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Follow the dark path or use the light

PS3 Trophy guide

by wombat909

Call of Duty 5 PS3 trophy guide
By wombat908
1: Introduction
2: Trophy Types
 2.2: Bronze
 2.3: Silver
 2.4: Gold
 2.5: Platinum
3: Trophies
4: Story based trophies
 4.2: Carlsons Raiders
 4.3: Stormed Peleliu
 4.4: The Last Stand
 4.5: Stabbed in the Heart
5: Veteran based trophies
 5.2: Get your hands dirty
 5.3: Bloody Peleliu
 5.4: The Sword is Broken
 5.5: Architect
 5.6: The Hammer strikes
 5.7: Scorched earth
 5.8: No fear
 5.9: Hell on wheels
 5.10: No return
 5.11: When it rains, it pours
 5.12: One bad gato
 5.13: Blowtorch and Corkscrew
 5.14: The Sun sets
 5.15: For the Motherland
 5.16: Bearing the Burden
6: Level specific
 6.2: Saved Private Ryan
 6.3: Weapons of Mass Destruction
 6.4: No safe place
 6.5: The Professional
 6.6: Gunslinger
 6.7: Iron Fist
 6.8: Ruthless
 6.9: Shot in the dark
 6.10: Lights out
 6.11: Sum of all Zeroís
 6.12: Mortar-Dom
 6.13: Guardian Angel
7: Gameplay trophies
 7.2: Rough Economy
 7.3: Close Shave
 7.4: Snake in the grass
 7.5: Throw six and a half
 7.6: Purple Heart
 7.7: Firestarter
 7.8: Kamikaze
 7.9: Grave Robber
8: Game Completion Trophies
 8.1: War Hero
 8.2: Hardened War Hero
9: Online trophies
 9.2: Get your left foot wet
 9.3: Get your right foot wet
 9.4: Blue Ribbon
10: Platinum
11: Contact details
12: FAQ
13: Thank youís
14: Other stuff
15: Legal rights

1: Introduction
The famous Call of Duty series is back for another game, this time set in WW2. 
Although many are angered by this after the superb Call of Duty 4: Modern 
Warfare, Iím not fussed as we have trophies. Although these trophies may have 
you trying to wrench your controllers out the wall, when you get that Platinum 
you are going to feel very good. While youíre on your way there, you could 
take a look at the guide to see if you need any help. 

Note- this will include spoilers in the 'Gameplay' trophies section. It is 
hard to describe without using spoilers.

2: Trophy Types
There are 4 types of trophies

2.2: Bronze- Most of these can be tough, especially the ĎComplete this level on
veteraní ones. There are 30 bronze trophies to collect.

2.3: Silver- A lot easier than the Bronze, especially with some help and 
YouTube video guides. Only one you may have some trouble with is ĎSum of all 
Zerosí. There are 12 silver trophies to collect.

2.4: Gold- Pretty easy these ones actually. There 2 to collect.

2.5: Platinum- As soon as you have all the others then youíll get this one. 
There is 1 to collect.

In all there are 45 trophies to get.

3: Trophies
4: Story based trophies
These are trophies which you will get along the way as you progress through 
the story. Impossible to miss.

4.2: Carlsons Raiders (Silver)
Complete Semper Fi on any difficulty.
Told you the silver were easy, just complete the first level on your 
difficulty of choice. You may get this during the cut scene for the second 
level. A very easy trophy and if you miss ĎSaving Private Ryaní most probably 
the first trophy you will get.

4.3: Stormed Peleliu (Silver)
Establish a beachhead on Peleliu on any difficulty.
Complete the mission Relentless to get this one on your difficulty of choice. 
Itís the 7th mission and isnít too hard on Recruit or Regular.

4.4: The Last Stand (Silver)
Survive the conflict in Okinawa on any difficulty.
Complete the mission Breaking point for this one. This is the final mission of 
the American campaign.

4.5: Stabbed in the heart (Silver)
Complete all missions on the eastern front.
Complete the last level (Downfall) and this one is yours.

5: Veteran based trophies
Before you start these missions, remove any valuable objects from the room. 
You. will. die! So many times you wonít believe it. You will swear, you will 
get annoyed, you will throw your controller and cry on how hard it is. Just 
keep behind cover a lot and be careful in your movements. Iíll note down which 
bits are tricky and out of 10 what the difficulty is.

5.2: Get your hands dirty (Bronze)
Complete ĎSemper Fií on Veteran Difficulty.
Very easy this mission on Veteran, only the last bit should give you troubles 
but itís very easy to overcome. 4/10- can be overcome very easily.

5.3: Bloody Peleliu (Bronze)
Complete ĎLittle Resistanceí on Veteran difficulty.
Not too hard but the beginning can be a pain as your cover is awful. Apart 
from that itís not too hard and remember you have airstrikes which you can use 
at any time. 5/10.

5.4: The Sword is broken (Bronze)
Complete ĎHard Landingí on Veteran difficulty.
Quite annoying at times, especially when you have to defend yourselves at the 
end of the level. Apart from that, not too bad. The bit at the airfield is 
easier than you may think. 4/10.

5.5: Architect (Bronze)
Complete ĎVendettaí on Veteran difficulty.
Only 2 hard parts are the sniper duel and when youíre in the burning building. 
The sniper can kill you in one hit when you need to kill him in 3 hits. You 
need to be quick on your guard and duck if you are not aiming towards him when 
he pops up. When you are past those you should have no trouble. The burning
building is only tough due to the fact that Reznov gets in your way when going 
up the stairs. Heíll be moving at a snailís pace discussing what happened in 
Big Brother last night while youíre trying to escape the men shooting at you 
and the fire. 7/10. 

5.6: The hammer strikes (Bronze)
Complete ĎTheir land, their bloodí on Veteran difficulty.
I found this incredibly hard this one. Especially the trench bit. The best 
bit is to fire from the side of them up the long slope. Here you get a good 
overview of the battle. However they can still shoot you. I had a grenade 
fest where I threw one back and another came in. For about 30 seconds I was 
doing this which proves how evil Veteran mode is. 8/10

5.7: Scorched earth (Bronze)
Complete ĎBurn em outí on Veteran difficulty.
Very hard this one, your cover isnít very good as there is hardly any of it. 
People attack you from all sides and you need to be alert all the time. I find 
even the first bit hard and the rest of the mission is as well. Smoke grenades 
will help you a lot. Use them whenever possible. 7/10

5,8: Fearless (Bronze)
Complete ĎRelentlessí on Veteran difficulty.
From the beginning this is tough as you are attacked and can be killed as soon 
as you start playing. Get behind cover as soon as possible and move forwards 
but slowly and carefully. Flanking the enemy is a good idea here especially at 
the beginning. Many people find this tough at the bit with the tank. 7/10

5.9: Hell on wheels (Bronze)
Complete ĎBlood and Ironí on Veteran difficulty.
I find this quite tough but some find it easy. If you stay back and shoot then
it should be much easier. Itís a short level and can be got through quickly. 
The hardest bit is after you destroy the radio tower. There is one route which
takes you into the middle of the battle but there is a path to the left which 
you can flank the other tanks with. 5/10

5.10: No return (Bronze)
Complete Ring of Steel on Veteran difficulty.
This isnít actually that hard as itís a reasonably short level. The battle 
before the asylum can be tough but on the street there is a good building you 
can take cover in. Your cover is quite weak on the lower level and the only 
way to do it is to move forwards which can be annoying. 6/10

5.11: When it rains, it pours (Bronze)
Complete Eviction on Veteran difficulty.
Again not that hard but the battle in the street can be tough. Luckily there 
is a lot of cover in the street and places to move around in. Watch out for 
grenades, make sure your tanks donít run you over and stay with your team. 
The final battle isnít too bad either as long as your are careful. 6/10

5.12: One bad gato (Bronze)
Complete Black Cats on Veteran difficulty.
Incredibly easy this one, itís possible to complete without dying. Just keep 
shooting and when you land in the water, watch out for PT boats. 2/10

5.13: Blowtorch and Corkscrew (Bronze)
Complete Blowtorch and Corkscrew on Veteran difficulty.
Incredibly tough this one, next to Heart of the Reich itís one of the hardest 
missions. The beginning is hard due to the fact that your cover is awful. You 
will need luck on your side for this. I donít have any tips for you except to 
just keep persisting. 10/10

5.14: The Sun sets (Bronze)
Complete Breaking Point on Veteran difficulty.
Seeming as this level is just one big fight, youíll need to be ready at every 
turn. The opening bit can be tough as your cover is awful. The final battle 
can be annoying as well as you donít have much cover and you canít see the 
enemy either. 8/10

5.15: For the motherland (Bronze)
Complete Heart of the Reich on Veteran difficulty. 
This is a short level but very annoying. The bit when you take out the Flak 
88ís is very very hard and gets the level a 10/10. The first 2 can be taken 
out easily but from then on itís a load of grenade spam and annoying fights 
which will have you screaming at the TV. 

5.16: Bearing the Burden (Bronze)
Complete Downfall on Veteran difficulty.¨
Not as hard as Heart of the Reich but still pretty tough. The opening battle 
will get you killed a few times as they attack you as soon as you turn the 
corner. 9/10.

If you still need help on Veteran, there is a handy guide on GameFAQS and 
also videos on YouTube.
6: Level specific trophies
These are trophies which you can only get on certain levels and canít get on 
any others. 

6.2: Saved Private Ryan (Bronze)
Save the soldier before he burns to death
Near the beginning of Semper Fi, you will head up a ramp while a soldier 
called Private Ryan will be ahead of you. An enemy will burst out of the hut 
by Ryanís right. Just shoot (or knife)him before he gets to Ryan. One of the 
first trophies you will most probably get.

6.3: Weapons of Mass Destruction (Bronze)
Radio in a naval bombardment that kills at least 4 Japanese soldiers.
On Little Resistance, by pressing right on the directional buttons and then R1 
you can call in a naval bombardment which will unleash an airstrike where you 
choose to. Best place to do this is at the end where you have to destroy the 
two tanks. There are 2 pits full of enemy soldiers. Just plant your airstrike 
in one of the pits and itís yours.

6.4: No safe place (Bronze)
Burn an enemy out of a tree in ĎHard Landingí.
In the middle of the mission there will be two turrets you have to take care 
of. One solider will be killed and drop a flamethrower which you need to grab. 
Get it and burn the turret men. Keep going on and when a load of soldiers 
attack you when waiting in the grass, one of them will climb a tree. Simply 
burn the tree with the flamethrower and wait for his screams.

6.5: The Professional (Silver)
Shoot all of Amselís henchmen including their attack dog without reloading.
The description actually lies; you donít need to shoot the dog. 
At the beginning of Vendetta you have 5 bullets in your sniper. Including the 
dog there are 8 enemies in the area. Itís easier than it sounds as long as you 
have good timing. There are 6 bad guys to start with, you will need 3-4 bullets
here. In the middle are 2 men by the car. Aim for the head of the one 
crouching down. Shoot and the bullet will kill them both. To your right aim 
for the mans shoulder. This way you can get the other one as well. Now to the 
far left is the tricky one. The one who moves around will eventually get his 
leg in sync with the crouching mansí leg. In this split-second you have to get 
both of them. The man moves his head however so keep a target on it. If you 
miss then itís ok, just shoot the other one. If you missed both of them then 
youíre stuffed. Now where you killed the first 2 guards, another solider will 
come out. You can either shoot him and then shoot the dog (hard) or wait for 
the dog to come to you, knife it then shoot the last guard. Either way you 
will get the trophy but it has to be knife then shoot. If you shoot then knife 
then you wonít get the trophy. 
If you donít understand then watch the following video:

6.6: Gunslinger (Silver)
Assassinate General Amsel with a pistol shot.
This is right at the end of Vendetta. Considering the distance Amsel is away 
from you, this one is a real pain. Iíve seen videos of people doing it when he
runs from the tank to the burning car but I got it while he is in his car. I 
shot the driver with a sniper, switched to my pistol and unloaded the whole 
round on him. When it goes slow mo that means youíve killed him. The pistol is 
at the sniper duel, on a table to your right when you come in. Grab it, go back
to the other room and empty all of it. Switch to your sniper and back to your 
pistol. Reload it for another 80 bullets. 

6.7: Iron Fist (Silver)
Destroy all towers and bunker in ĎBlood and Ironí.
I canít offer good descriptions for this so Iím handing you over to 
beybladera. He has an excellent video showing where all of them are and I 
hope it will help you. 

6.8: Ruthless (Bronze)
Kill 15 enemies while mounted on a tank in ĎRing of steelí.
At the end of ĎRing of steelí when youíre driving the enemy out of the town 
you can mount a tanks gun. Just shoot like hell and aim for the enemy. 
Annoying this is that if you fail then you need to go back to the end of the 
level and start it again.

6.9: Shot in the dark (Bronze)
Eliminate 10 enemies while the lights are out in Eviction.
Towards the end you will enter the subway the lights will flicker on and off. 
When they are off storm in and kill as many people as you can. Quite easy as 
long as youíre quick. Try not to let your teammates kill anyone and if you 
canít see due to the dark, turn your brightness up. 

6.10: Lights out (Bronze)
In ĎBlack Catsí, blast all the spotlights in the Japanese cargo convoy.
This is very easy and youíll have 3 chances to do this. At the beginning of 
the level, there are 3 ships with 2 spotlights on each making 6 spotlights to 
get in total. They are at opposite ends of the ships and like I said this is 
very easy. Aim and shoot and this will be yours.

6.11: Sum of all Zeroís (Silver)
Shoot down 45 Japanese Zeroís on ĎBlack Catsí.
This may sound easy but it is incredibly annoying. Just shoot like hell when 
the Zeros come in and aim for them. Even when you hit water and need to rescue 
the survivors, just aim for the skies. Make sure you take out PT boats as they 
will kill you if you donít shoot at them. This will take you a few tries and 
you will get very annoyed at it. 

6.12: Mortar-dom (Bronze)
Kill 8 Japanese with Mortarís in Breaking Point.
Very easy this one, I got by accident. When you need to rid of the mortar 
points in the last American mission, aim at the enemy. Even if you donít get 
it in the mortar pits, in the final battle at the end of the mission there are 
mortars scattered around on some boxes. There is an unlimited amount of 
mortars on the boxes, just keep throwing.

6.13: Guardian Angel (Bronze)
In the final battle for Okinawa, save Sergeant Roebuck.
Before the big final battle in ĎBreaking Pointí you will come across 3 suicide
bombers. Polonsky and Roebuck will engage with them. For the trophy, shoot the
2 by Roebuck to save him. However Polonsky will die but thereís no trophy for 
saving him. Very easy this one.

7: Gameplay trophies
These are trophies that you can get anytime in the game and can go back to 
levels to grab them. You can get these on any level and a few of them on 
Zombie mode (well, 1). 

7.2: Rough Economy (Bronze)
Kill 3 enemies with a single bullet.
Best place for this is Vendetta. After eliminating Amselís henchmen go over 
to the car with Reznov. A patrol of guards will come out with one ahead of 
the others. At one point one guard will turn back round and run the opposite 
way. You have a split second chance to shoot him and if your timing was 
right, you should kill 2 others while doing this. Itís all about timing and 
lining your shot up. Not hard but not easy either.

7.3: Close shave (Bronze) 
Survive a Banzai attack
Like the dogs in COD4, this time there are Banzaiís who will run at you 
screaming with bayonets and will knock you to the floor at times. 
When youíre on the floor, hammer away at R3 so you can knock the gun 
from his hand and stab him in the neck. Harsh but he gave you a trophy 
so itís all good.

7.4: Snake in the grass (Bronze)
Kill a Japanese solider lying in wait in the grass.
I did in Little Resistance, after clearing your first set of trenches and 
you come to a grassy area where an enemy will climb a tree. Use the Naval 
bombardment on the grass up ahead to kill a couple of Banzaiís. If youíre 
lucky you may get ĎWeapons of Mass Destructioní as well.

7.5: Throw six and a half (Silver)
Complete a level on Hardened or Veteran without dying.
Sounds hard but is easier than you think. Go to ĎBlack Catsí on Hardened 
and just try not to die. Just shoot and defend yourself as much as you can. 
If you die then you need to restart the level.

7.6: Purple Heart (Bronze)
When staring into the face of adversity, show courage and persevere.
Odd one this one but you need to die 10 times before the next checkpoint. 
You will most probably get this on Veteran mode. Just run into the 
battlefield and wait to die. Repeat 10 times.

7.7: Firestarter (Silver(
Complete a level using only the flamethrower. Melee, grenades and explosives 
are ok.Easy to do on Burn em out. Select Recruit and go out and burn everyone 
with the flame thrower. Can be tough but remember you can use melee as well. 
This can also be done on Blowtorch and Corkscrew but thatís hard on Recruit 
anyhow. You can do this on any difficulty but I donít advise it on anything 
higher than Regular. 

7.8: Kamikaze (Silver)
Complete a level on Regular difficulty or higher using only melee and grenades. 
Go onto Semper Fi, select Regular difficulty and get close and personal to the 
enemy. In the later fights be sure to let your team take out most of the enemy 
and do stealth attacks. Easier than you may think.

7.9: Grave Robber (Silver)
Find and collect all Death Cards in the game.
There are 13 cards to collect which can be used in co-op. These are like the 
enemy Intel from COD4 and there is one card on each level apart from 
ĎBlood and Ironí and ĎBlack Catsí.

Semper Fi
From the beginning, head towards a rounded hut where the card is on a table.

Little Resistance
Close to the end, before you enter the bunker itís to the right of the 
entrance (right from the way you enter).

Hard Landing
Before you take the airfield you need to shoot down a load of enemies with a 
M1 Garand Grenade launcher. In the building head to wards where you have to go 
but once you go through a door, head right for another death card.

In the bar, before you go into the next room after taking out Amselís henchman
itís on the counter by the fire.

Their Land, their blood
After you take out the tank that comes in the barn, go in the barn and itís in 
the first stable on your right by a cow and a dead soldier.

Burn em out
By the second mortar pit to the left of it in a small bunker with a turret 
itís located in the corner where the turret man would shoot. 

When going up a small narrow corridor in the bunker, at the top take a right 
to get this one. 

Ring of Steel
Before you enter the Asylum head to south-west where itís behind a wall.

By the turret that you can use, you can take a shortcut down a hole in the 
floor. Itís by the lopsided table you will land on.

Blowtorch and Corkscrew
Its hard to explain this one but after the first bunker has been cleared out, 
follow a path to your left that will go right to some rocks. The card is by 

Breaking Point
By the 4th Mortar pit (3rd if you go left when going through the gate, itís in
a hut to the right of it.

Heart of the Reich
Right the beginning, go left and down some steps to the subway to find it by a 
dead body.

Along some corridors, two soldiers will kick a door in and kill the men 
inside. As soon as the soldiers move, go in and grab the card.

If you donít understand my descriptions then use the video link below. 
Thank you to GruntSoldiers for the permission to link to the video. 

10: Game Completion trophies
For these 2 trophies you need to do all the levels. I donít think it matters 
what order, I did it in the story order though. 

10.2: War Hero (Gold)
Complete the game on any difficulty
Simple- just complete the game on a difficulty of your choice

10.3: Hardened War Hero
Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty. 
This is so much harder; you need to complete the game on Hardened or Veteran. 
Both difficulties will have no mercy on you and will make your game very tough. 
11: Online trophies
For these trophies you will need an online account which is free. Very easy 
these ones though you may struggle on ĎBlue Ribboní.

11.2: Get your left foot left
Complete a match in campaign co-op mode.
Simple this one, just complete a match in online co-op. Very easy and very fun.

11.3: Get your right foot wet
Complete a match in Competitive Co-op.
Again very easy, just complete a match in competitive co-op.

11.4: Blue Ribbon
Complete a 4-player match in competitive co-op.
Same as ĎGet your right foot wetí but 4 players must be there and you must 
come first. If someone leaves at the end (those stroppy losers who ruin
everyoneís fun by leaving) then you canít get the trophy. Annoying this one 
but just keep playing and doing your best.
12: Platinum
Awarded when all the other trophies have been unlocked
The description says it allÖ
Contact Details
If you want to contact me at all to ask a question or need some serious help
then my email is [email protected] Iíll try to answer most of them and
I think I will, I may miss a few though and if I do, sorry.
12: FAQ
Q: Do you recommend this game
A: If you can see it for £40 or less then I recommend it. Its a good game 
which will have you getting trophies for a while, especially the Veteran ones
The multiplayer is a lot of fun as well.

Q: I did what I need to but my trophy isnít appearing- HELP
A: First check if you have patch 2.41 for your PS3, then if thatís not 
working, look around on the internet for solutions to trophies not there. 
I havenít had this before, so donít know what to do.

Q: Iím stuck on so and so level, please help me
A: First, if you need my help on the game I wonít answer. This is a trophy 
guide, not a level guide. If you canít get the trophy then re-read what I 
said and if that doesnít help, Iíll explain to you in an email.

Q: Can I add you to my PSN?
A: My name is wombat909; please tell me you got my name from this guide 
so I donít get confused and wonder why you've added me. Iím always up for 
someCampaign Co-op (as long as itís not Blood and Iron) and Zombie Mode. 

Q: Will you make a trophy guide/walkthrough for so and so.
A: If I have the game and like it then Iíll think about it. I wonít make 
guidesfor any 18+ games though.

Q: Can I help with your guides
A: Sure, if thereís something Iíve missed or you know a way to do something 
that others donít then please email me. I would be open for some more 
description on Veteran levels as most of them I havenít done. 
13: Thank youís

GameFAQS for hosting this here.
Beybladera for letting me link to your YouTube video.
GruntSoldiers for letting me link to your YouTube video.
Overlord73 for letting me link to your YouTube video.
To whoever reads this Ė you are the reason this was guide was created and 
the reason that other guides shall be made.
Activision/ Treyarch for making an awesome game

14: Other stuff by me
There isnít really much by me out there but Iíll give you a list of what 
there is and what there is to come.

Assassins Creed guide
Call of Duty4: Modern Warfare review
LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure review
Assassins Creed review
Quantum of Solace Trophy guide
Call of Duty: World at War review

Soon to comeÖ
Mirrors Edge Trophy guide
Little Big Planet review
Tomb Raider Underworld review
LEGO Batman: The Videogame guide
LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures guide

LEGO Batman achievement guide

15: Legal stuff

This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide 
on any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited, and a violation of copyright. If you wish to put this guide on 
your website, contact me and I will be more than happy to let you. If you 
see this on any website and I havenít mentioned them in this guide, please 
contact me immediately. 
If you didnít understand that then donít put it on your site unless you get 
permission. Glad thatís clear.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

16: Sites who have permission to put this on their website
More to come soon...

Copyright 2008 Alex Lewis