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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed



by charlie_chan_88




by charlie_chan_88


Revision History
v1.0 - Initial version released
v1.1 - Updated walkthrough based on feedback. Added basics section. Added 
saber crystal locations.
v1.2 - Revise Saber Crystal Locations

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Basics
3. Walkthrough
4. Enemy Strategies 
5. Tips and Tricks
6. Unlockables (Saber Crystals!!!)
7. Closing Comments/Other Stuff

This guide is a quick walkthrough of the PS2 version of TFU.
It is not a find all holocrons guide or list every force power guide, just a
simple walkthrough and a few tips and tricks.

Although I'll try to avoid spoilers, inevitably there is going to be a few.

Thanks to all the readers so far. There are also some guys who have given me 
some help who are mentioned through the guide... thank you especially to you!

If I've still got something wrong, or you would like to know more, you can 
drop me an email. Details at the end.

The majority of the game is played as a 3D beat-em-up. You have an array of
both force powers and saber combos at your disposal.These are accessed by 
primarily using a combination of the square and triangle buttons.

As part of the fight mechanics you may enter saber locks or force locks. 
These are initiated by launching the same attack simultaneuosly at the same 
time as the opponent. To win the lock you have to button mash the button 
onscreen. As the game progresses, these locks become more and more difficult 
to win.

There are also cutscenes where you will be required to react to onscreen 
button prompts in a God-of-War-esque kill animation. These can be quite 
difficult as it is commonly the only way to finish a boss and requires 
fairly quick reflexes. 

Progressing through the stages is fairly linear. The onscreen map provides 
help in the form of a green outline in the direction of the next goal. In 
some areas you will either have to defeat a boss or a number of enemies 
before progressing.
As you progress through the game you can improve your force powers by 
spending experience points gained from defeating enemies. You can do this 
by accessing the force powers option from the menu.  


This is the opening stage which sees you stomp through the forest world of
Kashyyk as the Great Lord Vader himself.

Vader is slow but powerful. The bad side is that he only walks. The good side
is that a single saber stike will kill a wookie, as will a push or repulse.

Just follow the path through, swiping, choking or whatever you feel like 
doing to the helpless wookies.

Eventually you'll get to the boss, a Rogue Jedi. He's quite fast, which makes
him quite difficult to combat as Vader. My strategy was to choke him, walk up
and start slashing.

Of course, being the first boss he's not going to last long whatever you do,
and enjoy the opening of the story once you beat him.

This mission starts with you being dropped in the hangar of an imperial
tie-fighter construction facility.

Now you are the 'secret apprentice', who is much faster than Lord Vader.
Immediately you have access to a number of very cool and powerful force
abilities, including lightning, although some you won't have access to yet such
as repulse.

Take out every one and everything in your path. At this stage you wont have
access to the higher level of blaster deflection abilities, so it is important
to move quickly and take out your enemes as quickly as possible. There is also
large number of objects that can be used to hurl at your enemies.

The AT-ST in this level may give you some trouble. Just remember to stay behind
him and keep slashing.

General Kota is not particularly difficult. Most of the time he'll engage in
saber combat, with the occasional push thrown in. He seems to be quite 
vunerable to lightning, so spam that. Otherwise, just keep hacking at him, and 
eventually he'll fall without too much difficulty.

As a tip, you should invest in a saber combo and stick with it. It makes the
battle much quicker.

Vader sends you to the Jedi Temple for 'training'. Being a Sith, I thought he
wouldn't want to go there but apparently not so...

For the first part of the level, you'll be powering through the stormtroopers
guarding the temple. Again this shoudln't be too challenging as they're only
armed with the blasters or the sniper rifles, so they should be easy to beat.

One of the tougher parts is when you enter teh courtyard with large amonts of
stormtroopers. Given that its very open you'll be under a bit of fire, so
you'll need to move quickly and spam quick killing powers if you can. Repulse
is especially useful here.

Theres also the guards with the halberds. These guys can be quite tricky to
beat in saber combat and are very tough, so the best thing to do is to spam
force powers on them, particularly push, throwing them into each other and
lightning/detonate. If you find yourself in a tight spot you should repulse
your way out of there.

This guy actually uses a shield and a lightsaber, which is quite a strange
combination. In any case it does't help him as hes still very easy to beat,
being very prone to lightning and push. One thing he will do that is annoying
is lightning. He does it rarely but its effective as yours... does quite a 
bit of damage and holds you in place. Just hold the block button though and 
you should be fine.

After this its back to Vader again for another round of playing the slave...

Vader has sent you to Raxus Prime, a junkyard planet, to hunt down Kazdan
Paratus, a Jedi Outcast.

This level has a number of junk golems, robot conglomerations of a number of
robot scraps. Even the small ones are quite hardy and have both close-combat
and ranged attacks.

The four-legged cat-like ones do particularly devastating damage. However if
you repeatedly attack them with the saber they go down quite fast. They are
also very vunerbable to force power including the force grip-saber impale 
combo, however its likely that you wont get a chance to pick them up as you're 
often surrounded at those times.

The larger ones that act as sub bosses are very difficult indeed. They have 
both close combat moves and a ranged chain attack that follows you and hurts 

Keep your distance so that he continually uses the chain attack, dashing twice
to avoid it, and then replying with own round of long ranged death (lightning,
saber throw). The other small golems he has with him can be defeated to
retrieve health if required.

At a stage in the level, you'll get to meet Drexl, a mercenary with his own
mercenary band. His team members aren't that tough, so take them down first so
its only you and Drexl. Drexl himself is quite tough, and is very powerful in
melee, and will often block your force powers. Again, spamming lightning, or
if you do manage to pick him up he can't get out, make him easy pickings...

Eventually, after wading through a few more not-very-interesting junk
golems, you'll reach Kazdan Paratus...
Kazdan Paratus is a very strange looking Jedi. He himself is quite small,
instead relying on long skinny mechinized arms and legs to do his bidding,
making him look like a small green spider.

The first part of this fight is fighting him in his golem. His golem is very
strong and therefore at the best of times its best to avoid close combat. 
Giventhat he lacks an effective ranged attack (he does throw junk, but thats 
quite easy to avoid), spamming lightning works quite well.

He also has a number of smaller golems helpign him out, but he will probably
take most of the out himself so its not really worth killing them unless you
need some health.

The other point about this golem is that when he strikes the ground you can
enter a cutscene-based combination which does a large amount of damage to him
and makes this fight much shorter.

After you defeat his golem, you'll get to challenge the little green spider
himself. He's very fast, but not that strng, and is quite bad with force 
powers compared to his predecessors, so feel free to utilize lots of force 
powers on him.

Back to the Jedi Temple again for another trial from Vader.

Again theres the same old batch of storm troopers and guards, and they are
quite easy to dispatch as last time.

Work your way through until you meet...

Darth Phobos is quite a cute looking dark Jedi, strange that shes supposed to
give you phobias.

Shes actually quite tough and will take you a while to take down, but like
most of the past bosses the same strategies will work (lightning/push to saber).
You will quite often get in force/saber locks with her but again shes not too
difficult to beat.

One of the most annoying parts is when she creates two copies of therself and
the screen goes fuzzy. At this time its best to use lightning on both of them
so the fake one disappears, or repulse them away if required.

On this one Vader's sent you to hunt down Master Shaak-Ti, another of the few
remaining Jedi. The native Felucian warriors, while not that able to take
punishment that well, are very quick and nimble and deal alot of damage. The
best way is to again lightning, push or repulse them, and take them down one
by one.

Throughout this stage you'll also get to face a number of rancors (first one,
then another two at once). Rancors, the giant snarling beasts first seen in
Episode 6, are very tough and cannot be dealt with in close combat. You'll just
have to run/dash, get enough distance to fling something at them or electrocute
them, and then run some more. In all honesting its very slow and frustrating 
and by the time you get to the kill animation you'll be very happy.

Continue through the level and eventually you'll get to fight Master Shaak-Ti
next to a giant monster pit complete with long slimy tentacles
(think Episode 6).

Shaak-Ti is quite an adept force user. Again lightning and saber play is the way
to go.

At a quarter of the way through the battle, she will summon a number of 
Felucian warriors to help her. This makes the battle much more difficult, and 
you should try to take a nubmer of Felucians down first if you can. Do this by 
gaining distance from her, or when she is busy charging maelstrom.

Also, she will sometimes heal herself. For a short time she'll be invincible,
but keep spamming force powers until you hurt her and she stops.

This is a cut-scene and not a level. Suffice to say thats its an interesting
twist and that you can begin to see the changes in the Apprentice.

Now your mission is to gather the rebels to distract the Emperor for an opening
to strike at him, and so we're back to Nar Shadaa to find the Kota that we beat
up and ask him to join us.

This level starts with a good-old-fashined bar fight with bouty hunter and
smuggler scum (or Bar Scum as the game calls it).

The guys with blasters can be qucikly taken down. The big green guys 
(Gamorreans) on the other hand take alot of punishment and can charge you for 
some damage, so push them away as often as you can then deal with them one by 

After you find Kota in a cutscene, he'll disappear and you'll have to grab him
from the clutches of the imperial stormtroopers. Wade through this mess until
you meet...

These guys are the Emperor's special Dark Jedi/Apprentices that you see in
Episode 6. They are fully force proficient and hence should be dealt with
like any other Jedi (Spam of force powers, particularly lightning, follow up
with saber combos).
Part of the way through the fight he will introduce a group of cloaking storm
troopers. These guys have very damaging rapid-fire blasters, so take them out
first before contiuing with the Shadowguard as many of them out as you can

With Kota back on board, we're headed to the Jedi Temple because of a strange
distrubance in the force.

This time the temple is much harder. The opening is still the same. However,
the open room is very difficult, as the storm troopers are joined by storm
troopers with jetpacks and rapid fire blasters (commandos). These guys cannot
only take punishment and are difficult to hit since they are in teh air. The
best way to handle this is to lightning most of the roup while getting one or
two commandos as well. They cant be pushed (they have jetpacks), but can be
grabbed and impaled (multiple times), which works decently well (although
this leaves you open to blaster fire).

After you survive this room, storm through the rest of the imperial forces
until you get to the Jedi Council room.

This is the same Rogue Jedi from the first level. He is faster, dodges even
lightsaber combos and utilizes a form of dark rage (light rage?!) when he is
near death. This makes him quite difficult and tricky to defeat, so reply by
fighting his way.... quick, intechanging one or two saber combos with one or
two force powers and then back again. There is also a large amount of
environmental objects, so push/grab-and-throw is very effective here.

Here to find a contact of Kota's, the imperial forces have overrun Kashyyk and
now are opposed by only a small number of Wookies. As you storm through the
level, you'll find the Wookies on your side, which is a nice change. There are
large amounts of storm troopers here, although most are fairly weak (there are
still some of the commandos, snipers and the purge troopers).
There's also some AT-STs, but by now you should be able to take them down with
Sturm commands a modifed AT-ST with large blasters and missiles. However the
same strategies for taking an AT-ST still apply.

Part way through the fight he will start using the shield generators. He can
only use one at a time, so take down the one he's using (folliow the purplish
stream) and destroy it, then attack him again until he moves to the next one
down. Take each one down by destroying the struts(suggest lightning) and then
lifting the top off with force push/grab.

After he's got none left just go back to what you were doing at the start.

After finding out that the contact that we really want to talk to is on Felucia,
we head there to talk to him and convince him to join the rebel cause.

You'll face both stormtroopers and Felucians here, so the same strategies as
before apply.

You'll soon run into Maris Brood. She is Shaak-Ti's old apprentice, and isn't
feeling happy at all. She'll command a Bull rancor to attack you. This is very
challenging, the Bull Rancor has more health, is faster and more aggresive than
the other rancors you'll have faced before. Same strategy still applies, but
get further away as he's much larger. Also, do not get cornered by him. Being
cornered by A rancor is bad, but if you get cornered by this guy youll lose a
fair bit of health before you can get out.

After alot of electrocution and beating, the rancor will go down,. You'll then
have to make your way to Maris Brood, wiping out a couple of Felucians along
the way.

Now you get to fight  her this time. This is actually a four staged fight.
First you'll fight her alone, which is simple using standard dealing-with-Jedi

Second, she'll call Felucian's to her aid, in which case you'll want to take
most of them down before focusing on her.

Then she'll call a rancor to fight you. This is actually quite tough because 
the space is very confined, meaning you'll have to be accurate when moving 
and dashing.

Once you take him down, she'll come back with FULL health. However she's weaker
than other Jedi youve fought before, and so you should be able to finish her
quite swiftly.

We've retuned to Raxus Prime under orders of Lord Vader to wipe out an imperial

You'll face a large number of imperial troops, including commandos, melee
stormtroopers, new imperial officers and plain old storm troopers. Also 
there's an AT-ST to fight.

Same strategies apply; electrocute blaster stormtroopers, push/repulse melee
troopers and deal with one by one,dodge and take down commandos.

There are quite a few areas where there are alot of them so be quick and

When you get to the Shadowguard, its almost the same as the one on Nar Shaddaa,
including the cloaking troopers. The only real notable difference is the heavy
use of maelstrom, during which you just get as far away from him as you can.

==TIP FROM jkjx==
Actually, it's easier to head CLOSER to the Shadow guard. 
It gives you an opportunity to attack. While he charges Maelstrom, 
charge your own. It seems that if you're hit while charging it, nothing happens.

This is a long stage that sees you battling through smugglers to get to
another vital rebel contact.

Enemies with blasters, melee fighters, Mandolorians with jetpacks and bomb
throwing enemies are all present here.

Battle through these using strategies based on storm troopers of simlar
descriptions. In particular make use of the fact that it is Cloud City; throw
people off the side (particularly the really tough melee fighters) at every

PaMidway through the level you'll meet a Gungan bounty hunter. This is a
sub-boss battle during which he fights with two armed droids. The droids are
much weaker than him but can deal a great amount of damage, so take them down
first with lightning and saber. Then you can focus on him. As he's not a force
user, if you do manage to pick him up you can choke him, pummel him, throw 
him or impale him easily, so spamming force powers is a very good thing here.

After that, battle through more thugs and eventually you'll get to Chopaa...

The leader of the thugs is a mandalorian crime lord.
The first part of the fight actually makes you kill the 2 mandolrians with 

You cannot hurt Chopaa at this stage and he will chase you, so attack one
mandolorian, attack the other one then come back to the first and so on.

The second part of the fight sees you fighting the Basilisk, a mechanized
cat-like vehicle. At the early stages of the fight, he'll chase you and attempt
to swipe. Coutner by dodging quickly and then replying with a long ranged attack
(simlar to fighting a rancor). As the fight goes on, he may also take off and
attempt to shoot you with his rapid fire laser. It will take him a while to
shoot, so if you can grab and nearby object and throw it at him, which will
stagger him and prevent him from firing. Otherwise keep running and dashing
out of the line of fire. When the Basilisk is close to its end, it will take
off, fly over to your position and attepmt to stomp on you. Just keep moving
until he hits the ground, during which you can go at him with you saber and
force powers and he tries to untangle himself from the wrecked ground.

After you defeat the Basilisk, you'll fight him in hand to hand combat. 
Although he is not a force user, he blocks most force powers, so focus 
primarily on saber combat.

Another cutscene level, you'll see the formation of the rebel alliance and
some other intersting story parts.

After finding the location of the captured rebels, you head over the the
unfinished death star to wreak some havoc on Vader and the Emperor.

This level has lots of diffreent imperial enemies, most with rapid fire
blasters, meannig you will die very quickly if you do not take them out 

Crowd control tactics (lightning, repulse, push, detonate, sith seeker,
force slam) are very very important here.

Although I've not tried it, I believe standing on the bridges during the
Death Star's cannon firing will result in death, so make sure you cross 
the bridges quickly.
Eventually you will get to the showdown with Vader and the Emperor.
There are two parts to the this fight, the first with Vader, and the second
with the Emperor.

Vader comes first. He is very strong and utilizes an number of force powers.
However he can be dealt with like any Jedi, and is very vunerable to 

The second is the your choice. If you go up and attack the emperor you'll 
fight him, if you go down you'll fight Vader.
Fighting the Emperor is difficult. He is much tougher than Vader, utlizing 
lightning as well as other force powers. However deal with him by getting 
close to him and hammering him with saber combos.

Fighting Vader is also very difficult.

I beleive there is only one ending... I've amended this after finding that 
There is no second ending.

After defeating the Emperor/Vader enjoy the ending and the credits!


Below is a summmary of generalized strategies for a range of enemies that 
cropup continually throughout the game.

Any enemy with a blaster is quite weak, and often they'll be deployed in 

Deal with them by electrocution from range and follow up with saber combos.

Melee enemies are quite tough and hence should be dealt with last. While the
apprentice is proficient in saber combat, it is much more effetive to deal 
with them using the force. Push them away, throw them into each other or 
repulse them.
In particular fast ones such as the Felucians will surround you quickly
and deal alot of damage to you, so keep away from them if possible. The open
environments with ledges such as cloud city are quick and satisfying ways of
dealing with these guys.

The Mandolorians and commandos can be difficult to take on and can deal a 
large amount of damage. 
Despite this, it is recommended that be taken last because of how difficult 
they are to hit and their toughness. When there is time to takethem, either 
electrocute them or grip them, choke and impale them.

4.4 AT-STs
You'll meet a number of AT-STs in the game. The key with these is to simply
stay behind them. Run and dash behind them and then let at them with the 
saber and lightning.
Do not even attempt to take them on from the front... you will die.

Like most big enemies that charge, rancors are dealt with by staying completely
away and using lightning.

Most of the bosses in the game are Jedi's and are dealt with in similar
ways. basically, saber combos and and playwill also win. However to make the
fight faster and more enjoyable certain force powers can be employed. Grip 
and choke are not normally effective because once grabbed the Jedi can break 
out of the power. Lightning is almost always effective but should be used in 
quick bursts, as the Jedi will block the lightning after one to two seconds. 
Push can also be effective.

* In case you haven't noticed I talk about lightning alot. It's becauses its
the most powerful damage dealer and crowd controller in the game. Upgrade it

* Saber combos are very powerful and can be an effective form of crowd 
control. I favour the lightning combos because they look better and seem to 
do more damage.

* Push and repulse are also very useful. Upgrade them as well.

* Make sure you equip a combat crystal that suits your style of play. It
increases your damage greatly.

* Experience is gained via defeating enemies. Therefore its best to defeat 
all enemies in an area if possible.

* Experience is multiplied (up to 5x) by the number of enemies defeated using
the same attack or in very quick succession. This is why crowd control powers
e.g. lightning are also useful for gaining experience.

* Often one of the problems with this game is the camera. You can increase
the camera speed in the options > game settings, allowing you to see just a
tiny bit better.

* Force push everything in your immediate vicinity. This allows you to uncover
unlockables such as holocrons, hilts and saber crystals.

Unfortunately I haven't managed to uncover many of the unlockables as of yet.

6.1 Costumes
Costumes are unlocked as you progress through the story, with a new costume 
being awarded basically on every stage.

6.2 Saber Crystals
This version contains updated crystal information. The last one had the
locations for the PS3 version... my bad for not checking them.

Here are the majority of them (2 missing) courtesy of Shaun Brown.

Tie Construction Yard                       
Green Crystal   

Jedi Temple (2nd visit also can be found on 3rd visit)
Blue Crystal 
Green Crystal

Raxius Prime (1st visit)
Orange Crystal     
Purple Crystal                                  

Red Crystal
Orange Crystal  

Jedi Temple (1st visit)
Purple Crystal                                       

Dark Felucia or(2nd visit)
Green Crystal

Felucia (1st visit)
Red Crystal                                         
Purple Crystal    
Ship Yard
Red Crystal  
Cloud City
Blue Crystal

6.3 Holocrons

Below is a quick run through of some of the 200 holocron locations 
provided by jerry lumbard.
Hopefully more to come soon.

HC1 can't miss it on the path after the round about room.
HC2 look to the left of the first HC its tucked in the corner.
HC3 as you come to a barricade force blast everything the HC will appear
HC4 to the left behind generator looking thing
HC5 after HC3 keep to the right it will be on the right side of the walkway
HC6 right after that walk way you will face a fountain looking divice
it for HC5
HC7 to the left right after hc5
HC8 keep to the left and you will see this guy behind the gunturret 
HC9 follow the path you will run right to it
HC10 look to the a little left after HC8 and you will see it
HC11 continue the path to see another fountain looking divice blow this 
one up.
HC12 aHHHHHnother fountain thing to kill in the next round platform you 
HC13 continue the path on ur left
HC14 you will come to a hallway and auto savebot behind that botafter 
destroying everything near by
HC15 center of the elevator platform you can't miss it
Caution in this next area you have to get the Hc's before killing all 
the wookies
HC16 in the hollowed out shipwreck to the left of the entrance
HC17 go through that shipwreck and right next to what looks like an oil 
pipe system tucked in the corner
HC18 on ther other side of the shipwreck
HC19around the giant tree past HC17
HC20 continue around the tree to a downed shutle its in the hold

HC21 first militia room entrace
Hc22 militia room 1 left wall high platform
HC23 after the stairs in wall pannel on the right
HC24 on the second floor of the tie fighter assembaly line opposite 
the red room 
under a barrel 
HC25 in the second segment of the red room on that second floor
HC26 after leaving the red room look straight up on the tower ahead of
 u there is 
Hc 26 u can climb up the back of the tower (i used a barrel to give
 me a boost) green crystal in front of a door you will run into
hc 27 to the left of that door
HC 29 in a wall pannel in the near by hallway
HC30 is in militia room 2 on the high platform (u may need to stack 
some things to get it)
HC31 the red room in militia 2
HC33 in yo face after militia 2 just follow the path till u find it
H34 in the computer room behind the green lined door after the 
first elevator but befor the second
HC35 sux... after the grey look up see the automated arm? 
get on a tie wing that its stacking and you will be taken to this HC
HC36 just after the first red hall way the one with the wierd laser 
things on the sides there will be a small walkway get halfway over 
the walk way and stop the character will look up at it, look directly 
behind u above the door and u can see a ledge to use to get it
HC37 red hall 2 near the end it will be on ur right
HC38 in the militia room 3 on ur left
HC39 after militia room 3 right ahead
HC40 in this next red hall on ur right (careful theres electricity)

6.4 Hilts
There are 10 of which I am not sure (apart from the one you start 
with) of where to get them.

Below are the cheat codes for the game. Not like you couldn't get 
them anywhere else but just in case.

Courtesy of Chua Ken.

GRANDMOFF     Unlock all costumes

LIGHTSABER     Amplified lightsaber damage

KATARN     All Force powers at maximum level

KORRIBAN     Unlock Sith Stalker Armor costume

AAYLA     Unlock Aayla Secura costume

BENKENOBI     Unlock Obi Wan Kenobi costume

CHOSENONE     Unlock Anakin Skywalker costume

CORTOSIS     Immunity to all damage

COUNTDOOKU     All combos at maximum level

DANTOOINE     Unlock Ceremonial Jedi Robes costume

DREXLROOSH     Unlock Drexl Roosh costume

HIDDENFEAR     Unlock Darth Phobos costume

HOLOGRAM     Unlock PROXY costume

INTHEDARK     Unlock Shadowtrooper costume

JEDIMASTER     Unlock Mace Windu costume

MARISBROOD     Unlock Maris Brood costume

PALPATINE     Unlock Emperor Palpatine costume

PAUAN     Unlock Darth Desolous costume

SPEEDER     1,000,000 Force points

STORMTROOP     Unlock Navy Commando costume

T16WOMPRAT     Unlock Luke Skywalker costume

TOGRUTA     Unlock Shaak Ti costume

TYRANUS     All Force powers

VERGENCE     Unlimited Force power

YELLOWJCKT     Unlock Yavin Luke costume

NERFHERDER     Unlock Han Solo costume

MANDALORE     Unlock General Rahm Kota costume

WOOKIE     Unlock Kento’s Robe costume

HOLOCRON     Unlock Sith Robe costume

MARAJADE     Unlock Mara Jade costume

ECLIPSE     Play as Captain Juno Eclipse










SITHLORD     Unlocks the Darth Vader Costume

ZABRAK     Unlocks Darth Maul as a skin

Thanks to the game makers (Krome, LucasArts) for making a great and fun
(good story, very good force wielding) if flawed (bad camera, patchy 
swordplay) game.

Again thanks to readers for providing feedback and using the guide. It is 
very much appreciated!

If you have any questions about this game or guide you can drop them to me 
at [email protected]

Copyright 2008 James Hornitzky and respective authors