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Follow the dark path or use the light

How to get zombies to come out of hiding

by Black Slayer1324

                                                RESIDENT EVIL 4

There are a few different ways that I found out how to do this.

1. If you walk into an area and suspect ganados (which after a while, happens
everywhere you walk into) then shoot a loud gun for example the shotgun, rifle,
broken butterfly(try not to use the broken butterfly), and if you have beaten the game, the you gan just use the chicago typewriter or infinate launcher. And if there is any one near you they will yell somthing
run(or walk) out at you then you probably should kill them(why you wouldn't, I don't know). WARNING: Consumes bullets!(unless you use a gun with infinate ammo)

2. If you have a few grenades, than equip it. Any kind will do but I found that
flash grenades work the best for me. So throw the grenade into sheds and places that 
conceal ganados. If there was anybody in there they are either stunned, (flash
grenade)on the floor and most likely dead, (hand grenade)or severly 
damaged or dead(incindiary grenade).

3. If you don't want to waste anything than just walk in and hope no one is
in the place. If some one is in the place than don't fear for Leon's life, just
walk back out of the place. Sometimes you will be followed by a few people
when you enter the room, and it's easy to know when this happens. If
ganados are behind you then they will yell something in whatever language
they speak or laugh, then creepy music will play. But, if they are in front
of you then only creepy music will play and ganados will come out from
in front of you or on the sides of you. Oh, almost forgot, they will yell something but not the same thing as if they are behind you, you will get used to this after a while.

4. If you have Ashley with you, then you can just call her and ganados will hear Leon say follow me and run out at you. Meanwhile, if you have beaten the game and beaten seperate ways, the if you choose special costume 2, then you can just walk around with Ashley with you and everyone will her her loud self and come to kill you. Like always.

I think that's it, but if you find out more ways to get ganados to come out of hiding, then email me at [email protected] I'll update as soon as I can.

Someone emailed me about the fourth one with Ashley but he or she said not to mention their name in the...uhh...whatever this is.Can't really call it a walkthrough.
                                                           HAPPY GAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!