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Predator: Hunting Grounds Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for Predator: Hunting Grounds

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Predator: Hunting Grounds Walkthrough and Guide

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an immersive asymmetrical multiplayer horror video game that is part of the Predator franchise. The game is set in the remote jungles of South America where the Predator stalks the most challenging prey using its vast array of deadly alien tech to collect trophies, one by one. You either play as a member of an elite 4-person Fireteam collecting intel or eliminating a drug lord while avoiding being hunted by the Predator, or you try to capture and kill the Predator who is controlled by a player. Check out our Predator: Hunting Grounds Walkthrough and Guide to get help in the game.

Play the Tutorial

Make sure you begin Predataor: Hunting Grounds by playing the tutorial as it will enable you to learn how to play with the Predator. You will find that playing with the Fireteams is pretty much the same as playing any other shooter. It is worthwhile completing the tutorial as it will allow you to receive 2 free Field Lockers and advance you to Level 3 without playing any online game.

Become Invisible

If you are playing as a soldier you will want to avoid being seen by the Predator who is able to use its senses to to easily detect your heat signature. You can become invisible to the Predators senses by rolling in the mud which is often found on the ground to conceal your heat signature. Being able to hide from the Predator will give you an upper hand when you try to kill or capture the alien.

The Predator Can Heal Itself

Not only is the Predator able to sustain quite a bit of damage it also has a regeneration ability which allows it to heal itself over time. If you are playing as the Predator take advantage of this ability by taking the creature out of combat when it has taken a lot of damage so you can hide until it has healed itself. Use this tactic to ensure you stay in combat for longer and eliminate all the members of the Fireteam.

Finding the Fireteam

If you are playing as the Predator your objective is to find and eliminate the Fireteam as quickly as possible. The Predators Vision Mode will allow you to locate the Fireteam from afar by tracking their heat signatures and the creatures Target Isolation ability will enable you to pinpoint your target's exact location. Once you locate one member of the Fireteam the chances are the remaining members will be nearby.

Use the Trees

If you are playing the Predator you will be able to easily ambush your quarry from high up in the trees where you will be able to strike silently without being seen. Staying high in the trees will also give you a better view of the battle. The Predator is able to climb any tree which is marked red.

Plan your Attack

If you are playing the Predator you will need to carefully plan your attacks for when the Fireteam is vulnerable if you want to make sure it does not leave the jungle in one piece. These opportunities will occur when the Fireteam is engaged fighting AI enemies, splitting up for objectives or healing themselves.

Avoid the Predator

When you play as the Fireteam you will have missions with objectives that you need to complete to win the game. Unless your team have prepared for a fight to take down the Predator you should try and avoid contact with it and focus on completing your mission objectives as quickly as possible.

Play as a Team

Do not try to be a lone wolf if you play as the Fireteam as a single soldier all alone will be an easy target for the Predator. Sticking with your unit and being a well-coordinated group of Fireteam players that focusses on the mission is the key to being successful in this game.

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