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Super Mario World Cheats for SNES

Cheats and Tips for Super Mario World

We have 14 cheats and tips on SNES. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Mario World please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Wii

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Hello. Its mastaplaya21 here. To make this work, make sure you have a feather. Then go to the VERY FIRST GHOST HOUSE IN THE GAME. Once you enter the ghost house, fly all the way to the ceiling at the beggining of the level and run across the top of the room. Once you reach the other side of the wall, you will see 4 blocks. Each one contains a 1-up mushroom (make sure you hit each block one at a time so that you can have 4 1-up mushrooms). Then exit through the door at the end of the room. Finish the level, and.... Voila! You have unlocked the Top Secret Level (you can get feathers, mushrooms, fireflowers, and Yoshi there)!!


Go to any levle that there are turtle shells that don't explode, put the shell up against the wall. Jump on the side of the shell that is not touching the wall. You will keep racking up points, and you will get extra lives! Do this as much as needed.
Triple Threat

Bonus worlds - Star Road and Special

Star Road 1 - Find secret goal in Donut Plains Ghost House
Star Road 2 - Find secret goal on Vanilla Secret
Star Road 3 - Complete Soda Lake
Star Road 4 - Complete Forest Fortress
Star Road 5 - Find secret goal on Bowser's World (forgot the name) 4
Special - Fine the secret goal on Star Road 5
Note - All Star Road levels have two goals. To continue onto the next Star Road level, you must find the secret goal.
Note #2 - All Special levels have only one goal. Completing Funky, the final Special level, opens another star portal that travels you back to Yoshi's House.

Top Secret Area

When in the stage Donut Ghost House have a flying item and at the beginning of the stage build up momentum then turn around fast. And run towards the wall at the begging of the sage and fly up avoid the ghosts and land on the platform. Go Through the door ans pass through the checkpoint.
Once the stage is complete the stage Top Secret Area will be open and you can enter it for Unlimited Items , 1-UP's and Yoshi.

Easy growth mushroom/life mushroom

If you are small mario/luigi when you finish a level carry a block or a trampoline through the end point you get a growth mushroom. If you are big mario/luigi do the same thing for a bonus life mushroom.

secret spot

Ok there's a spot in donut plains were you can get a yoshi live's capes ect...
Anyways get a feather or 2(for a cape)and go to the donut house and at the start start running and were you start theres a secret place to go up anyways fly up there it could be hard to go up but after your up go to other side and you'll drop to the ground and theres 4 question marked boxs I believe and each has an extra like in them take them if you want but go through the door by it and the usual routine to pass a lv go through the bar thing or whatever it is and youll go to the map screen and unlock top secret area and you can go there as long as you want and not use your turn even on 2 player so stock up on lives and other things and your ready to beat bowser or 2nd castle whatever...
Hope ..

Special areas

If you get on a red spot go into it because every red spot has two ways to go.
Hope this helped.

The new guy Quenzerol.

Replay Castle and Fortress levels

To replay Castle and Fortress levels you have already beaten, on the map screen stand Mario over the one you want to replay, hold down L and press R (or vice versa). Mario will enter the level, even though you have already cleared it.
Note - if you die re-playing through any of these levels, you will be forced to start the level from the beginning when you try again, even if you break the halfway-point tape.

Star Road Music Change

When on Star Road stand still for about five minutes then you will notice the music change.

Infinite Lives

First, find a turtle with a shell that does not explode.
Second, get it to be right up against a wall or stairs.
Third, jump on it to the side that is not touching the wall and you will keep racking up points until you keep getting lives.
Do this as much as needed.
Hope I helped!
Triple Threat

Yoshi Items

When riding Yoshi in a stage with Berries on the bushes make Yoshi eat ten of them and he will spit out a new item.

Quick Save

If you ever find yourself in the situation where you need to save just go back to a Ghost House and complete it for an easy Quick Save.

Skip To Bowser

On Star Road use the third star warp and you will warp right outside of Bowser's castle.

Unlock Special Zone

To unlock Special Zone Complete all five stages in star zone by finding the keys and putting them in the keyholes and crossing the end stage goal.

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