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Team Rocket Encounters

Latest update by Warrior13 on Dec 12th 2013
Throughout the main storyline of Pokemon Red, your trainer must defeat Team Rocket.

Team Rocket Encounters:

First Encounter - Mt. Moon:

You will first run into Team Rocket in Mt. Moon. They are trying to steal fossil, and you must stop them. Their Pokemon Teams are pretty weak; all of their Pokemon will be under Level 20. They will battle mainly with Zubat and Rattata, but will also use Sandshrew, Ekans, and Raticate.

Second Encounter - Cerulean City:

The next place you will run into Team Rocket is in Cerulean City. There will only be two Team Rocket Members that you will have to defeat. The first is on the Bridge north of Cerulean City. He will battle with Zubat and Ekans. He will offer for you to join Team Rocket. The other is found stealing a TM. This Team Rocket Member will battle with Drowzee and Machop.

Third Encounter - Celadon City:

The next place you will encounter Team Rocket is in the Game Corner in Celadon City. Team Rocket's Base is found below the Game Corner. Team Rocket Members will battle with Raticate, Machop, Drowzee, Koffing, Grimer, Rattata, Zubat, Ekans, Sandshrew, Arbok, or Sandslash (Between Levels 17 and 23).

At the very end of Team Rocket's Secret Base, you will be challenge by Team Rocket Leader Giovanni.

Giovanni - Level 24 Rhyhorn, Level 25 Onix, and Level 29 Kangaskhan

Fourth Encounter - Lavender Town:

The next place you will run into Team Rocket is in Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. Team Rocket has killed a Pokemon and has taken Mr. Fuji Hostage. You won't battle them until you have reached the Pokemon Tower. They will battle with Zubat, Golbat, Drowzee, Koffing, Rattata, and Raticate (Between Levels 23 and 26).

Fifth Encounter - Saffron City:

The fifth and final time you'll encounter Team Rocket is in the Silph Company Building in Saffron City. They have taken over the building. It is up to you to work through the building and the Team Rocket Members until you reach Giovanni. The Team Rocket Members and Scientists will battle with Golbat, Zubat, Raticate, Cubone, Magnemite, Magneton, Voltorb, Grimer, Koffing, Weezing, Dewgong, Electrode, Machop, Drowzee, Ekans, Hypno, Mr. Mime, Kadabra, Arbok, Machoke, Sandshrew, Sandslash, and Muk (Between Levels 25 and 33).

This will also be the last time you battle Giovanni as the Team Rocket Leader.

Giovanni - Level 35 Kangaskhan, Level 37 Nidorino, Level 37 Rhyhorn, and Level 41 Nidoqueen
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