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How do beat event matches 49 and 50?

Question asked by PokemonFreak887 on
Last Modified:

How do beat event matches 49 and 50?

How do you beat event matches 49 and 50? Thank you to anyone who helps!!!!

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powahawk answered:

I don't know Event 49 but I know Event 50.

Event 50: Use Yoshi for this one. When the match starts, go for Crazy Hand (the hand on the right) and in the air, use Down+A to perform a multi-kick that gives alot of damage. Repeat, and when Crazy Hand is defeated, go for Master Hand (the hand on the left) and repeat the same Strategy.

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Guest said: 9th Nov 2010 | REPORT
Crazy hand is the left one, and master hand is the rigth one!
Guest said: 18th Jul 2011 | REPORT
On event 50, use Kirby to get the Crazy Hand with his mallet and transformations of things that are heavy until his hp is at 0. Do the same thing with the Master Hand. This is a good stradigy to do on the Final Destination Match(do not use Kirby on Normal Mode on Classic to fight both of them again).
sheiny answered:

Event Match #49: All-Star Match Deluxe
Character: Whoever you're the best with
Opponents: Dr. Mario, Falco, Pichu, Young Link, Roy & Ganondorf
Arena: Varies
Keep practicing and keep trying, there isn't much I can tell you here, other than you have to be a good fighter!

Event Match #50: Final Destination Match
Character: Whoever you're the best with (I suggest Ganondorf for this one)
Opponents: Master Hand & Crazy Hand (each with 300HP)
Arena: Final Destination
It helps if you know their attacks - they usually have a signal that lets you know what they're about to do so you can dodge it. Also, focus on one hand at a time - once one's gone, it's easy to beat the other. Lastly, use Ganondorf's smash up+A attack - it's the strongest and most effective against the Hands!

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Guest said: 10th Jun 2011 | REPORT
I used Kirby to suck up each of my opponents and walk of the edge with them in my mouth. With the exception of ganondorf, who you will have 2 live to defeat.
dyoung15 answered:

For event 49 I beat it with Jiggly Puff and for event 50 I beat it with Yoshi so try it with those characters.

Pokemonboy1 answered:

Event 49 I used ganondorf but thats my best character and on 50 I used ganondorf agian because once agian he is my best character but I did try yoshi but I just wasn't good with him like up apove us ganondorfs up A move it does like between 50 to 40 damage when completely charged but I would just use my best character because I look for what people say to use but I'm just not good with them but don't use jigglypuff down A or B whatever it is it leaves you open for attack if you do use that move.

narutoflash answered:

I didn't beat event 49, but I can tell you how to beat event 50 in two ways.

1.yoshi go on top of master and crazy hand by jumping and attack down a.
2.gannodorf use smash up or ue c pad and press up.

I hope I help!

Guest answered:

I know how to beat 49. Choose Kirby. On Dr. Mario don't move, and just suck continuosly. Then walk off the edge. On Falco, drop down to the lower wing, and keep backwards rolling until you get to the edge. the suck him up and walk off. You have to fight pichu because that doesn't work on Poke Stadium. Then on Young Link,jump to the far left and then backwards roll till on the far left of map. Suck and jump. Roy: Jump to far right of map, roll to very edge, suck and jump. fight ganondorf.

Guest answered:

I'm surprised no one has awnsered this for event match number 50. Use donkey kong and jump and use his triple jump it does alot of damage between 30-40. I wish the best of luck for future competitors of the hands.

Guest answered:

You can always use the master hand glitch for event 50 but you will run out of time if you use him on 49

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Guest said: 19th Nov 2016 | REPORT
im still confused on how to master hand glitch
Guest answered:

The easiest way is to use the master hand glith....... But for those of us who can't figure it out, use Ness, and continuously use his side-A in air on crazy hand. When HE'S gone, continue to beat up master hand.

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Guest said: 13th Aug 2012 | REPORT
How do you do the Master Glitch!?!?!?!?
Guest said: 2nd Jan 2015 | REPORT
Nope, the game freezes if you do the Master Hand glitch on Event 49
Guest answered:

I haven't done 50, but for 49 I eventually started using fox and when there was some distance between me and the enemy, I rapidly tapped B for his pistol. This keeps them away from you as they can't help but block it as it's a computer. You can eventually get them up to 100% or so and then you just need a smash to kill them. They always block it with their shield so there's a chance of stunning them too, which makes it easier. You should probably pause between stages so you don't destroy your thumb tho lol.

Darkspyre answered:

I saw that somebody suggested using the kirby suicide way for #49. That works well, as I already learned from experience. (yay testing to learn the AI inside and out!) but, anyways, it does work well the way the person said, although there are some tweaks and details needing to be done... 1: for young link jump and while underwater (at least parallel with the #s on the damage counter) press x. Pressing x in the air with a character swallowed as kirby will toss them downwards, and kirby upwards a little bit. If you don't press x, Young link will just up+b his way back to the platform. 2: the Roy thing? I tried it to see how well it works... It almost always doesn't. Get his damage up to at least decent levels (120%-200%) and get to the little platform at the bottom, hitting him to keep Roy back on your way down. When you get there, suck him up, jump off, and a bit lower than you had to do with young link, press x. Just stay in the air till Roy falls. Gannondorf can have such a suicide move done to him on his usual stage, but not on final destination. It's too big. Opponents always struggle out before you can get low enough to even do that x button thing. I still need to test what hitting y does, if anything... I'm surprised that in all the years I knew of the X thing, I never shared it or thought to test the y button till now! XD

Guest answered:

Heres the thing, lvl 50 is really really gay, it's just totally unfair. It took me 200+ tries to beat it and I'm a pretty good player. Don't be afraid to reset the lvl if they use a gay move like both of em trying to grab you

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Guest said: 6th Oct 2015 | REPORT
Just run to the one end of the field, then roll dodge backwards. Master Hand can grab as far.
Guest answered:

I'm curently trying to beat event 50. I used Yoshi 20 times & finaly killed Crazy Hand (the left one) then when I just had Master hand I still had about 128% & he had 286hp left. I failed because I'm not very great with yoshi. Too bad it's not a Team Battle so you got help. I did however do good (did not kill ether but in my opinion I got 2nd outa my best 5 times)with Young Link. I'm good with him but still not good enough. Maybe I'll try Master Hand against them both by doing a glitch. :/ Hard fight + Fun bosses + Team Boss = "Oh Sh**! LOL!"

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Guest said: 10th Mar 2012 | REPORT
ok for 49 use your best character and try to get them by the edge. for 50 i just beat it using kirby and his up a in the air. u can use it multiple times before hitting the ground. and for 51 your only hope is use jiggly puff's down B on giga bowser's head and then use his side b to kill the rest.
Guest answered:

I used donkey kong and hid at their wrists and used up+a and also his up+b

Guest answered:


Dr. Mario: Wait on the far left side, ( he will always go to the same spot.)roll behind him, and smash attck him about 3 times should easily get him off map. 10 seconds

Falco: Is actually surprisingly easy just do what works for you, don't hit him of the ship while in the cave he will bounce back. 30-50 seconds

Pichu: Once again like Falco, Pichu is very weak, because of his agility he can get back on the platform easily so make sure to get his damage high enough to hit him out of the level in one hit. 20-30 seconds

Young Link: Stay on the main platform and don't let him get you on the floating rock thing as he can easily smash you down or out of the level. 20-30 seconds

Roy: He's annoying so try different stuff out and maybe get him on the high platform to hit him out with a up smash attack. 1 minute

Gannondorf: Always attack, keep the pressure on him because he is one the slowest characters. If you do this, you will be surprised at how easy he really is. 45 seconds - 1 minute

Infinity_Soul91 answered:

I used Ganondorf and owned them using Up+A smash attack, If it's fully charged he will do around 50% and that is one of the best ways, watch out for their double attack cos that puts you to sleep then they will clap so watch out for signals. Thats all the advice I can give so good luck! ^_^


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