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Minikit Locations - At World's End hint for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Minikit Locations - At World's End

The PSP version of Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean has 10 minikits on each level. To find those on the At World's End stages, follow the guide below.

At World's End:


Minikit #1: From where you start, blow up the gate blocking the tunnel where the gondola is. Go inside and to the end. Break the crate to the right of the blast furnace, and place the pieces on the pad in front of the fireplace. Use a torch on the pieces and jump up and down on the bellows to set the flames going to get the minikit (video time: 00:00).

Minikit #2: Using a strong character, pull the orange handle up on the pier. This will raise up a hoist and cage. Pick up the cage and place it on the green platform (video time: 00:51).

Minikit #3: Blow open the small silver gate to the right from where you start. Head inside and go up the ladder. Use Blackbeard at the top to open the gate and get the minikit (video time: 01:21).

Minikit #4: In the same roof area as minikit 3, spin the two wheels to start a show beneath and finally open a gate. Go through this gate for the minikit (video time: 01:52).

Minikit #5: Use the zipline on the pier at the bottom from where you start. Jump off the zipline into the loft for the minikit (video time: 02:24).

Minikit #6: Use a singing character to break the glass that is covering a hidden wheel. Pick it up and take it to the left, placing it in the indicated spot. Spin the fitted wheel to the left to move the bridge round. Head across and jump on the two hanging chains on the lanterns on the building opposite. This will open the door for the minikit (Video time: 02:39).

Minikit #7: From minikit 6, move round to the next street on the left. Shoot the targets on the building to the left to gain access. You can then jump to the top of the building and get the minikit (video time: 03:16).

Minikit #8: Blow up a white crate at the end of a stone walkway in a corner to reveal a small tunnel. Go through to climb up a tower for the minikit (video time: 03:35).

Minikit #9: In the sauna room, jump on both hanging chains. Then, repair the two cranks at the top of the room using a hammer. Turn the cranks until the pipes all meet up to make the minikit appear (video time: 04:00).

Minikit #10: Shoot the target over a suspended block of glass to make it fall down. Then, use a singing character to shatter it and free the fish giving you the last minikit. (video time: 04:59).

Davy Jones' Locker:

Minikit #1: At the oasis with the rowing boat in, climb a palm tree to get the minikit (video time: 00:00).

Minikit #2: Use the compass in front of the wrecked boat to find a buried crate. Dig it up and smash it open for a minikit (video time: 00:09).

Minikit #3: Climb the central mast on the boat and jump to the one on the left for minikit number 3 (video time: 00:33).

Minikit #4: Use a singing character to break the bottle on the lower deck (video time: 00:45).

Minikit #5: Use the compass on the main deck to find a key. Pick it up and use it in the crank at the back of the ship. You can then go into the main cabin, where if you pick up the coin on the table and remove it you will get the minikit (video time: 00:54).

Minikit #6: At the front of the boat, climb down the ladder and hammer the wheel. You can then spin it to the left, raising the anchor - which will make the minikit appear on the main deck (video time: 1:44).

Minikit #7: From the central mast, jump up onto the zipline and ride it down to the next one. Walk all along the sail to the other side, before jumping at the end for the minikit (video time: 02:10).

Minikit #8: At the front mast, the one you walked across to get minikit 7, use a sword in the switch to lower a silver cage. Go down to the main deck and blow open the cage to get a minikit (video time: 02:27).

Minikit #9: At the front of the ship, break the two locks to open a hatch. Drop into it to get the minikit (video time: 02:49).

Minikit #10: On one of the lower decks, use the compass to find Blackbeard's chest. Use Blackbeard himself to open it for the minikit (video time: 03:00).

Norrington's Choice:

Minikit #1: At the back of the ship, blow up the glass obstacles to get to the next deck. Destroy the bucket on this upper deck and hover on the contents up to the first minikit (video time: 00:00).

Minikit #2: On the same upper deck where minikit 1 was found, teleport through the coral at the back wall and get the minikit at the very top (video time: 00:15).

Minikit #3: Use a torch on the four tentacles on the internal decks - after all four, you will be given the minikit (video time: 00:31).

Minikit #4: Hit the five clams that are jumping around the ship. After the fifth, the minikit will be given to you (video time: 00:31).

Minikit #5: On the internal deck, push the cannon to start a minigame. Shoot all ten items of debris to get a minikit, moving to the other cannon when necessary (video time: 00:49).

Minikit #6: Use a singing character to shatter the glass platform on the prison deck. Go through the gap and to the left under the floor to find the minikit (video time: 01:56).

Minikit #7: Use a small character to crawl through the gap in the prison cell. Once you emerge in the next cell, grab the minikit (video time: 02:24).

Minikit #8: Right at the back of the ship, use a female character to swing up the bars. Edge along the top one to the right for the minikit (video time: 02:39).

Minikit #9: Once on the Empress ship, blow up the glass bricks blocking the steps. Then, use the compass to find the key and put it in the door to open the cabin. Blow up the desk in the middle for the minikit (video time:03:02).

Minikit #10: Use a hammer to fix the item on the deck of the Empress ship. This will open a hatch with a minikit inside (video time: 03:35).

The Brethren Court:

Minikit #1: From where you start, bust open the crate and build the statue. Then, blow it up for the minikit (Video time: 00:00).

Minikit #2: After freeing Sumbhajee, use female characters to jump up to the two hanging chains. Then, watch the next dance. Once finished, jump down and copy the dance for the next minikit (Video time: 00:31).

Minikit #3: Down at the wooden docks, use the lever to make a target appear. Shoot it to lower a bridge giving you access to two cannons. Use the nearby torch to light them and then complete the minigame of shooting the targets. Retrieve the minikit from beneath the targets once completed (Video time: 01:09).

Minikit #4: Having completed the maze once, use the compass to locate an orange handle. Select a strong character and pull the handle to reset the maze. Do the maze for a second time (use the chain to change the direction of the wheel) for a minikit (Video time: 02:14).

Minikit #5: Use Blackbeard to break the ropes holding up the rowing boat. Get in the boat and row into the cave for the minikit (Video time: 03:09).

Minikit #6: After freeing Jocard, destroy the crate in the corner and use a small character to crawl through the hole. The minikit is at the exit (Video time: 03:35).

Minikit #7: Having rescued Mistress Ching, destroy the target that appears. Then, grab onto the green bar that drops down and swing up to the minikit (Video time: 03:51).

Minikit #8: At the top of the level, use the compass to find a barrel to ride on down the flume. The minikit is at the bottom (Video time: 04:14).

Minikit #9: Blow up the glass bricks in the long board-room. Head through the new gap to a secret area. Use the compass to find a pedestal and sing a song to break the glass for a minikit (Video time: 04:40).

Minikit #10: In the skeleton room, teleport through the wall into the dungeons below where the minikit can be found (Video time: 05:28).

The Maelstrom:

Minikit #1: Blow up the 5 silver barrels in this chapter (Video time: 00:00).

Minikit #2: Destroy the 5 clams in this chapter (Video time: 00:06).

Minikit #3: At the right hand side of the boat, use a character who can sing to shatter the glass ceiling and fall through to a minikit (Video time: 00:14).

Minikit #4: Use Blackbeard on the right side of the boat, near minikit 3, to take out the lanterns (Video time: 00:28).

Minikit #5: Get on the telescope on the edge of the boat and find the pirate across the sea - he is on the right hand side of the other ship - this sill make the minikit appear (Video time: 00:40).

Minikit #6: Use the wheel at the front of the ship to move a crate up and break it open. Then, use the wheel again to open the hatch and pull up another crate. Pick a strong character to pull on the handle and open this new crate. (Video time: 01:34).

Minikit #7: Use Blackbeard at the front of the boat to open the chest for a minikit (Video time: 02:16).

Minikit #8: On the central mast, grab an apple and jump down to the left. Teleport through the coral onto the upper deck of the ship. Go to the crewman and give him the apple for a minikit (Video time: 02:27).

Minikit #9: Man the cannon on the side of the ship and shoot down the crate suspended on the opposite boat. Shoot the ducks that appear for the minikit - you may need to switch between each cannon to reach the ducks (Video time: 02:50).

Minikit #10: Use Blackbeard to lift the red panel and smash it. Switch to a singing character and break the glass disc. Break the crate nearby and build the contraption. Spin it round to get a minikit from the tentacle (Video time: 03:42).

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