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Several Glitches/Cheats for online and Zombies cheat for Call of Duty: Black Ops

Several Glitches/Cheats for online and Zombies

Kino Der Toten:

Always get Ray Gun, Thundergun, or Samantha's Bear.
Shoot middle of box 4 times with pistol, go prone, get up and shoot 4 more times with pistol, reload.

Get on automatic turret.
One way is to sprint up the side of the steps and dive. Another way is to get a crawler or Nova6 Monkey, back up the turret stairs, and jump and get hit by the crawler in midair.

Get on top of doors between Theater and Lobby.
Sprint and dive from the top of the stairs between the Theater and Lobby. It may take a few tries, and make sure you have Jugger-Nog and guns with lots of ammo. I recommend a wall gun so you can jump down and run over to your ammo.

Thats all 4 now!!! Check my profile for Black Ops WII Code!!!

Added by: N1NJAZ0MB13
May 15th 2011, ID#4466 | REPORT

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Feb 14th 2014 Guest
pack a punch free?¿
ID #354980
Feb 8th 2014 Guest
i want to know how to get infinite health without hacking some1 tell me plz
ID #353225
Jan 12th 2014 Guest
thanks for the glitces but that is3
ID #342864
Dec 5th 2013 Guest
shoot what box ? for a ray gun.
ID #325577
Oct 20th 2013 Guest
How do u get inf ammo
ID #315430
Jul 5th 2013 Guest
I love this glich it works perfectly!!!!
ID #295163
Jun 20th 2013 Guest
guys its called the random box for a reason. theres no glitch or cheat for the damn thing! just freaking pray you will get the gun and SHUT UP! and stop asking for cheats. the only ones are the ones for the terminal. the door glitch for zombies does work tho. best to have one on each door. and other two by the jugger nog machine.
ID #291654
Apr 18th 2013 Guest
Hey everyone this gun glitch still works first go up to gun u want I suggest gettin m14 first then save up some cash go to any other gun u want press buy button and primary grenade at the same time and u should have 3 guns if not keep trying if u want to pack a punch everyone of ur guns do the same thing when the gun comes out of the machine do the same thing!
ID #275462
Apr 4th 2013 Guest
ID #270457
Mar 5th 2013 Guest
None of those work
ID #261101
Feb 14th 2013 Guest
doa,alicia,3arc unlock, 3arc intil,dir.exit,open,quit,
ID #254214
Jan 30th 2013 Guest
i cant get the cheatcods to work on my wii can someone help my?
ID #247763
Dec 18th 2012 Guest
people stop asking for cheats
ID #223988
Nov 27th 2012 Guest
You must have a crawler in the corner in between the stairs in the theater.Next, dolphin dive over him into the corner.Two things could happen: You could pop up in the air a little, or glitch under the stairs. It's so incredibly frustrating.If you do get under the stairs, you will likely glitch back out.
ID #213241
Nov 17th 2012 Guest
I know a glitch were the ally is the barrier next to the double tap there is a box floating in the air shooy it ir will say a message like if it worked
ID #209289
Nov 15th 2012 Guest
1 glitch i no is on kino, what u have to do is use the box. turn in a circle 1 time then crouch and make sure you dont aim or u wont get the thunder gun or ray gun or even monkeys. do not aim at the gun. if u get a thunder gun please like beothches
ID #208980
Oct 28th 2012 Guest
hi i want to upgrade guns free from being zambi ?? it is possible ???
ID #202038
Oct 22nd 2012 Guest
aright wii black ops players listen up if you have one thousand get a gun any gun that costs 500 and then go to another gun go up to it now you should have two guns now but if you press the a button and the gernade button at the same time and you will have three guns its awesome you can get as many guns as you want!
ID #200001
Sep 26th 2012 Guest i open the boxes wen ther padlocked???
ID #189106
Sep 24th 2012 Guest
cheats are cool
ID #188799
Sep 16th 2012 Guest
Okay so, this is pretty awesome, in Der Riese we have our UPGRADED JUGGER-NOG glitch. Where you start there should be a door to your right, that is your first door. When you get the money, open it. When you progress, there should be another door, open that too. TURN ON THE POWER. there should be a bridge that you will be able to get to. go across the bridge(right) and there will be a room with one barrier in it. On the table there should be a green cylinder and a red cup. Hold X on the red cup until your character grunts. It will then take ten or so hits to get you down. Alright, GOD MODE takes place any map in the game. IT HAS TO BE MULTIPLAYER. Get down in a corner and let your partner pick you up. host must be in back(not yet tested but seems to work best). Host stands up while other player crouches in front. The zombies still come to you are invincible. HOWEVER if you tend to leave the formation, you will not be invincible!
Thanks for listening and hope it helped!
ID #186528
Jul 30th 2012 Guest
glich suck
ID #170095
Jul 24th 2012 Guest
all fake from the same person trying to get attention.
ID #167859
Jul 17th 2012 Guest
is the 'get the ray gun or the thundergun everytime' glitch not working for you? you wanna know why? because its wanna know why it doesnt do it everytime? BECAUSE ITS RANDOM. you can do it untill you get it, but you still get it randomly.
ID #165098
Jul 8th 2012 Guest
More glitches plz
ID #161748
Jul 7th 2012 Guest
add me on black ops 3455 5003 6495
ID #161433
Jun 28th 2012 Guest
i have 1 great glitch get a gun with an 8shot clip open the box shot 1 and back up do it 4times 9% of the time u get a good gun (mostly monkeys)
ID #158075
Jun 18th 2012 Guest
i know a glitch to get special weapons here it is: at the start of the round in kino der toten u will see a shot gun (the first 1 u c) crouch once then find the box and u get a special weapon

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!
ID #154106
May 31st 2012 Guest
I tried gun glich and it worked!!!
ID #147507
May 29th 2012 Guest
A glitch is if u play solo save up to 1500 in the first few rounds and buy the first two rooms if box is not there restart until u find box and when u do cook a grenade and box will always be there
ID #146703