when she is off work).

- Pink Letter
  - This is an Information Letter
  - You can't reply to it

- Blue Letter
  - This is a Request Letter
  - You need to give the requested item to Anette
  - Catch her delivering mail and just before she puts your mail in the box

- Green Letter
  - This is a Reply Letter
  - Just choose an option/answer 
  - You don't have to give it to Anette
  - It is delivered automatically

- Pink Letter: 
  - This is an Announcement Letter
  - You can't reply to it

- There is possibly a special letter but unsure if it is in the US version
  - If so, then you would need a secret word to put in to get a special item
  - If so, this is a rare letter

Looking Up (1 Button)

Looking up lets you:

- See if Whale Island is at the end of the climbing vines 
  - One at clock tower/non-holidays and one at the small island/holidays
- Gather more runeys around you for faster gathering 
  - Time still passes but still quicker
- Predict the next day’s weather (if done towards the end of the day)
- Observe constellations at the observatory field 
  - Talk to girls after seeing a “shape” - one of them will gain FP/LP

- If you see the Turnip Constellation and "something falls" then run
  back to your house and go inside to see what happened (turnips)

- Talk to Cinnamon to hear about a constellations
  - Talk to her more to hear about all the constellations


Monster Farm Work Info:

- You have to tame a monster by brushing it in a dungeon 
  - Name it & send it to the barn

- You can tame a monster even if the barn is full but it is a waste
  because you can’t keep it

- You can check how many monsters are in your barn by bringing up the
  monster menu or by checking the monster book/ledger just after you enter
  the barn (also has tons of details on each monster)

- You can release any monsters you wish by talking to them in the barn

- You have to pet the monsters in your barn (and feed them/see fodder)
  each day to raise their friendship

- Monsters will work on the farm for you (if a farm worker type) after
  you raise their hearts to at least 1

- Monsters start work the day after you assign them

- Monsters will do their job slowly at first (be prepared to help them
  at first) until they get very proficient
  - Raise their friendship for faster results

- You may only assign one farm type monster per farm task 
  (you can keep more in the barn but only assign one per task at a time).
  They get fast fairly quickly (about 1 to 2 weeks to do job quickly).
- Even if you go to bed early all monsters will still do their jobs
  (if assigned) and you don't have to re-assign each one if a new season

- Monsters that help on the farm can get all types of the same item. For
  example, a monster that cuts wood will cut everything from branches to
  stumps, and a monster that clears stone will clear stones and all sizes
  of boulders. Their skill does not depend on your tools or what skill/
  level you are. So use your farm working monsters to your advantage at
  the start when you don't have the skill or tools to clear stumps and

- All monsters (even product monsters, farm type monsters, and transport
  monsters) will go with you to fight in the dungeons (farm monsters won’t
  go if they have been assigned farm work) (product and transport monsters
  will go and still produce products on schedule)

- If your monster "dies" while fighting/traveling with you then the monster
  will automatically be transported back to the barn and will lose some
  friendship with you but it will not actually die

- Monsters can travel with you everywhere (outside, town, dungeons, etc).
  If you go into a building then the monster will not go in with you but
  it will be waiting for you outside the building door. If you enter the
  barn with the monster then it will be transported back to its usual
  place in the barn. Taking monsters outside, to town, and into dungeons
  will raise their friendship.

- You can ride any "transport" monster as long as it is not doing an
  assigned job. If it is doing an assigned job then you will have to
  unassign it (or reassign another monster that does the same job thus
  freeing up the previous monster) before you can ride it. To find out
  if a monster is a transport monster just take it outside and choose
  the "Get on it" option. If it is a transport/mount monster then you
  can get on it. If it is not a transport monster than it will say that
  you can not ride it.

- To find out if a monster produces any products then use the harvester
  on the monster (may take one week to be able to harvest the product).
  If it gives you a product then keep harvesting the product and you
  may find that it gives you several different products.

- You can breed any tamed monster with a high friendship level if you give
  it a Rune Stone (lays an egg/see Candy for Rune Stones) and the new
  monster will have better stats and higher friendship than the parent
  monster (rinse and repeat for even stronger monsters)

- You can switch any monster around in any room in the barn
  - You have to use the menu from the barn book (not just the -/+ menu)
    - Go into the barn and press A at the book in the entrance room
  - This helps to sort monsters in groups by rooms or however you want
    to organize them

Monster Farm Work Schedule:

7 am- 11 am: Gather edible plants
  - Gathers all wild plants except weeds/auto to shipping box

11 am- 3 pm: Harvest crops
  - Auto to shipping box/paid by 5 pm daily

3 pm – 7 pm: Water plants 
  - Waters all tilled and seeded/growing spaces

7 pm – 10 pm: Gather lumber 
  - Cuts all branches and stumps/auto to wood bin

10 pm – 1 am: Clear out rocks 
  - Clears all stones and all boulders

1 am – about 4 am: Mow Grass 
  - Cuts grass/auto to barn and cuts weeds/no shipping

Breeding Monsters:

- Make any Rune Stone (10 runeys to Candy - Tree, Stone, Water, Grass)
- Give it to a monster with at least 1 friendship (choose make)
- An egg will automatically be produced and in the hay bundle in the barn 
  (have a space in the barn for each egg you want to grow)
- You can talk to the egg daily but you can’t brush it
- The egg will hatch in about 10 days (may vary) so it is better to get
  3 friendship before breeding
- The new monster will have 1 more friendship and better stats then its
  parent (at time of breeding)
- Keep your runey map sections green or above to be able to raise
  monster friendship better and make sure that there is always fodder
  in the barn at all times or you may lose friendships with monsters
- You can now talk, brush, and interact with the new monster as normal
- You can immediately breed the new monster again with a rune stone to
  get even stronger monsters
- Repeat this as much as you wish

Other Monster Questions (Answers by Goldhorizon):

Multiple Monsters and Work Quality:

Q: Does having 2 of the same farm type make both work better?

A: No, having more of a farm worker type monster does not make the
monster better at its job.
You can only assign one farm worker type monster to a certain task
(grass, water, etc).

The only real reason to have more than say 1 grass harvester is
that you may like two different kinds of monsters that both do
grass harvesting (like 1 Ghost and 1 Scorpion).

Each monster seems to have a different gathering animation
(squirrels bounce, etc) than other monsters even if they both do
the same task. So you may want to keep both of them and alternate
them just for the "looks" of it. 

In the case of the squirrels (red one in Green Ruins and purple one
in Lava Ruins), you may just like having both of them in the barn
for their different looks even though they do the same thing.


One Monster per Task plus Monster Types:

Q: Can I only assign one monster to each task?

A: Yes, you can only assign one monster per task.

However, monsters usually learn to be very quick at their tasks
within one or two weeks.

Every now and then you will get a monster that doesn't do well
no matter how much time goes by so in that case just release it
and get another one.

You will so wish you had a bigger barn even after you upgrade to
the biggest barn because there are so many different monsters 
(each one has different animations in the barn, during fighting,
and working your farm field).

Plus there are the essential monsters you need for cooking products

... and the monsters you need for farm work (crop harvest/Wild plant
harvest/grass cutting/watering/wood cutting/stone clearing/etc)

... and the monsters you need for transport (who could resist the
wolves/buffaloo/elephants/unicorns/etc). Your transport/fighting monster
will save your hide!

... and the monsters that produce seasonal seeds 
(Spring/Green Ruins - Summer/Lava Ruins - Autumn/Snow Ruins). Yes, 
that is the actual names of the monsters. Yes, they drop actual seeds
that you can plant in your fields (Spring -- any spring seeds, etc). 
You will want to keep several of these in your barn to save on seed 
costs not to mention if they drop the costly flower seeds!

... and the various monsters that produce other goodies like 
jewels/jewelry/ores/mushroom/medicinal herbs/rare scales/etc 
(Big Muck/Tricky Muck/Monster Box/Gobble Box/Sealy/etc)

Well, you see where this is going. Yes, you will run out of room
in your barn!

... oh! and I forgot breeding monsters. You will need a place for
all those eggs!

(Funny or Creepy? Did you know that if you talk to a monster egg
on several sides that the egg will keep turning towards you?)


Monster Friendship/Breeding:

Q: How much friendship is needed to breed a monster with a rune stone?

A: I have given all types of rune stones to several monsters that have
only 1 friendship and they always accept it. You can't give it until
the monster has 1 friendship because it "won't listen to you".

So far, the best time to breed a monster is when it has 3 friendship.
You can raise a monster fairly soon to 3 friendships and then it slows
down and takes longer to get more friendship. Plus, most eggs that I
have hatched (talking to them daily/can't brush them) have taken about
10 days to hatch.

Watch out for winter
- No grass grows in your farm field
- So grow grass in dungeons (any)
- or stock up on grass (1 per day per monster/eggs also need one per day)
- or buy fodder (very expensive)

Also, your runeys will impact how fast their friendship with you grows
- Keep feed in your barn at all times
- Brush and talk to them daily (talk to eggs daily)
- Keep map sections green or higher (runeys)

It is like having your own animated pokemon herd, lol :)


Production Monsters Show "No Work":

Q: Why does my production monster show “no work” in its page details?

A: I haven't got the Big Muck (Big Mushroom) to cut grass because as
far as I have seen there is no way to assign him the task. It doesn't
come up as an option when I talk to him. I have also taken him outside
to see if I can ride him since he is so big (but you can't ride him).

For some reason monsters that produce products (anything from eggs to
jewels to fish scales) will show the "no work". But they will still
produce products if they are producers.

Just ignore the no work state if it is a production monster. You can
still gather whatever it lists that it produces. 

Use the harvester on the monster you're keeping in the barn at least
once a week to get the product it produces. Sometimes you will get
surprised by an item you harvest from it that you didn't know it produced. 

So far, the Big Muck has produced the following for me: Mushrooms,
Various Jewels (Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst, Aquamarine), 
and Medicinal herbs.


Breeding - Stats & Work Quality:

Q & A:

1. Does breeding a monster only increase its fighting stats? Or does
   it give it a higher ability (per point of friendship) to perform

- Breeding ups fighting stats depending on the rune stone you use 
  and also gives 1 more friendship than the parent per breeding

- How quickly it earns friendship and therefore performs chores is
  variable depending on how well your runeys are growing
  (map areas green or above is better)

- Bred with water rune stone: HP up 12%
- Bred with tree rune stone:  Magic up 12%
- Bred with rock rune stone:  Defense up 12%
- Bred with grass rune stone: Attack up 12% 

2. As a separate issue to 1, do monsters that are bred produce higher
   quality collected goods, like wool or eggs? 

- Raising friendship on any producer will up the level of the product 

- It seems that the friendship level is directly related to the level
  and how many of the same item is produced.

  - Example: 

    - A level 2 Spring flower monster consistently gives me
      2 bags of the same seeds and same level when it has 2 friendship
      - It still gives me various spring seeds each harvesting

    - A level 2 Buffamoo monster consistently gives me level 2 milk
      each harvesting

- As the friendship on the various production monsters go up then
  the level given and the amount given raise equal to the friendship
  level they have (level 3 = level 3 milk/level 3 = 3 seed bags or jewels)

Note that all the seed monsters (Spring/Summer/Autumn) may give turnip
   seeds at friendship level 1 and then seeds for the proper season they
   represent at friendship level 2 and above

3. Do higher level monsters with the same ability (ie: harvester from
   level 1 of the green mine vs harvester from bottom level of lava
   ruins) just fight better? Or do they also perform chores better? 

- So far it does seem that the higher dungeon monsters do fight
- This is because they have higher fighting stats
- Friendship is what allows a monster to perform chores better
  with higher friendship equaling faster chores done
  - Your runey map colors affect monster friendship growth (or loss)
    rates so keep all map areas green or higher
- Occasionally (for all monsters) it seems you can get a monster
  that learns/performs slowly no matter what his job or where he
  was captured 
  - Rarely happens, so just release these and get another one

4. Do you know if stats effect chores? That is, to be specific: 
   do bred monsters have a higher chore potential than monsters
   you've captured? 

- Bred monsters just allow you to raise the stats of monsters faster
  but both bred and captured monsters will perform the same at the
  same stat levels
- Also, the higher the friendship the better/higher quality products can
  be harvested from them

5. Or does the bred improvement in stats only make them better at

- Basically,
  - Higher stats = better fighting
  - Higher friendship = better chore performance

- Monsters learn to do their chores in steps just like how your tools
  are upgraded (1 square, 1x3 row, 2x3 rows, 3x3 rows, etc)
  - So up your monster's friendship levels to up their chore performance
  - Your current level of tools does not matter to the monsters
  - They learn on their own regardless of how leveled up your tools are

Monster Transports List (Mounts):

- You tame monsters by brushing them
- You can tame/brush monsters that
  are about 8 levels higher than you
- If a monster is too high to be tamed
  then you will see "miss" when you
  try to brush them

Silver Wolf (Wolf)
- Lvl 18
- Transport & Fighting
- Purple body with blue face and paws
- Whale Island – Fin

Elefun (Elephant)
- Lvl 23
- Transport, Watering, & Fighting
- White with green leaf back/ears
- Lava Ruins (B1F)

Buffaloo (Buffalo) 
- lvl 35
- No milk
- Transport & Fighting
- Tan with yellow mane/tail
- Lava Ruins (B4F)

Mammoo (Elephant/Mammoth)
- Lvl 38
- Transport, Watering, & Fighting
- Blue
- Snow Ruins (B2F, B3F)

Unico (Unicorn)
- Lvl 52
- Transport & Fighting
- White with pink/blue accents
- Whale Island – Drain
- Snow Ruins (B3F)

Hunter Wolf (Wolf/light green)
- Lvl 74
- Transport & Fighting
- Light green (like silver wolf)
- Whale Island – Tower of Glory

Cone or Corn (Unicorn)
- Lvl 91
- Transport & Fighting
- Black
- Whale Island – Tower of Glory Garden

Can not ride:

- Testing bigger monsters
- Obviously you can’t ride the smaller monsters

Shadow Panther (Dk purple/back spikes)
Blood Panther (Dk red/back spikes)
Big Muck (Big Mushroom/red & yellow)
Tricky Muck (Big Mushroom/dk blue)
Black Ant (Big black ant)
Scorpion (Lt purple & grey)
Death Stalker (Red scorpion)
Buffamoo (Cow/Black & white)
Buffazoo (Cow/Black/red mane)

Monster Types List:

- This list has been provided here because individuals
  have directly requested it from me
  - References what monsters perform what function
    - All monsters can also fight with you in dungeons
  - Monster levels so you can tame them better
  - Basic monster description so you know what
    they look like
  - Basic items monsters drop for recipes

- This list includes all monsters in the game (not 4 bosses) 
  but does not include the complete stats of all the monsters
  or drop rates

  - For complete stats on all monsters I refer you to the
    Bestiary/Pets Guide compiled by MasterPingu1

  - MasterPingu1 is free to use and include any information
    listed in this Monster Types List in his Bestiary/Pets Guide

- Dungeon Abbreviations:
  - whale Island = WI
  - Green Ruins  = Green
  - Lava Ruins   = Lava
  - Snow Ruins   = Snow

- This is an original work in progress and is being tested in-game

   - Chicken/white/red comb/yellow feet	
   - 3F/Green	
   - Sharp Talon/Lv1, Bird Feather/Lv3

   - Duck/yellow/black beak/red trims	
   - 2F/Lava
   - Bird Feather/Lv7, Sharp Talon/Lv4, Tear Drop/Lv6

   - Duck/white/black trims
   - 3F/Snow	
   - Sharp Talon/Lv10, Teardrop, Bird Feather

   - Red Demon/pitchfork/wings	
   - 2F, 3F/Snow	
   - Solid Point/Lv6, Demon Blood/Lv5, Hard Horn/Lv10

Fighting--Lv89--Arch Daemon 
   - White demon/pitchfork/wings	
   - 6F/Snow	
   - Solid Point/Lv10, Hard Horn/Lv10, Demon Blood/Lv10

Grass Cut--Lv21--Ghost 
   - Brown robe/scythe/cone hat	
   - 1F/Lava	
   - Quality Cloth/Lv1, Cheap Cloth/Lv6, Thin Stick/Lv7, Knife Piece/Lv8

Grass Cut--Lv26--Scorpion 
   - Purple with grey	
   - Flank/WI, 3F/Lava	
   - Toxin/Lv2, Solid Point/Lv2, Insect Hide/Lv8, Sharp Talon/Lv4

Grass Cut--Lv34--Mantict 
   - Greenish/Mantis	
   - Tail Tree/WI	
   - Insect Jaw/Lv5, Insect Hide/Lv10, Glittering Edge/Lv10

Grass Cut--Lv54--Necro 
   - Blue robe/scythe/cone hat	
   - Tower of Birth/WI	
   - Quality Cloth/Lv5, Cheap Cloth/Lv10, Thick Stick/Lv5, Knife Piece/Lv10

Grass Cut--Lv60--Faust 
   - Red robe/scythe/cone hat	
   - Tower of Birth, Floating Chamber/WI	
   - Quality Cloth/Lv5, Cheap Cloth/Lv10, Thick Stick/Lv5, Glittering Edge/Lv5

Grass Cut--Lv90--Samurai 
   - Brownish/Mantis
   - Tower of Plenty Garden/WI	
   - Insect Jaw/Lv10, Fair Hide/Lv10, Glittering Edge/Lv10

Grass Cut--Lv47--Death Stalker 
   - Red scorpion	
   - 1F, 2F/Snow	
   - Fair Hide/Lv2, Magic Talon/Lv3, Solid Point/Lv6, Toxin/Lv10

Harvest Crops--Lv1--Goblin 
   - Green/red shirt/knife-sword	
   - Cave Surface/WI 	
   - Cheap Cloth/Lv1, Knife Piece/Lv1, Warrior Medal/Lv1

Harvest Crops--Lv2--Ant 
   - Red/smaller	
   - Cave Surface/WI, 1F/Green, 1F/Lava	
   - Insect Jaw/Lv1, Insect Hide/Lv1

Harvest Crops--Lv6--Orc 
   - Human-type/red jacket/white pants/club	
   - Cave Depths/WI	
   - Warrior Medal/Lv1, Thin Stick/Lv1, Cheap Cloth/Lv1

Harvest Crops--Lv9--Orc Archer 
   - Human-type/bow/blue jacket/white pants	
   - Cave Depths/WI	
   - Glue/Lv1, Solid Point/Lv2, Thin Stick/Lv1

Harvest Crops--Lv17--Killer Ant 
   - Solid black with tiny red dots/big	
   - 1F/Lava	
   - Insect Jaw/Lv5, Insect Hide/Lv8

Harvest Crops--Lv27--Hobgoblin 
   - Human-type/yellow/blue shirt/knife-sword	
   - Flank/WI	
   - Cheap Cloth/Lv6, Knife Piece/Lv8, Warrior Medal/Lv5

Harvest Crops--Lv49--Shadow Panther 
   - Dk purple/back spikes	
   - 1F, 2F/Snow	
   - Fair Hide/Lv1, Magic Talon/Lv3, Sharp Fang/Lv6, Sharp Talon/Lv10

Harvest Crops--Lv65--Orc Hunter 
   - Human-type/big bow/Blue jacket/white pants	
   - Tower of Rebirth, Floating Chamber/WI	
   - Glue/Lv10, Solid Point/Lv6, Thin Stick/Lv10

Harvest Crops--Lv66--High Orc 
   - Human-type/brown-yellow jackets/white pants/club	
   - Tower of Life/WI	
   - Warrior Medal/Lv10, Thick Stick/Lv10, Cheap Cloth/Lv10

Harvest Crops--Lv69--Blood Panther 
   - Red with back scales	
   - Tower of Glory/WI, 4F/Snow	
   - Magic Talon/Lv3, Fair Hide/Lv7, Sharp Fang/Lv10, Sharp Talon/Lv10

Harvest Wild Plants--Lv1--Chitter 
   - Red Squirrel/dk red/red nut	
   - 1F/Green	
   - Sharp Fang/Lv1, Monster Hide/Lv1, Sharp Talon/Lv1

Harvest Wild Plants--Lv25--Furpy 
   - Squirrel/dk purple/red nut	
   - 2F/Lava	
   - Sharp Fang/Lv6, Monster Hide/Lv6, Sharp Talon/Lv4

Harvest Wild Plants--Lv42--Fairy 
   - Tiny fairy flyers/shiny yellow with wings	
   - Tail Tree, Drain/WI	
   - Magic Powder/Lv6, Cheap Cloth/Lv10, Fairy Dust/Lv1

Harvest Wild Plants--Lv77--Hades 
   - Queen fairy/red/shiny/tiny	
   - Tower of Glory, Tower of Rebirth Garden/WI	
   - Magic Powder/Lv10, Cheap Cloth/Lv10, Fairy Dust/Lv10

   - Brown/tan striped/small	
   - 3F/Green	
   - Toxin/Lv2, Insect Jaw/Lv5, Insect Hide/Lv1

Honey--Lv45--Hornet Queen 
   - Yellow/black striped/big	
   - 1F/Snow	
   - Toxin/Lv10, Fair Hide/Lv2, Insect Jaw/Lv5

Jewelry, Ore--Lv33--Monster Box 
   - Treasure Chest/yellow	
   - 1F, 4F, 5F/Lava	
   - Sharp Fang/Lv1, Ruby/Lv1, Emerald/Lv1, Sapphire/Lv1, Amethyst/Lv1, 
     Aquamarine/Lv1, Diamond/Lv1

Jewelry, Ore--Lv75--Gobble Box 
   - Treasure Chest/purple-blue	
   - Tower of Plenty, Floating Chamber/WI, 6F/Snow	
   - Sharp Fang/Lv1, Ruby/Lv1, Emerald/Lv1, Sapphire/Lv1, Amethyst/Lv1, 
     Aquamarine/Lv1, Diamond/Lv1

Jewelry, Ore--Lv88--Micro Dragon 
   - Red/small	
   - 6F/Snow	
   - Sharp Fang/Lv10, Sharp Talon/Lv10, Magic Talon/Lv10,
     Monster Hide/Lv10, Wet Scale/Lv10

Jewelry, Ore--Lv92--Mini Dragon 
   - Green/big	
   - Tower of Glory/WI, 4F, 6F/Snow	
   - Sharp Fang/Lv10, Sharp Talon/Lv10, Magic Talon/Lv10, 
     Monster Hide/Lv10, Wet Scale/Lv10

Jewels, Mushroom, Med. Herb--Lv87--Tricky Muck 
   - Dk blue mushroom/big	
   - Tower of Rebirth Garden/WI, 6F/Snow	
   - Mushroom/Lv1, Root/Lv10, Magic Powder/Lv10

Jewels, Mushroom, Med. Herb--Lv9--Big Muck 
   - Mushroom/orange/yellow/cutesy	
   - 2F/Green	
   - Mushroom/Lv1, Root/Lv2, Magic Powder/Lv2

   - White/black spots/orange mane	
   - Fin/WI, 3F/Green	
   - Monster Hide/Lv1, Hard Horn/Lv2

   - Black with red mane/tail	
   - Floating Chamber/WI, 4F/Snow	
   - Quality Fur/Lv7, Hard Horn/Lv10

Rock Clear--Lv4--Slime 
   - Green/slimy rope vine	
   - Cave Depths/WI	
   - Teardrop/Lv2, Toxin/Lv2, Scrap Iron/Lv1, White Grass/Lv1, 
     Black Grass/Lv1, Fire Crystal/Lv1, Water Crystal/Lv1, 
     Wind Crystal/Lv1, Earth Crystal/Lv1

Rock Clear--Lv30--Mini Golem 
   - Robot-type/brick castle style/Pink	
   - Flank/WI, 2F, 3F/Lava	
   - Iron/Lv1, Copper/Lv1, Scrap Iron/Lv10, Silver/Lv1, 
     Earth Crystal/Lv1

Rock Clear--Lv32--Hammer Troll 
   - Light green/brown clothes/large hands/no hammer/big	
   - 3F, 4F/Lava	
   - Quality Cloth/Lv1, Hard Horn/Lv2, Warrior Medal/Lv5, 
     Bird Feather/Lv7

Rock Clear--Lv36--Dark Slime 
   - Blue-black/slimy rope vine	
   - 5F/Lava	
   - Tear Drop/Lv6, Toxin/Lv2, Scap Iron/Lv1, White Grass/Lv1,
     Black Grass/Lv1, Fire Crystal/Lv1, Water Crystal/Lv1, 
     Wind Crystal/Lv1, Earth Crystal/Lv1

Rock Clear--Lv37--Beetle 
   - Horned/pincher/brown-black mandible/smaller	
   - Tail Tree/WI	
   - Hard Horn/Lv6, Insect Jaw/Lv5, Insect Hide/Lv10

Rock Clear--Lv71--Gigantes 
   - Human-type/blue/green clothes/Huge
   - Tower of Life, Tower of Life Garden/WI	
   - Quality Cloth/Lv10, Warrior Medal/Lv10, Bird Feather/Lv10, 
     Hard Horn/Lv10

Rock Clear--Lv89--Heracles 
   - Beetle/grey/dark green mandible/big	
   - Tower of Plenty Garden/WI	
   - Hard Horn/Lv10, Insect Jaw/Lv10, Insect Hide/Lv10, 
     Fair Hide/Lv10

Seeds (Fall)--Lv46--Autumn 
   - Flower/blue face/red spots	
   - 1F/Snow	
   - Root/Lv10, Magic Powder/Lv10

Seeds (Spring)--Lv3--Spring 
   - Flower/yellow face/green/red spots	
   - 1F, 2F/Green	
   - Root/Lv2, Magic Powder/Lv2

Seeds (Summer)--Lv34--Summer 
   - Flower/orange face/red spots	
   - 3F, 4F/Lava	
   - Root/Lv6, Magic Powder/Lv6

Transport--Lv18--Silver Wolf 
   - Light blue/light blue face & paws	
   - Fin/WI	
   - Monster Hide/Lv1, Sharp Fang/Lv1, Sharp Talon/Lv4

   - Buffalo/no milk/tan/yellow mane	
   - 4F/Lava	
   - Monster Hide/Lv10, Hard Horn/Lv6

   - Unicorn/white/Jingles	
   - Drain/WI, 3F/Snow	
   - Fair Hide/Lv4, Teardrop/Lv6, Bird Feather/Lv7, 
     Hard Horn/Lv10

Transport--Lv74--Hunter Wolf 
   - Green but looks just like silver wolf	
   - Tower of Glory/WI, 4F, 5F/Snow	
   - Monster Hide/Lv3, Sharp Fang/Lv10, Sharp Talon/Lv7

   - Unicorn/Black/blue mane/jingles	
   - Tower of Glory Garden/WI	
   - Fair Hide/Lv10, Teardrop/Lv10, Bird Feather/Lv10, 
     Hard Horn/Lv10

Transport, Watering--Lv23--Elefun 
   - Elephant/white/green leaves	
   - 1F/Lava	
   - Tear Drop/Lv6, Sharp Fang/Lv6, Monster Hide/Lv6

Transport, Watering--Lv58--Mammoo 
   - Blue Elephant/Mammoth	
   - 2F, 3F/Snow	
   - Quality Fur/Lv4, Sharp Fang/Lv10, Teardrop/Lv6

Watering--Lv28--Sky Fish 
   - Fish/bluish	
   - Flank/WI	
   - Wet Scale/Lv4, Fish Fossil/Lv1, Sharp Fang/Lv1, 
     Water Crystal/Lv1

Watering--Lv29--Little Emperor 
   - Pink hair/red tunic/staff/wizard	
   - Tower of Life Garden, Tower of Rebirth/WI, 3F/Lava	
   - Quality Cloth/Lv10, Hard Horn/Lv2, Thick Stick/Lv10, 
     Earth Crystal/Lv1

   - Large turtle/Grey-blue shell	
   - Drain/WI	
   - Teardrop/Lv6, Sharp Fang/Lv6, Turtle Shell/Lv10, 
     Water Crystal/Lv1

   - Fish/redish	
   - Drain/WI 	
   - Wet Scale/Lv7, Sharp Fang/Lv6, Fish Fossil/Lv10, 
     Water Crystal/Lv1

   - Floating light blue/ice ball	
   - 1F, 2F/Snow	
   - Water Crystal/Lv1, Magic Crystal/Lv3, Magic Powder/Lv10

Watering--Lv81--Little Wizard 
   - Purple hair/blue shirt/brown tunic/wizard/staff	
   - Tower of Life Garden, Tower of Rebirth/WI, 5F/Snow	
   - Quality Cloth/Lv10, Hard Horn/Lv10, Thick Stick/Lv10, 
     Wind Crystal/Lv1

Wood Cut--Lv11--Little Mage 
   - Purple hair/Cow skull head/aqua tunic/staff	
   - Tower of Rebirth Garden/WI, 3F/Green	
   - Cheap Cloth/Lv6, Hard Horn/Lv2, Thin Stick/Lv7, 
     Fire Crystal/Lv1

Wood Cut--Lv28--Ignis 
   - Floating red fire ball	
   - 2F, 3F/Lava	
   - Fire Crystal/Lv2, Magic Crystal/Lv3, Magic Powder/Lv6

Wood Cut--Lv37--Minotaur 
   - Red/bull-type on 2 legs/axe	
   - 4F, 5F/Lava	
   - Glittering Edge/Lv1, Thick Stick/Lv1, Warrior Medal/Lv5, 
     Hard Horn/Lv6

Wood Cut--Lv38--Weagle 
   - Bird/pink/White chest/yellow beak and feet	
   - 5F/Lava	
   - Bird Feather/Lv7, Sharp Talon/Lv4, Wind Crystal/Lv1

Wood Cut--Lv74--Blackbird 
   - Bird/blue/large	
   - Floating Chamber/WI 	
   - Bird Feather/Lv10, Sharp Talon/Lv10, Wind Crystal/Lv1

Wood Cut--Lv77--Minotaur King 
   - Dark blue-black/Bull-type on 2 legs/axe/huge	
   - Tower of Life Garden, Floating Chamber/WI, 3F, 4F, 5F/Snow	
   - Hard Horn/Lv10, Warrior Medal/Lv10, Glittering Edge/Lv10, 
     Thick Stick/Lv10

Wood Cut--Lv86--Soul 
   - Floating green ball/white streaks/like Ignis	
   - 5F, 6F/Snow
   - Wind Crystal/Lv1, Magic Crystal/Lv3, Magic Powder/Lv10

   - Sheep/white wool/black skin/red under ears	
   - Fin/WI, 2F/Green	
   - Monster Hide/Lv1, Teardrop/Lv2, Hard Horn/Lv2

   - Sheep/white wool/brown skin/red under ears	
   - 4F/Lava	
   - Monster Hide/Lv10, Teardrop/Lv6, Hard Horn/Lv6

Making Custom Recipes

- Usually once you get a recipe book (cook, lab, forge) then the
  recipe shows up with the list of specified ingredients
- Sometimes you will want to experiment on your own with recipe

- To do this, just ignore the shown recipe
  - Press the (-) button to choose different ingredients
  - Press the (+) button to make the recipe

- Recipe books are great for showing you recipes but you do not
  have to have/know a recipe to experiment and make one you did
  not already have listed in a cook book you own
- The more ingredient slots that you have available (Kross & Lute
  upgrades & equipment) then the better the recipes you can make
  and experiment with
- Cooking slots generally increase (2, 4, 6 slots) as you upgrade
  your kitchen size and equipment
- Your cooking skill level has to be fairly close to the level that
  the recipe requires or it will say that your skill level is not
  high enough
- Save before cooking. If you fail, then you will lose your

- Remember that Selphy (Library/Rune Archives) has a sale on cook
  books on Tuesdays

  - This can include older books you did not buy before she
    changed her book collections and new books that are not
    sold with her present selection

Leveling Up Crops

- Use greenifier to level up your crops
  - Till, then seed, then apply greenifier, grow crop
  - One greenifier only does one square and not a 3X3 area
  - Apply only 1 greenifier to one square per time
    (don't apply more than 1 greenifier to a square at a time)
  - Greenifier will up the crop in that one square by 1 level
  - After the crop in that one square is grown then you can put
    the crop in the seed maker to turn the crop into a bag of 
    seeds (put in crop level 2 get seed bag level 2)
  - Now plant the level 2 seeds, apply greenifier on them,
    grow the crop and produce a level 3 crop, put the level 3
    crop in the seed maker to produce level 3 seed bad, just
    keep doing this to up your crop levels
  - Remember to plant seeds in the proper seasons with plenty
    of time to fully grow them to maturity.
  - Proper Runey management can allow crops to mature early
    OR if you are not managing your Runeys in all the sections
    of the map then your crops may grow slow or even die.
  - Greenifier is sold by Lara at St. Poli Church for 9,200 G each
    (one only does one square not a 3X3 area)
  - The seed maker is sold by Lute (peddler) at the Public Square
    on holidays for 5,000 G
  - You can make Greenifier yourself once you get a fully upgraded
    lab, supplies, and advanced recipe book but it will take
    a lab skill of 99 and the ingredients are more expensive
    than if you just bought the greenifier from Lara
  - When you put greenifier on a seeded square then the square/soil
    will turn green
  - Putting greenifier on the seeds (watered or unwatered) multiple
    times (referred to as stacking) will not result in higher grown
    crop levels
  - You can only up the crop level by 1 level per fully grown crop


Formula C
Earth Crystal
Water Crystal
Fish Fossil
Fairy Dust
Demon Blood

Laboratory Skill Level: 99
Level 1 Greenifier
Sells for 1,840 G each 
(Wow, Laura is making a huge profit! lol)

Greenifier ups one square of crop one level
(plant seeds, apply greenifier, grow crops, put it in the seed maker
for the next level of seeds -- rinse and repeat)

Buy the Ultimate Lab Book from Selphy (10,000 G) for the recipe.

Opening Dungeons

- You can bring a monster with you to any of these boss battles

- Green Ruins    
  – Spring
  - Suggested level 20
  - Located under the grass in front of Mist’s house
  - You must have a sickle from Erik
  - Talk to Mist/she must ask you to cut her grass
  - Cut her grass to reveal the underground stairs
  - Boss: Giant Griffin/Chicken

- Lava Ruins     
  – Summer
  - Suggested level 40-50
  – Located on the mountain path 
  - Tree grows
    - Don't need to water tree
    - To open Lava Ruins put tree rune stone into tree hole
  - Beat Green Ruins dungeon 
    - Also allows tree to start growing
  - Boss: Giant Red Slime/Mimic

- Snow Ruins     
  – Fall/Autumn
  - Suggested level 55-70 
  – Beat Lava Ruins dungeon
  - Get item from Lava Ruins Boss (relic) (get red orb here, too)
  - Put item in stone pillar to right side of Rune Archives (library)
  - Snow Ruins boss is massively strong so be prepared!!!
  - You may want to beat the Whale Island boss first
  - Sub Boss: Black Iris/Blanche (3F)
  - Boss: Ice Snake (7F)

- Whale Island  
  - All Seasons
  - Suggested level 20 (Cave Surface/Cave Depths/Fin)
  - Suggested level 40 - 70 (Past Fin gate) 
  – Water sprout by clock tower for climbing vine 
    to Whale Island - Cave Surface
  - Do white Iris storyline (see below) for climbing vine 
    to Whale Island - Fin
  - Boss: Giant Electric Squid

- Era of Disconnect (Storyline End Boss)
  - Suggested level 70 or above & durable gear
  - Not a dungeon but it is a boss battle
  - Finish entire storyline
  - After placing 12 Crystal Flowers on the center pedestal
    - Clock Tower/1st door when enter
  - Sub Boss: Magical Creature ("dog")
    - On top of Clock Tower
  - Boss: Magical Creature ("dog/man")
    - On top of Clock Tower

The Snow Ruins are referred to as the Winter Dungeon but it only 
  grows Fall crops now
  - There is a whole story behind why it is a Winter dungeon that 
    grows Fall crops but I don't want to spoil it for anyone yet
  - Tip: hit the colored cords to explode the ice machines and
    the cannons and unfreeze some doors

You can also tell what season crops each dungeon supports by noting
    the wild colored grasses that naturally grow in the small
    scattered fields in each dungeon 
    - yellow, orange, red = Spring
    - Purple, blue = Summer
    - White, black = Winter 
      - or Fall/Autumn in Snow Ruins

Also, the whitish/grey shallow "rocks" are really sand piles (use hoe)
  - Some are in Green Ruins blocking treasure boxes
  - Some are in Lava Ruins if front of big boulders

Whale Island Shortcuts

- Huge Boulder in cliff
  - Get through Gate on Fin
  - Go left and break huge rock
  - Need silver hammer or above
  - Leads to/from Cave Surface (by crop field/goblins/steam)

- Rope on Broken Stairs
  - Tower of Life/by broken stairs
  - Leads to/from Cave Surface (by 1st crop field)

Adventure/Explorer Books (Dungeon Books)

- John Arthur's building books will be located on the second floor
  bookshelves (Up the ladders)
- Not all books will be available from the start but they will
  unlock as you advance through the game's storyline
- These books are on the actual library shelves and are not any
  of the books you buy from Selphy

* The Green Ruins (Top floor/1 from back/right/1st book)

  - Page 1:

    The Adventures of John Arthur 
    Section 1, Chapter 12, Part 3
    'The Green Ruins'

  - Page 2:

    Making my way through an overgrown field of young plants, I went deeper
    into the area called 'The Green Ruins'.  Once a research facility for
    utilizing the power of Runes, it is now overrun with monsters.

  - Page 3:

    It's warm and spring-like. In fact, I saw springtime plants thriving in
    every crevice of the ruins.  I finally came to a set of stairs, but it
    seems some one came before me and opened the door that leads inside.

  - Page 4:

    I continued down the stairs and move forward. When I got to the 3rd
    basement floor I… (to be continued)


    - Green Ruins
      - Entrance under grass field
      - Past research facility for testing runes in Spring weather
      - Spring Plants grow here

* The Lava Ruins (Top floor/1 from back/right/2nd book)

  - Page 1:

    The Adventures of John Arthur
    Section 1, Chapter 13, Part 5
    'The Lava Ruins'

  - Page 2:

    Covered in sweat, I pressed on ahead towards the ruins that once used
    to house a facility devoted to researching the effects of heat on Runes.
    As expected, it's hot here like summer.

  - Page 3:

    I found a bomb on a seesaw on the 3rd basement floor. I slammed the
    opposite side of the seesaw with a hammer and successfully cast it into
    a pile of rubble. I'll use the bomb to remove that pile.

  - Page 4: 

    To detonate the bomb, I slashed at it. A loud noise engulfed the entire
    ... I don't remember anything after that. I have lost my memory.


    - Lava Ruins
      - Past research facility for testing runes in Summer weather
      - Summer Plants grow here
      - Use a bomb on a seesaw to advance past 3rd floor

* The Snow Ruins (Top floor/1 from back/right/3rd book)

  - Page 1:

    The Adventures of John Arthur
    Section 1, Chapter 14, Part 12
    'The Snow Ruins'

  - Page 2:

    'The Snow Ruins'
    As the name suggests, these ruins are covered in snow, but the climate
    is rather mild like autumn.

  - Page 3:

    I'm sure the climate was much colder when they were carrying out low
    temperature research on Runes, but this is much nicer for me.

  - Page 4:

    At the entrance of these ruins are slopes and a frozen door. I destroyed
    nearby fridges (just cut the cord!) to melt the ice and move forward. My
    adventure was going well.

  - Page 5:

    However, due to an accident, I had no choice but to give up my
    exploration. I cannot disclose the details here, ... but it was
    definitely not because I got hungry.


    - Snow Ruins
      - Past research facility for testing runes in Winter weather
      - Temperature is now more mild like Fall/Autumn
      - Cut the fridge cords to advance through the ruins
      - Fall/Autumn Plants grow here

* Whale Island (Top floor/1 from back/right/4th book)

  - Page 1:

    (Continue typing here)

* The Cornucopia Tree (Top floor/front/right/2nd book)

  - Page 1:

    The Adventures of John Arthur 
    Sec. 1, Ch.. 9, Pt. 4, P.S.
    'Cornucopia Tree'

  - Page 2:

    At the very moment I was about to draw my last breath, I saw trees
    upon trees, so laden with fruit, it looked as though the branches
    would break. 

  - Page 3:

    I tried everything to get my eager hands on the fruits, from climbing
    to throwing rocks.  My desperation gave me strength.

  - Page 4:

    However, not a single fruit would budge, not even once. 

  - Page 5:

    Alas! If only I had a hammer with me, I could have eaten one!  I
    would have been able to survive long enough to see the next fruit
    bearing season…

    - Use a hammer to get fruit from fruit trees

Rosetta/Mail Route Fun

For some fun and laughs:

- Follow Rosetta around on her mail route and talk to her right after
  she delivers each "letter" 
- Following/talking along the way also increases her FP

- Hope you can keep up ... maybe you could use a wolf :)

Dancing Warriors

War Metal Description: Line up 48 Warrior Metals and they will dance

- Can’t line them up on ground because they disappear
- Don’t dance if you stack them in rucksack/inventory
- Separated them one by one and lined them up in rucksack 
  – nothing happened
- I will save them in storage until me or someone maybe figures it out

... or maybe this is just a reference to something ...

Festival Schedule

- I have only added a few info on festivals
  - If I get more requests for festival help
    then I will probably include those later


1st New Years Festival
13th Date Day
19th Cooking Festival (starts 2nd Year)
29th Foliage Festival (starts 2nd Year)
     - Flower festival


1st  Beach Opening
19th Date Day
25th Ganesha Cup Boat Race
30th Pumpkin Festival


13th Harvest Festival
19th Date Day
25th Coming of Age Day
     - Keep Golden Turnip/Pumpkin
     - Put in Seed maker!


7th  Quiz Contest
19th HotPot Convention
24th Date Day
30th Year End Festival

Foliage Festival (Flower Festival):

- Get flowers from girls/people
- You can get flowers from one girl and give them to another girl
- Two flowers you get will be Toy Herb and Moon Drop
  - These two flowers are used in the wedding Bouquet
- Uzuki gives you Cherry Grass!
  - Seed maker accepts Cherry Grass as a flower
  - So take the Cherry Grass and put it in the seed maker to get
    one bag of Cherry Grass
  - You can ship these for over 6,000 G but it is better to plant
    them in a dungeon and use greenifier on them for more profit

Beach Day (Watermelon Smashing):

- Before the watermelon smashing begins, press A at the bath house to
  see cutscenes but only do it once per girl (some like it, some don’t)
  – Most every girl does not like it if you do it twice
- Follow what the liar says to do to smash the watermelon
  (ignore the “right” instructions)
- Successfully smashing the watermelon gives all present a small 
  FP/LP boost
- Bring up the Relations menu (+ button) and click on a girl you saw
  at the beach, now press 1 button to see them in a bathing suit.
- If you get good enough at crafting then you can also make swim suits
  and give them to the girls

- Some people report following the "correct" instructions and being able
  to smash the watermelon so it may have some randomness to it.
- Following the instructions may work but if it doesn't then just follow
  the liar's instructions

Harvest Festival:

- Everyone wears pumpkin heads (but Mist/turnip head)
- The first Fall you're not supposed to pass out vegetables.
- The tradition starts the 2nd Fall because Mist states that she is
  going to get everyone to pass out vegetables the next year to start
  the tradition again
- If you listen to everyone else you will notice that they comment on
  NOT having the tradition in the town yet
- So you should get a different reaction in the 2nd Fall :)

Hotpot Convention:

Winter 19th

- Bring an ingredient for the pot
- Talk to Eunice and give her your ingredient
- Putting in a level 6 trout got great results

Constellations & Info

- This is a work in progress/testing & has not been fully verified yet

- Talk to Cinnamon and become good friends to have her tell you
  about the different constellations (Gifts to her: Black Fish/Whale
  Island Fin, also Pale Chub, basically any fish cooked or raw)

- Talk to Cinnamon outside and in the season of the constellation
  it appears in

- Books/info on the constellations will be added to the Library
  (Rune Archives) after Cinnamon tells you about them
  - Selphy needs to have cleaned up the library before you can
    access all the library books 
    - At 4 LP she thinks about cleaning up library
    - At about 5 1/2 LP (& 9-10 FP) she finally cleans up the library
    - But at 6 LP she destroys it again :(

- You can't see the constellation in the sky until Cinnamon tells
  you about it (You can see star outlines but it won't trace it)

- The observatory is located to the left of the 2 fruit trees along
  the mountain path
  - View all constellations here
  - It is just a round open field surrounded by cliffs
  - Watch constellations starting at dark (6pm – 3 am)
  - Usually you need to watch the night sky for at least 30 minutes
    game time
  - Sometimes it helps to switch your position or direction within
    the circular field
  - If you look at the sun too much then you will hurt your eyes, lol

- Talk to the girl related to the constellation you just saw to get
  a LP boost


Turnip Constellation:    before 8 pm (7pm)/Mist 
                         (go inside your house, get turnips)

Crown Constellation:     after 1 am (1 am-2am)/Selphy 
                         (constellation info added to library)

Serpent Constellation:   after 9 pm (9pm)/Rosetta 
                         (talk/then try the snake soup/intell up)


Buffamoo Constellation:  (1 am)/Anette (starts Tart letters)
Wooly Constellation:     (9pm)/Tabatha (have a friendly monster)
Elephant Constellation:  (7pm)/Bianca 
                         (note at lake/get diamond/talk to Bianca)


Broom Constellation:      (1am)/Eunice (cooking level increase)
Hat Constellation:        (8pm)/Melody (magic level increase)

Hairpin Constellation:    (6pm)/Ukuki (fighting skill increase +3)
Fish Constellation:       (2am)/Cinnamon (fishing level increase)
Cross Constellation:      (8pm)/Lara (HP level increase)

Full Moon (after story complete):

Whale Constellation:      (7:30pm)/white Iris (attributes +1) 
                          (15th and 16th of the month)

Cresent Moon (after story complete):

Scorpion Constellation:   (7:30pm)/black Iris 
                          (strength +2, Agility +2) 
                          (1st and 30th of the month)

More info for the constellation list (above):

After seeing the Serpent Constellation:
- Go see Rosetta
- Talk to her until she mentions that another
  store owner sent her some snake soup but
  she doesn't want to try it herself
- She wants you to try it instead so try
  the snake soup
- Once you eat it then your intelligence
  will permanently rise +3 points
- Talk to Rosetta and her LP will go up

After seeing Elephant Constellation:
- Talk to Bianca (dropped paper/clue)
  - "When the elephant gazes at the stars,
     water shall erupt from the trunk."
- Go to the observatory (note/clue)
  - "From a solitary teardrop from the eye,
     erupts a spring, leaving behind a speck
     of light."
- Go search the lake (diamond/letter/clue)
  - "The light always returns. It cycles over
     and over and arrives back to where it
     originates. The things precious to you
     are where they are supposed to be. At
     your feet."
- Go to the front of Bianca's house 
  - You find a buried wedding ring
- Bianca appears and explains the lost
  lover's wedding ring
- Try to give Bianca the wedding ring but you
  both decide to put it back in case the lover's
  come back to find it 
- Then you try to give Bianca the diamond but she
  thinks it is ordinary and says for you to keep it
- You will then keep the level 10 diamond
- Bianca's LP will go up

When you view the Wooly Constellation:
- Bring any animal monster with you to
  view the constellation
- It can be a wooly or any other monster
- After viewing the constellation together
  then your monster friendship level Will
  go up
- Go talk to Tabatha and her LP will go up

Melody Bath Event

- Pay for your bath before midnight (don't take a bath yet)
- Right after midnight knock on the door (shake nunchuck at door)
- If you are good enough friends with Melody then she lets you in
- Melody will be in the women's bath but don't try to go in there
- Instead go take a bath in the men's side
- Her bath event will play out

The Pink Elephant

For clarification on the elephant event - here's the process:

- Explore Whale Island dungeon to get baby elephant cutscene
  - Explore from Whale Island - Cave Surface/Cave Depths to
    Whale Island - Fin
- After cutscene you will see the baby elephant in your barn
  by the book/ledger
- You can not interact with it
- In Summer (summer 1st year if barn built before summer)
  Tabitha and Bianca come to town
- Tabatha will write you a letter stating she would like to
  come see your monster/barn
- Reply "yes" to the letter
- Now on the 10th, 11th, 14th, 26th, and 27th (other days may
  also work) of summer (9 am - 10 am), go into Bianca's house
  while she is inside and you will trigger the rest 
  - You don't have to have any LP with Bianca &/or Tabatha
  - You can press A directly at 9am at Bianca's house door
    to trigger the elephant scene
- Now Bianca will take care of the pink elephant
  - She names the elephant Francoise

  (Tabatha comes near your barn but not into it --
  you must instead go into Bianca's House to get the cutscene)


- Tabatha and Bianca will both leave after each Summer if you
  don’t complete the baby elephant process (see above)

- Getting Tabatha to 6 hearts allows Minerva to come to town

Iris (white) Storyline Progression

- The start of the storyline

  - See the starting walkthrough Spring 1 - Spring 12
  - See the section called Opening Dungeons
  - Do the following below:

- To get the Whale Island Fin gate open you only have to talk
  to Iris (white) and give her 1 gift (can use Moon Drop Flower)
  - You do not have to have any certain LP or FP with her
  - I have tested this in multiple game files

Do the following things:

- Go to Whale Island - Fin
- See 1st white Iris cutscene (watering flowers/7pm)
- Talk to Rosetta about Moon Drop flowers (and buy 1 bag)
- Plant the Moon Drop flowers in the field by white Iris tower
- Water flowers until a rune appears 
  - Tested and you have to get rune to appear 
  - Don't pick any flowers until after 2nd white Iris cutscene
- See 2nd white Iris cutscene (7pm)
  - Now you can go inside white Iris' tower
  - You can pick all the flowers now if you want 
  - The Fin gate still will not open
- Get 2 dreams by this point (usually before 10pm)
- Talk to Mist while she is watering her seed by her house
- Get the 3rd dream (usually after 10pm)
- See 3rd white Iris cutscene (7pm/man comes out of tower/Gelwein)
- Follow him through the Fin gates by 9pm same day
- Now Fin gates stay open all the time

The Whale Island Tail & Rune Progression

- The middle events of the storyline

- Go through the Whale Island Fin gate
- Go left and break the boulder with the silver hammer
  to give you a shortcut from Whale Island Cave to Fin
- Go back to Fin gate (as if you just went through it)
- Continue going right up and down the poison levels and beyond
  until you get a cutscene and see the Whale Island Tail Tree
  - There will be a huge rune in the middle/top of the tree
- Go discuss this with Kanno
- Return to the Whale Island Tail Tree get another cutscene
  - The huge rune will be diminishing
- Go discuss this with Kanno
- Have a dream at night
- Go to the 3rd floor of Snow Ruins and see the Iris/Mist/Gelwein cutscene
- Battle Iris (Blanche/black) - hit side crystals (sub boss battle)
- Climb the vine up to Whale Island (Whale talks to you)
- Go talk to Iris (Noire/white)
- Go talk to Kanno again
- Go back to the 3rd floor of Snow Ruins (door won't open)
- Go to the cemetary by the church and watch cutscene (hole/rope)
- Climb down the rope and go save Marco (get doll/give to Candy later)
- Break the ice block with your hammer and go into sub boss area
- Pick up the book (Grimoire of Time) in the center on the floor

12 Maiden Flowers

- The end of the storyline

- When Mist is taken by Gelwein a book will be left
- Pick up the book (Grimoire of Time)
- Take the book to Kanno to decipher (takes 3 days)
- Return and talk to Kanno who explains about the book
- You will get 12 special crystal flower seeds
- Give them to 12 maidens (bachelorettes only)
- Each bachelorette will grow her flower in 3 days
- Put each flower on the altar (round white center)
  in the clock tower (1st door when you enter)
- Kanno will enter the room to watch
- But nothing happens because the 2 crystal flower seeds
  that you gave to the 2 Iris' will only count as 1
  because they are the same flower
  - So that makes 11 counted crystal flowers instead
    of 12 so you need one more crystal flower so now
    you need one more crystal flower
- Go to the flower pot that Mist was watering to the side
  of her house and get her special flower and put it on
  the altar
- A melody will play and Candy will enter the room
- She ask for the Grimoire of Time book and start singing
  a poem from the book using the spirit melody
- A giant rune appears and turns into a colorful portal
- The spirits want you to save Mist

- You can now enter the portal and go to another world/timeline
  - The Era of Disconnect
  - Get ready for the end of the story
    ... and the storyline end bosses
    - I suggest level 70 or above & durable gear
    - You can bring a monster with you

- Aquarius Flower
- Crystal flower grown by Melody. It has an amethyst flower.

- Sagittarius Flower
- Crystal flower grown by Lara. It has a lapis lazuli flower.

- Cancer Flower
- Crystal flower grown by Cinnamon. It has a ruby flower.

- Virgo Flower
- Crystal flower grown by Selphy. It has a sapphire flower.

- Libra Flower
- Crystal flower grown by Rosetta. It has an opal flower.

- Pisces Flower
- Crystal flower grown by Uzuki. It has an aquamarine flower.

- Capricorn Flower
- Crystal flower grown by Eunice. It has a garnet flower.

- Taurus Flower
- Crystal flower grown by Tabatha. It has an emerald flower.

- Leo Flower
- Crystal flower grown by Bianca. It has a peridot flower.

Iris (white/Noire & black/Blanche):
- Both give you one flower each (2 of same flower)
- Place both on the pedestal
- Gemini Flower
- Crystal flower grown by Iris. It has a pearl flower.

- Scorpio Flower
- Crystal flower grown by Anette. It has a topaz flower.

- Aries Flower
- Crystal flower grown by Mist after finding a seed.
  It has a diamond flower.

Marriage Requirements

1. Have 10 LP with chosen girl
   - Must say 10 next to red LP heart gauge
   - You can still fill up one gauge full after the 10th
   - This gives you some extra in case heart flucuates a little
   - Usually her heart won't go down unless you cause it by
     giving things she hates or dating someone else
   - If you want to see what happens if you date someone else
     then I suggest you save beforehand, lol
   - To increase her LP (love points) talk to her a few times
     daily, bring her favorite gifts/items, see her constellation,
     win festivals, do things related to what she likes
     (Mist/farming, Cinnamon/fishing, Melody/bathing, etc)

2. Build Bedroom Upgrade (Kross)
   - Adds a second story to your house but it is just stairs
     and a nice big bedroom upstairs
   - Costs 75,000 G and 900 Wood

3. Buy Big Bed (Lute)
   - Gives you and your wife a place to sleep
   - But you may never really see your wife in bed
   - She usually is already standing up by the bed
   - Costs 20,000 G

4. Completely finish your chosen girl's event sequences

   - Each girl has a different event sequence
   - See an indepth bachelorette guide for more details

   - There are 12 bachelorettes to chose from for marriage:
     - 13 if you count both Iris'
     - This is just to peak your interests for each girl

     - Mist
       - Base storyline must be completed 
       - Credits roll but game can continue 
       - Letter, monster, seed, flower, letter

     - Rosetta
       - Danny vs. Rosetta (store owners)
       - Danny joins Rosetta
       - Rosetta and her father
       - Make recovery drink
       - Also, Danny's house renovated

     - Anette
       - Harrassed by monsters
       - Passed out in front of house
       - Living at Mist's house/no mail delivery
       - Anette/Candy/Marco cutscene
       - Delivers mail again

     - Cinnamon
       - Cinnamon/Melody/Lara study magic
       - A day on the Clock Tower
       - A wizard among us

     - Melody
       - Melody and Nolan
       - Melody runs away
       - Melody saved from monsters
       - Also, Open air bath house
         - Open the hotspring (whale Island)
         - Give the monster icecream
         - Upgrade the bath house (open air)

     - Tabatha
       - A visit from Minerva
       - The 5 gems
       - A thief
       - An elven Queen

     - Bianca
       - Building a monster barn
       - A surprise lost monster
       - A reason to stay
       - Francoise the pink elephant

     - Selphy
       - A princess who wants to be a villian
       - A fight in the library
         - You can bring your monster
       - A scene unfolds

     - Lara
       - Lara has a dream
       - A certain item
       - Sleepless nights
       - Make sleep potion/puts Lara to sleep

     - Eunice
       - Present for a parent
       - Lottery at Rosetta's store
       - Parents and the ticket
       - The winning ticket
       - Also, Just the way your are or slim
         - You don't have to have Eunice lose
           weight to marry her 
         - Your choice, or should it be hers, lol
           - She is very cute either way

     - Uzuki
       - Gone to the mountain
       - Star gazing
       - Lava Ruins/4F locked door
       - A key and a letter
       - All the star fragments
       - Also, Discord with brother and Tsubute
       - If you marry Uzuki then Tsubute will
         also join you in your house

     - Iris (Noire/white & Blanche/black)
       - Base storyline must be completed 
       - Credits roll but game can continue
       - You can only marry one of them
       - The moonlight and the darkness
       - A sip of blood or a dark battle
       - 10 LP each makes for love
         - Get each to 10 LP for special cutscene
       - Iris's condition
       - A book and a true identity
       - Silver and gold rings with blessings
       - A careful memory choice

5. Make the Wedding Bouquet

   - Level 20+ Crafting skill (requires Lab)
     - Need Lab Upgrade built from Kross
       - Costs 15,000 G and 180 Wood
     - Need 6 lab slots (highest lab upgrade) from Lute
       - Costs 17,500 G all combined
         - Handy Lab: 1,000 G
         - Great Lab: 2,500 G
         - Research Lab: 14,000 G

     - Total Costs to get Lab needed to make bouquet:
       32,500 G and 180 Wood

   - Get wedding bouquet recipe from Stella
     - I talked to her repeatedly and Stella would only
       give me the recipe once the girl reached 10 LP
       but maybe some girls trigger it at 8 LP

   - Get White Rose from Ganesha (turn it into blue rose)
     - I talked to her repeatedly and Ganesha would only
       give me the recipe once the girl reached 10 LP
       but maybe some girls trigger it at 8 LP
     - Put white rose into the seed maker to get white
       rose seed to plant
       - Seed maker costs 5,000 G from Lute
     - Plant the white rose seed 3x3 plot anywhere you
       want to plant it
       - It doesn't have to be at the Iris tower in the
       - I planted it in a dungeon and it worked fine
         and was safer than in my field with Brodik
         around causing mischief
     - Water the white rose seeds until they are grown
       (you will see a rune on them if they are in a
       dungeon) and then you also don't have to water them
     - Do not pick ANY of the white roses
     - Wait 2-3 days and the white roses will have turned
       blue and now you can pick them
     - Now you have a blue rose for one of the ingredients
       in the wedding bouquet recipe

   - Get Whale Baleen from the Whale Island
     - At a certain point in the storyline the whale will wish
       for something that reminds him of the ocean
     - After you climb up the vine from the clock tower and you
       get this cutscene/whale talking scene then climb back
       down the vine and go to the beach
     - On the beach on the side by the beach house then you will
       find a white ball looking item
     - Pick it up and climb back up the vine to Whale Island
     - The whale will talk to you again and trade you the white
       ocean ball for one whale baleen
     - You can keep getting these white balls from the ocean and
       trading them for another whale baleen indefinitely
     - The whale baleen doesn't sell for much but can be used to
       make as many wedding bouquets are you want
     - You can then ship these bouquets for a good profit 

   - Make the Wedding Bouquet
     - Ingredients
       - Green Grass (not fodder/this is the wild green grass)
       - Moon Drop Flower (grow this or get from Foliage Festival)
       - Toy Herb Flower (grow this or get from Foliage Festival)
       - Pink Cat Flower (grow this)
       - Blue Rose (Grow this - See above/Ganesha)
       - Whale Baleen (Get from Whale - see above/Whale Baleen)

6. Give the Wedding Bouquet to girl on a date
   - Date days: 13 Spring, 19 Summer, 19 Fall, 24 Winter
   - In my game files, I could never get the girl to
     accept a date until she was at 10 LP but maybe some
     girl's accept at 8 LP
   - If at 8 LP then bring the girl's favorite dish for
     the meal
   - If at 10 LP then the girl will bring the meal
   - Don't be late for the date and bring the wedding
     bouquet to give her
   - At an automatic point in the game you will get a
     cutscene saying that you just have to confess your
     love. After the cutscene then give her the bouquet.
   - If you don't get the cutscene to confess your love
     then you don't have all the requirements met yet
     - Usually this is because all her related events
       aren't finished yet or she is not at the right
       heart level

- The marriage is very well done and indepth with the whole town
  in attendance and a long cutscene
  ... but this is not the end of the game :)

- Depending on the girl chosen, marriage can be accomplished
  before or after the main base storyline is completed
  - Credits roll but game can be played forever if you wish

Child Progression/Stages

Right after you marry you can buy the children's bed from Lute
   - Costs 20,000 G
   - It is a crib that goes upstairs in your bedroom

1st Season: 30 days after marriage your wife will become pregnant
   - You get to choose whether you want a girl, a boy, or random
   - You have to buy the children's bed for your wife to get pregnant
   - You can now buy the Toy Box for 5,000 G from Lute

2nd-3rd Seasons: 60 days after pregnancy your baby will be born
   - 30 days after pregnancy your baby will be kicking/growing inside
     and no unfortunately your wife will not ever look pregnant
   - 60 days after pregnancy your baby will be born
     - You can name your child but there is no friendship ability yet

4th Season: 30 days after birth your child will learn to crawl
   - She/he will call you Papa
   - She/he will now crawl around on the floor
   - You can now raise the friendship of your child
     - Talk to your child each day
   - You can't give any items to your child yet

5th-6th Seasons: 60 days after crawling your child is now "fully grown"
   - Your child can now walk including outdoors
   - You can talk to your child and give her/him items to keep
     your relationship up with your child
   - Your child can now follow you around including in town
   - Your child can not follow you into dungeons

6 seasons = 1 1/2 years from marriage to a fully grown child
            (or 180 days)

- There are three looks for the girl stage (baby, crawling, walking)
  and there are three looks for the boy stage (baby, crawling, walking)

- The girl's look (baby, crawling walking) is different looking than the
  boy's look (baby, crawling, walking)

- All bachelorettes will have the same looking baby/toddler/child (girl/boy)
  so there are no unique children based on who you marry

Rune Miracle List (Candy)

Create Rune stone (Make a rune stone - Tree, Grass, Water, Rock):
- Rune Stones can be used to open secret doors in dungeons
- Rune Stones can be used to breed your monsters
- Rune Stones can be used in forge and crafting recipes
- You need to give Candy 10 Runeys of the same type for 
  every Rune Stone made

Fruit Day
  - You get more fruit from the trees at Lake Poli and by the observatory
    the next day (faster growing fruit)
  - Cost 3 tree runeys

Product Day (Bamboo/Mushroom/etc):
- This miracle's product changes with the seasons
- Bamboo Day (Spring and Summer)
  - You get more bamboo on your farm field the next day

- Mushroom Day (Autumn/Fall)
  - You get more mushrooms on your farm field and in dungeons 
    the next day
  - Costs 3 grass, 4 Rock runeys

- None (Winter)

Wood day:
- Get more lumber in you fields the next day
- Costs 6 tree Runeys

Grass day:
- Get more colored grasses in you field and in the dungeons
  the next day 
- Costs 6 grass Runeys, 4 rock runeys

Fish day:
- Catch fish easier the next day (more active fish)
- Costs 6 water runeys

Sunny Week:
- Increases chance of it being sunny every day for one week 
- Costs 1 grass, 1 tree, and 1 rock runey

Rainy Week (or Snowy Week/Winter):
- Increases chance of it being rainy every day for one week
- Costs 12 water runeys

Friendship Day:
- Monsters receive double the amount of FP the next day 
  (so make sure you brush them that day) (closer to monsters)
- Costs 2 grass, 2 tree, 2 water, 2 rock runeys
- Monsters will have colored sparkles (colored runes) above their heads

Runey Checker Map

- Also known as the Runey Distribution Diagram
- Request a Rune Gift from Candy and the next day there will be a
  “Runey Checker Map” Desk
- Has large bubble glass on top and is located in the clock tower 
- Now you don’t have to track down Candy every time you want to access
  the Runey population map

- You can also check the chair by the bookshelf in the same room for
  a note that will let you get Candy's runey/miracle list. This is
  handy if Candy is hard to find.

Runeys/Runes/Rune Stones

- Ok, I won't cover everything on Runeys but here is a few details 
  (too many details may spoil your natural discovery of the whole
  Runeys, Runes, and Rune Stones)


- Runeys appear in outside area (not in dungeons) and they are
  "groups of gathered spirits" -- these are the floaty lights
  and characters you see in the air outside.

- You need to keep runeys in all map areas in balance. Usually
  you can keep up with this by gathering/releasing them on a 
  bi-weekly or season schedule.

- They start off balanced when you start your game but left unchecked
  the will unbalance themselves and your crops/grass will start to
  take longer to grow until finally your crops/grass will die or not
  grow at all.

- The 4 types of Runeys are:

-- Grass Runey: 
   - Prefer open areas
   - Don't eat other runeys 
   - If produced great in number then they may suddenly decrease in numbers

-- Tree Runey: 
   - Prefer forests and natural nature
   - Eat grass runeys
   - Easily multiply in numbers

-- Rock Runeys: 
   - Prefer areas around buildings
   - Eat tree runeys
   - Don't multiply in large numbers

-- Water Runeys: 
   - Prefer areas around water
   - Eat rock runeys
   - Don't multiply in large numbers

- Each area/section of the map has a runey preference so keep this in
  mind when you are balancing your runeys. 

  The runey map preferences are:

  - Lake Poli
    - Water runeys

  - Mountain Road
    - Tree runeys

  - Public Square
    - Rock runeys

  - Trampoli Business District
    - Rock runeys

  - Trampoli South District
    - Grass runeys

  - Trampoli Church District
    - Tree runeys

  - Homestead
    - No preference
    - Your homestead will always produce runeys
    - You still need to keep them balanced

  - Road to the Beach
    - Grass runeys

  - Beach
    - Water runeys

- Getting the Harvester (gathers runeys):

- Get Kanro (Clock Tower/Grandfather) onto the island. He will come about
  3-5 days after you can access the clock tower (water the sparkly plant
  sprout near the clock tower)
- Befriend and talk to Kanro until he complains about sending for his
  granddaughters so they can serve him food. The granddaughters are
  Cinnamon (gives you fishing pole/talk to her outside while she is
  fishing) and Candy (gives you harvester). The harvester can gather
  and release Runeys and also can milk buffamoos, harvest wool from
  woolys, and act as a basket for egg and honey gathering.

- You can access a "runey balance map" when you talk to Candy. This map
  shows map areas/sections, how many/types of runeys are in each section
  and how balanced they are.
- It is your job to keep all 4 types of runeys balanced in the map sections.
  If you get all 4 types balanced and multipling in harmony then it is known
  as a "prosperity state" and you will see benefits like faster crop growth
  &/or more prosperious crops. If there is a red or black section on the map
  then you need to immediately re-balance the runey population. You want your
  map sections to be green. They can still be green and be tailored to what
  affect you want the runeys to produce for the section (like more
  grass/green runeys will make it rain more in that section, etc).

- There is a lot more to Runeys but that is the gist of it. It is better
  to play around with gathering and releasing them in different
  sections/areas and that way you will learn and understand quicker
  than just reading about it. Be careful to not unbalance areas by just
  harvesting any runeys you come across. Think about how to balance runeys.
  Also, an area can still remain somewhat balanced (green on the map) even
  if you don't have every type of runey in that section. Mostly, you are
  trying to achieve the prosperity state in each section. Your actions
  also can produce runeys (like growing crops, watering, etc).

- Storing Runeys:

- Runeys appear in your rucksack after you harvest them with the
  - Keep some of each handy to replenish any areas especially in Winter
- Remember that you can also harvest runeys and store them in storage 
  - On shelves, etc
- Runeys can also be shipped 
  - Not profitable/only 2 G each
- Runeys can also be given to Candy to make Rune Stones 
  - 4 types/can store on shelves
- Runeys can also be given to Candy to make Runey Miracles 
  - Useful events
- Runeys can also be given as gifts to people

Easier Runey Maintenance:

I tested 3 scenarios in my game files:

- All sections on map extinct (referred to as canceling runeys)
- Homestead prosperous and all other sections extinct
- Balanced sections with Homestead having 10 of each runey type
  more than other sections

Here's the results:

- All areas extinct: meant that a lot of my crops started dieing in
  my fields and in all the dungeon areas 
  - I sucked up all runeys each day

- All areas extinct except my homestead (homestead having 60-60-60-59)
  meant the same thing: a lot of my crops dieing in my fields and in
  all the dungeon areas, no fruit on trees, etc 
  - I sucked up all runeys each day and left my homestead totally alone
  - All areas were black except homestead which was yellow 

- Balanced sections with Homestead having 10 of each runey type more
  than other sections: Worked very well once set up with prosperous
  crops and benefits (20 per section would be better if you can spare it)
  - Your barn monsters will gain friendship faster if your map sections
    are green and above


The sections of the map are not separate in terms of bonuses or crop
growth. You have to add the state of all sections on the entire map
to determine the bonuses or lack of bonuses in any given section. If
your farm section is prospering but enough other areas are extinct
then your farmland and dungeon areas crops will die. All sections
work as a whole no matter what state they are.

I think the runey system is so variant because there are a variety of
things affecting their populations: how much or how little crops you grow,
where you grow or don't grow crops, the variant weather, what fields you
leave with wood/stone/wild plants/weeds, what fields you clear including
in the dungeons, if you pick all the fruit off the trees on a constant
basis or if you don't, your use of the runey miracles like weather weeks,
your affect on how and how many runeys you suck up or don't suck up, etc.
All these things will affect how many or how little runeys are or are not
produced as well as your extinct/prosperity statuses.

In the end, why not just use the runey system to your advantage since you
end up managing thier extinction anyway. 


How to set up a balanced sections:

The following has worked for me (even in winter):

*If all sections are extinct except your homestead:

- Suck up all runeys in all sections of the map

- Release 20 of each runey type on your homestead

- Release 10 of each runey type on all other sections of the map

- Use the Runey Distribution Machine (clock tower) to see the runey count
  in each section

- Gather any runeys that rise over 10 of each type off every section and
  over 20 of each type in homestead and use them to get all areas to at
  least 10 of each type of runey (20 on homestead)

- If any type of runey falls below 10 (or 20 on homestead) then release
  more of that type of runey to balance to 10 of each type of runey

- Once your homestead has 20 of each type and all other sections have 10
  of each type then all your map sections will be green (no crops will
  die in farm or dungeons, you will have fruit on all trees, and your
  farm monsters will not lose hearts - unless not fed)

- Now use the same process as above (skimming off runeys) to get your
  homestead to 40 runeys of each type and all other sections to 30 of
  each type of runey 
  - This is the average good balance to keep or raise it higher for
    better benefits
- You can go as higher in each area as you want as long as you keep a
  balance of each runey type 
  - Keeping the farm 10 runeys of each type higher than other areas
    is best

*If you don't have runeys extinct in the sections of your map:

- Then just maintain your sections (once every week or two) by just
  skimming off the extra runeys so that there is the same amount of
  runeys in each section (20-20-20-20 / 30-30-30-30-30 / etc) plus
  the 10 of each type higher in your homestead.

Basically, this is just a lot of words for a simple skimming off of runeys
to keep them all in a variety balance in every map section. 

- You only have to skim off runeys once or twice a month, takes a lot less
  time and it gives you lots of runeys to use for rune stones and runey

- Plus you now get all the bonuses you want without extinct areas, dieing
  crops, and unhappy animals

- No matter what is affecting the runey decreasing or production is no
  longer important because the extra is now skimmed off to a balance once
  or twice a month

-- Wins all the way around!

- With the above system I described, you are regularly skimming off the
  extra runeys or filling in any that drop only once or twice a month so:

  - you don't have to worry about having less of any one type of runey in
    any section

  - you don't have to worry about the natural weather or creating weather
    for runey miracles

- I was easily able to maintain runey balances and they did not flucuate
  very much at all 

  - weather, seasons, and any other random things that would normally
    affect the runeys increases or decreases was easily managed

- If you are able to put 20 runeys in an extinct area when first setting
  up the map sections (30 in homestead) then you are almost guaranteed
  to always have slight increases instead of decreases. 

  - But if not 10 in each section (20 in homestead) will work until you
    build them up to 30 of each type in map sections (40 in homestead). 

- Later if you want to get sections to prosperity then raise each map
  section to 40-60 of each type.

Runeys and Dungeons:

Does the runey system affect what is grown in the dungeons?

Yes, already tested (runey system affects all areas even all the dungeons)

- If runeys are good then crops in dungeons can produce faster
- If runeys are not good then crops in dungeons will grow slower and die

Remember that just because a specific area is green on the map does not
  mean that specific area will be good for crops 

- If all (or enough) other areas on the map are red or black then all
  areas will be affected and not just each section
- The map colors are averaged as a whole and not individually
- If all map sections are green then your crops should grow averagely
- If most map sections are green with some yellow then your crops will
  grow faster than average
- It also helps to grow a lot of crops in all the dungeons to help
  produce runes through the winter season (RP gains)

Most times I have found that on the 20th of the month that 1 and
sometimes 2 random map sections will get +20 runeys automatically.

I have even gotten a +20 grass runeys in an extinct grass map area. 

The +20 runeys will be of the type of that random map section
(so if the random runeys appeared at the Beach then they would
be +20 water runeys).

There is some debate that you get +20 runeys automatically no matter
what and that it is just randomly generated by the game.

However, I believe that it may come from growing certain numbers of
crops in dungeons. On a few occasions during my testing in various
separate game files, I have had no crops growing in dungeons and have
not received the +20 runeys on the 20th of the month. So I believe
that it may be possible that the +20 runeys are generated by crops
grown in dungeons.

I have gotten +20 runeys when my map areas were all green and above.
I have gotten +20 runeys when my map areas were mostly red and black.
I have not gotten +20 runeys a few times when I did not have crops
  in the dungeons.

So, either the game randomly generates the +20 runeys or they come
from crops grown in the dungeons, or they come from another source
that hasn't been identified yet.


- Runes are the same gathering of spirits but inside (in dungeons) they
  appear on fully grown crops
- Till, plant seeds, get grown crops -> If grown crops are left unharvested
  then one rune -- tiny shiny spot -- will appear on the ready to harvest
  crops (must have 9 individual crops per rune such as 9 strawberries or a
  mixture of 9 different crops. When you run over the rune then it will up
  your RP bar a small amount. Keep a lot of ready to harvest crops in the
  scattered little fields in the dungeons to get a lot of runes to run
  through which will give you enough to fill up your RP bar without leaving
  the dungeon. Runes will reappear once per day as long as there are at
  least 9 crops to make a rune in the same field. If you have 9 crops
  (like turnips/single harvest crop) and harvest one then the rune will
  not reappear until you regrow the one you harvested. If you have 9 crops
  (like strawberries/multi-harvest crop) and you harvest one then you would
  have to wait until the one strawberry grew back to have the rune reappear.
  Also, once a rune appears then you don't have to water it anymore unless
  you harvest the crop or crops from the rune area that is tied to the
  rune (any crop that makes up the 9 crops that make the rune). 

Rune Stones:

- Rune Stones are the stones that Candy gives you after you harvest the
  required amount and type of Runeys with the harvester (harvest the
  Runeys and talk to her). Candy will then make different Rune Stones
  with the Runeys to give back to you (or she performs a Runey
  miracle/event that you requested instead with the Runeys). These
  Rune Stones will fit in each of the tiny pillar(s) that are in
  front of "broken/chipped" doors in the dungeons. Rune Stones
  will also allow you to breed monsters. Bred monsters will have
  more friendship and stronger stats.

Some Kross related game info

- I wont include all of Kross's talking/songs/events here
  but the following will give you some insight as to his

- The books he wrote in the library will give you
  advice on building and the ruins so they are
  included here

Is Kross a ghost?:

- Is Kross a ghost? Or supernatural being?

  I am still unsure as to whether Kross is a ghost or
  supernatural being. Maybe they were going to make him
  a ghost and then changed their mind.

    - Some people can't see him
      - Certainly, Anette can hear him but not see him when
        she delivers mail to him

    - Most of the townsfolk have "forgotten" him
      - Lara says the townspeople think they see a ghost but
        "it is just Kross"

    - He has supernatural strength
      - He leaps off of his house roof without getting hurt
      - He moves huge boulders in his field by hand
      - He moves a huge boulder from in front of your door
        by hand 
        - Even Brodik when he thinks that you removed the
          boulder remarks that it is not normal for you
          to be able to remove that boulder and is surprised          
      - He hoists a very buff and heavy Brodik onto his 
        shoulders with hardly any effort
      - He leaps clear across the Green Ruins room and cavern
      - This supernatural strength is not explained away
        by him previously being a ZZyzx Officer/warrior
        because he is still way stronger than any officer

    - The only time that Kross speaks and is seen and heard
      is when Brodik is in the hospital bed just before
      Brodik leaves town

    - He is constantly talking about death and dead grass
      - This may be just his emo personality but it still
        ties into a ghost personality as well

  Either way, I am very intrigued with Kross and think he
  is a great character with a kind heart. I hope he makes
  an appearance in the next sequel :)

Kross Beginning Game Mail Cutscene:

- When you first meet Kross he will say:

You:   Hi, I'm (your name)

Kross: Hi, Are you new?

You:   Yes, and what is your name?

Kross: You don't need to know.
       The villagers forget my name anyway.

You:   Um ...
       Are you Kross?

Kross: ... ?!
       How do you know my name?!

You:   Huh?
       It's written on your mailbox.
       You really write your name with
       really cute letters, Kross.

Kross: That isn't my writing.
       I'm sure the mailman just
       wrote it herself out of

       You should take a look inside
       your mailbox some time.
       It should be in front of
       your house.

       Heh ...

       Now then I should get back
       to work.

       Your name was (your name), was it?
       When you need some help, don't
       hesitate to ask. Just come to me
       when you want extentions.  

Anette Delivering Mail Cutscene:

 - Follow Anette around as she delivers mail to his house
 - Anette delivers mail to his house before yours so go to
   Kross's house before 6:30 am
 - Let Anette deliver his mail and immediately talk to her
   before she jets off and you will get this cutscene:

Anette: Oh?
        Was the address written wrong?
        Who lives here again?

        Let's see ...
        Um ... I got it!
        It's 'Kross'!

        Silly me!
        I even wrote his name on the mailbox
        so I wouldn't forget!

        Whoops ... that was close.
        Why do I always forget about this house
        when I do deliveries?

        I wonder why.

        (Kross opens door/standing in doorway)

Kross:  Hello, Ms. Mailman.

Anette: Did someone call me? (sweating)

Kross:  Good Morning.

Anette: There is no one here but I hear voices ...
        Is it a monster? (sweating)

Kross:  Heh ...
        ... (tears welling up)

        (Kross shuts door to his house)
        (Anette leaves to deliver more mail)

Lost Nail Cutscene:

- Walk into Kross's place at various times (day/night) while
  he is on his roof to get this cutscene:

Kross:  (Your name) ...

You:    Yes?

Kross:  I'm sorry but could you get that nail by your feet?

You:    Sure.
        (You look around)
        Um ...
        Where is it?

Kross:  Oh?
        I thought I put it there ...
        (Kross jumps off his roof/looks around)
        That's strange ...
        Oh, it was in my pocket.
        Sorry for calling out to you.

        (game goes on as usual)

Kross/Brodik Rock Pushing/Challenges Cutscenes:

Note: Below dialog/instructions show how to get
      Brodik out of town

 - Get Kross to 4 friendship points to trigger rock pushing
   cutscene with Brodik

 - Brodik will leave "a little bit" after rock is pushed 
   - No more Brodik destruction although it is comical :)

 - The rock pushing event can be done earlier or later - you
   decide when you want it to trigger by waiting to get 4
   friendship with Kross or getting 4 friendship with Kross

   Stage 1:

   - Get 4 friendship with Kross
   - Exit Trampoli South District
   - Cutscene shows Kross pushing a boulder across his field

   Stage 2:

   - Exit your house
   - Cutscene shows Kross walking up to your house

   You: Whoa?

   Kross: I'm sorry, (your name) ...

   You: Why are you apologizing, Kross?

   Kross: I'm sorry ...

   - Cutscene shows Kross pushing boulder in front of
     your house

   Stage 3:
   - Go talk to Brodik while he is standing next to Kross
     in Trampoli South District

   Brodik: How did you move that rock?

           Uh, I mean ...

           What kind of weirdo puts rocks in front of their
           house? Well, It's not like you have friends anyway
           so it's perfect!


   - Talk  to Kross

   Kross:  I'm sorry, my neighbor seems to be bothering you.

           He looks very much like me when I was young.

   You:    So you were a lively child. You really don't look
           it now. Haha.

   Kross:  Heh ...
           I wasn't lively at all ...

   - Talk to Brodik

   Brodik: (your name)'s rock.
           That's perfect! Hahahaha!


   - Talk to Kross:

   Kross:  I'm sorry (your name) ...

   Stage 4:
   - Get Robot monster cutscene (farm field)

     - Walk out of house/sunny day
     - Huge metal robot monster is in farm field

           You:   Whoa?

                  Oh, no!
                  I can’t wave weapons around in the field ... 
                  What should I do?

     - Robot (Golem) falls apart

           You:   Huh?

                  What was that?

     - Robot is gone but your field is scattered with natural debri
       even on the crops and grass (if planted)

   - Go talk to Brodik

   You:    Did you release monsters into my fields?!

   Brodik: What are you talking about?!
           Why would I ... do ... such a thing?

   You:    Oh ...
           I'm sorry I doubted you.

   Brodik: W-why ...?
           How ... can you just trust me like that ... ?

   You:    But you said it wasn't you, right?
           I'll believe you. I'll believe you because
           you're a member of our village. You're a
           friend of ours.

   Brodik: A friend ... ?
           I ...

   Stage 5:

   - Talk to Anette and she will mention that she saw Brodik
     standing in front of his house looking depressed and 
     thinking hard about something.

   - You will get a challenge letter from Brodik:

     - "I shall be waiting at Green Ruins, B1F."

   - Go to the 1st floor of Green Ruins to the larger round

   Brodik: Glad you could make it.

   You:    What's wrong?
           And what's with this letter of challenge ... ?

   Brodik: I ...
           I will defeat you and chase you out of the village!

   You:    Why?
           How do you benefit from chasing me out of the village?

   Brodik: I will answer nothing!
           I choose you!

   - A golem appears (robot machine)

   You:    A monster!
           But that machine is ...

   Brodik: Go, Golem!
           Beat him down!

   - The Golem strikes but hits Brodik

   You:    Brodik?!

           W-what should I do?!
           ... ?!

   - Kross appears 

   Kross: He's passed out.
          Leave him to me!
          You go take care of the monster!

   You:   All right!
          Please take care of Brodik!

   - Kross picks up Brodik with ease and jumps an amazing distance

   - Beat the Golem (shouldn't be hard)

   - Next scene is in the church/hospital 
     - Kross, You, and Lara are there with Brodik in bed

   You:     How is Brodik?

   Lara:    He's asleep.
            Fortunately, his injuries aren't too bad.
            He should be able to recover after resting a little.

   You:     That's good to hear.

   - Stella enters

   Stella:  What Happened?

   Kross:   I'm sorry.
            It's all my fault.

   You:     Kross ... ?
            Why are you apologizing?

   Kross:   He ...
            Brodik is probably a special agent from the ZZyzx Empire.

   Lara:    The Zzyzx Empire ...
            The one next to the Kingdom of Norad?

   Stella:  What's a special agent from Zzyzx doing here?

   Kross:   ... A few years ago, a soldier defected from the army.
            He was an officier in the special agent unit, 
            but he was sick of his work.
            Sick of deceiving and hurting ...
            He drifted to a small village in the frontier lands and
            wanted to live in peace on a farm.
            But the Zzyzx Empire would not let him off so easily.
            They believed it would be bad if sensitive information
            were to be leaked so they sent someone after him.

   You:     And that's ... Brodik?

   Kross:   Yes, But, he made one crucial mistake.
            He thinks that you, (your name), are that escaped soldier.
            The real one is elsewhere ...

   Brodik:  It can't be ... !

   Lara:    Brodik!
            You'll reopen your wounds if you shout like that!

   Brodik:  If the real AWOL soldier isn't him, then what are you,
            (your name)?!

   Kross:   (your name) is just a civilian.

   Brodik:  But the search bulletin said that the man had dark hair,
            blue eyes, and is skilled with the sword ...

   Kross:   Yes.
            There is another person in this village that fits that

   Brodik:  Then ...

   Kross:   Yes.
            Former Zzyzx Empire Special Agent, Weber ...
            That is MY previous name, Brodik.

   Brodik:  Then what have I been doing all this time ... ?

   Kross:   If only I had told you sooner ...
            I really must apologize to you, (your name) ...

   Brodik:  But that ...
            I'm sorry ...
            Please leave me alone for now.

   - Brodik stays in bed and if you talk to him he just says " ..."
     - No words/no talking

Stage 6:

   - You will get another challenge letter from Brodik:

     - "You are my only worthy opponent.
        This time. I shall defeat you without the help of monsters.
        I shall be waiting at Green Ruins, B1F."

   - Go to the Green Ruins 1st floor/larger round platform
   - Kross is also there

   You:     Brodik?

   Brodik:  I'm glad you could make it.

   You:     Why do we have to fight?
            There is no reason that we should ...

   Brodik:  I can't move on until we finish things between us!
            That's why ...

   You:     Brodik ...

   Kross:   (your name), would you please grant his wish?
            There are times when people cannot turn back.
            For him, this is that time. Please understand ...

   - Choose "All right" (alright)

   Brodik:  Thank you!
            I will fight you with everything I have!
            That is why you must, too ... !

   You:     Yes ... !

   - Fight Brodik (you can have a monster with you if you need to)
     - You can only hit him once at a time (no combos)
     - It will show a long purple enemy boss line
     - Just keep hitting Brodik to decrease it

   - After you beat him then he will be lying on the ground on the
     larger round platform

   Brodik:  Heh heh heh ...
            I lost! I admit that I completely lost!
            But why do I feel so refreshed?!
            I fought with all my strength.
            I have no regrets.

   - Now Brodik is standing up

   Brodik:  Sorry to have caused you so much trouble til now.
            I'll just report to my superiors that our target
            wasn't here.

   Kross:   Are you sure. If another person comes and finds me
            here it will be bad for you.

   Brodik:  Heh heh heh ...
            I lived next to you all this time and didn't notice.
            I doubt others will find it any easier.

   Kross:   ...

   Brodik:  See ya, (your name).
            I'll write to you when things settle down.

   - Brodik starts to leave

   You:     Brodik!
            Take care.

   Brodik:  Heh heh heh ...
            You, too.

   - Brodik leaves

   Kross:   (your name), I really caused you so much trouble.
            I don't know how to apologize to you.

   You:     It's nothing!
            I'm just glad the misunderstanding is cleared up.
            Besides ...
            I feel like I got to know you a little better, Kross.
            Let's go back to the village.

   (end conversation)

   - You can now go into Brodik's House
     - It is empty except a table and bed
     - Press A at the bed:

       - I wonder how Brodik is
         What are all these books doing under the bed?
         They all look the same.

         Let's see ...
         "Golem Assembler Weekly" ...


     - You can sleep on the bed or decide not to
       - Doesn't do anything out of the ordinary

- Things Brodik does through the above stages:
  - Rings your doorbell and runs away
  - Fills your shipping box with rocks
  - Messes up your farm field
  - Releases a Golem in your farm field (messing it up)
  - Puts a boulder in front of your door (Kross moves it)
  - Challenges you to two fights (you can bring your monster)

- Congratulations, Brodik is now gone from the village ...
  but he returns once per year

Lara discussing Kross and the villagers:

- Basically Lara says how all the villagers have been
  seeing a ghost lately. Then she says "but it is just Kross".

- Summer

Lara:  Good Morning.

       I hear some rumors about a ghost recently ...

       It's not a ghost. It's Kross. He's lived here for so
       long that people never notice him. People need to be
       more caring and learn his name.

Mysterious Wardrobe:

- Press A at the wardrobe in Kross's House while he is in
  his house and he will say the following:
  - If you open that, you won't be able to go back to the
    way things were. Still want to open it ... ?
  - No options

- Later in the storyline press A at the wardrobe in Kross's
  house while he is not in his house and you will say:
  - Huh ...? This bookcase moves ...
  - No options

  - If he is in the house he will say:
  - (Your name), you shouldn't pry into people's secrets
    like that. There are times when knowing what you
    shouldn't brings tremendous pain. Do you still want
    to know?

  - Choice:
    - I want to know
    - Well, in that case ...

  I want to know option:

  Kross: Heh ...
         I see ...
         Sometimes curiosity can make a person strong.
         I guess you have the right to know.

  - The wardrobe is REMOVED revealing a secret
    doorway that leads into a weapons room!

  - Press A at the weapons

  You:   What is this ...?

  Kross: Odd, huh?
         I came here to escape the constant fighting
         but I've hidden these here.
         I ...
         I'm a coward ...

  You:   No, you're not!
         All these weapons have Retornen cast on them,

         I've heard that Retornen is a magic created with
         the firm conviction not to hurt anyone.
         I don't concider someone who only has such
         weapons a coward.

  Kross: (Your name) ...
         Heh ...
         You are a strange young man. You've managed to melt
         even my hardened heart ...
         I think I finally understand why everyone in town
         speaks so highly of you.

         Thank you, (your name) ...
         I won't hide anything anymore.
         I'll also leave this room open at all times.
         That is a sign of the trust I have in you ...

Library (Rune Archives) Related Building Books:

- Kross's building books will be located on the second floor
  bookshelves (Up the ladders)
- Not all books will be available from the start but they will
  unlock as you advance through the game's storyline
- These books are on the actual library shelves and are not any
  of the books you buy from Selphy

Building Books:

* Expanding Your Home (Top Floor/back right/3rd book)

  - Page 1:

    1. Save up money and lumber
    2. Go to a carpenter
    3. There has to be a carpenter in town, or else who built your
    4. You can even expand your house by adding entire rooms.

  - Page 2:

    5. Customize your interior.
    6. Interiors can be purchased from a traveling peddler in town.
    7. You want a full-sized bed.
    8. Remember, money and lumber!

* Home Improvement Catalogue Book (Top Floor/back right/4th book)

  - Page 1:

    Roomy life begins with a roomy house!  Our shop has multiple plans
    for your home improvement needs.  All designs have the same
    functionality so choose one that fits you best!

  - Page 2:

    *Forge Area
    Forge in your own house!
    - Cozy Forge Area
      Kind, earthen walls.
    - Cool Forge Area
      Stylish, metallic appearance.
    - Creepy Forge Area
      For that genuine creepy feel.

  - Page 3:

    Cooking with comfort!
    - Bulging Kitchen
      A slightly bulged roof.
    - Ba-bump Kitchen
      Two cute bumps on the roof.
    - Pointy Kitchen
      Pointy roof like a witch's hat.

  - Page 4:

    *Laboratory Area
    Mix and match, then create!
    - Apothecary Lab Area
      Perfect for making medicine.
    - Alchemy Lab Area
      A fun research space.
    - Magic Lab Area
      For those after the Truth!

  - Page 5:

    *For a more luxurious life…
    - Second Floor Bedroom
      A private space for you and that special some one.
      Big enough for a Full-sized Bed.

  - Page 6:

    Looking for a place to house your monster companions?
    Holds up to 10 monsters per room!

Some Lute related game info

- I wont include all of Lute's talking/cutscenes/events here
  but the following will give you some insight as to his

Why Lute Paints:

You:  Lute, why do you like to paint?

Lute: This probably sounds wierd, but one day, I want to paint
      the ultimate sky that can engulf everything onto canvas.

      That's why I picked up the paintbrush.

      I have to keep a grand goal so I always remember at
      least this.

Portrait (Self-Portrait):

  - Buy all 5 of his paintings
  - He only sells one painting per season
  - He can sell a Summer painting in Winter
    - Season you are in doesn't have to match the painting season
  - Painting go in order (seasons in paintings) and you have to buy
    one before you get the next one

  - Rebuy the Summer Ocean Painting again
    - Buy all of Lute's paintings and he
      will say that you bought them all
    - The second time that you buy the
      Summer Ocean Painting he says that
      someone else bought one of his
    - Then go talk to Lute again and he
      will give you your self-portrait
      for helping him gain confidence
      in painting (for buying all his
    - The portrait painting shows you
      with a hoe over your shoulder
    - It is not as realistic as the
      others but is a good original

    - You can keep buying the 5 paintings
      over again so there may be more to 
      this (maybe another portrait?)
    - Lute will continue to sell paintings
      to you (one per season)
    - Even though you spend another 5,000 G
      on each one, they will be the same
      paintings and have the same names
      and your painting selection will
      not change
    - He does not indicate in any way
      that he is done selling paintings
      to you and he keeps selling the 
      paintings to you

- Go talk to Lute on a holiday after you've bought the Summer Ocean
  Painting a second time

Lute: Thanks again.

      I have a present for you today, (your name).

You:  A ... present?

Lute: That's right.

      The person that bought my painting the other day really liked
      it. So that person is going to come to buy my paintings from
      time to time.

You:  Oh, really?

Lute: Thank you kindly. This is all thanks to you, (your name).
      I was able to build my confidence because you encouraged me.

      Now about the present ... 
      I would like to use you as my model for a painting.

      I'll hang this up in the usual place at your house.
      Please take a look whenever you feel like it.

You:  Th-thank you very much.
      But, hanging up a painting of myself feels kind of weird ...

      (End Conversation)

Second Climbing Vine Sprout:

- Plant Moon Drop Flowers/get rune/get into white Iris tower
  to start the sprout trigger
- Befriend Lute to him to mention the 2nd sprout (climbing vine)
- The sparkly sprout will appear on the island in Lake Poli
  where there is a brown square impression in the grass
- Go to the Lake Poli, take the boat, and water the sprout to gain
  immediate access to Whale Island - Fin
- Climb it and it will take you to Whale Island (fin/Iris tower area) 
- Whale Island will be at this climbing vine’s location every holiday
  and at the clock tower’s climbing vine every non-holiday 
  (Clock Tower to Whale Island – Cave Surface – and – Lake Poli
  to Whale Island – Fin)

Section Three: Legal & Copyright

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Thanks to Nintendo, Marvelous Entertainment, Xseed and Neverland 
for creating, translating, and further enhancing such a great game!
I put in my request for a sequel with a playable girl character :)

Special thanks to RPT - my bud forever :)

Credit to Syvle for the Lab, Kitchen, and Forge pictures/link.

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