How to Upgrade Weapons in The Last Faith

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How to Upgrade Weapons in The Last Faith

How to Upgrade Weapons in The Last Faith

It is essential in The Last Faith that you upgrade your weapons whenever possible so you can deal with the powerful enemies you will inevitably encounter. This How to Upgrade Weapons in The Last Faith guide will you everything you need to know about the procedure.

Where to Find Mariano

In The Last Faith your weapons are upgraded by an NPC called Mariano who can be found in the bottom left room of Oxneveylle's Manor. However, before you can encounter Mariano at this location you must first open the gates of the Federal Inquisition where you will find him in the Inquisition Foyer. This means you cannot find the resident trader and weaponsmith NPC during your first run.

What Currency Do You Need to Upgrade Weapons

The currency used to upgrade your weapons in The Last Faith is Moonsilver Stone which can be found as drops from enemies. If you do not have the required amount of Moonsilver Stone, you can purchase it from Mariano for 1800 Nycrux.

Once you have the required Moonsilver Stone click on the level-up weapons option from the interaction list. Choose the weapon you want to upgrade and give Mariano the amount of Nycrux it costs. The fee that you pay is determined by the level and type of weapon you want to upgrade. Also, take into consideration that each upgrade you do will cost 1 Moonsilver.

Demishade Ore is a material that can be used to upgrade specialized embedded weapons and as you would expect is rarer and more difficult to come across than Moonsilver Stone which can only be used for upgrading basic weapons. You can also use Rare Prototype Blueprint to upgrade weapons, this material can be obtained by visiting the Liturgical Pass and entering a dungeon where you will need to defeat statues and enemies to be able to open chests that contain it.

What Weapons Should You Upgrade First

The Last Faith is a tactical game so you need to upgrade your weapons strategically. It is recommended that you begin by building a small arsenal of different weapons and identify the ones that support the traits of your character. Then by simply checking the stats of each of them, you will be able to pick out the best weapon you should upgrade and then build up a stack of upgrading materials to invest in your favored weapons.



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