How to Level Up in The Last Faith

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How to Level Up in The Last Faith

How to Level Up in The Last Faith

Leveling up is essential in The Last Faith for character growth, the process involves finding Helenya in Oxnevylle's Manor. This How to Level Up in The Last Faith guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Where to Find Helenya

Lady Helenya is an NPC in The Last Faith that you find at Oxneveylle's Manor in Broken Pass. You must locate her as she is the only NPC in the game that will upgrade your character's stats to optimize their effectiveness. If you fast travel to Oxneveylle's Great Hall and exit the castle you will find her near a bandwagon.

When you approach Helenya the level-up screen will appear and you be able to select which Attributes you want to increase for your character. This will largely be determined by your playstyle and the class you chose at the start of the game. You will also need the required Nycrux.

How to Get Nycrux

In The Last Faith Nycrux is a resource that you are rewarded when you participate in battles and emerge victorious. Each triumph bolsters your Nycrux reserves. Decisions about when and where to engage enemies to accumulate Nycrux become critical as depleting your entire health bar leads to a game over. This makes the strategic management of Nycrux crucial for progression.

If your health bar depletes all the Nycrux you have painstakingly gathered will be forfeited. You can though when you spawn revisit the precise spot where your character met their demise, retrieve the Nycrux you previously lost, and resume your journey.

The Leveling Up Process

Below are the different stages that you must go through to level up your character.

    • Step 1 - Collect Nycrux:

      To collect Nycrux you must defeat the enemies you encounter. This resource is essential for leveling up.

    • Step 2 - Beware of Game Over:

      While engaging in combat with enemies you must avoid losing all your health as this will result in a game over. If your character dies the Nycrux you collected is lost. You can reclaim it by returning to where you died.

    • Step 3 - Speak to Helenya:

      Helenya can be found in front of Oxnevylle's Manor and providing you have the required Nycrux she can increase the attributes of your character.

    • Step 4 - Attribute Selection:

      When you select which attributes to enhance on the level-up screen you need to prioritize those that are based on your chosen combat style and class.



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