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Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

Resident Evil 5 Guide
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Guide
Complete guide to Resident Evil 5, includes 30+ videos with detailed gameplay and strategies to beat all the bosses. There is also a review of the g..
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Check out our cheats to find out how to open doors quicker, unlock alternate costumes in Mercenaries mode and unlock 2 hidden videos.

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We have 28 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition please send them in here.

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Open Doors Quicker

If you tap A twice when the 'Open' command appears by a door you will kick it open and any enemies behind the door waiting to ambush you will receive damage.

Unlock Alternate Costumes in Mercenaries Mode

These extra costumes for Leon and Ada can be accessed by holding the indicated buttons while pressing the 'A' button when selecting a character.
Unlock Leon with Suit
Hold + and 1, while pressing A
Unlock Leon's R.P.D. Costume:
Hold + and press A
Unlock Assigment Ada Costume:
Hold + and press A
Unlock Leon with Jacket:
Hold 1 and press A
Unlock Separate Ways Costume
Hold 1 and press A


Complete these tasks to unlock the indicated effect in the game.
Unlock Alternate Title Screen:
Beat the game.
Unlock Leon's R.P.D. Uniform:
Beat the main game.
Unlock Movie Browser:
Beat the game.
Unlock Mercenaries:
Beat the game.
Unlock Separate Ways:
Beat the game.
Unlock Ashley's 2nd Outfit:
Beat the game.

Unlock Assignment Ada:
Beat the game.

Unlock HandCannon:
Get a 5 Star in ALL the stages with ALL the Mercenary characters.

Unlock Infinite Rocket Launcher:
Beat the game.

Unlock Maltilda:
Beat the game.

Unlock Movie Browser for Separate Ways:
Beat Separate Ways.
Unlock Ashley's Knight Armour:..

Alternate Controls

This can be done by disconnecting the Nunchuk when the game loads and then when prompted to attach the Nunchuk attach the Classic controller instead which will enable you to play the classic style with the laser sight. The other way of getting alternate controls is removing the Nunchuk and inserting a Gamecube controller into port one. This will give you a laser sight on your weapons and you will be able to use ALL of the Gamecube's normal controls. Both ways are good for sniping.

Unlock 2 Hidden Videos

One video is accessed by remaining idle at the 'Main' menu until it automatically starts and the other video by pressing B on the Wii-mote at the 'Main menu'.

ditman glitch

When you have the striker out press B to aim and then quickly go into your attache case (note: you must do this immediately after you press B before the weapon is ready to fire) and switch to a different weapon. If you switch back it will stop. This will make you run, knife, and reload faster.

Garrador Easy Kill XD!!!

All you have to do is.... When the garrador starts walking around...go near a wall and shoot at random and WALK somewhere safe before he attacks you(no running or else he will follow the footsteps sounds)he will give the claw punch attack getting stuck on the wall. Shoot with the sniper(semi-auto reccomended)and he will be hurt severely. Do this for about 5-6 times and he should die easy(works with all other garradors exept the one with the cell(only after you get out will that work)
Thumbs if it IS easy!


The guns I suggest are infinite launcher ,PRL 412, chicago typewriter and handcannon

The speed glitch

If you have a striker shotgun,press the aim button and as leon is pulling up the gun,press pause and switch to another gun.Leon will move,knife,climb over and even jump down about 3 times as fast,but it will stop if you kick,open doors,or take damage.

Fun with Del Lago

Here's something I thought would be a little fun to try out...
In Chapter 1-3, as you are heading off to fight Del Lago, head onto the dock where the boat is moored, but don't get onto the boat. Instead, get out any weapon and start shooting into the lake. After shooting enough times, Del Lago will emerge and devour Leon, along with half the dock.
If you knew that already, here's something I bet you didn't know. It's a glitch caused by triggering the same cut-scene. Fire into the lake, but don't do it from the dock. Shoot from further away. When Del Lago emerges to eat you, he will only eat the dock, as you are not standing on it. However, the game will count it as a death, and you will see the 'You Died' message, despite the fact that you can actually hear L..

Free Weapons

You can obtain several weapons in this game for free. Here I will list the locations of these weapons:
Handgun - Automatically available from the start of the game.
Shotgun - Found in the house that triggers the villager attack cut-scene in the village in 1-1. It is in the upstairs bedroom, hoisted on the wall. However, on the Easy difficulty, it is automatically available from the start of the game, like the Handgun.
Punisher - Shoot 10 of the 15 Blue Medallions around the village and cemetery. The Merchant will give you this gun for free the next time you see him. If you shoot all 15 of the Blue Medallions, you'll also get a free Firepower upgrade for the gun.
Rocket Launcher - Found towards the end of 3-3, in the large room with the bridge c..

How to get some good guns

Special rocket launcher:
To get the special rocket launcher, get to the final boss, lord Saddler. When you beat him, Ada will give it to you.
Infinite rocket launcher:
To get the infinite rocket launcher, beat the game. Then it will be available in the merchant's shop for 1,000,000 PTAS. But, I don't reccomend buying it. Because, for some reason, It's less powerful than the regular rocket launcher.
To get the shotgun, you go to the village behind the big black door. Go into the building with the stairs. When you go up, you'll find it up on the wall. Remember, only use it when you'r trying to kill the chainsaw guy, or when a ton of zombies are coming.
Red9 and Punisher:
To get these, you'll need to find ALL 10 of the madallion..

Save your ammo

There is a way that you don't have to waste so much ammo in the begining and eventually run out. By shooting the Los Ganados in the head or legs, and then running up and kicking them or knifing them, you save lots of ammo, plus you can do it to multiple enemies.

Great Items From Animals

Throughout the game of Resident evil 4 you will come across many different animals including hawks, chickens, snakes, fish, cows and many others, you may not know that they drop some great items. If you ever see a hawk shoot them for ammo, and money. If you come across a chicken they will drop eggs if you shoot them or just follow them around. If you find a snake stab/shoot it and it will drop an egg. And if you come across a fish in the water stab/shoot it and it will replenish health the large one will also sell for 2500 PTS and the small fish for 500 PTS but the fish also take up alot of inventory space. I do not think that cows drop anything. If I find more animal droppers I will post them here.

Del Lago comes out to play

This is a rather interesting cheat. It will kill you so if haven't saved just before you do this well, it'll be bad. Anyways, when your at the lake stand at the end of the pier (The one next to the boat), and raise your gun (any gun works.) Now simply shoot the lake water five or so times and Del Lago will suddenly pop out of the lake and eat you.

999 handgun ammo and capacity in #1 game

Here are a couple of steps to easley beating resident evil 4 1: get action replay wii 2: insert in console or pc (pc only for engine download codes ,or wii internet to use engine)3: go to wii options 4: go to wii memory 5:choose sd card 6: copy resident evil 4's file to wii data base 7: go to the game 8: select load game 9: load game #1 10: you now you enjoy/items such as #1 handgun /w 999 ammo #2 is 999 handgun ammo in case #3 health will go down by any zombie by a tiny bit not even 50% not even 25% of a bar,but bosses and dogs can do serious damage! Note:ammo can not be collect for handgun&handgun also can't be upgraded or it returns to it's ammo and capacity return to normal!)

new controls & hidden videos

To obtain new controls you'll need a classic controller/gamecube controller
1.start the game as normal
2.while the game is loading take out the nunchuk and replace it with the classic controller/gamecube control
3.voila new controls which are easier for sniping
For the hidden videos (actually trailer, I think)
Remain idle at the main menu to activate the video OR press be to get a different video

Unlock Bonus Characters in Mercenaries Mode

When you get a 4 star or higher rank in the indicated Mercenaries mode level the corresponding character in Mercenaries mode will become unlocked.
Unlock Hunk:
Get a 4 Star or higher rank in the Island level.
Unlock Ada Wong:
Get a 4 Star or higher rank in the Pueblo level.
Unlock Jack Krauser:
Get a 4 Star or higher rank in the Castle level.
Unlock Albert Wesker:
Get a 4 Star or higher rank in the Waterworld level.

Easy kill on the village chief

When he snaps in half shoot him with a rocket launcher.

Suplex to the extreme!

Later on in the game the enemies will, obviously, be tougher. They are intimidating but all you have to do to dispatch them is this: Using your handgun Shoot both of their legs to bring them down, and when they are on their knees you'll have a few seconds to get close and press the a button before they lay down. With the right timing Leon will perform a suplex on the enemy which will cause them to die due to the head injury.

Herbs - all possible combinations and their effects

Resident Evil 4, like the other games in the series, features three different types of healing herb, which can be combined in numerous ways. However, due to the removal of the Poison status from the game, the Blue herb is replaced by the Yellow. The chart below lists all possible combinations and the effects of herbs when used:
Green - Restores a small amount of health
Green + Green - Restores a large amount of health
Green + Green + Green - Fully restores health
Red - Cannot be used alone
Yellow - Cannot be used alone
Green + Red - Fully restores health
Green + Yellow - Restores a small amount of health and adds an extra 5 percent to total health
Green + Green + Yellow - Restores a large amount of health and adds an extra 5 percent to total ..

Awesome weapons

The awesomest weapons that Iv'e used in the game are the Handcannon, Infinite rocket launcher, PRL 412, Chicago typewriter, Striker, Shotgun, Red9, Punisher, TMP, Matilda, and the Broken butterfly.

Super Weapons

Theres a way that you can make your weapons more powerful than they can be. If you level up everything on a weapon to max, the merchant will give you an "Exclusive" option. This gives the weapon an extra boost to one of it's attributes. Heres what I found out:
Blacktail: power up to 4.8
Semi-auto rifle: firing speed to 0.8
TMP: power up to 1.8
Striker: ammo up to 100
Matilda: ammo up to 100
Mine Thrower: Makes darts home in and have a bigger blast radius
Thats what I know. The rest is up to you to find out. Play with the weapons a little. You might find something useful about those stupind wimpy guns you found in the beginning.

Tips for beating Otori

Beating Otori will allow you to unlock an alternate ending. Note: The only way you can beat him is to break his sword. The first time you beat the game there will be no sword bar where his health bar should be. You will have to start another file and get to the last level again to get the sword bar to appear.
Otori won't be knocked off his balance when you parry his blows, but I reccomend you still try to parry them. His attacks are very fast and it will be hard to dodge them. Once you do parry his blow immediately try to use a special. I suggest scorpion or hammer. Please remember the only way to beat him is to break his sword. Trying to hit him is not an option. (mainly because he has no health bar)

More ammo before facing garrador

Before you go into the prison to face the first Garrador. Look out the overviewing the prison you can see on a metal bar top of the prison you can see ammo shot it and enter the prison after you get the key and recover the ammo.

Level 3-1 guns

You should save your money at the beginning for level 3-1. At level 3-1 if you save you'r money from the starting of the game, you'll be able to get the Broken butterfly. It costs 30,200. Which would usually be a lot in the game. But, if you save you'r money, you'll be able to get it easily. If you already got to this part and you don't have a lot of money, sell the old shotgun you found in the village and you should be able to get the riot gun. It's an awesome new shotgun.

How to kill the bugs in the castle

When you get to the castle at some point, You will try to call Hunnigan. The wierd little dude that looks like an 8 year old should come up on the screen. He starts talking about bugs. To kill the bugs, you use the sniper rifle to kill them from a long range. And a striker shotgun to kill them from a short distance. You might notice that there are no bugs. Well, that's what you think. You can see them either by aiming you'r gun at them, or you can see rain falling on someting. The rain is falling on the bugs. And, one more thing. When they appear, you might see they arn't really bugs. There monsters.

Scratch cards

To scratch a scratch card, buy about 5 items from toad square, or from the wierd Italian guy.

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