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Soul Calibur II Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Soul Calibur II

Soul Calibur IV Guide
Soul Calibur II Guide
Complete unofficial guide to all the characters in Soul Calibur IV. Plus information on Tower of Lost Souls, Skills, Character Creation and more.

We have 19 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Soul Calibur II please send them in here.

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Soul Calibur II Action Replay Codes

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Different Introduction Screen Complete all Weapo..

Different Introduction Screen

Complete all Weapon Master missions successfully
Different Costume
At character selection screen - highlight a fighter then press guard

Soulcalibur 2 Cheats

Unlock Characters
Complete the challenges listed below to unlock these characters:
Beat Stage 1 of Subchapter 1 in Weapon Master Mode (Extra)
Beat Stage 3 of Chapter 2 in Weapon Master Mode
Beat Stage 1 of Chapter 3 in Weapon Master Mode
Beat Stage 4 of Chapter 3 in Weapon Master Mode
Beat Stage 2 of Subchapter 3 in Weapon Master Mode (Extra)
Beat Stage 5 of Chapter 4 in Weapon Master Mode
Seung Mina:
Beat Stage 3 of Chapter 6 in Weapon Master Mode
Seung Mina:
Beat Stage 3 of Chapter 6 in Weapon Master Mode


To beat inferno on harder difficulties use powerful weapons and move quickly.


Link is a very good all-around character he is quick and strong and can attack from long range.

Useful Characters

Use nightmare mostly but if battling big slow character(astrof/berserker) use tima.
Nightmare has powerful weopons and tima can do a really high jump.
Using soul edge growth with nightmare and soul edge complete with tima.
Press A+Y with tima will make do a high spinning jump and in charge mode jst press Z.

unlock new arenas

to unlock new arenas, complete the challenges listed below:
Lakeside Coliseum:beat stage 3 of chapter 1 in weapon master mode.
Money pit:beat stage 1 of chapter 4 in weapon master mode. Labyrinth:beat stage 6 of chapter 6 in weapon master mode.
Hwangseo palace/Phoenix court:beat stage 2 of chapter 7 in weapon master mode.
Egyptian Crypt: beat stage 5 of chapter 8 in weapon master mode.

Lizardman + Berserker

Lizardman: To earn Lizardman, you either have to complete subchapter 2 and replay a chapter 4 mission, or beat evry normal mission and extra missions in weapon master mode.
Berserker: Complete Sub ch.1 on normal and extra missions in weapon master mode.

Hints for some characters

Here are some tips to keep you on the edge over the arcade or your friends.
Link: When you are forced to the edge and you have low life, you can press A & B (Soul Calibur controls) to throw your friends off the edge. OR, you can just lure them to the end and just use the move as cheapshot start.
Nightmare: This one is especially for beginners. keep on pressing B for vertical attacks and it'll striker the opponent off and on the groud. It really keeps you on the advantage. but, to surprise them, use horizontal attacks often, too.
Challenging Inferno: When I challenge Inferno, I always keep defending until theres an opening, then i grapple. He can't reflect the move. So, I refer that you wait for him to come to you then grapple him with any character. Ivy o..

Links Moves

Hey People I have moves for Link,
Hurricane spin = hold Horizonal attack and let go
Hyper Dash back, back Horizonal attack+Kick attack

Lizardman, Assassin, and Berserker

OK, now you may have noticed that if you practice with these three, there is no commands list, right? Well, after a bit of research, I found out taht they are just copycats. (except for the throws, which are original) If you train with the character who's style they mimick, you can become resomably good with them. Here they are:
Berserker: Astaroth
Assassin: Xianghua
Lizardman: Cassandra

Good Combos for Nightmare and Kilik

With whatever health they have left with Nightmares Combo Press botom left+Y
Or B+Y

Here's a really good hint to win

Here are some good characters to start with:

Unlock Chapters/Missions in Weapon Master Mode

To unlock Supchapter 1, beat Stage 3 of Chapter 3 in Weapon Master Mode.
To unlock Subchapter 2, beat Stage 3 of Chapter 4 a second time in Weapon Master Mode.
To unlock Subchapter 3, beat Stage 2 of Chapter 8 in Weapon Master Mode.
To unlock Subchapter 4, beat Stage 3 of Subchapter 3 in Weapon Master Mode.
To unlock EXTRA Missions, beat Chapter 10 of Weapon Master Mode.
A lot of new challenges and unlockables await!

some cool stuff

If you'd like to know more stuff then here's what I've found out:
Maxi kills astaroth
yoshimitsu is mainly from the tekken series....
Cervantes was already dead in this game
hwangseo palace/phoenix court is a real place(I've seen it,really).
Link is from the legend of zelda series(but you may already know that)that is only on nintendo consoles.

Not really a cheap character

When you're in a pinch, use Raphael. Some of his attacks are really powerful and can deal half damage. For example, the attack [L],[UL],[U],[UR],[R],Y (whatever is in the brackets is the thumbstick direction) deals 50% damage (at least it did when I used it 5 million times). Or, for a last resort, keep button mashing [R],Y and throw in the periodic Y or [L],X.

Ultimate Nightmare

To get Ultimate Nightmare,beat arcade mode 3 times with Mitsurugi,4 times with
Kilik and 7 times with Raphael.On the 7th time,on your destined battle, Raphael
Should say:"It is my destiny for the Soul Edge!".Nightmare should say:"Fool! The Soul Edge is my destiny.Now, prepare to face your Ultimate
Nightmare!".Continue your destined battle but Nightmare will be stronger. If you beat him,it will skip Inferno.Instead, you will have to defeat Ultimate Nightmare. He will say:"Time to die..." He will have a Black,Red and thicker Soul Edge. He has Black armour with golden lining and the Soul Edge eye on his chest plate.You have a team of every character armed with their version of the Soul Calibur. Once every teamate has attacked once with the Soul Calibur,Ultimate Nightmare w..

about unblockables & throws

The unblockable moves (the ones with a lot a fire) can be blocked or guard impacted (the thing that repels the opponents attack that makes everything a shiny blue)just walk away from the move.You have time since they are really slow. You can't block a throw but it can be repelled or you can simply walk away from it since it has very short reach.


Charade is horrible for beginers to use Charade correctly you must be able to use every charcater in the game since he copies every character.

Beat Infrno with ease

Through him or anything to get ride of his flames

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