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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 | Xbox 360

The answer to question 1, you have to have the DLC downloaded. You should be able to access it through the Zombie main menu.

The answer to question 2, go to local play. Then go to the settings and setup bots. You can also change the map as well on that screen.

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Pokemon Gold | GameBoy

You need to buy a Action Replay or Game Shark. It is the only way to cheat on the game. It is what you use to put in the codes to your game.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops | PlayStation 3

You could use a hack, but you'd likely get caught and banned. I'm not sure about the policy Call of Duty has on their DLC. But, you will likely always have to pay for the content. I've never known them to let it go free. Even how old the game is now, people still play and pay.

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The Sims FreePlay | iPhone/iPad

I've had issues with this kind of thing. There are some achievements that take 24 hours to process. I've gotten rewards and they not show up until the next day. I think Microsoft reviews certain achievements to make sure they are not fake or cheated.

No thumbs | 0 Comments Added: 2nd Aug 2016 by Aeon-Flux

Destiny | Xbox One

No Knights Strat - King's Fall Oryx Hard Mode Raid
The No Knight Strat is fairly simple. Instead of killing down the Ogre's as soon as they spawn, try this out with your next Fire team.

Have your 1, 2, 3 designated plate players do what they do activating the plates accordingly. Have them sit back so they cannot be shot by any enemies.

The torn guy will do everything normal, jump his way to the relic. Take out the knight and meet the team on the top where the death singers was sitting. You will go to the one opposite of Oryx.

The 2 that are on Ogre control while they is going on will weaken the Ogre's, not killing them. Everyone meets up, shoots Oryx to make him flinch.

Once that is completed, kill the Ogre's fast. Detonate the black orbs. Meet back in center and shoot Oryx until the wave is complete.

Repeat until Oryx is dead. That is the No Knight Strat.

No thumbs | 0 Comments Added: Aug 2nd 2016 by Aeon-Flux


Destiny | Xbox One

Using the Plates at Death Singers and Oryx
There are 4 plates while you reach the last two checkpoints of the game, the Death Singers and Oryx. You will see the relic above one of the 4 plates. The plate that the relic sits over, does not have to be activated.

That means, that you just need 3 plate hoppers and 2 on controlling the enemies. Then of course you have the 1 that is torn. You can use this during the Death Singers and Oryx fight. Good luck!

No thumbs | 0 Comments Added: Aug 2nd 2016 by Aeon-Flux


Destiny | Xbox One

The Gjallarhorn
The Gjallarhorn is returning. Some maybe confused by all the pre-order push. You do not have to pre-order Rise of Iron to get the legendary Gjallarhorn. The pre-order gives you the special edition silver and black edition. If not pre-ordered you get the same standard Gjallarhorn from year 1.

As well as recently announced, pre-ordering Rise of Iron now also will get your hands on a new sparrow announced as the Gjallarwing. So my tip of advice if you are a major Destiny fan like myself. Pre-order and get these special edition items, they are worth it. Rise of Iron is only $30 USD. It's a rather hefty DLC somewhat close to The Taken King, but smaller. Larger than The House of Wolves and that was a decent sized DLC itself.

No thumbs | 0 Comments Added: Jul 29th 2016 by Aeon-Flux


Destiny | Xbox One

The Spark
Heads up for any new gamer playing Destiny. When you buy the video game, you will have a product known as a Spark, what it does is boost your character to level 25 so you don't have to do a majority of the work getting to level 40 and catching up.

The kicker, you only get 1. They don't tell you that part. So when you get it make sure it's getting applied to the character you want it to whether it's the Hunter, Titan or Warlock.

No thumbs | 0 Comments Added: Jul 29th 2016 by Aeon-Flux


Destiny | Xbox One

Infusing Armor & Weapons
Before the April 2016 update, when you infused your weapons and armor, they was done on a scale, so say you had a weapon with 300 power, and you had a higher weapon at 310. You like the 300 power weapon better. Before, infusing this weapon would only make it a 306. Because of the system Bungie created.

Now after the update, you can infuse a higher Weapon OR Armor to a weaker power, and it turns into the same power as the infused weapon or armor. Say I had a 320 boots, just got a 280 Bones of EAO for my hunter to wear. Infuse the 320 boots to my 280 boots, they are now 320.

I hope this little hint helps any Destiny player understand the change with the April update. It made getting your light level way easier. Max light sits at 335 as of this Hint was submitted, changes are coming again in September 2016 with the release of Rise of Iron on the 20th of September.

No thumbs | 0 Comments Added: Jul 29th 2016 by Aeon-Flux


Full Review
Destiny | Xbox One


First off, thank you for coming and checking out my review on Destiny. I started this game just a month after the release date. I have always played on Xbox One. The game itself has went through many changes over the time since the release in 2014. In this review I will discuss the graphics, sound, game play, last ability and my overall opinion on the game.


I'm going with an 8, because Destiny really doesn't fully use the power of the graphics. Yes, the special effects and movement is very good indeed. When standing in the Social space or sitting in orbit or in a patrol on Earth or wherever. The colors aren't shiny and blasting you. Graphics probably look more of a 2008 - 2012 type game, but they aren't bad. The effects are absolutely amazing.


I know nothing truly deserves a 10 out of 10. But this game really does have the sound together, from the gun fire, the guardians talking, the enemies raging towards you. Sparrows and just everything around the game is spot on. The ghost in the game was rewritten and most fans hated it got redone. But, in my opinion change is good and as long as this game as been around, change of that was good. Sound is top notch.


I wanted to give it more, I look at a 10 and I think. Why would it deserve a 10, I looked at 9, thought the same thing again to myself. The problem isn't the game. Bungie has determined a 10 year plan. Yet, there is still DLC coming out from a game that released almost 2 years ago. Destiny went through a dry spell for almost a year with nothing changing since The Taken King released last September. Light level cap was changed from 320 to 335, but that's not a super noticeable change.

Rise of Iron releases this September and will more than likely refuel Destiny for the fans that have played since the beginning or even the one's who have stepped away. The game play is amazing in this game, the world is huge, the options you have to do are endless.

PvP has the Trials of Osiris, where you compete for 9 straight wins in a row without losing. Iron Banner, a week event where you grind to get the top weapons from the Iron Lord Saladin.

Weekly Strikes and Nightfall's, Raids to play with your friends a fire team of 6 to figure out the maze the puzzle Bungie has built.

The 2nd DLC after 'The Dark Below', known as 'House of Wolves' released a game mode known as Prison of Elders. It's a horde of enemies you fight through 5 levels, and it only gets harder.

So for the game play, to be like I said a 2 year old game and still pushing new content, it's a must try if you haven't. This is my favorite game of all time and pulled me away from games like Call of Duty.


The great thing about Bungie and the game Destiny. They are always adding fun and exciting feature's. Even when they aren't releasing new DLC, they add fun new changes into the Raid's, or Nightfall strikes. New missions/quest. PvP always being change and updated to keep up with the competitive play.

Bungie care's about their game. It's meant to last 10 years so they say, and in the 2 years since released they haven't dropped the ball. It gets a 10 out of 10. It is a deserved rating.


From all the grades I've managed to go through and give the game. Overall, it ain't perfect. I'll admit the PvP game play needs some work. But, they are always tuning on it and not giving up. They manage to always add new and exciting elements to the game, not even always through DLC. They've built a game that has lasted longer than most 1 year games.

This is a game if you haven't tried it, get it. If you have, and you backed off when it initially released, put it back in and check out all the new content they have added. It's only up from here.

Thank you for reading my review and have a wonderful day.



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