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Beginners Tips and Tricks

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PUBG: New State Beginners Tips and Tricks
PUBG: New State Beginners Tips and Tricks

Listed below are several Beginner Tips and Tricks which will help you in PUBG: New State.

Find a Good Landing Spot

Once you have been deployed from the plane, your first priority it to find a safe landing spot that is filled with a decent amount of loot but also devoid of enemies. Two areas you may want to consider are Chester and Exhibit Hall, which are filled with a great amount of supplies but are also vast areas which enable you to equip yourself with armors and other accessories before having to engage the enemy.

Picking Up Weapons

It is important that you choose the weapons you pick up for your primary and secondary slot wisely. If you are a beginner player you should avoid the double barreled S686 shotgun and M249 LMG as these two weapons are difficult to control and the high reload time of the M249 LMG will also put you at a disadvantage. Keep an eye out for the M416 and Scar-L Assault Rifles, as these are the two best weapons a beginner can use in PUBG: New State.

Carry Plenty of Consumables

Consumables such as bandages and med kits are crucial in PUBG: New State and you should always carry a lot of them as there is no telling when you will need to heal in battle. You should also stock up on energy drinks and painkillers, as these consumables are the best way to give a booster shot to your health points.

Close Doors

All the buildings in PUBG: New State have closed doors when the match starts. If you see a building with a door wide open, it indicates another player has already entered the area and there is unlikely to be any loot there. There is also the possibility that the player is still there, so it is best to steer clear of the building. This also means it is important to remember that you should close the door immediately after entering it when you’re searching for loot to prevent another player sneaking up on you.

Taking Fire

The various terrains you have to explore in PUBG: New State include open plains near buildings and valleys surrounded by hills. Keep in mind that there are many players that like to camp in these buildings or on the hillsides, waiting for unsuspecting players to traverse the plains so they can set them up for the perfect sniper shot. If you are crossing an open plane and start taking fire from a ranged area, you need to avoid the temptation to go into a prone position. By doing so, you will become slower and still be in the line of sight of the enemy who is shooting at you. You should instead start running frantically in different directions, making sure you do not run in one direction for too long. By zigzagging your way across the open area, you will make yourself a difficult target for the enemy.

Aim for the Head

A headshot in PUBG: New State will do the maximum damage to the enemy when compared to limb or body shots. A headshot with the AKM Assault Rifle for example in medium and close ranges is a guaranteed kill even if the enemy is wearing a helmet. Keep in mind that it will take four body shots from the same gun to kill an enemy in the same range. This difference in damage stats is called hitbox damage. A headshot gives the highest damage, while a shot to the legs gives the least damage.

Communicate with your Team

It is essential that you communicate with your teammates in PUBG: New State, as they may have helpful knowledge they can give you before rushing into an enemy's building or engaging with an enemy. As the game stresses and rewards collaboration, communication is one of the most vital components of having teammates.

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