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The Sims Bustin Out Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for The Sims Bustin Out

The Sims 3 Getting Started Guide
The Sims Bustin Out Guide
A complete guide to The Sims 3, covers getting started and finding your way around Sunset Valley, an in-depth look at careers, relationships and the..

We have 47 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for The Sims Bustin Out please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : Xbox : Gameboy Advance

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The Sims Bustin' Out

During game-play press pause and enter the following codes. The Gnome cheat
Must be entered first for these cheats to work
Gnome Cheat:
R2, L1, R1, L2, Left, Circle
Note: If a cheat is not allowed a Gnome will appear on the Sim's property to
Signify this. You can click this Gnome for money.
Unlock All Socials:
L1, R1, Down, X, L3, R3
Unlock Team Photos:
L3, R3, R1, R2
Unlock All Skins:
L1, R2, X, Circle, Up, Down
Fill Motives:
L2, R1, Left, Circle, Up
Unlock All Locations:
R2, R3, L3, L2, R1, L1
Unlock All Objects:
L2, R2, UP, Triangle, L3

Want to Get Married?

Anyone ever ask the question, "How do you get married?"
Well, This is a guide to a "Yes" every time. *Use the Gnome Cheat, the Motives Cheat, the Unlock all Objects Cheat, and the Give Money Cheat for this. (This will make your life a whole lot easier.)*
Bust Out Mode:
1.(Optional) Make a Sim in Free Street who you would like for your sim to marry
2. If you want to wait for them to visit you, that's fine but, you can just visit their house and get to know them about 80%. 3. Kiss him/ her and fall in love. 4. Go back home (or if you invited him over to your house) and make a plate of food. Make sure to invite your new lover over and buy a 9-screen TV(unless you already have one.
5. If you don't have a VERY comfortable sofa, then buy one and put it in front o..

Enable Cheats

During gameplay (in bust out or free mode), press start to pause your game then...
R2, L1, R1, L2, Left, Circle
This will get you a gnome by your mailbox, you can click on it to get money.
Now you can...
Get Cash:
L1, R2, Right, Square, L3 (using left analog stick).
To get cash just click the gnome and select give cash.
Unlock all locations:
R2, R3, L3, L2, R1, L1.

The Three Cheats

Cheats are entered at the title screen and you must enter them within 1.5 seconds.
Unlock ALL Locations:
R2 R3 L3 L2 R1 L1
Unlock ALL Objects:
L2 R2 Up L3
Gnome by your mailbox:
R2 L1 R1 L2 Left Circle


These can be typed in at either on pause or on gameplay
These can even be typed in when loading
(if paused be careful it doesn't quit the game or any thing)
Here's the cheat gnome (i don't need to type in the
Cheat gnome but I don't know about you)
CHEAT GNOME: R2, L1, R1, L2, Left, O
MAX MOTIVES: L2, Ri, Left, O, Up
GET 9,999 SIMILIONS: L1, R2, Right, Square, L3
UNLOCK ALL OBJECTS: L2, R2, Up, Triangle, L3
Now this last one I'm not quite shore what it does
Apparently it unlocks skin and clothes so here
Thank yo..

A little helping hand....

Mad Scientist Career
You get to live at Dudleys, the lab, the goths and the Otagan.
Living at the Octagan you have to complete a few tasks to unlock things. Firstly go visis to the shiny things lab, Click on their computer, the option to "steal computer" appears, do this. This clears the "mission: find the hackers and destroy" task.
Then go to Clubb Rubb and fight Bing. This is where the anti war protestors are. Choose "attack" at bing, if your body skill is full, you will win and then the "seek out anti war protestors" task is complete
Go to goth manor and click on the Incubator out the back of the house. The option to "destroy bio weapon" appears. Do this. This clears off the "seek and destroy bio weapons" task
Buy t..

Complete all the careers in just 3 days

It’s very simple even though it's this long. First you must pause the game and go to goals and quickly put these codes. Quickly press R2 L1 R1 L2 left circle. Then quickly press L2 R1 left circle up. Next L2 R2 up L3( the left anqlog stick pushed down until it clicks same with R3).The last code is L1 R2 right square L3.Note: you must do the codes in order.Now exit the pause menu and out the front of your house there should be a blue Gnome. Choose it and you sould see raise all motives and give money. Just keep clicking give money until you are very rich. Alright now you have to put your skills up "ALL OF THEM"! It's not as hard as it sounds. Go to buy mode and get the most expensive of each skill. I usually start from the back. Now you choose one of them and then go to the Gnome and ch..

How get a child with ALL skills

This only works on freeplay
Folow these steps as seen:
1) First, create a family with a child and move them in any house
2) Then move them out and edit the family by changing the child into a adult
3) Move them back into a house
4) buy lots of skill objects and max all the skills (if need more money press R1,L2,RIGHT,SQUARE,L3 and a cheat gnome will appear outside your house)
5) Once you've maxed all skills save and move out the family again
6) Change the adult with all skills back into a child
7) Now you should have a child with all skills so ENJOY Smile

Pause the game, then enter the following codes. ..

Pause the game, then enter the following codes. You must enter the Enable Cheats code first. After entering another code, select the gnome to access it.
Enable cheats- Press R2, L1, R1, L2, Left, Circle. A gnome appears in your yard when entered correctly.
Fill all motives- Press L2, R1, Left, Circle, Up.
Give Money- Press L1, R2, Right, Square, L3. Select the gnome to give money.
Unlock all locations- Press R2, R3, L3, L2, R1, L1.
Unlock all objects- Press L2, R2, Up, Triangle, L3.
Unlock all skins- Press L1, R2, X, Circle, Up, Down.
Unlock all social options- Press L1, R1, Down, X, L3, R3.
Happy gaming =) Superstyle4

Cash Cheat

Cash cheat:
Works for PS2 and XBOX versions of the game.
What you need: 2 controllers, 2 memory cards
What you do:
1. Start a second sim on memory card 2 ( assuming you already have a game on memory card 1.)
2. When you get to Mom's place, enter the buy menu and sell everything. Next enter the build menu and sell the walls and the plants too.
3. Save and quit.
4. Load your "main" game from memory card 1
5. Press start on the second controler to have your second sim join your main sim in the current game.
6. A chest should appear on the kerb which has all the second sim's money in it.
7. Have the second sim withdraw all of the cash from the chest.
8. Press start on the second..

Ok, stay at your mom's house because you don't h..

Ok, stay at your mom's house because you don't have to sleep or social so stay at your mom's house and get up your skills hope that helps you.

I am so sorry, my last submission was wrong by 2..

I am so sorry, my last submission was wrong by 2 cheats
The cheats were blue knome and raise motives
Blue knome
R2,L1, R1 L2, left, O, Square
Raise motives
L2,R1, Left, O, Up

the next malcolm

It is fairly easy. You must have beaten all seven careers and beat everything at Malcolm's mansion!!!! Get 8 friends then make your relationship points -100!!!! Now you get that thing malcolm used to steal stuff!!!!!If your kid is a girl your kid will stay with mimi and be her age and if your kid is a boy then he will stay with dudley. The game will change and lave you six years in the future=>! Your mom also dies . Also you get the social "give wedgie".

Goal help

The outsider art goal is where you must visit to studio 8 and paint a picture of something.the easel is by the book shelf in the kitchen.
The stolen fern goal at the goth mannor is where you must visit Dudley's trailer and steal the fern in the back by the old car.
The contaminated spores goal is where you visit the goths and steal one of thier ferns.
The tinsel bluffs goal, in order to complete this goal you must first unlock the shiney things lab and steal the brains thoughts.your dude or dudette will say how dumb the brain is for telling you it.
Visit club rubb and attack bing or monna. I sugest the one your not friends with.

"free money"

I know it says free money but it's not techniquely free, but it's always best to buy a few things at the house you're moving into. If you do, the people whos house you are staying will give you additional money right when you move out.
If you don't, they wont give you any money or,in usual cases, will actually have to pay them money back, but it's always best to get as much money as you can.

Gnome cheats

To begin cheating pause the game and enter (as fast as you can)
R2, L1, R1, L2, left, O. You will hear a female voice saying ohh.
Then unpause the game and a gnome will appear somewhere at the front of your house near the road.
To use the fill motives cheat repause the game and enter (as fast as you can) L2, R1, left, O, up. You will hear the same ohh sound as before.
To use the unlock all objects cheat, unpause the game and enter
(as fast as you can) L2, R2, up, triangle, L3 (left analogue stick)
You will hear the same ohh sound as before.

Something You May Not Know...

This may not fully be a hint, but a few things that I came across in the game. The first thing is that I know way to avoid that lighting ball from destroying any of your possessions. Put place a pool around the Tesla Coil when your learning your Mechanics, and the ball won't get to destroy any of your things. For some reason, it won't pass over water.
The second thing is that once, when I just had the Tesla Coil in my lot,(I didn't build a home yet,) and my Gnome, the lighting ball destroyed my Gnome. I didn't think it it was possible and I tried to bring my gnome back, but no matter how much I tryied, I couldn't get it back. So the tip for today kids, DON'T SUMMON THE GNOME WHILE YOU HAVE THE TESLA COIL!!! :'( It's very bad luck...
And the final tip, (and I love th..

Make a sim sleep forever

To make a sim sleep forever, you have to put him/her in a bed, and either put furnitre or a wall round him.
P.S this works on all sims games except The Sims Urbz: sims in the city.
P.P.S the sim who will sleep forever WILL moan when he/she wants to get up.

How to score a red pool table

Take a trip to club rub and start to play pool on the red pool table.
Challenge bing by inviting him to join. in order to win your body skill must be at 7 or more.
Emerge the victor and the object is yours.

Miss work

To miss work 2 days in a row without getting fired, just don't answer the 1st call you get after you miss work.

Getting through the game

Ok, if you dont want to waste your time trying to beat all the other goals then all you gotta do is get the two promotions required.....
p.s: You get too Malcoms way faster...

Plant Kill!

First trap the person you want to kill, then buy that plant maker. Make
Then feed the plant and when it gets big and is worth 500$ then don't
Feed or water it for two sim days. Now it's ready for you to kill!

Two player game!

To play a two player game you must have 2 memory cards, {both with a file on them} and load 1 of them and press either start or select and presto! You are playing two players! You can also go to their suitcase and give it stuff. HAPPY CHEATING {Kind of} !


If you have a action replay max code disk, you can get some hidden codes like: get child, get baby, and all promotions.

Treat Yourself

When you first begin the game, you start at Mom's house. Complete the goals but don't leave just yet. Make sure you get your skills to the highest they go. When you unlock the most expensive items later on in the game and have lots of money (even if you have to cheat for them with the gnome to achieve them), sell all the stuff and take down the walls, sell the windows and doors and get rid of the trees and fences. Let's begin the complete makeover. Rebuild the house and don't go for the cheap stuff. Go for the most expensive items money can buy. You can also use your skills to make a lot of money by building gnomes, fly traps and rockets and sell them. In other words, the higher your mechanical skill is, the more money you make. Also, the more friends you have, the more money you make vi..


In the game I go to work everyday with all four full green bars, but when I get home I never can't seem to get promoted. I've gotten alot so far but it seems to be getting harder every time I get a promotion. Any sugestions?

easy $$$ without a cheat knome.

Ok first if you havent started the game yet, start by not customizing your sim for you don't use this one.Then get to your moms house and tear it down.Get
Rid of every thing by selling it, objects, floors, walls w/ wall paper, ect.
now you should have alot of money.Oh!!!Some items can't be sold because either someone is interacting with it or you just plain can't sell it!anyway save and exit then start a new file on either a second memory card or on the same one, BUT don't delete or overwrite the other save.start a new game this time customizing your sim, go to your moms. Press start on the second port controller, player two will come and the screen will split in half vertically(which is wierd!?!)there should be briefcase. 2 player must empty his money from the case.2 player..

More money

Description: Boosting your low budget
At Mom's house or Mimi's place or Dudley's Trailer, buy stuff until your budget drops below $100. Wait about an hour.
A phone call will come. Answer it. You
will get free money. Repeat as necessary.

All social options

Enter "R2 L1 R1 L2 LEFT CIRCLE" really fast then a female sim should say "ohhh" then a gnome will appear near the road.
Enter "L1 R1 DOWN X L3 R3" then the gnome will give all social options..!

Doubleing your object

Well this cheat is actually for n-gage and it is if you want free furni. When your placing down an object wait until your one of your hunger or somthing to be low when he moans place the object down and then go out-side then walk back in, pick up the object then walk out-side again. Then you have doubled the oject.

The ritelife spotlight

The right life spotlight gives you more visit's and only cost's 300$
Just go to lighting 22th picter.

Unlock All Social Options

- Must do "Enable Cheats" cheat first! -
Press "L1, R1, Down, X, L3, R3".

Unlock All Skins

- Must do "Enable Cheats" cheat first! -
Press "L1, R2, X, O, Up, Down".

Unlock All Objects

- Must do "Enable Cheats" cheat first! -
Press "L2, R2, Up, Triangle, L3".

Unlock All Locations

- Must do "Enable Cheats" cheat first! -
Press "R2, R3, L3, L2, R1, L1".

Give Money

- Must do "Enable Cheats" cheat first! -
Press "L1, R2, Right, Square, L3".
Click on the gnome then select "give money".

Fill All Motives

- Must do "Enable Cheats" cheat first! -
Press "L2, R1, Left, O, Up".

Enable Cheats

Press "R2, L1, R1, L2, Left, O". A gnome will appear in your yard.

correct gnome code

This is the correct gnome code:
Enter the following code during game
L1 R2 left square L3
This will cause a gnome to appear on the sims house bringing free $$$!!!!

Hepful stuff

At moms house you don't have to go to work!
+If you have the cheats,you HAVE to put them in realy quick(1.5 sec.) PEACE OUT!

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