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Ingredients Guide

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator Ingredients Guide

The objective of Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator is to mix and match ingredients to concoct new potions. Every ingredient in the game has an elemental aspect that determines its cardinal directionality along the recipe map. As you mix ingredients your bottle marker travels along the map in a given direction, clearing up hidden territory and leading to new ingredients in the process. Take a look at our Ingredients guide to find out which ones are the best in the game and use the map above to see where they are located.

Cloud Crystal

Element: Wind
Cardinal Direction: North

Cloud Crystal can be obtained from the Miner, and it can be used to carry you far on northerly winds. Gemstones such as Cloud Crystal always come in useful as they allow you to skip over the boneyards scattered across the map which are often difficult to navigate around as they require an array of ingredients to do so. Remember that staying too long inside a bone zone will cause your potions to fail.

Thunder Thistle

Element: Air/Ice
Cardinal Direction: Northeast

Thunder Thistle can be purchased from the Herbalist, a woman that is distinguished by her pointed ears and a colorful bag of flora. This ingredient will enable you to reach highly-sought potions such as a Potion of Lightning much easier.


Element: Air/Fire
Cardinal Direction: Northwest

Similar to the other plant-based ingredients in the game, you can get Boombloom from the Herbalist. This ingredient will help you easily get a Strong Potion of Explosion.


Element: Air/Ice
Cardinal Direction: Northeast

The Spellbloom can be obtained from the herbalist whenever she swings by your shop. If you pair Spellbloom with Thunder Thistle you will be able to access all the magic-based recipes on the map for a considerably lower ingredient cost.


Element: Earth
Cardinal Direction: South

Mudshroom can be obtained whenever the Mushroomer comes around. This ingredient is particularly useful when trying to brew a Level 3 (Strong) potion in the early game. For example, one Waterbloom followed immediately by one Mudshroom will net you an instant Strong Potion of Healing.

Earth Pyrite

Element: Earth
Cardinal Direction: South

Earth Pyrite can be obtained from the Miner, if he doesn't have it in stock on a given visit you will need to visit another day. Like the other gemstones in the game it will allow you to skip the boneyard.

Healers Heather

Element: Earth/Fire
Cardinal Direction: Southwest

Healers Heather can be obtained from the herbalist and is a great compliment to Druid's Rosemary as it travels along the same downward diagonal curve but instead of going southeast it goes southwest. Having access to both ingredients will enable you to explore the lower regions of the map a lot easier.

Druid's Rosemary

Element: Earth/Ice
Cardinal Direction: Southeast

Druid's Rosemary is obtained from the Herbalist in town and is similar to Healers Heather in that it is useful for reaching the lower regions of the map, especially the late game Potion of Necromancy. Druid's Rosemary also occasionally appears in your garden.

Frost Saphphire

Element: Ice
Cardinal Direction: East

Frost Sapphire can be obtained from the Miner and this gem will help you avoid the skulls and get into new recipe nodes. Frost Sapphire will help you get the Potion of Magic Vision recipe without running the risk of failure.

Fire Citrine

Element: Fire
Cardinal Direction: West

You can get Fire Citrine from the Miner, and it is useful for netting a Strong Potion of Necromancy which is the key ingredient in Void Salt which is essential for clearing Chapter 5.

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