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Conan Exiles Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Conan Exiles

We have 13 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for Conan Exiles please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox One

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Always Collect Resources

Crafting items takes up a lot of resources so be sure to pick things up like Stone and Branch and store them away even if you don't think you will be using them as some of the last recipes you make will still require basic ingredients.

Build a House

It is important that you build a house as soon as possible as they offer protection from monsters roaming the land and other players who want to steal your items. Having a house will also provide you a safe haven for your bed.


Your Food and Health guages deplete at an alarming rate so it is important that you get to an area where both are plentiful. You will not have a problem finding water as there are plenty of rivers and lakes you can walk up to and drink from by interacting with the water.


When you are about to die from hunger and desperate for food you can find small bugs to eat by harvesting grass. Large grubs that you see on the ground that look like huge, white worms can also be eaten.


The map does not change so learn the surrounding area to your house so you can use the knowledge to your advantage. Remember that the further north and west you go the more difficult the enemies will be. However the quality of the resources you will find in either of these two directions will be substantially better.


Before you can eat meat it must be cooked or else you will get food poisoning. Cooking requires a firepit.


Don't carry all your valuables on you. Once you have built a house leave everything behind and only take weapons and food with you when you go exploring. The less you have on you when you die, the better.

Build a Bed

Once you have built a bed and placed it on the ground and interacted with it you will get a notification from the game informing you that it is now your respawn point.

Build a Shrine

Once you have established yourself you should consider building a shrine to Set, Yog or Mitra (Crom has no shrine). Shrines are basically altars that have three tiers with each one unlocking additional recipes, such as strong religious weapons or particularly nourishing food. The downside is that they take up considerable resources to build.


Consider making friends or playing with friends as you will find that many of the late game crafting options require plenty of resources which will be easier and quicker to collect if you are part of a team working towards the same cause as opposed to being on your own. Having allies will also allow you to build more things and defend them easier.

More Storage Space

It is important that when you build a bigger house you make sure you add room for storage areas as you will need plenty of storage space for the resources you collect.

Fiber Bedroll

Remember that if you build a bed out of Fiber Bedroll it can only be used once. After respawning at it, it will break and you will need to make another one.

Loot Chests

Search under big rocks as they sometimes yield loot chests. These will respawn every 30 minutes.

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