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Conan Exiles Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Conan Exiles

We have 5 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Conan Exiles please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox One : PlayStation 4

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The first thing you need to do when you spawn at the beginning of the game is to search your immediate surroundings for a rock that has a Waterskin on it. It is important that you pick up this free Waterskin as it will allow you to address your immediate thirst as well as refill it for the future.


In the early game you will find the world is heavily populated with NPC tribesmen, monsters, and animals who are all intent on killing you. Although you will be able to outrun most enemies you should take advantage of the fact that apart from you nobody else can swim so swimming across a body of water should discourage pursuit.

Collect Everything

When you begin the game your first instinct will be to sprint along the broken road in search of plants, animals and frest water. As you do this make sure you collect every single branch and small stone you see as it will do you no good to arrive on fertile ground empty-handed. Most importantly you need to grab handfuls of every shrub you pass as the fiber is useful for crafting and it will also contain grubs and insects you can eat to provide a small amount of nourishment and XP. If you do this, by the time you eventually reach the river you will have unlocked Level 2. At Level 2 the Apprentice Craftsman Recipe becomes unlocked which will give you access to a Stone Hatchet, a Fiber Bedroll, and Twine which will enable you to begin crafting with the materials you collected.

Cheat Codes

During gameplay press the '~' (tilde) or 'Insert' key to display the console window and type 'ENABLECHEATS' (without the quotes). If you then add one of the following codes and press 'Enter' to corresponding effect will become enabled.
God Mode (except from the cursed wall):
Type: God
Fly Mode:
Type: Fly
No Clipping Mode:
Type: Ghost
Disable God Mode, Fly Mode, and No Clipping Mode:
Type: Walk
Type: Invisibility
Infinite Sprint:
Type: NoSprintCost
NPCs Do Not Attack You:
Type: Cloak
Damage NPC or Object in your Crosshair:
Type: DamageTarget (value)]
Destroy Target in your Crosshair (Note 1):
Type: DestroyTarget
Get a Player's Name (Note 2):
Type: PrintPlayerInfo
Get Specified Number of Item:
Type: Spawnitem (Item ID)(number)
Teleport Player to your Location:
Type: SummonPlayer (name)
Teleport Player to Specified Coordinates:
Type: TeleportPlayer (name)(coordinates)
Teleport to Specified Coordinates:
Type: Teleport (coordinates)
Display a Player:
Type: ViewPlayer (name)
Display Yourself:
Type: ViewSelf
Give Admin Privileges:
Type: MakeMeAdmin
Remove Admin Privileges:
Type: MakeMeNormal
Display Current Server Performance, List of ALL Players, and Current Coordinates:
Type: ToggleDebugHUD
Note 1:
If you destroy a part of the map when aimed on the world, restart the game to recover the missing map area.
Note 2:
Enter a player's character name to get their Steam name or enter their Steam name to get their character name (double tap to see the output).

God mode

~ then type
Press enter
Then ~

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