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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts walkthrough and guide

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts Character Skills and Perks Guide

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts Skills and Perks Guide

Check out our Character Skills and Perks Guide to find out what the various Mask, Suit, Gadget, and Support Skills do in the game. Each of these four sections has its branches where you first need to unlock lower-tier upgrades before you can access the higher ones. Some of the tiers offer two perks, both of which can be unlocked but only one will be active at any given time. The first and second tier of skills require cash to unlock, the third require one Challenge Token while the fourth tier of skills will require three Challenge Tokens.

Mask skills


• Tracker (T1)
Lets you spot mines and traps.

• Scout (T2)
Reveals strategic points such as fuseboxes, climbing routes, hidden passages, and vehicle weak spots.

• Cameraman vs. Sapper (T3)
The cameraman perk lets you spot CCTV line-of-sight cones when you ping with your mask. The sapper perk lets you hack turrets but only when close to them.


• Astro Lens (T1)
Adds continuous zoom and x36 magnification.

• Radio Wiretap (T2)
Listen in on enemy communication.

• Environment Chip vs. CBRN Filters (T3)
Environment Chip increases the range of your mask's detection when you've got the Target Tracking Plugin skill. CBRN Filters makes you immune to flashbang or gas effects.

• Echolocation vs. Tag Sensor (T4)
Reveal sound sources or reveal enemy sniper line-of-sight.


• Thermal Vision Plugin (T1)
Enable night vision goggles by holding the CTRL button. Allows you to easily spot enemies even when your mask's signal or tagging is being jammed.

• Target Tracking Plugin (T2)
Auto-tags enemies when you ping an area; synergizes with Environment Chip.

• Focused Lens (T3)
Highlights enemies up to 24 meters.

• Detector Upgrade vs. X-Ray Vision (T4)
See through obstacles to spot objects you can interact with or enemies.

Suit Skills


• Lighter Equipment vs. Kevlar Suit (T1)
Lighter Equipmen lets stamina regenerate 50% faster. Kevlar Suit adds more armour.

• Chest Rig vs. Double Magazine Holster (T2)
Extra sniper ammo or extra pistol ammo.

• Tactical Backpack vs. Extra Compartment (T3)
Tactical Backpack gives you additional deployable items. Extra Compartment gives you an extra gadget that you can equip.

• Special Ammo Holster vs. Ammo Pouch (T4)
Special Ammo Holster unlocks a second special ammo slot for your sniper rifles. Ammo Pouch lets you carry more special ammo.


• Universal Camouflage (T1)
Makes you harder to detect.

• Snow Camouflage vs. Woodland Camouflage (T2)
Drones will have a hard time detecting you in snowy or grassy areas respectively.

• Advanced Snow Camouflage vs. Advanced Woodland Camouflage (T3)
Same as above except it also affects regular soldiers.


• Fast Access Pocket vs. Extra Compartment (T1)
Fast Access Pocket is a couple of extra throwable grenades. Compartment will give you an extra gadget that you can bring.

• Cat's Grace vs. Carbon Fiber Suit (T2)
Cat's Grace will reduce fall damage. Carbon Fiber Suit is extra armour.

• Ceramic Plating vs. Sprinter (T3)
Ceramic Plating is extra armour. Sprinter will give you slower stamina drain while sprinting

• Predator vs. Wraith (T4)
Predator is faster movement while crouched. Wraith prevents you from generatinge sound while walking or sprinting.

Gadget Skills

• First Aid Kit vs. Med Bag (T1)
First Aid Kit increases adrenaline shot capacity. Med Bag increases medkit capacity.

• Adrenaline Rush vs. Fast Access (T2)
Adrenaline Rush lets you run faster after pumping yourself with roids. Fast Access allows you to use a medkit a lot faster.


• Swift Gambit vs. Nimble Hands (T1)
Both skills will fire after you melee or 'interrogate + kill' an enemy ('V' or 'E' respectively). Swift Gambit increases movement speed. Nimble Hands lets you automatically loot them.

• Combat Awareness (T2)
After you kill an enemy with your knife, you can press the correct buttons to follow up and keep knifing others nearby.

• Steel Grip (T3)
Allows you to melee kill heavy troopers.


• Movement Sensors vs. Sensitive Trigger (T1)
Movement Sensors is a warning device gadget. Sensitive Trigger lets soldiers trigger your anti-tank mines.

• Proximity Sensor (T2)
Decoy trap will tag enemies.

• Deadly Formula (T3)
Decoy trap emits gas when triggered.

• Luring Mine (T4)
This perk lets your bundle of nerve agents attract enemies.

Support Skills


• Booby Trap (T1)
Increases turret range and pressing 'J' will cause it to explode.

• Semi-Auto vs. Silencer (T2)
The turret fires semi-auto so you can hit another target quickly. The Silencer lets you fire it silently.

• Extra Target (T3)
Lets you tag up to three targets using the turret.


• Hack Module vs. Night Vision Module (T1)
Hack Module lets you hack CCTV boxes from far away. You can already use your NVG if you unlocked one of the mask’s perks.

• EMP Module vs. Lure Module (T2)
EMP Module lets you fry enemy machine gun turrets or other electronic devices. Lure Module enables you to bunch up enemies together.

• Tracking Module vs. Battery Module (T3)
Tracking Module lets the drone tag faster while Battery Module lets it fly further away.

• Recon Module (T4)
Recon Module lets the drone ping and tag everything around it. It works like the Target Tracking Plugin, except from a distance since you are using a flying contraption.

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