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LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 7 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360 : 3DS : Wii : PSP

You can also ask your question on our LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Questions & Answers page.

All LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Port Royal

1. Build the first part of the mill wheel.

2. Turn into Mr. Brown and go to the blue shaking parts and hold down A

3. Press and hold A and turn the key

4. The wheel should go up and the donkey should wake up if it doesn't happen hold A


5. Go to the donkey and ride on him then jump off

6. Grab the sword

Wait for the mini movie to end

7. Duel Jack go up to him and press Y and follow the instructions

8. Go to up to the steps as Will or Mr. Brown and press A to build the wall

9. Turn into Will and climb up

10. Swing across the pole onto the platform and climb down the ladder

11. Bounce across the net and duel Jack again

Wait for the Movie to end

12. Go to the brown shaky parts and build it

13. Press A on the lever and you can change into Jack

14. Change into Jack and Press X 2 times

15. Give the dog a bone and take control of the dog

16. Go through and dig the shovel area by pressing A

17. Pick up the key drop it and press Y

18. Collect the key

19. Put it in the furthest key hole

20. Twist both the keys and go through the gate

21. Kill the two soldiers

22. Once you killed the 2nd soldier a key should appear

23. Pick up the key

24. Put it in the key hole and twist it

25. Two targets will be uncovered ricochet the bullet then the gate will open

26. Go through the gate and down the steps

27. Collect the key

28. Put it in the keyhole

29. Twist it

30. Climb up the ladder

31. Kill the soldiers

32. Go to the lever and pull it

33. Shoot the target

34. The gate will open go through it

35. Go down the steps

36. Go under the bridge

37. Swim until a message say A dive press A near the pier

38. Collect the two cogs put them near the lever

39. Pull it

40. Go into the lift and stay in until your up on the pier

41. Walk out and go down the ramp to collect the key

42. Place it in the key hole

43. Twist it

44. Jump on the rope and climb up until your at the platform then jump off

45. Slide down the string and onto the boat

Wait for the mini movie to end

Your Done Smile

Tip on beating this game

In this game just break everything in sight even if it's the littlest things. Thats how I got all the coins and bottles. Dont forget to use different characters. I beat this game without codes took me like almost a week.

Minikit Locations - Dead Man's Chest

10 minikits are hidden through the Dead Man's Chest levels on Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean. To find them, follow the guide below.

Dead Man's Chest:


Minikit #1: On the right hand side near the start of the level, blow up the glass bricks and go into the hidden cave to find the first minikit at the bottom (video time: 0:00).

Minikit #2: Head to the left and blow up the glass bricks over the bridge. Go down the ramp and run in the hamster ball to get the ball out of the maze and get the next minikit (video time: 0:17).

Minikit #3: At the top of the mountain, use Blackbeard to break all of the statues and the one over the fire for the minikit (video time: 0:59).

Minikit #4: Use the compass to locate the telescope close to the camp of minikit 3. Look through the telescope to see the fourth minikit get dug up (video time: 2:01).

Minikit #5: On the way back down the mountain, keep an eye out for a red and black door, which you can use Blackbeard to open. Keep running through the cave and at the end is the minikit (video time: 02:37).

Minikit #6: In an alcove up the slope from the exit of the minikit 5 cave, use a strong character to pull the lever and create a bridge. Go past the spike pit and cross it - on the land on the other side, climb the palm tree for the minikit (video time: 02:53).

Minikit #7: Next to minikit 6, use the compass to find a telescope. Look through it and find the crab for minikit 7 (video time: 03:47).

Minikit #8: Get to another island using the zipline before using the canon emplacement to complete the minigame (video time: 04:14).

Minikit #9: Near to minikt 8, use the compass to find the next minikit - dig it up to add it to your collection (video time: 04:56).

Minikit #10: Select a character who can walk underwater, and go into the river. Find the crab in a cage and release it. Ride the crab to the minikit at the end of the river (video time: 05:16).

Watch the video

A Touch of Destiny:

Frog #1: At the start, cross the swamp to the right and hit the frog (video time: 0:00).

Minikit #1: Jump off the raft to the right onto the fishing platform, shoot the glass blocks and then use a female character to double jump up to the vine. Climb to the top for the minikit (video time: 0:07).

Minikit #2: Still on the raft, you will come underneath a vine. Climb it as before for the minikit (video time: 0:23).

Frog #2: To the left of the vine for minikit 2, get the second frog (video time: 0:29).

Frog #3: Beneath the bridge between two platforms (video time: 0:33).

Frog #4: On the wooden platform to the left, find the fourth frog (video time: 0:38).

Frog #5/Minikit #3: Use the zipline from position four to find the final frog and get the minikit (video time: 0:43).

Minikit #4: Push the crates off the edge of the platform where the fifth frog was. Then go underneath it and use the compass to locate a beach ball. Dig it up, then take it and cross the swamp to the man on the high platform who desires beach balls. Give it to him for the next minikit (video time: 00:56).

Minikit #5: Throw 3 pieces of food e.g. Drumsticks, apples etc. To the crocidile before taking it out (video time: 01:49).

Minikit #6: Use a female character on the jump platform at the back of the area where minikit 4 was located (video time: 02:29).

Minikit #7: Use Blackbeard across the water from minikit 5 to destroy the box and reassemble it (video time: 02:35).


Minikit Locations - At World's End

10 minikits are hidden through the At World's End levels on Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean. To find them, follow the guide below.

At World's End:


Minikit #1: From where you start, blow up the gate blocking the tunnel where the gondola is. Go inside and to the end. Break the crate to the right of the blast furnace, and place the pieces on the pad in front of the fireplace. Use a torch on the pieces and jump up and down on the bellows to set the flames going to get the minikit (video time: 00:00).

Minikit #2: Using a strong character, pull the orange handle up on the pier. This will raise up a hoist and cage. Pick up the cage and place it on the green platform (video time: 00:51).

Minikit #3: Blow open the small silver gate to the right from where you start. Head inside and go up the ladder. Use Blackbeard at the top to open the gate and get the minikit (video time: 01:21).

Minikit #4: In the same roof area as minikit 3, spin the two wheels to start a show beneath and finally open a gate. Go through this gate for the minikit (video time: 01:52).

Minikit #5: Use the zipline on the pier at the bottom from where you start. Jump off the zipline into the loft for the minikit (video time: 02:24).

Minikit #6: Use a singing character to break the glass that is covering a hidden wheel. Pick it up and take it to the left, placing it in the indicated spot. Spin the fitted wheel to the left to move the bridge round. Head across and jump on the two hanging chains on the lanterns on the building opposite. This will open the door for the minikit (Video time: 02:39).

Minikit #7: From minikit 6, move round to the next street on the left. Shoot the targets on the building to the left to gain access. You can then jump to the top of the building and get the minikit (video time: 03:16).

Minikit #8: Blow up a white crate at the end of a stone walkway in a corner to reveal a small tunnel. Go through to climb up a tower for the minikit (video time: 03:35).

Minikit #9: In the sauna room, jump on both hanging chains. Then, repair the two cranks at the top of the room using a hammer. Turn the cranks until the pipes all meet up to make the minikit appear (video time: 04:00).

Minikit #10: Shoot the target over a suspended block of glass to make it fall down. Then, use a singing character to shatter it and free the fish giving you the last minikit. (video time: 04:59).

Watch the video

Davy Jones' Locker:

Minikit #1: At the oasis with the rowing boat in, climb a palm tree to get the minikit (video time: 00:00).

Minikit #2: Use the compass in front of the wrecked boat to find a buried crate. Dig it up and smash it open for a minikit (video time: 00:09).

Minikit #3: Climb the central mast on the boat and jump to the one on the left for minikit number 3 (video time: 00:33).

Minikit #4: Use a singing character to break the bottle on the lower deck (video time: 00:45).

Minikit #5: Use the compass on the main deck to find a key. Pick it up and use it in the crank at the back of the ship. You can then go into the main cabin, where if you pick up the coin on the table and remove it you will get the minikit (video time: 00:54).

Minikit #6: At the front of the boat, climb down the ladder and hammer the wheel. You can then spin it to the left, raising the anchor - which will make the minikit appear on the main deck (video time: 1:44).

Minikit #7: From the central mast, jump up onto the zipline and ride it down to the next one. Walk all along the sail to..

Minikit Locations - On Stranger Tides

10 minikits are hidden through the On Stranger Tides levels on Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean. To find them, follow the guide below.

On Stranger Tides:

London Town:

Minikit #1: Destroy the 6 suits of armor in the dining room. The one in the far corner needs to be built before you can destroy it. After the sixth, you will be given the minikit (Video time: 00:00).

Minikit #2: Use a singing character to break the glass on the balcony. The minikit is just outside (Video time: 00:39).

Minikit #3: In the dining hall, use a female character to jump up the right hand wall between the two windows where you can grab the minikit (Video time: 00:53).

Minikit #4: Use the compass to find a silver item beneath the steps in the hallway. Blow it up and rebuild it. You can then carry the piece over to the indicated place and use it to push open a hole in the floor. Go into the hole for the minikit (Video time: 01:01).

Minikit #5: Once on the ledge outside the building, go to the right and jump up next to one of the windows. Use a singer to shatter the glass and go in the room. Push the statues to the back of the room to open the door where the minikit is located. You will have to use the wheel to change the course of the tracks in order to move both statues to the back (Video time: 01:31).

Minikit #6: While riding on the cart with the red and black roof, use Blackbeard to break open the roof so you can drop in and get the minikit (Video time: 02:29).

Minikit #7: Shoot the silver chest on top of the wagon with soldiers on - just before building the beam to the next cart (Video time: 02:38).

Minikit #8: On the next cart from minikit 7, the one you reached with the beam, use a singing character to shatter the roof and get the minikit inside (Video time: 02:47).

Minikit #9: Upstairs in the pub, destroy the target in the corner of the room. Use the two levers nearby to get a barrel. Take it downstairs to the indicated location for the minikit (Video time: 03:06).

Minikit #10: Destroy the suspended cylinder in the pub. Push it along the route until it falls downstairs and smashes for the minikit (Video time: 03:39).

Watch the video

Queen Anne's Revenge:

Minikit #1: Use a strong character to pull the handle on the crate where you start (Video time: 00:00).

Minikit #2: Use Blackbeard to open the door to the right from where you start. In this secret area, destroy the items in the way of the stairs and use the compass to locate a key upstairs. Smash it away from the skeleton, pick it up and go back downstairs. Attach it to the device and and spin the wheel to open a hole in the floor with the minikit inside (Video time: 00:16).

Minikit #3: Use a singing character to break the glass bricks upstairs in the secret area of minikit 2. This minikit is behind the glass (Video time: 01:01).

Minikit #4: Use Blackbeard to open a door to some huge cannons. Pull on the orange handles to fire them both and get a minikit (Video time: 01:15).

Minikit #5: Hit the 4 skeletons on the main deck and put their heads into each of the 3 cannons to blow them up and get the next minikit (Video time: 01:40).

Minikit #6: Use the zipline from the central mast to get to the next mast along - balance along the beam for the minikit (Video time: 02:22).

Minikit #7: Use Blackbeard to get into the door next to the other Blackbeard. Climb up onto the ceiling and knock the items down to the floor. Rebuild them into a crate that you then need to push along the room to the other end. ..

Minikit Locations - The Curse of the Black Pearl

10 minikits are hidden through the Curse of the Black Pearl levels on Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean. To find them, follow the guide below.

The Curse of the Black Pearl:

Port Royal:

Minikit #1: In the first area, climb up the wall and use a strong character to rip down the wooden fencing above to collect the first minikit (video time: 00:14).

Minikit #2: In the next room, swing on all seven chandeliers to get the next minikit (video time: 00:30).

Minikit #3: In the same room, in the first area, shoot the three targets in the upper corner of the dungeon. This will push skeletons to the floor - reassemble them and then break down the cell to the right to find the fourth target and skeleton. Reassembling this one gives you another minikit (video time: 00:52).

Minikit #4: Once outside, go along the bridge and jump up the wall section. Continue upwatds until you come to the dead end with the switch and platforms. Pull all the platforms out, pushing the green brick in to activate the last one. Use your female character on the jumping pad to get the fourth minikit (video time: 01:54).

Blue Flag #1: In the next area, run along the ledge to activate all the flags and the first of three blue flags (video time: 02:50).

Minikit #5: On the beach, stand next to the poles going out to sea. Switch to the platform icon on your compass (the 1 o'clock one) and get the dog to dig it up. Build the platform and then jump from one to the next to get the minikit on the final one (video time: 03:30).

Blue Flag #2: Climb up the palm tree onto the roof to find the second flag (video time: 04:21).

Blue Flag #3/Minikit #6: Jump down into the courtyard section and climb the gate to raise the final flag. This gives you the next minikit (video time: 04:29).

Minikit #7: In the next area, go through the green teleporter to find a sausage on a balcony. Take the sausage, go back down, and give it to the man who wants them - he will give you the next minikit in return (video time: 04:50).

Minikit #8: In the next area by the river, use a female character to build the platform and jump up onto the rigging into a window. Upstairs, walk to the left to get the next minikit (video time: 06:18).

Minikit #9: On the first beach section, build the 3 boats (video time: 03:00). In the second beach section, by the river, build another two boats to get the next minikit (video time: 06:55).

Minikit #10: Switch to a character that can walk on the seabed, and walk out to sea from the final boat location. Open the lobster pot at the end of the coin trail to get the last minikit (video time: 07:25).

Watch the video


Minikit #1: Go to the right at the start, through the gate. Build the cogs and place it by the dock to launch the boat and get the first minikit (video time: 00:10).

Minikit #2: In the boat house, teleport through the coral and on the left, pick up a torch and use it on the cannon. Place the cannon to the right and dig up all the items in the area. Put the cannon on the platform you have built and shoot the targets to get the next minikit (video time: 01:00).

Minikit #3: Shoot the rocks to the far left for the third minikit (video time: 01:58).

Fireworks #1: In the next area, fix the furness to get a torch. Use a strong character on the gate opposite, and then use the torch to set it alight (video time: 02:06).

Fireworks #2: Use Blackbeard to open the gate to the next area and unearth the second set of fireworks. Set them alight before movin..

Character Codes

At the 'Main' menu go to 'Options' and select 'Codes'. Then type in the following codes to unlock the corresponding characters.

Unlock Ammand the Corsair:

Enter the code ew8t6t

Unlock Angelica (disguised):

Enter the code dlrr45

Unlock Angry Cannibal:

Enter the code vgf32c

Unlock Blackbeard:

Enter the code d3dw0d

Unlock Clanker:

Enter the code zm37gt

Unlock Clubba:

Enter the code 644thf

Unlock Davy Jones:

Enter the code 4djlkr

Unlock Governor Weatherby Swann:

Enter the code ld9454

Unlock Gunner:

Enter the code y611wb

Unlock Hungry Cannibal:

Enter the code 64bnhg

Unlock Jack Sparrow:

Enter the code vdjspw

Unlock Jacoby:

Enter the code bwo656

Unlock Jimmy Legs:

Enter the code 13glw5

Unlock King George:

Enter the code rked43

Unlock Koehler:

Enter the code rt093g

Unlock Mistress Ching:

Enter the code gdetde

Unlock Phillip:

Enter the code wev040

Unlock Quartermaster:

Enter the code rx58hu

Unlock The Spaniard:

Enter the code p861jo

Unlock Twigg:

Enter the code kdlfkd

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean FAQs