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Game Reviews for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory


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Ultima(elite)8th Jul 2005, ID #110
I'm glad that the stealth/action genre is finally getting some attention. With Ubi Soft's brand new installment to the Splinter Cell series, everything gets better, and after playing through this ga..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

cheatstar18th Aug 2005, ID #153
Tom clancy's splinter cell chaos theory is a stealth type of game where you have to go through different levels and complete the missions and not get caught by the gaurds you also have security came..

Rating: 88%Read Full Review

kulforce30th Apr 2008, ID #858
Well,this is a great game for everyone who don't like FPS games where you just use a gun to shoot.I really liked that you can use stealh to get past the enemy and that you should avoid using a lot o..

Rating: 96%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Chaos TheroyAdded 5 Oct 2006, ID #23711
This a brillant game it is a must buy every thing about this game is nearly buyable you must buy this game.

Graphics 10/10 they have worked very hard on the Graphics and they are brillant they done a very good job on the graphics

Sound 8/10 No brillant but does go with the game i do like the sounds to the game

Gameplay 9/10 Brillant GamePlay i can play it for ages without getting board so the gameplay is proply the most importent thing to a game.

Lastablity 9/10 Can last you a long time you all so have two player to complete but it is a bit hard

OverAll 10/10 One of the best games ever it is a should buy thanks

Added 6 Jan 2005, ID #12408
Hard, but good. Also a bit frustrating. Cool gadgets.

Score: 73/125

Added 1 May 2004, ID #8487
Splinter Cell was an alsome game.

I suggest though that you play in hard mode because normal was kinda easy.

I beat it in two months in normal mode and i am still trying to beat it in hard mode.

I think there should be a cheat to have infinate wall mines. they are fun to use!

This game in fun because you have to hide in the shadows and if there are none, just make your own.

Since then game has hardly any action it try to make my own by fooling around.

Any way this is a game a stealth gamer should get.

ID #3422
I will say, Splinter Cell is a good game for people who like stealth. Because that is what it is based on. You will also see a lot of lights in the game. Becouse thats the basic stealth tool. When i say lights i mean lighting like shadows. you have a light meter that tells you how dark of a place you are in. Its cool cause if you are in pitch black and a enemy walks buy really close to you, almost touching, they still wont know your there. In the game there is really not that much action, just a lot of sneaking around. But some people like that. If you are stuck on a part and neeed help E-mail me at [email protected] and i'll get back to you. On a scale of 1-10, for the basic gamer i would say 6. But for the stealth gamer i would give it a 10. another tip is that your gun should be your last resort. Try to use your surroundings.

BEHOLD !!!!!!!!!!!Added 17 Aug 2004, ID #2294

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