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Follow the dark path or use the light

Boss Fights

by ocealot1206

Metal gear solid 4

The bosses on metal gear solid 4 can be quite hard so here’s how to beat them

Right if u want to call the frogs a boss u can and to be honest u don’t have to fight at all just keep in cover 

She’s quite easy really first thing you do is take cover and I suggest you use a light machine gun like the pkm or m60 and she can hide in various places and I have seen her hide in boxes in the store cupboard and also in a painting among other places more obvious and when u have done that whip out the tranq gun to fight the human form which is easy.

She can be hard but if u find a good spot u can beat her first I recommend getting up the stairs and at the top go out to the balcony where you can fire at the other flying things with your machine gun and then use the fim 921 rocket launcher to destroy her and if your health goes to low duck inside the bit at the top where she cant see you to regenerate. Then like last time do the same for the human bit as this is the same for all of bb corp.

She can be really hard as im not really sure if this is the same as everyone else’s experience but when I did it I had really low phsyce and health so I just used either the machine gun and p90 on the frogs and then the svd or dsr 1 on wolf as she has to come out of her suit to snipe and remember to use ur nv mode on ur solid eye and then if if she fires at you you should get behind a hill and get low and stay there if she comes close use the grenade launcher.

Vamp one word syringe use this it will come in handy first use the machine gun to destroy his health and then u will notice that he will regenerate so when he gets up have the syringe equipped and cqc him so u restrain him then press triangle to use the syringe and then its done 

Well this is easy just bombard him with machine gun and rockets then grapple him when prompted and its easy.
Right this is the hardest I suggest going behind the desks for cover and use the syringe as that will allow you to aim and also u use it on meryl then I used the m82a2 to shoot the sorrow puppet first and then switch to shot gun until it falls then you pick it up you can then shoot the other puppet and pick that up then equip the mantis puppet and use it on her the use the prompts on the screen to kill her in one go.

LIGUID this is the hardest boss 
Right this can get really intense and annoying as you have to get his health down 4 times 1 for each game so u should try and get him near the edge and knock him down and from there hold l1 and use r1 when he gets up to knock him back down until the cut scene happens and repeat this for 1 and two and three if you can but three is easier then 4 your stumbling about and all you have to do is attack before he does for a while the you have won.

This is a guide only for and any other use of it is breach of copyright 

The reason I wrote this guide is that I got the game before launch and even after launch there was no help so I hope this helps you