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Syspocalypstar Guide

The Lego Movie 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Intro Quest

Help Rebuild Tempo's Shop
The first world you encounter in The Lego Movie 2 is Syspocalypstar where there will be a short introductory quest line that takes you around the world to meet the various characters that inhabit it. Make helping Tempo rebuild his shop the first thing you do when you land in this world as doing so will enable you to learn about Super Builds and Relics which will give you the ability to place a Shop on every world you go to in the game. To help Tempo rebuild his shop you must go to the center of the map and clear the grass.

Asteroid Belt
There is nothing much you can do in the Asteroid Belt until you have completed the game so there is no point staying in this area.

Syspocalypstar Guide

You will discover that the Syspocalypstar world is different from the other worlds in The Lego Movie 2 in that it is an open sandbox and the only world that you are able to construct the Super Builds you collect while completing random missions in each of the other themed worlds. Once you have collected all 40 of the Master Piece bricks so you can build all 40 Super Builds you will have completed the game.

3 Intro Quest Master Piece Bricks
• Tempo will reward you with a Master Piece brick after you clear the grass when you first land on Syspocalpstar.
• Once you have purchased Emmet's House from the Shop, Tempo will unlock along with a Master Piece brick.
• You will be rewarded with a Master Piece brick when you have built Emmet's house.

2 Hidden Master Piece Bricks
• There is a single Master Piece brick hidden in the middle of the water fall coming down into the lake.
• You can buy one Master Piece brick at the shop (This can be done on almost all the worlds).

35 Mission Master Piece Bricks
• There are 35 Master Piece bricks you need to collect from the different worlds (see below).

The First 20 Master Piece Bricks

Scattered around the map in Syspocalypstar you will find 15 different characters who each are requesting that you build them a specific structure that is found back on their home world. Below is a list of the 15 Super Builds that you will need to fill the area and satisfy all the quest givers.

• Apocalypse Apartments (Found In: Apocalypseburg)
• Harmony Cafe (Found In: Harmony City)
• Ice Cream Parlor (Found In: Classic Bricksburg)
• Taco Shack (Found In: Classic Bricksburg)
• Crashed UFO (Found In: Asteroid Field)
• Luxury Apartments (Found In: Classic Bricksburg)
• Coffee Shop (Found In: Classic Bricksburg)
• Benny’s Garage (Found In: Asteroid Field)
• Harmony City Apartments Orange (Found In: Harmony City)
• Barn (Found In: Old West)
• Cat Statue (Found In: Systarian Jungle)
• School Bus Stack (Found In: Apocalypseburg)
• Zombie Tomb (Found In: Planet Sparkles)
• Middle Zealand House (Found In: Middle Zealand)
• Robot Tower (Found In: Planet Unikitty)

Note: Make sure you build as tight to to the walls or water as you can as you will need a lot of space.

The Second 20 Master Piece Bricks

Once you have found all 15 quest givers and built their buildings you should have 20 Master Piece bricks. This includes the first 3 you got during the Intro Quest of Story mode, the one hidden in the water fall and the one you purchased in the shop.

When you have reached this stage of the game there is no one left to interact with, talk to, or do quests for. Finding the last 20 Master Piece bricks is up to you and you will need to build one Special Super Build for each of the missing Master Piece bricks in the remaining spaces left in the world. Each of these 20 Special Super Builds will allow you to construct a new building accompanied by a quest giving character. To find these special Super Brick Builds you need to go to your 'Build' menu and look for any brick set box that has a Master Piece in the upper left hand corner, accompanied by a character on the lower right. These are Quest Super Builds.

Quest Super Builds
When you use Quest Super Builds you are making your own mission givers award you the remaining 20 bricks. You do not have to wait before you can start adding these special Super Brick Builds to the Syspocalypstar world, they can be added as soon as you have collected them. Once the building has been added you need to complete the mission that accompanies each, this may require you to back track to other world to purchase items from the shops. Below is a list of the 20 Quest Super Builds and what world to find them in.

• The Bat Cave
• Coffee Unchained

Asteroid Field
• Mission Control

Harmony City
• Harmony City Tower
• Harmony City House (Yellow)

Planet Unikitty
• The Statue Of Liberty
• Unikitty Temple
• Queen’s Palace

Classic Bricksburg
• Police Station
• Town Hall
• Zoo

Old West
• Sheriff’s Office
• Train Station

Middle Zealand
• King's Castle
• Ye Old Tavern
• Blacksmith

Systarian Jungle
• Pyramid
• Cleopatra's Temple

The Ceremony
• Sea Cow

Planet Sparkles
• Spooky House

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