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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games



by Skipperdoo2

		Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
		       Events Strategy Guide
		By: Skipperdoo [Robert McCain]
		  [email protected]
			Version 1.0
		Last Updated: Nov. 18, 2007
When I started the guide I was first going to make it for the entire
game how to unlock everything etc. But once I got down with the Events
Strategy section I decided that by using this section you would be able
to gain the necessary skills to beat the game and collect the 
unlockables. I have included a Collections Item list however so that
you know what you can get for becoming good at the events. There's
nothing too special about these items except for bragging rights
as they don't add anything to the game. Also I have added my high 
scores so you have something to shoot for. Look for me in the rankings.
Just look for Skipperdoo. But anyway hope this guide helps. 
		    Table of Contents
1.Events Strategy Guide
  c.4 X 100m Relay
  d.110m Hurdles
  e.400m Hurdles
  f.Long Jump
  g.Triple Jump
  h.Hammer Throw
  i.Javelin Throw
  j.High Jump
  k.Pole Vault
  o.Single Sculls
  q.100m Freestyle
  r.400 x 100m Freestyle
  s.Individual epee
  u.Dream Race
  v.Dream Platform
  w.Dream Fencing
  x.Dream Table Tennis
2.Collections Item list
  b.Emblems 1
  c.Emblems 2
  d.Emblems 3
			1.Events Guide
This section is intended to help you become masters(or at least good 
enough to beat the computers) at the events. Seeing as many of the
emblems and all the crowns are recieved through obtaining gold or in some
cases perfect(Hunter's Emblem, Shooting,etc.), the better you are at
events... well the easier it's going to be to beat the game. Included is
type, best characters to use, my high score, and how to best do the event.
Note on Miis, they seem to get random stats each time you use them so 
sometimes they can be best for an event while other times they won't be.
Well here's the guide.

Type: Athletics
Best Characters: Speed is the key in this one. The better the character's
speed the faster they will be, making Sonic and Shadow your best choices.
My High Score: 9.400s
How To Win: It's fairly simple. You start the race by holding B and then 
when the announcer says GO you wave the wii remote down and release B 
giving you a good head start, then you just flap your arms as fast as you
can like you're running all the way to the finish. The sooner you do it 
after he says go the more of a head start you will get. Of course if you 
do it before he says go you will get a foul. Remember that you can foul 
once and be fine(which gets you the Penalty Emblem), so try to anticipate 
when he will say it. I like to charge all the way with B count to 2 and 
then go for it.Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. If you're doing 
a circuit you might want to play it safe after you get the foul and just
wait to he says go. You might get a slower start, but once you get good 
enough at arm swinging you will be able to easily catch up. Arm swinging 
is a huge part of the game and used and most of the events so you'll want
to get good at it. Just remember there is the speed indication meter in
the top lefthand corner. It will show you how well you are doing. If you
are going for such missions as Mario's 5th you better make sure you get
a perfect start as this is the only way you can maintain a lead.
Type: Athletics
Best Characters: Stamina is the key. The better the character's stamina
the more you will have to use in the race. This make's Wario the best
My High Score: 38.585s
How to Win: You start the race the same as any other holding B and then 
wave the wii remote down and release B as the announcer yells go. Now 
the arm swinging is different in this one as you don't want to go as fast
as possible. Instead you have to find the right speed that has you moving
fast but not using an excessive amount of stamina. Just think of it as a
jog instead. Of course if you tried jogging in the real 400m you would
get dusted but that's how the controls are. So watch your stamina and 
watch you character. You want to see red behind them, that's when you are
running but are not using stamina. Of course you do want to use some 
stamina. When your heart is full use some then let it refill almost all 
the way and use some again and repeat. You then reach the point where it
says Sprint! Now press A. Watch out not to use all your stamina. You
want to time your stamina so you're full right before you do the sprint then
go all out. Now unless your using a character with a lot of Stamina
you'll still most likely use all you stamina before your reach the finish.
So use some, stop for a short second or two(during this "stop" you still
should be moving your arms), then use it again. Try to time it so your 
character's stamina reaches zero right as you reach the finish. Now if you
do get tired before the finish all hope is not lost, just get ready to 
sprint when your stamina comes back. This one takes a bit of practice to
get, but once you have it down it's easy to beat any computer.

c.4 X 100m Relay
Type: Athletics
Best Characters: Speed is key stat. Therefore the best team possible is
a combination of Sonic, Shadow, Daisy, and Yoshi.
My High Score: 35.972s
How to Win: So the same as 100 except now it's a relay. Start is the same,
but now after running for a short distance your speed is locked and you
don't have to flap your arms. Now you have to press B to start your partner
running and then swing the WiiMote down to pass it off. Then it's back to 
arm swinging, pass off, arm swinging, pass off, then arm swinging to the 
finish. Now the pass off takes some practice to get the timing down. I like
to start the other person running once I've closed in on them a little bit
then make the handoff right before I reach the other character. So try a 
few times and you should get the hang of it. 

d.110m Hurdles
Type: Athletics
Best Characters: Speed is key. Same as 100 Sonic and Shadow are best.
My High Score: 11.936s
How to Win: Same as 100 but now with hurdles, 10 of them. So start is the
same and so is the arm swinging, but now we have to jump over hurdles with
B. Jumping at the wrong time will cause you to slow down. You have to jump 
right before you hit the hurdle. To practice on the timing you could do
Wario or Amy's 5th mission in mission mode(These are very difficult by the
way). Basically you have to make all hurdles perfect jumps in those
missions so it will show you if you have the timing right.

e.400m Hurdles
Type: Athletics
Best Characters: Stamina is key stat. Same as plain 400 Wario is best.
My High Score: 43.923s
How to Win: So same as 400 but now with hurdles. The hurdle timing is the
same as in the 110m hurdles but they are spread farther apart. So run the
same as you would in the 400 but now just add the hurdle timing in.

f.Long Jump
Type: Field
Best Characters: Okay not really sure what stat's play a role here. I think
it's some kind of combination of skills but Mario and Luigi are best. How
do I know this? Just look at the rankings you'll see Mario and Luigi are in
the top 30.
My High Score: 9.238m
How to Win: Now you can begin by doing the clapping but I have no reason to
believe that this actually helps you in anyway though I could be wrong. So
you have the typical arm swinging motion but minus the speed indicator in
the top lefthand corner so you can't see how much speed you are putting out.
I don't know if this means speed isn't as important or what, but go ahead
and try to go as fast as you can. Eventually your speed is locked and then 
you have to swing the WiiRemote up right before the foul line. Now this
takes a lot of practice to get right because the swing up motion is hard to
get perfect. You can't do it too hard or too soft or you won't get the most 
out of you jump. You get three tries which helps a lot in case you pass 
over the foul line or just get the jump wrong. Of course the best possible
scenerio is having full power and doing right before you touch the foul
line but most likely you just want to be close to it. Mainly just practice,
practice, practice for this one.

g.Triple Jump
Type: Field
Best Characters: Like Long Jump it's Mario and Luigi but not exactly sure
My High Score: 18.888m
How to Win: This one's similiar to the long jump but now instead of just
a jump you have a hop, step, then a jump. So same start but on the hop you
want to go lighter then with the jump in the long jump then as you touch
the ground you execute your step by swinging nunchuck up and then when you
are touching down again complete it with swinging the WiiRemote up. The 
force on the movements seem to be progressive. Lighter, Medium, then Hard,
at least that works for me. Again this one takes a lot of practice to get
timing and force correct. You have three tries so you have some chance to
get at least one good one.

h.Hammer Throw
Type: Field
Best Characters: Power is key. Bowser has the most power and is therefore
the best.
My High Score: 91.677m
How to Win: So first you start out by pressing A to begin. Then you spin 
the WiiRemote as fast as you can and when you see ! press B to let it fly.
So the trick here is while spinning watch the time 3...2...1...then that's
when you throw. Now here's something the game doesn't tell you. Press A as
you release and if it's a good throw(not a foul) you will make a shout, 
which seems to add to your distance a small bit. This is necessary to know
if you wish to Complete Peach's second mission. You have three tries so 
try to get one good one.
i.Javelin Throw
Type: Field
Best Characters: Knuckles is best, so I'm guessing it's a mix of speed and
My High Score: 113.829m
How to Win: So you start off with your run, watch your speed on the meter
in the top right try to get it as full as possible. Your speed will become
locked and then you will have to swing the WiiRemote down while pressing 
A+B. The timing here is again the going to affect how you do. You want to
get as close to the foul line as possible without going over. On this one 
you have to press it quite some time before you reach the foul line as 
your character will not stop right away. I try to time it before the cone
before the foul line. I usually hit somewhere in the vicinity. Again this
one takes some practice on timing and again you get three tries.

j.High Jump
Type: Field
Best Characters: Mario and Luigi? They seem to be easiest, but reaching
max with other characters is not difficult.
My High Score: 2.60m
How to Win: First off you have to pick a starting height. If you haven't
played before just go ahead with the jump, but if you have the hang of it
I always start at 2.4. It's fairly easy to get if you have the timing down
and in most cases you have already beat the computer on the first jump.
Ok here we start off with arm swinging as is with all the field events 
except hammer throw. This time though we are filling up a meter on the 
left. You want to fill it all the way, and actually once you do you don't
have to swing anymore it won't decrease. The more it's filled the more blue
area there is making the jump easier. So now by filling up you have made
this pink-to-blue mat thing. You want to swing the WiiRemote up just as 
you reach the end of the mat. This will make a "Good" appear and then you
have to quickly swing the nunchuk up to complete it. Now after you got the
jump you get to pick your next height and this continues as long as you 
make your jump successfully in three tries. As you progress you'll get
notes above your head for successful jumps. If you start out too low
though you won't have any notes added. These notes make your jump easier. 
The most you can have is 4. So the strategy here is to not got too high to
where you can't possibly do the jump(if you start at 2.6m there's no way
you can make because there's no blue), but to gradually complete jumps,
gain notes, and then do the more challenging jumps. It's quite easy to 
get the max which is 2.6 if you play it out right. When playing against
computer opponents you can tell if your winning if your score is higher
then all of theirs that means there scores won't get any higher so if
you have already achieved the max you can foul on purpose and end it 
quickly. In single match usually they top out at 2.38 so 2.38 is high 
enough to beat them since you would win in a tie but I like to get 2.4
just to make sure.
k.Pole Vault
Best Characters: Mario and Luigi? Same as High Jump it seems.Though I 
first got max with Daisy. Most characters can reach the max without too
much trouble.
My High Score: 6.30m
How to Win: So this is very similiar to High Jump. Meter is the same and
you fill it up the same. You are locked once you hit the line. Pink to 
blue mat again and you want to time it at the end which is the same. But
now you got to do arm swinging again and then finish it by moving the 
nunchuk upward. If you just keep swinging your arms though the nunchuk 
will automatically happen. The height works the same as high jump too.
Notes work the same too. The computers seem to be better here though.
In Single Match they tend to get as high as 6.10 or 6.12 which is pretty
difficult to get on your first try. If you know what your doing 6.00m
is a good place to start, then make the next jump 6.10. If the computer
is still tied with you go higher but not too much. The max possible is
6.30. Just use the same kind of strategy as the High Jump to get to the

Type: Gymnastics
Best Characters: Skill is key. Waluigi is has highest skill but other
skill types are fine and would be able to achieve a perfect 10 without
too much difficulty. Skill causes there to be less button inputs making
it easier.
My High Score: 10.000
How to win: First you start off by bouncing up to above 7 feet by
swinging the remote up right before the character touches the trampoline.
It's pretty easy once you get the timing down. Then you have to you
to do the button inputs that you see on the screen which are variations
of A, B, and twisting the controller. You can twist left or right it 
doesn't matter, I just know that after twisting left a lot my wrist
started hurting but twisting right didn't hurt a bit, but whatever
works for you. The twisting is awkward at first but once you get it
down you will be able to do it quicker then button pushes making it easy
to make it in time. You have to complete the input before you hit the
trampoline in order to get credit and also you still have to make
the motion with the remote to continue to get yourself higher. If you
get all the button inputs and "Great" on every jump you will get a
perfect 10. I first got this with Luigi but Skill characters are easier.
You'll need to get a perfect 10 to get the Bouncing Emblem.

Type: Gymnastics
Best Characters: Skill again is key. This is less apparent however
than Trampoline. It seems you get points added based on your skill, so
it's a lot more likely to get 10 with a skill character then with
a different character because even though you might do exactly the
same the skill character will score higher.
My High Score: 10.000 
How to Win: Now first of all I'll have to admit I don't have this one
down very well even though I have scored a perfect 10. You start off
running with the same wii running motion and try to max out the speed 
indicator in the upper lefthand corner. Then you have to wave the 
remote down when your character goes to the ground and then you have
to do a series of moving the wii remote and/or nunchuk down. If you do
your motions when !s appear it will improve your score. The motions 
are all up to you so think about what you'll do before you start.
I like to do remote twice, nunchuk twice, together, then remote again,
and that seems to work most of the time. Of course try different things.
There is the Somersault emblem for a perfect ten so try to go for it 
using skill characters.

Type: Shooting
Best Characters: Speed is key. Now this is not very apparent as the
stats do not affect your shooting at all. Instead the Heart at the 
beginning is slower based on your speed. The speed of the heart seems
to be selected randomly but the range of speeds is based on the
character's speed stat. With Sonic or Shadow it will never go very fast
while with slower character's it will go very fast more often. So Sonic
and Shadow are best.
My High Score: 40 PTS. 6.450s
How to Win: Here we have 8 stages that you must attempt to shoot all
the targets. Shooting is basic. Point at the screen and press B to fire.
There is the Heart beating thing at the beginning though. You have to 
try to get the bouncing ball in the middle by stopping it with B. After
some practice you'll get this down. If you get good you get a bigger
cursor and this makes it easier to hit the targets. If you get in the
circle around the middle circle you'll get Ok and if you don't get either
one you get bad and get a tiny cursor. So you want the big one. Now 
the stages are all different and have a different number of clays to
shoot. The 1st round has 4 to shoot and so does the second then third we
have 5 then 4th you have 6 then back down to 5, etc. Each round keeps 
the same number of shots but on a second play the clays will be shot in
a different order most of the time.Watch the arrows on the sides of the
screen which let you know from what direction the next one is coming
from. Now the hardest is the last stage, number 8. You have to shoot 8
clays. They go pretty quickly and twice there will be two fired at the
same time. Just watch the arrows on the side to see when that happens.
You have to make two quick shots to get them both. Of course remember
you only have as many shots as clays so don't just start shooting like
crazy. Getting Perfect in this one can be difficult and you have to 
do this for the Shooting Emblem. Go ahead and play through with all 
characters getting them gold medals(as this will help you get crowns),
then if you still haven't managed to get 40 try to use Sonic or Shadow.
I achieved perfect with Shadow after playing with him 3 times after
I had played through with all the other characters on a different day.
I think I got a bit lucky, but Shadow is a good choice due to it's easy
to get the big cursor. Plus at least he has used a gun before. Well
anyway if your going for perfect just expect to play this a lot.

o.Single Sculls
Type: Rowing
Best Characters: Daisy. Now why she is the best is a mystery. I guess
it's some kind of combination of stats, but Daisy will get a faster 
time easier then any other character. Just look at the Top 30 and 
you'll see her there.
My High Score: 6:21.211
How to Win: Okay so this race is different in the fact you don't have
to do the wii running motion. Instead you have to pull back both the 
WiiRemote and Nunchuk imitating rowing and at the same time pressing
two buttons: Z+B, Z+A, or A+B. The faster you execute the movement
as it shows it on the screen the faster you will be. You can tell how
well you are doing by the notes. 1 blue note is slow, two yellow is
medium, and 3 red is fast. A trick here is that all the first
strokes are Z+B so just go ahead and make that motion until you reach
a blue brown post thing after some trees in the background. This is 
when things start getting changed up. Now you will have to press Z+A
some of the time and eventually A+B gets put in the mix. Towards the
end it will not show buttons and just the remote and nunchuk. So all
you have to do is do the rowing motion without pushing anything. Do this
all the way to the finish and your done. 

Type: Archery
Best Characters: Skill is key making Waluigi the very best. Not too
apparent on the first play but the movement of the nunchuk will be much
more steady with a skill character then with someone with low skill.
My High Score: 120 PTS. 1:33.782
How to Win: So we have 4 different rounds here all with three shots.
They get harder as you go but not necessarily. The first is always 
the easiest but after that depending on your luck the next rounds 
difficulties can go in about any order though for the most part it's
progressive. This one is awkward on first play. Things don't seem to
make sense, but after a few plays you'll start seeing what to do.
You have to hold A+B pull back with the remote then place the nunchuk
and wiiremote on the transparent target where they need to be to make
the shot according to the wind, then release A+B to finish. With no
wind to make 10 you would place the nunchuk in the middle and also 
have the wiiRemote pointing at where the nunchuk is on the screen and
then release A+B. Now you have to watch how you are holding the
nunchuk on release. You want it to hold it up and have it straight 
vertically. If you don't do this the arrow will stray to what ever angle
you have it at. Now describing how to make the shots would be easier
with a picture but I'll try just explaining it. Already said 0 wind
but now what do you do when there is wind? Well if the wind is facing 
up or down you just have to make an adjustment based on strength. If
it's 1 down you would put it up towards the top of the middle circle.
If it's 3 you put it up a little higher and so on. 9 is max which you
would place this at the top blue circle area. Just practice and you'll
figure out the placement for each number. Now the side and diagonal
winds affect your shot more than up and down so you have to move your
pointer more. Now for 1 to the right you have to put your cursors in
the outer yellow circle on the left side to get it in the middle.
With 9 to the right you have to put your cursor right on the outside
of the target on the left side. The distance is the same for the
diagonal shot, but now you have to place the shot at the proper angle
away from the center. So with 9 going topright you would still be on
the edge but now towards the bottom left, but don't go too low. It
seems higher to me then what it seems to be pointing but maybe 
that's just me. Best for this one is practice, practice, practice so
you can learn where to put the cursors based on the amount of wind.
For a perfect 120 you get the Hunter's Emblem. This one took quite a
few tries for me, but finally managed to do it with Waluigi. 

q.100m Freestyle
Type: Aquatics
Best Characters: Speed is key. Shadow and Sonic are best, but Shadow
seems to do better for some reason. Maybe it's because Sonic is
doing the doggy paddle with a life vest on. Making a World record like
that would be pretty difficult.
My High Score: 44.877s
How to Win: The beginning works like other races hold b to charge and
then swing down. Only this time you don't get a foul if you go too
early, you get a bad start instead. Each character has a different
stroke which the game does a good job of explaining these so just
check it out. Before you start the race it also indicates the 
character's swim style so pay attention. You want to perform this 
action as fast as you can to make your character move faster. There
is also the stamina heart here and when it's almost empty you want
to press B. The Note system used in Rowing well show you how well you
did. You want the three red notes so time it so you press B when it's
almost empty but don't stop doing the character's swim action. When
you reach the edge of the pool swing down with the remote to get a
boost. Pretty easy to accomplish since the timing isn't too precise

r.400 x 100m Freestyle
Type: Aquatics
Best Characters: Speed is key stat. Best possible team therefore is
a combination of Sonic, Shadow, Daisy, and Yoshi.
My High Score: 2:58.982
How to Win: Same as 100m Freestyle but now it's a relay. The only 
difference is once you reach the next character you have to swing down
with the remote. Fairly simple and timing doesn't seem to be too
precise. Just remember you'll switch up styles based on what
characters you have so pay attention to what their style is indicated
on screen. When playing a circuit you might be caught by surprised
since your team is chosen randomly so just look on screen for what
to do for them.

s.Individual epee
Type: Fencing
Best Characters: Unknown. There is a difference in characters but one
is not necessarily better then another. Like Eggman has a really long
reach while Sonic seems to be able to move quickly. The differences
also don't seem to be based too much on stats. So just try them all
and see what you like better.
My High Score: 15-0
How to win: Fairly simple. Move back and forth with the control stick,
thrust by moving the remote forward. Swing the remote down with A to 
parry, and press B to Feint. Now there are different types of CPUs you
will fight one of them being one that pretty much just tries to lunge
at you every time and he's is easy to beat with a parry. Parrying is
important since if you do this when they try to lunge at you will stop
there attack and "freeze" them so you can attack them easily. I almost
never use Feints as they aren't very necessary. Just focus on Parrying
at the right time and attacking when you have an opening. This one's
pretty simple. There is the Knight's emblem for getting a perfect 
during a match 15-0. Probably the best way to go about it is play 
through all the characters(helps you get gold medals for crowns). 
That's 32 matches(2 per character) right there for you to get just one
perfect. If you still haven't done it just keep trying. Easiest is 
when you get an opponent that doesn't parry at all because you can 
just parry them then hit and back up, parry them then hit and back up, 
and just continue till you reach 15. Something I forgot to mention is
when your opponent parries you you can move the wii remote in running
motion to make your character unfreeze. The only problem here is you
won't be able to unfreeze quickly and unless the computer just decides
not to hit you, you won't be able to unfreeze. So most of the time 
it's not even worth it.

Type: Table Tennis
Best Characters: No one. Basically every one seems even on this one.
My High Score: 11-0
How to win: This plays just like Tennis in Wii Sports except simpler
and easier it seems. You just swing the remote to hit the ball either
to the left or right depending on how you hit it. Not good at it? 
Just keep practicing. It wasn't long before there was no way the 
computer would win just because I kept hitting the ball. There are
power shots and such but these don't seem to give you much advantage
over a computer opponent. Just hit the ball and they will eventually
miss. There's the Ping Pong Emblem for a perfect game 11-0. I got 
this playing against the last opponent in the Big Bang circuit 
ironically. So in other words it's not hard to get. Try playing 
through all characters getting gold medals along the way to get you
a step closer to the crowns. That's 32 matches(2 per character) right
there. If you still don't have it just keep playing.
u.Dream Race
Type: Dream
Best Characters: Speed is a plus but won't necessarily give you
much of a lead as items really determine the winner here.
My High Score: No clue since the game doesn't keep track.
How to win: Well this one's fairly easy. It's like a simplified 
Mario Kart course. You have no karts, fewer racers, and fewer items.
Well it starts out with the B charge as most races do and then it's
arm swinging time. The difference here though is once you reach max
you can stop arm swinging. Only if you hit sand or an item slows you
down will you have to run again. Use the control stick to manuever
your character on the course. Hit speed things frequently and try to
get as many items as you can. The most "deadly" things you have to
watch out for are boos since they slow you down and you won't be 
able to speed up when they're gone. Lightning also makes it so you
slow down and can't speed up for a short time. To counter these use
the shoes item and arrows found in the course. Watch out for bad
guys too as they will stop you. Remember to jump over hurdles too.
Now the course changes on each lap but once you have played this
course a couple of times you will have it down pretty well. It's the 
same each play so you can learn where arrows and items are located.
For the most part use items right when you get them because it won't
be long before you can get another one. Shoes might be the only item
worth saving until you're hit by a ghost or lightning but other than
that just use the item when you get them.

v.Dream Platform
Type: Dream
Best Characters: No one. Things are evened up here.
My High Score: No clue since game doesn't keep track.
How to win: Well this one's not too difficult. You just point your
remote down to speed up and hold it horizontal to slow down. The
purpose is to get through as many rings as you can and gain points 
by performing flips the exact same way as trampoline with A,B, and 
twists. Avoid bricks and bad guys for these will lower your score
Don't worry too much about the computers and items. Get items when
you can but focus more on rings. The Shield is nice because
the computers will sometimes launch shells at you midway through
your performance causing you not to get the max score possible.
This isn't a race so don't worry about going down as quickly as
possible though you do get a bigger bonus for completing sooner.
3000 points for first. This one shouldn't be too hard after you
have done it a few times.
w.Dream Fencing
Type: Dream
Best Characters: I'm going to go with Power on this one. Their
special move is the best as it is the easiest to use to knock
an opponent off the stage.
My High Score: Perfect(No damage recieved)
How to win: Exact same as regular fencing except you are health
based instead of point based. You also have special moves 
depending on your character type. Once your bar fills at least
once you can use it by moving the remote forward while pressing
A+B. The trick is to use your power attack when your opponent is
near the edge causing them to be knocked off. They will return 
but extra damage is taken off of them. Of course if their health
reaches zero from this they won't return. Now something to notice
here is that based on the type of character you have they have
a different special move. Power Characters send the character
flying very far making for an easy knockout even when you aren't
next to the edge. All-Around and Speed characters are about the
same. Just a quick hit. Maybe Speed is a little faster but not
much. Skill characters shoot a projectile at the opponent. So
you can hit them from long distances. Remember though that
your power hit can be stopped if you get hit right before you
execute it or they parry you. If you opponent is doing a power
hit try to hit them quickly to stop them. As long as you are not
too far away usually it's pretty easy to stop.
x.Dream Table Tennis
Type: Dream
Best Characters: I'm going to go with Power and Skill characters
as it seems that computer opponents have more difficulty hitting
their powered shots.
My High Score: 50-0
How to Win: So same as Singles but now points are different and
there are powered shots similiar to Dream Fencing. So now points
are based on the number of times the ball is hit and the match 
ends at 50 points. If it gets hit 10 times before someone misses 
then the last person to hit it gets 10 points. Fairly simple. For 
powered shots all you have to do is swing the remote and press A+B 
to perform a powered shot once your meter fills up. Power shots 
are different based on the type of character. Power Characters hit 
the ball to the other side where it stops for a brief moment and 
then continues it's course. The timing is different each time so 
it's harder to hit this one. Computer opponents also seem to have 
a hard time with it. All around types send the ball up way above 
the net. Then it get's sent down like a normal shot. This one's 
not too hard to hit once you learn the timing. Speed Characters 
just send the ball quickly across. So just prepare to hit quickly. 
Skill shots turn the ball invisible and causes it to be hard to 
guess the timing making this one difficult but not impossible. 
Computers also have a tough time with this one. Specials can be 
used as soon as the ball is on your side so you don't have to 
wait for the ball to come to you. Also if the computer uses a 
special shot you can use a special shot against them. Of course 
sometimes they'll do another if they can so watch out. Using the 
special shots seems not to work sometimes for me but that might 
just be me. Anyway even if you're not good at special shots  
they are not needed to win. If you're good enough you could not 
use a single one and win fairly easily. With some practice you 
should be able to get the hang of this.
              2.Collections Item list
This is a list of the items found in the collections section. At this
time it is not 100% complete as I am missing one emblem. However it will
be updated once I have it. Also a note on unlockables, the only things
you can unlock that add to gameplay are events which you recieve by
winning the Circuits. There are no extra characters or any such things. 
  1. Mercury Trophy: Place first in Mercury Circuit
  2. Venus Trophy: Place first in Venus Circuit
  3. Jupiter Trophy: Place first in Jupiter Circuit
  4. Saturn Trophy: Place first in Saturn Circuit
  5. Moonlight Trophy: Place first in Moonlight Circuit
  6. Stardust Trophy: Place first in Stardust Circuit
  7. Planet Trophy: Place first in Planet Circuit
  8. Comet Trophy: Place first in Comet Circuit
  9. Satellite Tophy: Place first in Satellite Circuit
  10. Sunlight Trophy: Place first in Sunlight Circuit
  11. Meteorite Trophy: Place first in Meteorite Circuit
  12. Supernova Trophy: Place first in Supernova Circuit
  13. Cosmos Trophy: Place first in Cosmos Circuit
  14. Galaxy Trophy: Place first in Galaxy Circuit
  15. Universal Trophy: Place first in Universal Circuit
  16. Big Bang Trophy: Place first in Big Bang Circuit
b.Emblems 1
  1. Mario Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Mario
  2. Luigi Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Luigi
  3. Peach Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Peach
  4. Daisy Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Daisy
  5. Yoshi Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Yoshi
  6. Bowser Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Bowser
  7. Wario Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Wario
  8. Waluigi Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Waluigi
  9. Sonic Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Sonic
  10. Tails Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Tails
  11. Amy Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Amy 
  12. Dr. Eggman Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Dr. Eggman
  13. Knuckles Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Knuckles
  14. Shadow Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Shadow
  15. Vector Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Vector
  16. Blaze Emblem: Completed Mission Mode with Blaze
  17. ??? if you know what this one is please email me
  18. Friendly Emblem: Played an event with 2 to 4 players
c.Emblems 2
  1. Olympic Record Emblem: First Olympic Record
  2. World Record Emblem: First World Record
  3. Track Champ Emblem: Gold Medals in all Track Events
  4. Field Champ Emblem: Gold Medals in all Field Events
  5. Aquatics Champ Emblem: Gold Medals in all Aquatics Events
  6. Gymnastics Champ Emblem: Gold Medals in all Gymnastics Events
  7. Dream Champ Emblem: 1st Medal in all Dream Events
  8. Hunter's Emblem (Archery): 120 points
  9. Shooting Emblem (Shooting): 40 points in Skeet
  10. Bouncing Emblem (Trampoline): Perfect 10 on the Trampoline
  11. Somersault Emblem (Vault): Perfect 10 on Vault
  12. Full Play Emblem: Played all events
  13. Collaborative Emblem: Played all characters
  14. Knight's Emblem (Fencing): Won 15-0 in Individual epee
  15. Mario Family Emblem: Gold in all events (Nintendo characters)
  16. Sonic Family Emblem: Gold in all events (SEGA characters)
  17. Complete Game Emblem: Unlocked all events
  18. Gallery Owner Emblem: Unlocked everything in the Gallery
d.Emblems 3
 1. Network Emblem: First connection to Nintendo WFC Rankings
 2. Rocket Emblem: Successful start dash in 100m
 3. Penalty Emblem: Committed a foul in 100m
 4. Ping Pong Emblem (Table Tennis): Won 11-0 in Singles Table Tennis
e.Crowns (Note: Though it says Gold Medals this you also need 1st 
Medals in Dream Events. This is also true for the Mario and Sonic
Family Emblems on Emblems 2 page.)
  1. Mario Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Mario
  2. Luigi Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Luigi
  3. Peach Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Peach
  4. Daisy Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Daisy
  5. Yoshi Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Yoshi
  6. Bowser Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Bowser
  7. Wario Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Wario
  8. Waluigi Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Waluigi
  9. Sonic Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Sonic
  10. Tails Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Tails
  11. Amy Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Amy
  12. Dr. Eggman Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Dr. Eggman
  13. Knuckles Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Knuckles
  14. Shadow Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Shadow
  15. Vector Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Vector
  16. Blaze Crown: Gold Medals in all events using Blaze
  17. Complete Crown: Gold in all events using all characters