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Soul Calibur II

Game Reviews for Soul Calibur II


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nintendo_dude3rd Dec 2005, ID #224
Soul Calibur II is an exellent fighter. The Gamecube version includes Link as a bonus character. I know that's a rubbish idea because he really doesn't suit the game's setting but neither does Spawn..

Rating: 96%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Added 13 Jul 2005, ID #4234
this game in a way reminds me of super smash bros. melee and just like that game it is very fun but this game does get boring pretty quikley but it is fun while it lasts and there is not much more to tell about all you do is repeat everything just fight

ReviewAdded 26 Jun 2005, ID #4150
This one is fighting fun. You got to battle people and go on a journey for the ultimate sword. This is the one game where you can really kick someones @$$. As you go along in this game you get more characters, more courses, and more weapons. when you finish the game you can even pick a diffrent sword. I give this game a rating of 89/100.

Best game on GamecubeAdded 20 May 2005, ID #3904
This is probably the best game on Gamecube. It is a great fighting game with awseome characters and graphics. Link is added to the Gamecube version but, to be honest, he isn\'t all that great. Maxi, Kilik and Yunsung are exellent. Assassin would be exellent if you could play as him in all modes. Most of the levels are great, the best leevl is Hwangseo Palace/Phoenix Court. Anyway I would strongly advise you get this game, especially if you are into beat \'em ups. I would score this 95%.

ExellentAdded 4 Jan 2005, ID #3022
This game gets fourth place in my favourite games of all time.

Many of the characters are briliant, Maxi, Kilik and some others,and some of the levels are great.

The weapon master mode is really cool and extra survival:death match is very good.

Good:Exellent characters, levels and modes,the graphics are great and it can keep you playing for hours.

Bad:A few characters lack skill and aren't good,there are a few boring levels and some stages in weapon master are a bit boring and lack challenge.

Buy it if:You like fighting games,or like them more if they have weapons.

Leave it if:You don't like fighting games and are crazy enough not to try this out.

Overall:Exellent in all respects.Try it even if you don't like fighting games.

You will not regret trying it out believe me.


B-)Added 21 Oct 2004, ID #2739
This is the best game for multiplayer. It took me about 8 hours to beat so I'll give it an8 out of 10.

Weapons don't ruleAdded 18 Feb 2004, ID #1540
Soul calibur 2 is quite unreal as I say it.

It's quite inferior to the tekken series(save tekken 4)and its very easy to beat.

I've almost completed it now.

Without the cool characters this game would've had about 75% but with cool people like maxi and assassin I've raised it to 85%.

Weapons don't ruleAdded 18 Feb 2004, ID #1539
It's quite inferior to the tekken series as its quite easy, but with cool characters like maxi and assasssin as respectable 85% is earned.

Get itAdded 30 Dec 2003, ID #1208
It's like soul calibur on the dreamcast but is improved.i think link in it was a great idea.he's better than spawn and heihachi combined.95%.

One of the best fighting gamez I've ever playedAdded 18 Dec 2003, ID #1174
This game is fantastic!!!!! It really stands out from other fighting games.

You aren't limited to jumps and left and right movement like you are in other fighting games.

You can now circle your opponents so you don't have to block or retreat to dodge an attack. Circling gives the game a whole new dimension and its GREAT.

The graphics are stunning. They bring out the gamecube we all like to see.

The gameplay is really great but its not quite as fast as ssbm.

It's more about blocking and building momentum in a mad series of attacks to stop your opponent from getting up again.

However, you still ahve to be really quick to make sure that you don't get thwacked.

Theres plenty to do in soul calibur 2. (ryhme not intended) Theres time attack, survival, vs mode and weapon master.

There are also other modes that can be unlocked. Weapon Master is like an adventure and you can purchase new weapons and costumes for each character.

The only downside is that you can only have a max of 2 players per arena. But apart from that its a really really great game. Cept im not buying it yet, too expensive.


Good...Could be better.Added 28 Nov 2003, ID #1110
Soul Calibur 2 is a pretty good game, best if you're playing with a friend in multiplayer.

If you got it for GameCube, you exclusively get Link from the Legend of Zelda series.

If you get it for PS2 you get...that guy with the weird hair from Street Fighter.

If you get it for X-Box you get Spawn (the ugly guy from that stupid movie).

It's a pretty good game. I'll give it a 7 out of ten 10.

The Most Amazing Fighting Game Eva!Added 12 Oct 2003, ID #925
My friend got it when it came ut and he came over to my place for a 4 night sleepover.

Now I have to tell you, I honestly think thtat this is the best fighting game i have ever played.

There is a HUGE range of moves and combos(YAY:D) but thats not all. A lot of fighting games only allow back and forth and jumping movements.

However, in this game, you can go in all directions so u can circle an opponent just like in real life!

Also, the graphics are fantabulous. They are very detailed.(im talking about the backgrounds.)
And guess what??? LINK IS IN IT!

Another great thing about this game is that there are tns of cool stuff to unlock. You can even get new costumes for each character!

However, the only bad thing about it is that you can only ahve 1 on 1 battles. I was hoping you could team up with a friend and fight side by side.

I would give this game a 95 because of the team battle but you have to BUY IT!

Though it is expensive:(

Ugotta get itAdded 28 Sep 2003, ID #888
This game is absolutely top class I got it the day it was out and now 16 gameplaying hours l8r it is a top class game.

The low and high parries look cool and the lighting on the gamecube version is the best on all of the console. the only problem is that link is on the game. now most people would like him but i think that the looks out of place next to all the demons and martial art experts. the best characters are kilik and talim. kilik has a massive stick and talin has 2 nasty knifes the shred thro ne1. wot i mean is that i give it 98% (would've been 100 but link) so its well worth 40 quid go




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