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Sonic at the Olympic Games -Tokyo 2020 Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for Sonic at the Olympic Games - Tokyo 2020

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Sonic at the Olympic Games -Tokyo 2020 Walkthrough and Guide
Sonic at the Olympic Games -Tokyo 2020 Walkthrough and Guide

Sonic at the Olympic Games is a free to download sports game available for mobile devices that features Sonic the Hedgehog and other characters from the series as they compete at different events in the 2020 Summer Olympics. There are 16 playable characters but initially only Sonic is playable, other characters will become unlocked and playable as you progress through the Story mode. Each of the characters that you unlock is exclusive to certain events and has their own individual stats for each them. They also have a 'SP', which is a Special that you can purchase using training points and spirits. Sonic also has a Special which he gets for free by playing an event for the first time during Story mode. Check out our Sonic at the Olympic Games - Tokyo 2020 Walkthrough and Guide to get help in the game.

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Asakura Area

Play Demo to Stage 1-8

Whenever you start an event in Sonic at the Olympic Games - Tokyo 2020 you will be shown the world record which will either be a best time or best score. These times or scores will appear unreachable, this is because they have been achieved with the help of SP actions. These are special skills that when used will help the character significantly in the event. It is too difficult to attain a gold medal without the use of these special skills so it is advised that you don't attempt to break a record until you have the SP action to help you. Just play through the entirety of the demo, which goes to up to Stage 1-8.

Stage 1-1: 400m Hurdles

To get a good time in this event you will need the help of the Starting Dash and the Landing Dash specials which will enable your character to get a good start and jump over each of the hurdles with accurate jumps. To get a good start you need to hold down to charge up then let go immediately the 'Ready' banner turns into 'Go'. You can tap at any time to jump, the hieght of which is determined by how long you hold down when you tap. To get around the track fast you should tap again after you have cleared the hurdle and right before you hit the ground so you get a rolling boost. Remember, the shorter the jumps the quicker you will be. Don't forget in the final stretch to increase your speed by rapidly tapping (use multiple fingers).

Stage 1-2: 400m Hurdles EX

This is pretty much the same as the regular version except you have more hurdles to deal with. Apply all the skills you learned in the regular version to get a good time in the EX version.

Stage 1-3: Shooting

In this event your objective is to snipe out of the air the clay pigeons the clay machine fires off. The clay pigeon does not have to be in the center of your crosshair, as long as it is inside the white bubble you will register a hit when you let go. To get a good score in this event you need to shoot the clay pigeons as soon as they are launched to earn bonus points. The quicker you take down the clay pigeons the more bonus points you will earn. The SP action for this event will make multiple clay pigeons spawn which you can lock onto and destroy in one shot. The SP meter fills up as you take down clay pigeons.

Stage 1-4: Shooting EX

The EX version is slightly different to the regular stage, you are still shooting at clay pigeons but there is now the possibility that an Egg Flapper will spawn randomly somewhere on the sides. Egg Flappers are marked by a red glow which you must wait until it dissapears before firing at them. They are also marked with a little icon that indicates which power up you will recieve when you destroy them.

• PT Egg Flappers

Increase your score.

• Clay Flappers

Slow down the speed of the clay pigeons

• Reticle Flappers

Significantly increase your reticle size.

Stage 1-5: 100m

The 100m is the easist event in the game, you simply have to reach the finish line as quickly as you can. Begin the race at the starting line like you did with the 400m Hurdles and once you launch keep tapping the screen to speed up and maintain your speed until you cross the finishing line. The SP action for the 100m will grant you an extra boost if you release the instant 'Go!' is displayed at the start of the race.

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