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Full Review for Super Smash Bros. Melee by 8 Bit

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I've played lots of games on all sorts of platforms. A problem I find constantly is something gamers have had to deal with since the dawn of Atari; Finding a game with decent replay value. Most fighting games these days rely on their good graphics and large selection of unlockable characters to make gamers put forth a good amount of time into completing the game. Of course, the problem with this strategy is that it rarely stays fun after all the features have been found. 1-Player mode has never been amazing in fighting games, and without any promise of new things to use, even the Multiplayer mode seems to get old over time. The one possible exception to this "rule of fighting games", is Super Smash Brothers Melee. If you want my general opinion of the game, it's worth whatever it's going for these days. If you want the details, read on.



First off, let me say this; Super Smash Brothers Melee is an older Gamecube game. Don't expect super-realistic graphics out of it. This set aside, Super Smash Brothers' graphics get the job done rather well. The cartoony style of the characters is fine by all of the Nintendo fans, since, hey, they're Nintendo characters. While I admit that it could look a little nicer, with better lighting effects and all, you generally won't be able to see much detail on the characters while you're fighting anyway, so the game's presentation ends up being nicer than one would expect from an early gamecube game.



Sound effect in fighting games gets no better than that in Super Smash Brothers Melee. Restored versions of classic songs from old Nintendo games play during fights, and the menu soundtrack is repetitive but still sounds pretty nice. The voice acting is done well, which is nice since all the battle cries in the game would get really annoying quickly if they were done poorly. All in all, it's a very nice sound experience.



I'll try and say it straight out to begin with; The control in Super Smash Brothers Melee is amazing. Everything is very responsive, and the Analog stick works perfect for controlling left/right movement, and the two different options for jumping allow for a bit of diversity while playing. I had a few issues with some of certain characters reactions while in midair, but I experienced these issues only occasionally, making them minor annoyances that reduced me to shouting profanities. Back on track, I'll conclude by saying that the gameplay is good. Really Good.



And this is why Super Smash Brothers Melee reigns supreme as the best fighting game I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Simply the staggering amount of content to unlock, including 300 or so trophies (which, I might add, include a profile of the character they depict), a total of 25 characters, an equal amount of stages, and a new fighting game engine that is sure to spawn many sequels, this game is the sort that you'll keep on your gaming shelf for a long time. It hasn't gotten old for me yet, and I've been playing it for over 3 years now. Best "lastability" ever.



I said it from the start; you won't find a better game for replay value if you used military spy satellites, and had inside contacts in all video game developing companies. Nor could you find a better deal on a used video game. This has been, and always will be, a Nintendo classic.


Final Score: 88%

Review by: 8 Bit


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