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The Last Faith Cheats and Tips

Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC
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The Last Faith Cheats and Tips

The Last Faith Cheats and Tips

The Last Faith is an exploration-based Metroidvania, action side-scrolling platformer with dark and gothic horror themes at its core. Take a look at our The Last Faith Beginners Guide to get help progressing through the ruined demesnes of Mythringal as you seek to discover the truth behind the now corrupted and ravaged world.

  • How to Double Jump

    In order to be able to double jump in The Last Faith you will need an item called Celestial Larva. This item will give your character temporary wings that will allow you to reach higher platforms. To get Celestial Larva you will need to defeat Manfredd the Accursed boss in Ordens Regnant Palace. Once the boss is defeated you will find the item in a treasure chest.

  • How to Get Air Dash

    In The Last Faith you are granted an Air Dash ability by obtaining the Propulsion Boots. To get them you have to travel must do the following:

    • From City of Mythringal, travel down to reach Site Cave.
    • From the Cave, go west to The Marshlands of Shadows.
    • Continue heading west to City of Erlim.
    • Traveling further west, you will reach Esk Mansion.
    • In the Esk Mansion you will find a puzzle, where you will be required to find and put 4 mirror shards in their place. The shards are scattered throughout the location.
    • Solving the puzzle will let you go to a new place, where you will fight a boss.
    • Defeating the boss will open a door behind it where you will find a portal, which will move you to a location with Propulsion Boots.

  • How to Unlock Manfredd the Accursed Door

    The door that enables you to reach the boss, Manfredd the Accursed is locked. To unlock it you must find four braziers and light them up. All four of the braziers can be found within Ordens Regnant Palace behind locked doors which will require finding a key called Ordens Palace Master Key.

  • The Last Faith Cheats and Tips

  • How to Pass Through Spectral Doors

    To be able to pass through spectral doors in The Last Faith you will need to get an item called the the Technological Lens. To obtain this item you need to find Hermann's office key which will allow you to enter his office and grab the Technological Lens from inside a treasure chest.

  • How to Get Nighthunter's Grappling Hook

    Nighthunter's Grappling Hook is a piece of equipment that can be used to reach high platforms that have a face-like structure with a grappling ring. To get the Nighhunter's Grappling Claw, you need to reach the Drowned Crypt area and defeat the boss Edwyn the Shadowscourge Horror.

  • Once you defeat this dragon you will find the item inside a treasure chest that is on the left side of the room. This piece of equipment is easy to use, you simply have to stand under a grappling ring and press the equipment button.

  • Where to Find the 4 Blood Goblets Casket

    All 4 blood goblets are unlocked in Osseus Fortress. They can be found at the corners of the map behind hidden walls and require beating an enemy gauntlet. Once you have unlocked the 4 blood goblets you will need to find the casket.

    If you go to the Damned Ruins of the Osseus Fortress from the first teleport altar (Ruined Outpost) go to the left, all the way down, and to the left again and you'll find a treasure room. Inside this room are four figures holding golden goblets and the stone casket you are looking for beneath them. In this room you will also find:

    • 2x Demishade Ore
    • 3x Lunar Powder
    • 1x Katana that scales str E, Dex C, Mind E
    • 5x Edelweiss Pastelles (frost cure)

  • How to get The Oxenvylle Family Crest

    To get the Oxenvylle Family Crest in The Last Faith you must first find 20 Unborns of the Midnight Aristocracy. Once you have done so, head to Broken Pass and talk to the Woman in Ink. She will then hand you the Oxenvylle Family Crest.

  • Get a Healing Holster

    It is inevitable that at some point during the game your character will take damage. The game gives you second chances with Healing Injections which are basically life-savers that can either be purchased from vendors or awarded as drops from defeated enemies.

    If you grab an item called a Healing Holster you will be able to stash two more Healing Injections, this item is essential as you never know when the next vendor will show up or when the next defeated enemy will drop a life-saver. The video below shows you all the Healing Holster locations in The Last Faith. To open the locked chest that contains the Healing Holster you will first need to complete a puzzle.

Healing Holster Locations in The Last Faith

    • Federal Inquisition
    • Liturgical Pass
    • City of Erlim
    • The Junas Ministry

  • Level Up

    It is essential that you level up whenever possible to improve the abilities of your character. The stats and attributes you will have access to will depend on the character class you selected at the start of the game.

    These may include Mind, Vitality, Fate, Health, Dexterity, and Strength. You must speak to Helenya to trade in your Nycrux, the ingame currency of the game for improved stats and abilities. Helenya can be found outside Oxnevylle's manor which is home to the fast-travel altars.


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