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The Darkness PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 8 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for The Darkness please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our The Darkness Questions & Answers page.

All The Darkness Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Phone numbers

When trying to enter a phonenumber so you don't have to find them if guessing whatever you do start everything with 555 or you won't have a single chance of unlock anything but you do know you could find them here on the internet.

Follow the yellow brick road.

When in the hills and trying to get the Darkness guns all you need to do is follow the path then fiddle about and wait till a wooden stick appears which has two dead bodies attached and walk over to them and then just follow the screen and your common sense.

Keeping alive.

When your in the Turkish baths or anywhere in New York remember to use all of the arms to successfully complete the acomplishments as a large amount of them are about the Demon arm. But remember also to use the execution move at least 50 times. This way it also keeps you alive.

Waste of time: Bird man looking deal.

Okay, when your in hell and your out of the trenches, your probaly at that screaming Bird/Man deal nailed to the cross deal. Don't waste your time with it. Just go on the trail to the right of it. You can hopely figure out the rest.

Signed: Matthew J.W A.K.A. MMMEEE

Answering Machine Phone Numbers

Enter the following phone numbers at any phone to access the corresponding answering machine.

SBZ: 555-8672

Jenny: 555-2284

Sarah: 555-6402

Paulie: 555-7735

Retailer: 1555-4263

Retailer 2: 555-5664

Butcher: 555-7373

Unlock In-Game Movie

When you have been playing the game for about three hours and you have passed the cold storage section you will come to a hallway which has doors open. Behind the middle door is an enemy in a room who hasn't heard the gunfight because he is watching televison with headphones on. Enter the room and kill him and change the channel on the television when you are given the option. After a few seconds of cartoons and music you will be able to watch the whole of the 1955 movie 'The Man with the Golden Arm' starring Frank Sinatra.

Shortcut in mission

This is a little shortcut you can do to easily bypass most of the stuff you have to go through, Alright it's the mission where you need to use the radio at Grinder's Lane to call in the boat. Once you arrive at Grinder's lane take out all the bad guys in the area, Now your supposed to go through the meat locker to get on the other side of the locked gate. Instead of doing that use Demon Arm to pick up the car sitting next to the gate and raise it up over the gate so the front of the car is resting on the gate then let it go and the back end of the car should fall down, Now simply jump up on the back of the car and keep jumping to get all the way up over the car and jump over the locked gate.

Phone Numbers

Dial the following numbers which are found throughout the game on posters, graffiti etc. At any phone in the game in no specific order. There is a total of 25 but you have to enter 18 to unlock the accomplishment.

Telephone Number 1/18:

Dial 555-6118

Telephone Number 2/18:

Dial 555-9723

Telephone Number 3/18:

Dial 555-1847

Telephone Number 4/18:

Dial 555-5289

Telephone Number 5/18:

Dial 555-6667

Telephone Number 6/18:

Dial 555-6205

Telephone Number 7/18:

Dial 555-4569

Telephone Number 8/18:

Dial 555-7658

Telephone Number 9/18:

Dial 555-9985

Telephone Number 10/18:

Dial 555-1233

Telephone Number 11/18:

Dial 555-1037

Telephone Number 12/18:

Dial 555-3947

Telephone Number 13/18:

Dial 555-1206

Telephone Number 14/18:

Dial 555-9562

Telephone Number 15/18:

Dial 555-9528

Telephone Number 16/18:

Dial 555-7934

Telephone Number 17/18:

Dial 555-3285

Telephone Number 18/18:

Dial 555-7892


Dial the following numbers to at any telephone to unlock the corresponding effect.

Unlock 2k Sports Darkling:

Dial 4263

Unlock Golfer Darkling:

Dial 5664

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