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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Cheats for Wii

Cheats and Tips for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

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Our collection of cheats includes Gold medals, unlocking character crowns and getting the Ping Pong emblem. We'll aslo tell you how to unlock characters including Donkey Kong and Silver the Hedgehog.

More Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Cheats and Tips

We have 13 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Nintendo DS

You can also ask your question on our Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Donkey Kong and Silver the Hedgehog:
Get a world record in ALL the events.

Unlock Emblems
The different emblems are unlocked by completing certain tasks during gameplay. Listed below are those tasks.
Unlock Knight's Emblem (Fencing):
In Individual Epee win 15-0.
Unlock Olympic Record Emblem:
Break an Olympic Record.
Unlock Rocket Emblem:
Successful start dash in 100m.
Unlock Network Emblem:
Connect to Nintendo WFC Rankings.
Unlock World Record Emblem:
Break a World Record.

Unlock Circuits and Events
Complete the indicated circuit to unlock more circuits and events in the game.
Unlock Archey Event:
Unlock the Stardust Circuit.

Unlock Advanced Class

This feature becomes available when you finish in 1st place in the Moonlight Circuit.

Unlock Gallery Music

Complete the indicated number of mini-games (ALL 5 rounds) in the gallery to unlock the corresponding song.
Unlock Green Hill and Overworld:
Complete 1 mini-game.
Unlock Star Light and Underground:
Complete 2 mini-games.
Unlock Sonic 2 Special Stage and Underwater:
Complete 3 mini-games.
Unlock Super Mario 3 Ground BGM and Sonic Heroes:
Complete 4 mini-games.
Unlock Super Mario World Ground BGM and Let The Speed Mend It:
Complete 5 mini-games.

Unlock Alternate Ending Sequence

Finish the Big Bang Circuit in 1st place to unlock the alternate ending sequence.

Unlock Character Crowns

When you have collected ALL the Gold medals in ALL the events with a character their crown will become unlocked.

character unlockables

Beat them in dream table tennis on curcuit

Easy 400 Meter Dash

My because told me this way to keep a steady speed while running the 400 Meters. While joggin just wave the nunchuck up and down while runnin don't use the wiimote he said it should use only half you're energy so use it carefully

Gold medals!

All you have to do is go to the main menu, and press buttons in this order:
A, A, B, 1, 2, 1, 2. You should have a lot of gold medals.
PS. Tested, and works.(did not make this cheat.)

ping pong emblem

To get the ping pong emblem win a table tenis mach 11-0

easy track wins

All you got to do is do small strokes and pick a person with mediam speed like Knuckles. You'll go super fast.
skull head
P.S Sonic Rules


You know the trampoline event, where you jump up and hit buttons to do a combo? Well one of the things you need to do sometimes is twist your Wii remote, however if you shake your remote a bit the game thinks you twisted the remote, this saves time so you can easily pull off combos.

Characters to Use: Part 1

Here's a list of some characters to use in certain events and reasons why.
High Jump: Shadow. Earlier today I was having trouble clearing 2.4 meters with Mario, Luigi, Sonic, and a lot of others too. I chose Shadow and he cleared 2.6 meters for me.
Trampoline: Tails. His routine is so easy to accomplish. I couldn't believe how easy it was for me to do. Perfect 10.
Javelin: Sonic or Shadow. I just found it easy with them. Sonic threw over 100 meters for me while Shadow threw 112 meters.
Skeet: Sonic. His speed makes the heart mnitor thing at the start slower and easier to perfect. I got perfect on all rounds except for round eight. Score: 38.
Triple Jump: Luigi. Got me over 19 meters. You just have to make sure you jump off the mat, a..

Bobsleigh Teams

Make sure you have either Shadow, Sonic, Mario, Silver, Yoshi, Luigi, Baby Bowser, or Wario. Two teams can be made from these characters and you will win about 90% of the time.

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