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Full Review for Pokemon Emerald by SCUM_OF_THE_EARTH

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Yes another Hoenn Region Pokemon game. This game follows pretty much the same story line as Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. The Battler Frontier along with more Pokemon available inside the game are nice new features. Yes, I mean more Johto Pokemon. There is something different about the last Gym Leader aswell, looks like you'll have to find that out for yourself. Oh..... And Steven isn't the Champion anymore, but who is? Have fun filling up your National Dex and Hoenn Dex in Pokemon Emerald. The Hoenn Pokemon and the Johto Pokemon and even Kanto Pokemon are still healthy and available in this sequel to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.



Graphics aren't bad for a hand-held game console. The whole new Pokemon animation is what's new in this area, being brought back in from Pokemon Crystal version.
The items in your bag actually have side pictures now, this means if you highlight a Rare Candy, on the left sid of the screen is a picture of a Rare Candy. Ever wondered what the berries look like? Well now you can see them, just highlight them and look to the left. It has the best graphics in a Pokemon Game yet. (Not including Pearl and Diamond)



The sound is actually not bad. When your Pokemon comes out of the pokeball, you hear that little pop sound of the pokeball opening. Oh, the battles with legendary Pokemon are quite good aswell, a little different than the usual battles they are.
But battles against the Elite Four and Gym Leaders also have a different and unique battle music aswell, you can just get up and dance. There are alot of different sound effects for certain things, like doors opening. There are different sound for Hinge Doors and Sliding Doors.



This is really good in Pokemon Emerald.
It has new Pokemon that weren't able to be found in Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire. It might be a really good game for some and not for others. The starter Pokemon in Hoenn are certainly the best yet.

The new Battle Frontier is the big talk of this game. It is the toughest (so it say's) place in Hoenn, 6 new buildings to go around and fight in. Beat the Brain once get a silver symbol, beat the Brain twice and get a gold one. Just don't lose and eventually you will find the Brain and hopefully defeat him/her.
Once all 7 Silver Symbols are collected, Scott will give you a little something that can only be given to you by him and found no where else.
Again this is the same with when you Collect all the Gold Symbols.

There is another difference in this game that seperates it from all other Pokemon Games. There are 8 legendaries belonging to the Hoenn Region. 7 of these you can catch without cheats or any events. Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre and Latias/Latios.

Now for the talk on the Safari Zone. Beat the Pokemon league and you unlock a whole new part to the Zone, go on and catch those Johto Pokemon that you so desperatly want. Yes, I mean the whole new part is only filled with Johto Pokemon, but you got to defeat the Elite Four first or no Johto Pokemon for you.

There are a few little differences aswell like when you move houses. Instead of Machoke moving your things, Vigoroth does it instead. And instead of a Poochyena attacking poor defenceless Professor Birch, a Zigzagoon does it instead.

Just try and get used to all the changes from Ruby and Sapphire and you'll be all ready to go.



Liking this game's Lastability really depends on if you would rather play a good, long, hard game or a nice, easy, short game.
Pokemon Emerald is definitly a long play game, with all of the Battle Frontier Symbols to collect. All 8 Gym Badges, and finding all those Pokemon (386), suggests that this game will not be easy to complete.
Many things that you want or need to get require time and pateince. Like legendaries aren't available at the start of the game. That would defeat the purpose of working hard to get what you want.
Me, I like long lasting games.



Overall this game is definitly the best Pokemon game made to date on GBA,GBC or GB. Not having a Nintendo DS I wouldn't know how Pokemon Diamond and Pearl compare to this. I like this game the most out of all of them. But with all of the animations from the Pokemon and the new parts of the Safari Zone and all those Frontier battles. Not to mention all 386 Pokemon for you to stock up your Pokedex on. This game is a very good game for all Pokemon lovers great and small.
And the Hoenn Pokemon make it better.

Final Score: 98%


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