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Mario Strikers Charged Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Mario Strikers Charged

We have 38 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Mario Strikers Charged please send them in here.

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Domination Mode Unlockables

To unlock the following effects in Domination mode complete the corresponding challenges in Striker Challenges mode. These effects can be toggled on and off.
Unlock Classic Mode:
Beat Challenge 01
Unlock Safe MegaStrike:
Beat Challenge 02
Unlock Super Captains:
Beat Challenge 03
Unlock High Voltage:
Beat Challenge 04
Unlock Devastating Hits:
Beat Challenge 05
Unlock No Power Ups:
Beat Challenge 06
Unlock Secure Stadia:
Beat Challenge 07
Unlock Power Shortage:
Beat Challenge 08
Unlock Field Tilt:
Beat Challenge 09
Unlock Always White Ball:
Beat Challenge 10
Always Sidekick Skillshot:
Beat Challenge 11

Unlock Trophies

Complete the following tasks in Tournament mode to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Striker Trophy:
Successfully beat the Striker Tournament.
Unlock Crystal Trophy:
Successfully beat the Crystal Tournament.
Unlock Fire Trophy:
Successfully beat the Fire Tournament.
Unlock Golden Foot Trophy:
In the qualifying round of any tournament score the most goals overall.
Unlock Brickwall Trophy:
In the qualifying round of any tournament have the least amount of goals scored on you overall.

Unlock Character Cards

Complete challenges in 'Striker Challenges' mode to unlock character cards featuring artwork.
Unlock Mario Card:
Beat Challenge 01
Unlock Luigi Card:
Beat Challenge 02
Unlock Donkey Kong Card:
Beat Challenge 03
Unlock Peach Card:
Beat Challenge 04
Unlock Daisy Card:
Beat Challenge 05
Unlock Wario Card:
Beat Challenge 06
Unlock Waluigi Card:
Beat Challenge 07
Unlock Yoshi Card:
Beat Challenge 08
Unlock Bowser Card:
Beat Challenge 09
Unlock Petey Piranha Card:
Beat Challenge 10
Unlock Bowser Jr. Card:
Beat Challenge 11
Unlock Diddy Kong Card:
Beat Challenge 12

Don't Cheat!

If during a Tournament match you 'Turn Off' or 'Reset' your game the next time you continue that tournament you'll receive a news headline on your screen saying 'Your fans are shocked at the allegations of cheating and you'll have to start the Cup from the beginning'.

Unlock Captains and Stadiums

Play Road to the Striker Cup mode to unlock captains for Offline modes. The Brick Wall Award is earned for conceding the least goals in the group stage and the Golden Foot Award is earned for scoring the most goals in the group stage.
Unlock Bowser Jr.:
Win the Fire Cup
Unlock Diddy Kong:
Win the Crystal Cup
Unlock Petey Piranha:
Win the Striker Cup
Unlock The Lava Pit:
Win the Fire Cup
Unlock Crystal Canyon:
Win the Crystal Cup
Unlock Stormship Stadium:
Win the Striker Cup
Unlock The Dump:
Win both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Crystal Cup.
Unlock The Wastelands:
Win both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Fire ..

Best Team Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is simply the best team ever, I beat all three cups without losing even once! So here goes...
Captain: Yoshi-His power-up turns him into an egg and rolls around the field crushing anyone he touches for approx. 10 seconds. Then he can come out and score an easy goal. He also has average stats in every category making him a good player.
Upper Team Member: Hammer Bro-His deke is simply the best one ever. He jumps in the air and smashes the ground with a hammer, so in other words his deke is an attack, not a fake. His skillshot makes it 100% of the time if your are somewhat close to the goal. The only liability is that he is slow, but that should not matter.
Lower Team Member: Dry Bones-He is fast and defensive. His skillshot paralyzes the goalie or anyo..

Easy toad goal

If you make one of your sidekicks toad and you run as fast as you can at the keeper with the ball and then with good timing if you press the d-pad you jump over the keepers head and can then run the ball into the back of the net.
P.S. Don't use this trick too many times during one game otherwise the keeper will stop you every time in that match and in all the matches to come in that cup.

Player Glitches

Waluigi- When You Have Your Wall-uigi Power-up, Run Directly At The Keeper And Just Before He Grabs You, Run Around Him And The Keeper Should Drop Allowing You To Run The Ball In The Net, But Remember To Keep Using Your Wall When Ur Running It In The Net.
Waluigi- On 2 Player Co-Operative Mode, Make Sure You Have Your Wall-uigi Power-up, Then Give The Ball To 1 Of Your Sidekicks, Then Have Waluigi Make A Wall Around The Keeper, Allowing You To Walk It In The Net.
Monty Mole- Run Straight Up To The Keeper And Dig Just Before He Grabs You, And With Any Luck He Should Get Knocked Over Or Throw You In The Net With The Ball.
Daisy- With Any Colour Ball, Simply Shoot Right Next To The Keeper And Theres A 70% Chance Its Going In.
Daisy- When You Have ..

My Awesome Teams!

Here's a Team that , if used correctly , can beat anyone on Wi -Fi.
I am 12 - 4 with this team.
Drum Roll Please...
Capitan - Mario
Why - Because when the ball is the 1st golden color (the paler one) , if you shoot the ball for 2 seconds and let go , Mario almost always scores. I have been counting my goals W/ Mario , and he's gotten me a whopping 57 goals in just 16 games (Just 13 on Mega-strikes)
Upper Sidekick - Koopa
Why - Same reason as Mario , and his Skill - shot is amazing ; When it is shot , it knocks out the goalie for approximately 10 seconds , leaving an easy goal for our Koopa.
Lower Sidekick - Dry Bones
Why - Possibly the best player , let alone sidekick in the whole game.
His Skill - sh..

If you are in dire need of a goal and the second..

If you are in dire need of a goal and the seconds are ticking away, If you have a 5x or 3x banana power-up get your captain run into a corner in your opponents half and just before you get there use your bananas and then you have a little barrier and if your quick you can get a 5 shot mega-strike before anyone has a chance to take you out.

Never lose!!!!!

Here is how you win any match. You will need a memory card.
When you start a tournament save.
Turn off your Wii.
Save your game to your memory card.
Do the match.
If you lose recopy the file and try again.

Unlockable stadiums

Hi everyone. Here are a few unlockable stadiums that you can get, you can unlock these on the road to strikers cup.
Crystal Canyon ~~~~ Beat the crystal cup
Stormship stadium ~~~~ Beat the striker cup
The dump ~~~~ Earn the brick wall award and the golden foot award in the crystal cup
Galactic stadium ~~~~ Earn the brick wall award and the golden foot award in the striker cup
The lava pit ~~~~ Beat the fire cup
The wastelands ~~~~ Earn the brick wall award and the golden foot award in the fire cup.
Hope this helps. Have a nice day and enjoy playing your games.

Awesome Team #2

Here's another awesome team from yours truly :
Capitan : Yoshi
Why : If you've seen my Mario team , Yoshi's shot is just like Mario's , but what really shows his usefulness is his Super - Item .
It turns him into an egg , making him untouchable by any tackle or item , only breaking after 10 approx. Seconds , shooting , or hitting the goalie , on which it breaks on touch.
Use this to shoot the ball in the goal (Simply crushing all defensive players near you , then breaking out early and shooting with the same strategy as Mario).
Upper Sidekick : Shy Guy
Shy Guy's shot is exactly like Yoshi's or Mario's , but his Skill-shot is the biggest reason to put him on the team.
Unlike other Skill-shots , the shot not only KO's the goalie , ..

Good Team

This is a good team if used well.
Captain: Donkey Kong, an under rated strong shooting power house.
Upper right sidekick: who else but dry bones the best player in the game, fast with a great deke and handy skillshot, and I once scored seven goals in won match with him using his teleport deke to go right past the goalie seven times(distance of teleport effected by ball color)
Upper left sidekick:Hammer Bro, with a great deke and a great skillshot from certain distances, the only weakness is his lack of speed.
Defending sidekick: the most under rated player in the game Monty Mole, he has a good deke and skillshot, which is accompanied by his strong tackles and powerful shooting, but he is often not found in many great teams because he is the slowest ..

Birdo's Special Shot!

I've found that birdo's special(charged) shot used directly at the goalkeeper seems to guarantee you a goal, I find this very useful and I hope other people do too.

Golden goals

To get great looking and easy goals just pass it around in the air a few times until it goes gold or platinum and volley it or pass it on the groun alot and unleash a mighty shot which 75% of the time go in and look good and powerful

Easy goals in striker cup

To get some easy goals in the striker cup you have to have hammer bro and deke when someone tries to tackle you and then use his skillshot.

Need to stall?

If your winning and you don't want the other team to get points this is what you do. First pass the ball to one of the attackers(person on your team). Then hide behind your own goal. When the defenders come(person on opponents team) you goalie will tackle them. He will have to ball so all you have to do is pass it to an attacker and run back behind the goal. Keep repeating this until time runs out.

A few things to get you going: (online tips)

First of all I've been playing this game for a while now, and after completing the three cups on the hardest difficulty(Wins:32 - Losses:0)i felt adiquate to contribute some of my tactics for online play.
NUMBER ONE RULE: NEVER EVER QUIT, (i.e power off button) this becomes very frustrating for the other player and counts as a loss for you. In addition you lose points! To colaborate- a win gives you 10 points + a point for every goal made[maximum 10] so the total for one game is 20 points. A loss however will give you 1 point + 1 for every goal you scored. This way you can never really lose. For example if you win a game by 1-0 you will get 11 points, but if you lose a game by 10-11you will get 1 for the loss and 10 for goals! Quitting however will render you with minus 50 poi..

Never Perform Connection Loss

From The Past Experience I,ve Had Playing This Game Via Wifi, The 1 Thing That Annoys Me And Probably Everyone Aswell, Is People Who Turn It Off Just Because Their Losing, 1 Tip DONT DO IT!!!!!!! , Because If You Connection Loss The Game You Will Get 50 Points Deducted And Get The Loss Anyway.


Ok, here's the most awesome team I've played. Get diddy kong, hammer bro, toad, and birdo. Toad's and diddy's deke are awesome. Go toward the goal, and when the goalie is abou to hit you, use the deke then press A. It should be passed to someone. Once it gets to the passed player, hit B. EASY GOAL! Hammer bro's deke and special move are awesome. Here's another cheat: use any player beside birdo and hold B until the ball is charged up to yellow or white, then lob pass (z+b) to birdo if she's on their side of the feild. Once it gets to birdo, hit b, and theres a 89% chance it'll get in.

even more awesome team

Ok, I changed it. Choose baby bowser. He is slow, but charge the ball to white and let go and theres a good goal. The teammates are toad, hammer bro, and boo.
Toad's deke is good against the goalis, like I said in my last entry. Hammer bro is pretty self-explanitory. Now boo. Go toward the goalie, and when he is about to hit you hit the deke and fire away!!!!!!!!!!!! Pfff goal right there. I'll be on Wi-Fi as Game Ruler. Can you beat me?

practicing daisy, waluigi's deke

after getting the cheat "always white ball" go to a normal game, set to 10 goals, put the cheat on, and have a 2nd control as away, so your ball doesn't get stolen and have fun.

Evading chainchomps

A good way to escape chainchomps is picking any character(s) that jump or "go over" others (toad, peach, diddy kong, hammer bro when using giant hammer to jump over). If you are in the lead by a lot of points (about 5 or more) and the other team has the item chainchomp, when they use it, pass the ball to one of the "jumping" characters and when the chainchomp is about to hit you, jump over it repeatedly until he leaves. (Be careful though, your opposing team can still use bombs or something to knock you down).


Bowser jr.
Beat fire cup
Diddy kong
Beat cristal cup
Petey pharana
Beat striker cup

About Using Boo

You met remember that boo is a very advanced character because of his deke and his ability to score trick goals. He is best placed in the back and/or on the lower sidekick spot, but a team full is actually a weak team although with practice you may be able to score goals only if you are able to get close to he keeper.
Boo's coolest move is the Self-pass.
Hold down Z for about a second, or just enough that it will be just above the head of Kritter. Then press B to shoot; frantically pressing it helps. This will need LOTS and LOTS of practice, but is a very nifty trick to know.

Easy Charge Up

O.K. so i am also a Mario Striker player. When I play online i am usually Bowser Junior with a side kick Hammer bro, Boo, and Toad. They are all top passers so you could charge the ball up easily so you could pass a lob pass up to Bowser Junior or hammer bro. First of all if you start out with the ball pass it back to Boo who i have as defense and then hold B down and charge it up then before u kick it up press A to pass it to Toad if the ball isn't charged al the way hold B down to charge a little bit longer then before u kick it Pass a lob shot to Bowser Junior then do a powerful shot and you are bond to score about 70%-80% every time.

good teams to use on wi-fi

here are some good teams
Diddy Kong

Mario- well balanced player with his deke power makes it easier to charger the ball, his captain power-up makes him smash enemies. use his deke power when you use his power up to rack the ball up to fire in the goal.
suggested team
back- toad
upper- hammer bro
lower- koopa
Luigi- balanced like his older brother but his deke, and power up might seem be the same, but his deke goes longer out, and power up makes him a little light, (not to say that's good or bad)
suggested team
upper- koopa
lower- dry bones
back- toad
Diddy Kong- this..

sidekicks: koopa

Koopa- a balanced player whose, deke, power, and speed make him top on the list. put him on the upper spot to pass to when you get the ball white, speaking of when you charge up to kick to get a white do his deke and keep on doing it. have a team mate by the goal to kick the ball in when using koopa's power.
other people to use koopa with
dry bones
hammer bro
shy guy

Easy goals for peach diddy kong and toad

Diddy K and peach can jump over the goal keeper but sometimes he punches you right? So then you have to go really close and he thinks he'll take the ball and hit you but but after you reach the ground.........PRONTO RUN TO THE GOAL or shoot.

Pretty good team

You wanna know a good team well here is your answer
Yoshi-why yoshi well he has awesome speed and power and is the only one who has a longer big hit range
Hammer bro- ah hammer bro my fav awesome deak skillshot top passer and shooter
Monty mole- mistaken for his slowness you would think he sucks but hes awesome his deke can hurt the golie and his skillshot is just awesome.
Dry bones- drybones is AMAZING!!!!!!!!(times 30000) defense is awesome outstanding deak and his skillshot when timed and timed right never fails NEVER FREAKING FAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or you can use toad.
I hope you have fun on the striker cup.
Later dayz

Good team

A good team for skilled player is diddly kong, hammer bro, shy guy, and birdo.
Diddy Kong: his deke can score goals. It can jump right over the goalie. You can also pass in the middle of it. You may be thinking "why not use peach or toad?" Use diddy kong because his captain ability, red card, can be used to set up a megastrike. Just use the power, walk into the light, and use a megastrike. Be careful on the fields "the dump" and "the wasteland" because diddy will slide along the ground after pressing the B button.
Hammer bro; with an offensive deke, hammer bro doesn't need items to set himself up for a skillshot. Hammer bro's skillshot is almost always going to go in except for when too far away or when facing the north or south edges of the goal. He is also a great passe..

The Best Team

This is a quick guide to what I think is the best team.
Captain- Walugi
Sidekick 1- Hammer Bros
Sidekick 2- Hammer Bros
Sidekick 3- Dry Bones
Walugi- I Choose him as a captain not because of his stats but because of his captains power-up skill, his power allows him to make a wall around himself allowing him enough time to get max on his megastrike.
Hammer Bros- I Choose him for his ability to attack while holding the ball allowing him enough time for him to use his skillshot.
Dry Bones- I Choose him for his speed and his skillshot once it has been completed he has bound to score.
Thats all for now.
Enjoy your winning streaks.

Secret Captains

Win the following cups to unlock the following captains:
Fire cup: Bowser Jr.
Crystal cup: Diddy Kong
Striker cup: Petey Pirhana

Awesome team

I am 19-2 with this team on tournament
Captain: diddy kong
Offensive sidekicks: dry bones and hammer bro
Defensive sidekick: dry bones
This is a good combination because you have 3 very fast players (great for defense), diddy kong for good passes, and hammer bro who has an AMAZING shot

Team Ideas

OK so Here Are some great team ideas!
1: Captain:yoshi, Goal sidekick, HammerBro,Defense Sidekick 1,Koopa,Defense sidekick 2,Boo
Here's Why:The Keys to Goals Are: Power & GOOD PASSING! This team Has EXTREMELY GOOD PASSING! Also,all have a 75% chance of Goal! (I use This Team A Lot)

2: Captain,Petey, Goal Sidekick,Koopa Defense Sidekick 1,Toad,Defense Sidekick 2,Boo
Here's Why: Boo&toad Are Quick And Have Good Chances Of Making goals. Koopa Has Good Balance And a Good special move (DEKE) Petey, he Has AMAZING POWRER!

Super Strikes

Super Strikes in this game are much more dependant on how you press B. Press and hold B with your captain in your attacking half to activate the Super Strike. You will then press B twice to work out how many shots you will fire. You can fire a maximum of six shots.

The Best Team

Well, here is my best team for the game :::
Mario - Why Mario? Because his kicks are always sure to make it in the net if you are close. Also his power up makes him huge and you can get an easy goal or megastrike.
Upper Sidekick ::: Hammer Bros - He has to be the upper one because his deak will assure an easy goal. His kicks are also powerful in the game.
Lower Sidekick ::: Toad - He has to be the lower one because his deak can get through everyone easily, especially the goalie. His firekick also makes sure there is an easy goal.
Behind Sidekick ::: Monty Mole - His defensive skills are really good for the game. He will tackle anyone very hard into the electric fence. His deak is also good to confuse people.
Well this is my best team for t..

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